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Chapter 217: You Want Your Empire and He Wants Me

Di Rongrong said, “Please sign.”

Hearing this, a dark cloud suddenly gathered in Huo Jing-an’s eyes. A storm flashed across them, but the pair of eyes seemed to lose their temper and instantly softened, when they matched with Di Rongrong eyes that appeared as if they had seen through everything.

“Why did you suddenly decide to get a divorce?” His deep voice sounded very calm and steady.

Di Rongrong said, “I hated you so much back then because of the child’s death. All these years, I’ve never been willing to divorce you. Actually, I’m not angry at you. I’m angry at myself.”

Hearing Di Rongrong mention that child, Huo Jing-an’s pupils quivered slightly.

All these years, she had never mentioned that child. Did she really let go of all that pain and decided to abandon me suddenly by mentioning this sad past?

Huo Jing-an felt very upset, as if he was about to lose the love of his life.

Di Rongrong bent over and wrote her own name on the divorce agreement. As she wrote, she said, “Now, I have decided to let myself off.” She pushed the paper and pen in front of Huo Jing-an. Looking into Huo Jing-an’s unfathomable eyes, Di Rongrong told him, “Huo Jing-an, I will also let you off.”

Huo Jing-an could hear his own heart breaking.

His fingers were trembling as he held his pen, unable to write down his name.

Gazing at Di Rongrong’s fair and beautiful face, Huo Jing-an suddenly asked in a small voice, “Rongrong, if Ruoruo hadn’t been murdered because of me back then, would we have ended up like this?”

Hearing that little angel’s name again, Di Rongrong’s eyes reddened. She looked up at the dazzling chandelier and said hoarsely, “There are no ifs.”

Huo Jing-an’s hands were trembling.

His thoughts uncontrollably drifted back to 20 years ago…

Wangdong City belonged to Mo’an Province and was the provincial capital of it. In Mo’an Province, other than Wangdong City, there were several other cities. Among them, Wei’an City was steeper and had less soil. That summer 20 years ago, a rainstorm fell on Wei’an City. The city area of Wei’an City was flooded and mudslides happened in many villages. Hundreds of villagers were buried.

It was a heart-wrenching natural disaster. At that time, the leaders of Weian City were dismissed, because they were unable to guide the rescue team after the disaster, so Huo Jing-an was ordered to go to Weian City to guide the team.

Huo Jing-an, who was in the midst of a rapid rise in his career, spent all day and night at the disaster site guiding the reconstruction work. As a result, he neglected his family.

At that time, Di Rongrong was still in confinement after giving birth.

Knowing that Huo Jing-an was trying to save the country and the people, and knowing that he was working very hard, Di Rongrong also behaved very considerately. She was alone at home during her confinement period and had a nanny to help her cook, so she was not tired at all.

But Huo Jing-an had too many enemies. He was at the front line directing the reconstruction of the disaster, but his enemies had secretly entered his house and kidnapped Di Rongrong and their child.

The enemy asked Di Rongrong to call Huo Jing-an and get her to pass on a request: As long as Huo Jing-an was willing to resign and promise never to enter the government again, they would let Di Rongrong and their daughter Ruoruo off.

But Huo Jing-an was very busy and didn’t have the time to answer the call.

Di Rongrong made five consecutive calls and Huo Jing-an finally picked up. But he didn’t give her a chance to speak and told her, “I have a leader inspecting my work here. Rongrong, I will call you tonight.”

Then, Huo Jing-an called.

Di Rongrong waited for Huo Jing-an’s call for 10 hours. The next morning, Huo Jing-an didn’t return her call. He was so busy that he had long forgotten his promise to Di Rongrong that afternoon…

By the time the Huo Family found Di Rongrong, she was already at her last breath. At that time, she was still carrying her dead and stiff daughter. Luckily, the medical team was capable enough to save Di Rongrong’s life.

When Huo Jing-an hurried back to Wangdong City and went to the hospital, he saw Di Rongrong’s lifeless eyes and blamed himself bitterly. He knelt down in front of Di Rongrong’s bed, slapped himself in tears, confessed in tears, and begged for her forgiveness.

But Di Rongrong never looked at Huo Jing-an again.

From then on, this loving couple became strangers.

Huo Jing’an looked at Di Rongrong and saw that her eyes were filled with tears. Thinking of their daughter, Huo Jing’an couldn’t help but tear up.

He hesitated for a long time before suddenly slamming the pen on the table. He said hoarsely, “Rongrong, I’ve let you and your daughter down.”

Di Rongrong looked up at the ceiling and ignored Huo Jing-an’s apology.

Huo Jing-an wanted to reach out and touch Di Rongrong’s face, but halfway through, he retracted his hand, as if he had been scalded by magma.

Huo Jing-an swallowed several times before asking humbly, “Can we not get a divorce?”

Only then did Di Rongrong lower her head and look at Huo Jing-an coldly.

“No.” Di Rongrong was determined.

Huo Jing-an couldn’t resist asking, “Can you tell me why you suddenly decided to get a divorce? It has been so many years and now you suddenly want a divorce. Why…”

Di Rongrong spoke up and interrupted Huo Jing-an gently. “I have someone I like.”

Hearing this, Huo Jing-an felt like he had been struck by lightning.

Di Rongrong said, “I want to pursue him cleanly and innocently.”

The muscles on Huo Jing-an’s face were trembling. He clenched his fists tightly and used a lot of self-control to suppress his anger and jealousy. He gritted his teeth and asked word by word, “Who is it? Who is that man?!”

Di Rongrong knew that Huo Jing-an was angry, but she didn’t understand what he was angry about.

Di Rongrong said in a puzzled tone, “Why are you so angry? Anyway, our marriage is already in name only. Divorce will be a relief for both of us. Once we are divorced, you can bring your little lover into the Huo Family. I can naturally look for my Prince Charming.”

“I’m asking you, who is that person?” Huo Jing-an only wanted to know the answer.

Di Rongrong said, “Shen Yubei.”

Huo Jing-an suddenly stood up.

“Shen Yubei!” Huo Jing-an gritted his teeth, wishing he could crush these three words. He was so angry that his body was trembling slightly. “You’re telling me that you fell in love with Shen Yubei?” He felt that it was ridiculous, as if he had been hit in the head.

Di Rongrong frowned as she watched Huo Jing-an go crazy. She remained silent.

“Di Rongrong, are you trying to anger me?! Of all the people you can look for, why did you look for that inflexible, old-fashioned person!” Huo Jing-an pursued fame and fortune, and yearned to be above others. He especially looked down on artists like Shen Yubei, who pursued art wholeheartedly and pretended to be noble and stubborn.

Shen Yubei was five years younger than Huo Jing-an and two years younger than Di Rongrong. That guy was involved in music and spoke in a gentle manner, so Huo Jing-an always felt that Shen Yubei was a pretentious prick.

That year, when Huo Jing-an was wooing Di Rongrong, Shen Yubei was like a fly. Shen Yubei would buzz wherever Huo Jing-an and Di Rongrong went. Luckily, Di Rongrong chose Huo Jing-an later on, which made Huo Jing-an feel proud and elated.

After they got married, Huo Jing-an had also seen Shen Yubei, who was dressed like a fairy and looked like he could immediately ascend to immortality on the spot. He couldn’t help mocking Shen Yubei.

Huo Jing-an mocked Shen Yubei for being a loser in relationships.

Meanwhile, Shen Yubei never retorted.

It was only after Ruoruo’s death that Huo Jing-an’s character became much more restrained. When he saw Shen Yubei again, he didn’t have the face to act high and mighty in front of Shen Yubei. Meanwhile, Shen Yubei also felt that his eyes were dirty, because Huo Jing-an had let down Di Rongrong and her daughter.

If one were to ask who Huo Jing-an hated the most in his life, Shen Yubei would definitely be the person who ranked first.

That year when he married Di Rongrong, Huo Jing-an had laughed wildly and arrogantly. But he didn’t expect that he wasn’t the one who had the last laugh. In the end, Shen Yubei still stole Di Rongrong’s heart.

Huo Jing-an was indignant.

His eyes reddened as he asked Di Rongrong sternly, “What’s so good about Shen Yubei? That year, you already despised him for not being manly and looked down on him. Why do you have feelings for him now?”

Di Rongrong was not afraid of Huo Jing-an at all. She looked straight at him calmly and said nonchalantly, “Yes, he is indeed not as manly as you, not as domineering and overbearing as you, and doesn’t have a shocking family background like yours, but he has me in his heart and his eyes are filled with me. His eyes light up the moment I appear.”

Di Rongrong stared at Huo Jing-an mockingly. She said, “I am just a little woman. I just want to find a man whose heart is filled with me. Huo Jing-an, do you know the biggest difference between you and Shen Yubei?”

Huo Jing-an looked at her in shock. His lips moved but he couldn’t speak.

Di Rongrong said, “You want the empire, he wants Di Rongrong.”

Huo Jing-an was stunned.

“I’ve already missed him for 22 years. I can’t miss the rest of his life. Huo Jing-an, sign it. Don’t delay my pursuit of my partner.” Di Rongrong picked up that pen. She stood up, forcefully pried open Huo Jing-an’s right hand, and stuffed the pen into his palm.

Huo Jing-an’s face was as red as a tomato, and he wanted to throw the pen away.

Di Rongrong stared at Huo Jing-an’s struggling right hand and suddenly sighed.

Di Rongrong said, “Huo Jing-an, why are you still struggling? I don’t love you anymore.”

Huo Jing-an’s expression was very ugly. He stopped struggling and looked at Di Rongrong’s cold and heartless face with his hurt eyes.

Di Rongrong wrapped her arms around Huo Jing-an’s hand and pulled it towards the divorce agreement. Under Di Rongrong’s pressure, the tip of her black pen swayed as she wrote the word “Huo” on the paper.

Di Rongrong said, “I don’t want anything. I don’t want your fortune, your house, or all your unmovable assets.”

Huo Jing-an was still struggling, but Di Rongrongxia’s next sentence completely made Huo Jing-an lose the strength to struggle.

She said, “I just want to take off my identity as Mrs. Huo.”

Huo Jing-an’s entire body was drained by Di Rongrong’s words. He allowed her to hold his hand and write the words “Huo Jing-an” on the divorce agreement.

Di Rongrong kept the divorce agreement and placed them in her bag. She held her bag, glanced at the despondent Huo Jing-an, and took out her wedding ring.

It was a purple gem ring that was six carats big. Huo Jing-an had spent some effort to get this ring back then.

Di Rongrong placed the ring in Huo Jing-an’s hand. She said, “Go and sell it. With the money it costs, you can also buy an expensive set of jewelry for your little lover.”

With that, Di Rongrong carried her bag and walked out of the Huo Family residence on her heels.

From then on, there would be no Mrs. Huo in this world.

The night was dark and Shen Yubei seemed to hear the sound of wheels spinning.

He opened his eyes and listened intently. He really heard the sound of tires.

Shen Yubei sat up and got out of bed. He walked to the window and glanced at the door. He saw a car parked under his tree.

Recognizing that it was Di Rongrong’s car, Shen Yubei suddenly clenched the marble by the window.

His breathing quickened and his heartbeat started beating rapidly in disbelief.

Di Rongrong sat in the car for a while, before pushing open the door and striding over to the main entrance of the Shen Family residence. Di Rongrong stood at the entrance of Shen Yubei’s house. Seeing that the Shen Family residence was pitch black, she crossed her arms and sat down on the gravel steps in front of the main entrance.

At night, there were many mosquitoes and there were many trees around the Shen Family.

Di Rongrong was bitten several times very quickly. She killed several mosquitoes and those mosquitoes left a few drops of blood on her pink dress, which looked like a cinnabar mole.

Di Rongrong was about to lose her temper from being bitten by mosquitoes. At this moment, the door to the Shen Family behind her was suddenly pulled open.

Di Rongrong froze and she suddenly stopped moving.

Shen Yubei’s voice sounded from behind her. “It’s so late at night. What is Mrs. Huo trying to do?”

Di Rongrong slowly turned around and saw Shen Yubei standing behind her.

He was wearing a white pyjamas and holding a handmade lantern. As it was long since he slept, his hair was draped over his shoulders, making him look like a painting.

Di Rongrong slowly stood up. She grabbed her itchy arms, lowered her head, opened her bag, took out a document, and handed it to Shen Yubei. “Shen Yubei, from now on, my name is Di Rongrong.”

Shen Yubei was slightly stunned.

His eyes changed several times, before he looked down and raised the lantern in his hand to see the words on the document clearly.

Divorce agreement.

It was as if millions of ants were crawling in Shen Yubei’s throat. Shen Yubei didn’t speak. He didn’t know what to say. He only knew that his heart was beating wildly, like soybeans sprinkled on a drum. It was dancing very joyfully.

As Shen Yubei remained silent, Di Rongrong started to panic.

She kept the divorce agreement and pretended to be calm and elegant. “I just came to visit you. I’ll get going first.” As Di Rongrong turned around, her wrist was suddenly grabbed by someone.

he hand that held her was slightly cold, but the owner of this pair of cold hands had a passionate heart.

Di Rongrong looked up at Shen Yubei and remained silent.

Shen Yubei said, “Where can you go?”

Di Rongrong said, “I…”

“Your house is at Shunchen. Now that you and Huo Jing-an are divorced, do you still have anywhere to go?” Di Rongrong didn’t have a house outside, but had an apartment at Shunchen’s side, which she had used all her money to invest in it.

Di Rongrong could only go to the hotel.

But at this point, she couldn’t possibly say that she could go to the hotel.

Di Rongrong walked down the slope with a pitiful expression. She said, “I don’t know where I can go either. I can stay at Luolan’s for the night…”


Shen Yubei pulled her into the courtyard and turned to close the door.

Afraid that he would regret it, Di Rongrong hurriedly took a few steps into the courtyard, stood behind Shen Yubei, and stared at him as he closed the door. Shen Yubei turned around with the lantern in hand. Seeing Di Rongrong’s pitiful expression, he said, “There’s a guest bedroom on the second floor. I’ll go make your bed.”

“Sorry to disturb you.”

Di Rongrong and Shen Yubei laid out the bedsheets together.

Shen Yubei brought over a new set of toiletries that was specially made for men. “There are no females in the house. I prepared this set for myself. Make do with it.”

Di Rongrong took the wash towel and daily necessities.

Shen Yubei gave her a meaningful look. Suppressing his ecstatic heart, he pretended to be cold and said goodnight to her. As Shen Yubei turned to leave, Di Rongrong grabbed his clothes again.

“Is there anything else?” Shen Yubei didn’t turn back. His back was facing Di Rongrong.

Di Rongrong bit her pink lips with her pearly white teeth. She was embarrassed but had no choice but to speak. She asked Shen Yubei, “Shen Yubei, can you lend me one of your pyjamas?”

Shen Yubei:!

He said, “I’ll go get it.”

When Shen Yubei left Di Rongrong’s room, he did it while walking with the same hand and same leg.

He brought over a set of pyjamas. It was a silk set with long sleeves and pants. The room was air-conditioned, so it was not hot wearing long sleeves. Shen Yubei placed the pyjamas in a bag and hung it on the doorknob of Di Rongrong’s room.

“The pyjamas are hanging on the door lock. Come and get them yourself.” Shen Yubei stood at the door for a while more before saying, “Good night.”

Shen Yubei returned to his own room and was about to close the door, when he heard the door to the room next door open.

Shen Yubei stared at the black doorknob and blinked gently.

He laid in bed and heard the buzzing of insects outside the house. He felt slightly restless. What kind of beautiful scenery would Di Rongrong be wearing my pyjamas? Shen Yubei didn’t know if the scenery was beautiful, but his heart burned.

The butler woke up the next morning and cleaned the first floor with the servants. The servants started cooking, while the butler went upstairs to wake Shen Yubei up.

Shen Yubei was going to attend a television program recording today. He had to leave for the airport after breakfast and couldn’t be late. The butler walked up the stairs and saw a white figure on the corridor on the second floor.

The butler didn’t think much of it. He opened his mouth and said, “Sir, you are already up…” As he spoke, the butler saw the person’s face clearly and realized that it was a petite and curvy woman.

She was wearing Sir’s pyjamas. In addition, no woman had ever stayed over in this house, so the butler instinctively thought that this person was Sir.

The butler stared at Di Rongrong’s well-maintained face. Not only did she not look old, she looked very charming. He took a deep breath.

“Mrs…” The butler instinctively wanted to call Di Rongrong Madam Huo, but he was a smart person. In Sir’s house, at the door to his master bedroom, he definitely couldn’t call Di Rongrong Mrs Huo!

The butler corrected himself. “Madam Di, you are awake? Do you want to have Chinese breakfast or Western breakfast?”

As expected of the butler, he could remain calm no matter what absurd things he encountered.

Di Rongrong blushed and said softly, “I will eat whatever Shen Yubei eats.”

“Alright, I understand.”

The butler couldn’t figure out what exactly happened between Di Rongrong and Shen Yubei last night. He thought that Di Rongrong had come out of Shen Yubei’s room and was afraid that he would see something blinding if he went in. He said to Di Rongrong, “Please wake Sir up, Madam Di. Tell him that he should get up for breakfast and set off for the airport.”

Di Rongrong asked, “He hasn’t performed recently, right?”

“It’s a notice for work . A month ago, Sir promised to be a guest on a variety show. The show will start at 1pm today and we can’t be late. Sorry to trouble you, Madam Di.” With that, the butler quietly turned and went downstairs.

Di Rongrong looked at Shen Yubei’s door and couldn’t help laughing.

She could have just explained to the butler that she and Shen Yubei had slept separately last night, but the butler had misunderstood and Di Rongrong had allowed it to happen. She couldn’t wait for the entire world to misunderstand.

Di Rongrong stood at the door and thought: The butler asked me to wake Shen Yubei up on his behalf. I didn’t barge in on my own accord.

Thinking of this, Di Rongrong felt very confident and pushed open the door.

Shen Yubei’s house was renovated into a wood forest style. In his master bedroom, there was a simple wooden bed made of wood. The bed frame was bent into a natural shape and every bedpost was as thick as her calf.

When Shen Yubei was sleeping, his posture was surprisingly adorable. His hands were obediently placed in front of his chest, his mouth slightly open as he snored softly.

Di Rongrong stood by the bed and stared at Shen Yubei for a while, before reaching out to push him away.

Shen Yubei thought it was the butler. He covered his head and face with a thin blanket and said, “Don’t wake me up. Sleep for another five minutes.”

Di Rongrong said, “You will be late if you continue sleeping.”

Shen Yubei realized that something was off.

He pulled down the thin blanket and opened his eyes to see Di Rongrong’s face. Shen Yubei blinked, suppressed the various emotions in his heart, sat up very calmly, and said, “Why are you in my room?”

Di Rongrong answered honestly, “The butler asked me to wake you up.”

Shen Yubei had just woken up and was still in a daze when he heard Di Rongrong say, “He thought we slept together last night.”

Shen Yubei blushed slightly.

“Alright, I’m getting up.”

Shen Yubei entered the toilet to brush his teeth. As he brushed his teeth, he even secretly sized Di Rongrong up. Although Shen Yubei was not fat, a man’s frame was naturally wider than a woman’s. Shen Yubei’s tight-fitting clothes looked wide on Di Rongrong.

Di Rongrong’s waist was very thin and Shen Yubei’s pajama pants were wider. They looked like they were going to fall off her body, and Di Rongrong kept pulling them.

Shen Yubei didn’t dare to look further. He would react if he did.

After breakfast, Di Rongrong got up and bid farewell. Before leaving, she purposely left her pair of earrings at Shen Yubei’s house. If I didn’t forget something, how could I have any reason to visit again?

After Di Rongrong left, the servants went upstairs to tidy up the room.

]A moment later, the servant came down with a pair of exquisite lady earrings. She walked up to Shen Yubei and said, “Mr. Shen, Madam Di’s earrings are on the bedside table.”

Shen Yubei said, “Put it here.”

The servant placed that pair of earrings beside Shen Yubei.

When Shen Yubei went upstairs to change clothes, he conveniently took that pair of earrings.

Walking to the door of the master bedroom, Shen Yubei stopped in his tracks. He took out the earrings from his pocket, thought for a moment, walked into the guest room, and placed them on the bedside table.

It was as if those earrings had always been there and had never been discovered.

“Song Song, how about this dress? I think it suits you very well.” Aaron chose a peach pink long dress. The loose hem was very suitable for pregnant women, especially for six to seven months pregnant mothers like Song Ci.

Song Ci was used to wearing vibrant reds and purples. She suddenly hesitated in the face of such a pink and tender dress. “My skin seems to have dimmed slightly recently. This color is probably not easy to pull off.”

“It’s all an illusion!” Aaron stared at Song Ci’s fair and beautiful face. He said, “Your skin condition is very good. You’ve gained some weight recently. Put your curly hair down and use your fringe to hide your face shape, and you’ll be the most beautiful pregnant mother.”

Song Ci also knew that she had gained weight, but she was carrying two children and didn’t dare to diet. She could only consider losing weight after giving birth.

“Let me try.”

Aaron called his female assistant to follow Song Ci into the changing room.

As she was changing clothes, the female assistant noticed a hickey on Song Ci’s back. She thought to herself: Mr. Han and Mrs. Han are really close. They are still so passionate even when she’s pregnant.

Last night, during their passion, Han Zhan couldn’t resist leaving some marks on Song Ci’s back. Han Zhan especially liked the feeling of Song Ci wearing beautiful clothes but his marks were hidden on her fair skin under her clothes.

Just the thought of it made his entire body go numb and his body feel satisfied.

As for Song Ci, she had long forgotten about Han Zhan’s actions last night and didn’t know that there were marks on her back. If she knew, she wouldn’t have asked for help.

After changing into the dress, Song Ci walked up to the mirror and sized it up. Seeing that she still looked pretty good in this dress, she said to Aaron, “I will wear this tomorrow night.”

“Okay.” Aaron stared at Song Ci for a few seconds and suddenly asked her, “Song Song, do you have those exaggerated earrings? It’d better be dark purple or blue.”

Song Ci said, “Yes, Han Zhan gave me a set of sapphire jewelry today.” Song Ci had taken a photo of that set of jewelry previously and handed it to Aaron for him to take a look. Aaron said, “This is it. It’s quite suitable.”

“Alright then, I’ll get going first.”

“Mmm, okay. I will come to your house tomorrow afternoon to put on makeup for you.”

“Alright, I’ll wait for you.”

Song Ci left Aaron’s studio and called Song Fei. “Where are you?”

Song Fei said, “The archery hall.”

Song Fei would go to the Internet Surveillance Bureau every Tuesday and Friday to teach them. On other days, she would usually either be at the archery center or at home.

“I’ll go look for you.”

“Mmm. Okay.”

Song Ci drove to the AK Arrows Center and saw Song Fei practicing archery. Song Ci walked over and took down a composite bow. She pulled the bowstring and tested the strength, before taking the quiver and walking towards Song Fei.

Song Fei took off her hat and turned to Song Ci. “Shall we have a match?”

Song Ci shrugged. “Aren’t you afraid that I will torture you?”

Song Fei sneered. “You’re only good at archery and violin.”

Song Ci said, “It’s enough to torture you.”

Song Fei raised her brows.

She said, “I’ll go first.”

Song Fei casually shot an arrow that hit the seventh ring. Song Fei pointed at the hole and said, “It has been so many years. Let me see if your archery skills have deteriorated.”

Song Ci held the bow in her left hand and the arrow in her right. She drew the bow, aimed, and fired!


Song Fei narrowed her eyes and saw that the arrow that had shot out of Song Ci’s hand had pierced through the hole she had just opened.

Song Fei nodded and applauded. “Not bad. You should have listened to Father’s advice and participated in the archery competition at the Olympics. Why did you give up?” Song Ci’s results were not good, but she had inherited her mother’s artistic talent and her father’s archery talent.

Meanwhile, Song Fei had inherited Song Chengyun’s high IQ.

Song Ci said, “Mother said that the violin is her dream that she couldn’t fulfill. I want to fulfill Mother’s dream.”

It had been a long time since she last practiced archery, so Song Ci’s wrist was slightly numb from just one arrow. “After I have given birth and recover my strength, I will fight you seriously.”

Song Fei nodded. “Alright.”

Song Ci placed the bow and quiver back.

She sat on the sofa for a while. After Song Fei finished practicing her archery, she walked over to the small chair beside her and sat down.

Song Fei crossed her legs, tore open a packet of candy, and popped it into her mouth. “Why are you looking for me?”

Song Ci said, “There will be an auction tomorrow night. You will be very interested in something.”

Song Fei frowned. “What is it?”

“A jade fox.”

Song Fei said, “I’m not interested in jewelry.” She was uninterested and closed her eyes to eat the candy.

Song Ci told her, “At my wedding the previous time, I handed the Chinese medical notebook that Father had compiled to treat infertility to Han Zhan’s godmother. His godmother Mo Yao has been infertile for many years. I feel that the notebook that Father had compiled can be of some help to her.”

Song Fei still had her eyes closed. She said, “That notebook is very valuable. When Mo Yao recovers, remember to take it back. Let your Han Zhan open a pharmaceutical company to specially develop medicine for infertility. It will definitely make money.”

Song Fei was realistic. Everything depended on money.

Song Ci thought for a moment and felt that Song Fei’s suggestion was not bad. “Now that you mention it, I also feel that this is a way to make money. I will remember to take the notebook back next time.” This was not what Song Ci wanted to tell Song Fei.

“When Godmother Mo Yao received this notebook, she asked my father if he was from the Mo Family. At that time, I felt it was strange. Later on, I asked Han Zhan about the Mo Family. Han Zhan told me that the Mo Family is a legendary Traditional Chinese Medicine family. With the Godly Doctor Mo Nanfeng holding the fort, they are the number one medical family in the world.”

Song Fei listened to Song Ci’s explanation and finally felt slightly interested. She said, “Song Tingyun was indeed a fake name by Father. I found out Father’s original name was Mo Yibei.”

Song Fei and Song Ci exchanged glances, their eyes dark.

Could Mo Yibei really be from the Mo Family?

Song Ci added. “After that, I went to look for Godmother Mo Yao and asked her about the Mo Family. Godmother Mo Yao doesn’t know much about the Mo Family. She only knows that every five years, the Mo Family will release 200 jade foxes to the outside world. Those who have jade foxes can go to the Mo Family to take the examinations. After layers of strict tests, the final 10 people who win can enter the Mo Family to learn Traditional Chinese Medicine.”

Song Ci leaned close to Song Fei’s ear and said in a low voice, “The current president of the Chinese Medical Association has studied at the Mo Family for three years.”

Song Fei pressed her hands together as her knuckles cracked.

Can you get me another invitation to the auction?” After asking, without waiting for Song Ci to answer, Song Fei added, “If you can’t, I can only fake it myself.”

Song Ci was speechless.

Song Ci said, “Of course.” She looked at Song Fei worriedly, like an old father who cared for his child. “Song Fei, we can’t do anything illegal.”

Song Fei replied, “Mmm.”

Song Ci felt that Song Fei was just bullshitting.

“See you tomorrow night then.” Thinking of something, Song Ci didn’t forget to remind Song Fei. “The auction requires you to wear a gown. It might not be a dress, but it must be a gown. Your sweater will never do.”

Song Fei looked down at her Ke Da duck short-sleeved sweater and felt slightly indignant. “Ke Da duck is so cute.”

“See if they let you in then.”

Song Ci got up and left, and Song Fei was in a difficult position.

She didn’t have a gown.

Song Fei took out her cell phone and sent Yan Jiang a message. “Man, it’s time for you to perform.”

Yan Jiang replied with a question mark.

Song Fei said, “Buy me a gown.”

Yan Jiang slowly typed out an ellipsis.

Song Ci went straight to Han Zhan’s office in the afternoon, planning to play in his office for half a day before returning home with him at night.

In the six months after Zeus Corporation was established, Han Zhan had been busy. Even if Song Ci went to the company, Han Zhan didn’t have the time to accompany her. He was busy with meetings, answering phones, and welcoming overseas partners.

Song Ci was good at finding fun for herself.

Recently, for some reason, she had been obsessed with dubbing for radio dramas. She had accepted two screenplays specially for those coquettish female supporting roles. Song Ci sat on the sofa and read the script for dubbing, occasionally practicing on the spot.

Outside Han Zhan’s office was a wide and long corridor. In the middle of the corridor was a spacious open office. His assistants and the CEO’s secretary were all working in this office.

Next to the secretary’s office were all sorts of meeting rooms.

Han Zhan’s office was very soundproof. Song Ci was not afraid of being overheard. She leaned against the sofa, held the script in her left hand, and spoke in a seductive and provocative voice. “Sister, you still don’t know, right? I’ve already slept in your and Wei Sheng’s master bedroom several times. Not only have I slept in your bed, I’ve also slept in your husband’s!”

With that, Song Ci jumped to the next sentence. “Sister, you owe me all this! Wei Sheng is my boyfriend. You are the shameless one who snatched my love just because you are the daughter of the Su Family Group!”

“Let me tell you, not only do I want to sleep with your husband and your bed, I also want your son to call me mother!”

Han Zhan returned to the office after the meeting and pushed open the office door. He heard Song Ci speaking in a sarcastic manner that only a vicious supporting actress deserved. Han Zhan shuddered and hurried over to snatch Song Ci’s script.

Song Ci was engrossed in her practice when the script was gone.

She glared back and saw Han Zhan’s face. Her brows immediately relaxed and she smiled. “Brother Han, are you done with the meeting?”

“Mmm.” Han Zhan flipped through the script of the radio drama in his hand and read a few lines from Song Ci. His head was filled with black lines. “You still have two little ones in your tummy. It’s better to watch less of such unethical things.”

Song Ci didn’t dare to make a sound after being scolded.

Han Zhan was right, but she still had to do the voice acting after the scolding.

Han Zhan threw the notebook on the desk and asked Song Ci, “Previously, you said on the phone that you wanted to discuss the money-making avenue with me in detail. What do you mean?” When he said the words “money-making avenue”, Han Zhan couldn’t conceal the smile in his eyes.

Song Ci told Han Zhan about Song Fei’s idea.

Han Zhan pondered for a moment before saying, “Is Father-in-law’s notebook really that effective?”

Song Ci looked very proud. She boasted. “My father was very famous in the Cai Family Village back then. All the women in the city went for him to take their pulses.”

“If Godmother can really get pregnant, then this matter can indeed be considered.”


The children were starting to kick her. Song Ci felt uncomfortable standing there, so she walked to the sofa and sat down. Han Zhan saw that she was massaging her stomach and knew that the children were kicking her again.

Han Zhan walked over and sat beside Song Ci. He hugged her stomach and pressed his face against it.

The little guy was very strong. He kicked a small bulge and Han Zhan’s face collapsed. He smiled.

“I think it’s the elder sister who kicked me.” Through his connections, Han Zhan had already found out the gender of the two children. They were a pair of daughters and this made Han Zhan, as a man, slightly afraid.

He had never brought up a little kid before, especially soft and adorable little princesses. He was slightly scared and looked forward to it.

Song Ci said, “Perhaps our little sister is even more mischievous.”

“That’s also possible. You can watch a movie or read a book. I still have something to do. I will get off work early today and will bring you to eat stone-pot fish tonight. Don’t you want to eat that?”


At noon the next day, Aaron personally came to the villa to help Song Ci put on makeup.

Although Aaron liked to make orchid-shaped fingers and looked like a little sissy, he also put on a suit in all seriousness and combed his hair neatly, when he knew that he was about to meet Han Zhan’s grandfather.

Arriving at the villa, Aaron started coaxing Han Aoyu. “Old Master, you are so fortunate. You have two great-grandchildren in your arms, one on the left and one on the right. Everyone would have to praise you for your good fortune?”

Han Aoyu was all smiles. He felt that this young man had a glib tongue. When Aaron finished styling Song Ci and left, Han Aoyu even gave Aaron half a bottle of his precious wine.

Aaron carried that wine into the car like Bodhisattva.

At 5pm in the afternoon, Long Yu drove over to fetch Song Ci. They first went to the office to meet Han Zhan before going to the auction together.

The auction tonight was very grand. The organizer was the number one luxury jewelry brand in the country, “Wedding for Love”. He heard that the boss of “Wedding for Love” jewelry brand, President Qiao, would also be present tonight. Han Zhan wanted to befriend him, so he specially moved aside his work to accompany Song Ci to the auction.

They arrived at the main entrance of the hotel where the auction was held and waited for a while, before Yan Jiang and Song Fei arrived.

Tonight, Song Fei and Yan Jiang were wearing couple outfits. Yan Jiang was wearing a white suit and Song Fei was wearing a black suit. The same design and different colors made them feel like their gender was reversed.

“Have you waited long?” Yan Jiang asked Song Ci.

Song Ci shook her head. She tiptoed and whispered into Yan Jiang’s ear. “I thought Song Fei would wear a dress.”

Yan Jiang shook his head regretfully. “Ah Fei said it’s not convenient to wear a dress and can’t use it.”

Unable to use it? Song Ci felt uneasy. “What is she going to do?”

Yan Jiang touched his nose and said worriedly, “I feel like she’s going to rob someone.”

Song Ci’s jaw dropped.

After entering the auction hall, Song Ci tugged at Song Fei and said softly, “Song Fei, did you bring money tonight?”

Song Fei shook her head. “No money.” Song Fei was very poor.

Song Ci asked her, “Then how are you going to buy that jade fox?”

Song Fei’s gaze swept across the guests at the venue. Her answer was rather profound. She said, “I don’t have it, but others do.” As long as the jade fox left this auction, who could say who would win in the end?

Song Ci gasped. “Song Fei, you are not allowed to cause trouble for me.”

Song Fei reached out her hand. “Lend me some money then.”

Song Ci clutched her handbag and asked her, “When are you returning it?”

Song Fei said, “After your elder sister defeats all her competitors and returns from the Mo Family Medical Company to earn money, she will definitely return your money.”

Song Ci was speechless.

I would probably have to wait until the end of time.

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