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Chapter 214: Yo, Twins

After three days of hesitation, Du Xueyan finally lowered her head to reality.

She signed a contract with Gu Shengyao, broke up with Han Zhan, and got a sum of money to have a kidney transplant for her mother. But less than half a year after the kidney transplant, her mother passed away due to a strong organ rejection.

Recalling those memories, Du Xueyan’s eyes suddenly turned bloodshot.

She felt aggrieved and indignant.

She hated fate’s manipulation and Han Zhan’s concealment.

Beside her ear, Gu Shengyao was still agitating her. “Xueyan, if he really loved you, he would have told you everything about his family background. Han Zhan might have indeed loved you, but he has always held back his love for you.”

“He’s totally inferior to me!” With that, Gu Shengyao kissed Du Xueyan.

No one knew that Gu Shengyao was not only Du Xueyan’s manager, but also her only bedmate.

He wanted his heart, but she only wanted a kidney from him.

In the changing room, the emotional Du Xueyan grabbed Gu Shengyao’s hair and vented all her hatred and resentment on him.

Gu Shengyao’s indifferent gaze disappeared and was replaced with ruthlessness.

He couldn’t wait for Han Zhan to be ruthless to Du Xueyan.

Only when Han Zhan was ruthless would Du Xueyan know how gentle I am.

After Song Ci was hospitalized, the doctor didn’t allow her to eat anymore. She relied on nutritional fluids and vitamin B1 to protect her pregnancy everyday. Once Han Zhan arrived at Wangjiang Mountain Airport, he hurried over to the hospital.

By the time he arrived, Song Ci had already gone to the ultrasound room for a check-up.

Han Zhan and the other family members sat on the bench and waited patiently. After a few minutes, Song Ci walked out with a report.

Song Ci had lost a lot of weight in just a few days after her morning sickness started. All the meat she had grown previously was gone.

Han Zhan felt very upset when he looked at the skinny Song Ci.

The moment she walked out of the ultrasound room and saw Han Zhan, Song Ci was slightly happy. However, for some reason, her eyes suddenly turned red.

Han Zhan knew that she had suffered terribly. He walked up and gently held Song Ci’s hand. “Baby Ci, I am back.”

Song Ci stopped crying and handed the ultrasound scan to Han Zhan with a smile. “Let me show you your child.”

Han Zhan first held Song Ci’s hand and brought her back to the ward. He let her lie down first, before sitting down on the sofa and opening the report.

The child had been conceived less than two months ago and there was no place for her in the ultrasound scan.

After reading the medical report, Han Zhan saw that it said that she was 7 weeks pregnant. He could hear the echo of a pregnancy sac in her uterine cavity, but he didn’t hear any heartbeat.

Han Zhan frowned and asked, “Why can’t I hear any heartbeat?”

Song Ci told Han Zhan, “The doctor who performed the checkup for me said that I need to be under observation for a few days. Some pregnancy sacs are delayed, so I might need to wait for a while before I can hear the heartbeat.”

Only then did Han Zhan relax. “Let’s wait a little longer then.”

After being hospitalized for four days, Song Ci’s morning sickness was finally not as serious. She went through the discharge procedures and left the hospital. The doctor reminded her to check on the fetal heart a week later.

Song Ci remembered the doctor’s advice and tried her best to only eat light food when she got home.

Old Master Han had put in a lot of effort to make some light and nutritious food for Song Ci. He was old and had nothing to do, so it was also a form of enjoyment to be able to take good care of his granddaughter-in-law.

With Old Master Han by her side, Song Ci also found it very interesting to listen to him talk about how he met and fell in love with her grandmother when he was young, as well as his experiences in the military.

On the fourth day after Song Ci returned home, Old Madam Cheng passed away.

Early in the morning, three electronic fireworks woke Song Ci up.

Song Ci woke up with a start. She opened her eyes and saw Han Zhan standing by the window, staring at the Cheng Family in a daze.

“Old Madam Cheng passed on?” Song Ci asked.

Han Zhan acknowledged and turned to retrieve a pair of binoculars from his bookshelf. He handed it to Song Ci. “Take a look.”

Holding her binoculars, Song Ci saw many people standing at the entrance of the Cheng Family residence. They were all dressed in mourning clothes and had solemn expressions.

“Eh?” Song Ci stared at a black figure in the crowd and said in surprise, “Cheng Ziang has returned to the country?”

Han Zhan was enraged at the mention of Cheng Ziang’s name.

He snatched the binoculars and saw Cheng Ziang’s face clearly. After not seeing him for a few months, Cheng Ziang’s aura had calmed down a lot. He looked reserved and low-profile, and his face was no longer as arrogant and flamboyant as before.

It looked like Han Wangwang’s vicious beating had taught him a lesson.

“I heard that Cheng Yanmo found a good doctor for him. That thing didn’t die as badly as it did in his previous life. It’s a pity.”

Wangwang Doggy was still not ruthless enough.

Song Ci retrieved her binoculars and said, “I remember that in my previous life, the person who hit Cheng Ziang was also a woman. I heard that Cheng Ziang took a fancy to a lady with the surname Han in Shunchen City and mistook her for a weakling, so he drugged her and brought her to the hotel. But that lady’s university roommate sensed that something was off and followed him to the hotel. After beating Cheng Ziang up badly, she even took his cell phone.”

“It was already the next day when Cheng Ziang was discovered by the hotel staff. As Cheng Ziang missed the best treatment time, he ended up in a terrible state.”

“After that, Cheng Yanmo wanted to seek an explanation from Cheng Ziang, but realized that that girl was actually the precious daughter of a wealthy and powerful family in Shunchen City. As a result, the Cheng Family could only swallow their anger even when Cheng Ziang was beaten up.”

As she spoke, Song Ci saw Su Huanyan alighting from the car.

The married Su Huanyan looked slightly different from before. It was a transformation from a young girl to a young married woman.

Su Huanyan was wearing a black waist-length skirt. The weather was still cool and she was wearing a thin pair of black stockings. The black high heels made her look tall, slender, and elegant.

Su Huanyan and Cheng Yanmo’s wedding was very grand. Song Ci and Han Zhan had also attended it. At the wedding, Su Huanyan wore an embroidered cheongsam with black hair tied up in a bun, stunning all the guests at the table.

Su Huanyan and Cheng Yanmo were in a business marriage and had no relationship foundation. After marriage, they treated each other respectfully. Song Ci didn’t understand the meaning of such a life, but everyone had their own choices and she couldn’t dictate others’ lives.

“I’m done looking.”

Han Zhan closed the window, took the binoculars from Song Ci’s hand, and asked her, “Are you going to sleep a little more, or are you coming downstairs with me?”

“I’m not sleeping anymore.”

His grandfather’s house was quite far from the company, so Han Zhan didn’t have time to exercise in the morning. He could only find time in the afternoon to exercise in the company’s gym.

After having breakfast with his grandfather and Song Ci, Han Zhan went to work.

When breakfast was over, Han Aoyu told Song Ci, “I have to make a trip to the Cheng Family. That old woman was very close to your grandmother in the past. I’ll go take a look.”

Song Ci was about to say that she would accompany him when Han Aoyu added. “You are pregnant. Don’t go to the Cheng Family anymore. Just wait for me at home.”

“… Okay.”

Song Ci read lazily at home for a long time. Old Master Cheng returned home in the afternoon and said, “Cheng Yanmo’s wife is pregnant.”

“Ah? Su Huanyan is pregnant?”

“I think that’s her name.” Old Master sat down, drank a cup of tea, felt slightly warm, and took off his jacket. He said to Song Ci, “During the mourning period, that girl suddenly covered her mouth and ran away. Before she reached the toilet, she vomited.”

“Luckily there was a dustbin. Otherwise…”

The old man shook his head gloatingly. He stared at Song Ci’s stomach and said, “Our child must be born before the Cheng Family and be their elder brother or elder sister.”

Song Ci felt that this sentence sounded strangely familiar.

This sounded very much like Song Fei.

Three days later, Old Madam Cheng was cremated and buried beside Old Master Cheng’s grave.

In the afternoon, Song Ci felt rather energized. She changed into comfortable sneakers and went for a walk.

]Walking under the osmanthus tree that Han Zhan had climbed previously, Song Ci was slightly tired. She stopped to rest but saw a person standing behind that osmanthus tree.

Song Ci saw that person’s light blue shirt.

“Who is there?” Song Ci frowned warily.

Only then did that person flash out from behind the tree.

That person was wearing a light blue shirt that was tucked into a long white skirt. The thing that Song Ci saw previously was the bow on the woman’s blouse.

“Miss Su?” Song Ci only realized that she should change the way she addressed her once she said it. “I should call you Madam Cheng instead.”

Su Huanyan smiled faintly. “You are 23 years old this year, right? I am already 25 years old. Call me Huanyan.”

Song Ci corrected herself. “Huanyan.”

Noticing that Su Huanyan was wearing a pair of white flats today, Song Ci smiled. “Are you really pregnant?”

“How did you know?” Su Huanyan was slightly surprised. “This matter hasn’t been made public yet.”

Song Ci said, “My grandfather said so.” Pointing at the villa in the distance, Song Ci said, “That is my grandfather’s house. On the morning of the old lady’s death, my grandfather went to your house to pay his respects.”

“I see.” Su Huanyan also browsed Weibo and saw that Song Ci was pregnant a few days ago. Su Huanyan asked Song Ci, “Shall we go for a walk?”


There was a clea river at the foot of the mountain, and the two of them chatted as they walked there.

There was a large, smooth rock by the river. Song Ci sat down on it and didn’t mind being dirty. Seeing how casual she was, Su Huanyan hesitated slightly, before sitting down on the rock.

Su Huanyan recalled a novel about Han Zhan and Song Ci that she had read a few days ago. She asked Song Ci, “Song Ci, you graduated from Civil Aviation University, right? I heard that you and CEO Han met at Zeus Airlines’ interview. Were you applying for the pilot position then?”

Song Ci rubbed her nose sheepishly. “How did you know?”

“You don’t know, right? The details of you and CEO Han knowing each other and loving each other have been written as a serialized novel on the forum.”

Song Ci was speechless.

The person who wrote the novel must be an employee of Zeus Airlines and someone close to Han Zhan. Otherwise, he wouldn’t know the details of the interview day.

Su Beibei’s figure suddenly flashed across Song Ci’s mind.

It’s definitely her!

Bei Zhan was the interviewer on the day of the interview. He had a very close relationship with Li Li. After relaying those things to Su Beibei through Li Li, she could easily write a piece like “The Tyrant CEO Falls in Love with Me”!

“It seems like the novel is true!” Su Huanyan felt that it was rather magical. She said, “I thought that such domineering CEOs falling in love with beautiful pilots only existed in novels.”

” You also read novels?” Song Ci was rather surprised. She felt that a gentle and elegant Jiangnan beauty like Su Huanyan should read classic literature.

Su Huanyan smiled. “Do you know what major I studied in university?”

Song Ci tilted her head and gave her a confused look.

Su Huanyan said, “I studied the harp at the Milan Conservatory in Italy. Also, I majored in electronic music. I even performed some electronic dance songs with others.”

“In Italy, I was also the kind of girl who would put on curly hair, corduory pants and heavy makeup in a halter top.”

Song Ci was shocked. “You? Wearing corduroy pants?” Song Ci felt that something was off and couldn’t imagine how Su Huanyan looked like then.

Su Huanyan shook her head and chuckled. “Who doesn’t have rebellious moments?”

As they were both music enthusiasts, Song Ci had an even better impression of Su Huanyan. “You studied in Italy?”


Thinking of that lunatic Sicilio, Song Ci didn’t have a good impression of Italy. “What do you think of Italy?”

“Not bad, the capital of fashion and romance.”

“What do you think of Italian men?”

Su Huanyan narrowed her eyes as her smile gradually faded. “Just like that.”

Song Ci nodded. “Mostly crazy.”

Su Huanyan actually agreed with Song Ci’s evaluation. “Yes, super crazy.”

Song Ci’s phone suddenly rang.

Seeing that it was Han Aoyu calling, she said to Su Huanyan, “Grandpa called to rush me. It might be time for us to eat dinner. Shall we go back?”


The next day, Zhong Buhui drove Song Ci and Han Aoyu to the hospital.

Song Ci went for a check-up, while Han Aoyu sat in the waiting room and played with those children. He looked at the way these children ran around the room with their little butts up and thought of Han Zhan when he was over a year old.

Han Zhan was fair and chubby when he was young. His mixed-blood face made him look like a doll. At that time, his grandmother had pushed him out to buy groceries and shop. Whoever saw him would say that this child was so adorable.

But when they were two years old, they lost Han Zhan.

When he saw Han Zhan again, his eyes had already lost their innocence and were as cold as still water.

Han Aoyu thought too far ahead, and he only woke up after Song Ci finished her checkup and called out to him a few times with the report.

Han Aoyu snapped out of his trance and looked at the report in Song Ci’s hand. He saw that Song Ci’s expression was slightly grave and thought that something had happened to the child. His heart skipped a beat.

“What’s the matter, Song Lass? Why is your expression so serious?”

Song Ci shook her head. “There’s a problem. Grandpa, let’s go see the doctor first.”

“Oh, okay.”

Han Aoyu and Song Ci arrived at the doctor’s office. Song Ci handed the medical report to the doctor and said, “Doctor, look at this medical report. What does it mean?”

The doctor looked down at the report and explained to Song Ci. “Young lady, look. This is a hormonal sac, a fetus sprout, and two egg sacs. You can see the primitive heartbeat. This means that you have two children in your stomach!”

Song Ci was shocked.

Han Aoyu also widened his eyes.

Song Ci’s heart was beating unbelievably fast. She stared at the report and asked, “Are they twins from the same egg?”

“Yes. Twins from different eggs usually discovered early in the pregnancy, but it’s slightly later for twins from the same egg. In the past, our hospital has also seen several rather special cases of twins from the same egg, but one showed signs of heartbeat and the other didn’t hear it. The doctor and the pregnant mother both thought it was a single-child, but after more than four months of pregnancy, the mother came for an ultrasound and realized it was twins.”

“Congratulations, you have suddenly gained two children.”

The doctor’s words stunned Song Ci.

Han Aoyu slapped his thigh on the spot, so agitated that his face was slightly red. “Song Lass, this is great news!”

Thinking that he would be able to have two great-grandchildren in another seven months, Han Aoyu suddenly felt that he could live for a few more years.

Zeus Corporation.

The advertisement proposal written by Bei Zhan Advertising Company was brought to Han Zhan’s office for him to look at.

After Han Zhan finished reading the advertising proposal, he brought up what he felt needed improvement and rejected the original proposal, allowing them to continue modifying it.

Bei Zhan clicked his tongue. “I think this advertisement proposal is not bad. It’s very novel, but this doesn’t even catch your eye. What kind do you want?”

“You must be creative. The more creative an advertisement is, the more attractive it is.”

“Then you should say something creative.”

Han Zhan sneered. “If I can think of something creative, why would I need an advertising company?”

Bei Zhan was speechless.

That’s right, he should at least leave a way out for the advertising company.


“Oh, did sister-in-law send you another message?”

Han Zhan didn’t reply. He unlocked his cell phone and opened WeChat. He saw Song Ci sending the medical report over. Han Zhan opened the photo and stared at the report for a long time.

Bei Zhan was slightly shocked to see that Han Zhan remained silent and seemed to be both happy and crazy. “What’s the matter? Didn’t sister-in-law go for a prenatal checkup today? Could there be a problem with the results?”

One embryo and two egg sacs…

Han Zhan’s heartbeat quickened slightly.

Is this what it meant?

At this moment, Song Ci sent another message: [Brother Han, it’s twins!]

Han Zhan took a deep breath.

Bei Zhan saw that Han Zhan suddenly put down his cell phone, stood up, loosened his tie roughly, walked up to the French window, and stared at the majestic Great Dragon River outside the building. He didn’t speak and just looked at it.

Bei Zhan was terrified. He asked carefully, “Is there really a problem with the results of the prenatal checkup?”

Only then did Han Zhan turn around.

He placed his hands on his hips and smiled happily. “Bei Zhan, I am going to have a pair of children.”

A pair.

Bei Zhan was shocked. “Sister-in-law is pregnant with twins?”

Han Zhan nodded vigorously.

Bei Zhan couldn’t help laughing. He was really happy for Han Zhan. “Not bad, you’re so efficient. Getting twice with one shot!”

Han Zhan was also slightly proud and self-satisfied.

After Bei Zhan left, Han Zhan pressed the intercom and called his secretary in.

The secretary walked in and stood respectfully in front of Han Zhan’s desk. She asked respectfully, “Mr. Han, what instructions do you have?”

“Inform the finance department to give each employee a red packet. Inform Assistant Zhang that in the name of my wife and Song Ci, we should quickly establish a foundation to help newborn babies with difficult illnesses.”

“The name of the foundation is the Ban Ban Charity Foundation.”

The secretary memorized Han Zhan’s instructions. Seeing that Han Zhan’s smile was very wide, the secretary asked boldly, “Mr. Han, did something joyous happen?”

There had to be a reason for this sudden giving of red packets.

Han Zhan couldn’t resist boasting. “I am going to be a father.”

The paparazzi had already exposed Madam’s pregnancy, so the secretary wasn’t surprised.

But if Mr. Han wanted to show off, she had to support him. “Then I must congratulate Mr. and Mrs. Han. Both of you are so outstanding. Your children must be blessed by the heavens.”

Han Zhan pointed at the secretary and said, “I’ll give you a big red packet. 800 yuan!”

The secretary thanked him happily and hurriedly returned to her post to write a document. After signing and stamping it for Han Zhan, she brought it to the finance department downstairs.

That night, all the employees at Zeus International Headquarters received a 200 yuan red packet.

On the way home, Han Zhan’s lips kept curling up uncontrollably.

After parking the car properly, Han Zhan alighted and saw his wife standing at the door of the house waiting for him to go home. Han Zhan’s heart warmed.

“You’re back early tonight.” Song Ci helped Han Zhan hold his briefcase.

Han Zhan took off his suit jacket, tie, and unbuttoned two to three buttons of his shirt. He exuded a lazy aura that was charming and sexy without him knowing it.

Han Zhan pulled Song Ci to the sofa, sat down, and pulled her into his arms.

Holding Song Ci’s slender waist with his right hand, Han Zhan placed his left hand on her abdomen.

Under his palm, Song Ci’s abdomen bulged slightly. Thinking of the existence of two little lives inside, Han Zhan’s heart melted.

Han Zhan said, “Looks like I still have to find time to make another crib.”

Song Ci’s palm landed on Han Zhan’s buzz cut and stroked his hard hair from time to time. Song Ci said, “I told Song Fei about the twins today. She was so angry that she hung up on me.”

Han Zhan smiled. “As her younger sister, you got married and had children before her. You can’t blame her for being angry.”

“But after she hung up, she transferred 50,000 yuan through Alipay for me to buy some good food for her nephew and niece.”

After all, they were biological sisters, so Song Fei was also concerned about Song Ci.

At the mention of Song Fei, Song Ci recalled what Song Fei had said that day. “Previously, Song Fei said that one of our children will take your surname and the other will take mine. Now, there are two of them. When the child is born, we’ll definitely not be able to get Grandpa’s approval.”

“Looks like my Old Song family’s bloodline is going to die.” Song Ci was joking and her voice was laced with laughter.

Han Zhan asked her, “What do you think? If you want the child to take your surname, then she will take yours.”

“I don’t really care. Actually, I want our children to have one surname— either Han or Song. Forget it, let Song Fei and Yan Jiang’s child inherit the family line.”

Seeing that Song Ci really didn’t care about this, Han Zhan said, “Then let’s have the surname Han.”


“When will your stomach show?”

“It’s not obvious now, but it might bulge next month.” Song Ci touched her own stomach and said disconsolately, “I can only throw away my beautiful dress, my halter top, and my high heels…”

Han Zhan was amused by Song Ci’s expression.

“Looks like we have to hurry up and film the commercial. It won’t be easy to film it when your tummy shows.”

“Is the advertising proposal done up yet?”

“They’ve written a few, but I’m not satisfied.” Han Zhan thought of how Song Ci had many weird ideas and asked her, “Do you have any ideas? You can tell me.”

Song Ci really did.

“I saw a perfume commercial some time ago. That commercial was especially interesting. A group of secret supermodels dressed up as angels descending from the sky and chased after a man. In the end, the scene changed. A few angels grabbed the man and leaned close to him, but they used their noses to smell his perfume.”

Hearing this, Han Zhan felt that this advertisement was interesting. “Then what do you think?”

Song Ci said, “My thoughts might be slightly immature.”

“Tell me about it.”

Song Ci excitedly shared her thoughts with Han Zhan, and his eyes lit up.

He immediately picked up his cell phone and called Bei Zhan to tell him about Song Ci’s idea.

After hearing this, Bei Zhan was stunned for a few seconds before asking him, “Who thought of this idea? What a genius.”

Han Zhan said, “My Mrs. Han.”

Bei Zhan said, “…My sister-in-law is talented.”

With the advertisement idea, the head of Zeus Airlines’ publicity department quickly found the most famous advertisement director in the country to shoot the advertisement.

The advertisement was filmed for a week, and the post-production took more than a month. The advertisement was sent to the relevant departments for review for a period of time. By the time the advertisement was officially launched, it was already July.

On the Chinese Valentine’s Day, Zeus Airlines booked the LED screens of many shopping malls across the country to broadcast their new advertisements at all intervals.

The sun was not high in the sky and it was slightly chilly. The citizens all walked out of their houses to shop or travel.

On the LED screen of the tallest financial building on Three Bridges Street, an advertisement was playing. It was a shampoo advertisement shot by Du Xueyan.

In the advertisement, Du Xueyan had beautiful black hair and was wearing a tight white dress. She looked like a fairy.

Du Xueyan had just held a farewell concert some time ago. After the concert, she officially announced her temporary departure from the entertainment circle to undergo surgery to recuperate.

This commercial was the last commercial that Du Xueyan took when she was a singer. In order to help Du Xueyan, her fans all had a bottle of this brand’s shampoo.

As soon as the shampoo commercial ended, a new commercial was shown.

Amidst the clouds and mist of the celestial heavens, a little fairy in a yellow dress walked into a plum forest.

The camera zoomed out and one could vaguely see a woman dressed in red lying on a plum tree sleeping. A cross-shaped red plum covered that woman’s face and lips. One could vaguely see her porcelain-white skin and that curvy nose.

Under the setting sun, her beautiful black hair hung in the forest of plum blossoms. Her red maple-like dress was like a burning flame. It was passionate and breathtaking.

Little Xian’e stood under the plum blossom tree and looked at the white wine bottles all over the ground. She looked up at the fairy on the tree and said softly, “Weaving Maid Fairy, you drank again? Today is the Beggar Festival. You’re only able to see Cowherd at this time once every year . It is already late and you have yet to set off. I am afraid I won’t be able to see him this year.”

In the camera, a pair of curly black lashes quivered gently. Suddenly, those eyes opened. Those hazel eyes were as clear as spring water.

The camera turned and the woman in the red dress suddenly sat up. Her gorgeous face was magnified in the camera.

Although it was a close-up shot, the woman’s skin was flawless. Her porcelain-white skin and gorgeous face were truly outstanding.

“What time is it?” the fairy asked.

Little Xian’e said, “It’s 5am. Fairy, it’s already late. You won’t be able to make it even if you fly over now.”

The fairy jumped down from the tree and took out her cell phone, as if she was performing a magic trick. She said, “Don’t panic. Zeus Airlines is the fastest and most stable. It will bring me to every corner of the world!”

The scene changed and the fairy was already sitting on the plane. She enjoyed the most comfortable and considerate service of the airline, and arrived at the rendezvous point in the shortest time possible.

The fairy pounced into the arms of a tall, handsome man with gray-blue eyes.

The camera zoomed out and the scene of the two of them hugging froze into a painting. A sentence appeared on the screen, followed by a deep, magnetic male voice.

[Zeus Airlines, brings you to my side.]

On the Chinese Valentine’s Day, Zeus Airlines’ publicity advertisement blew up!

All the users on Weibo, Station B, and the internet reposted this advertisement.

Zeus Airlines had shot the two-minute commercial to the level of a movie. The exquisite and meticulous setting and clothing, the quality of the movie, the extraordinarily beautiful advertising actor, and the voice-over benefits made it difficult for this commercial to not be popular!

Many netizens commented on this advertisement on Weibo.

With a beautiful heart: [Ah!!!! I let out a groundhog’s shriek. Who can tell me if the male and female leads of Zeus Airlines’ publicity film are Song Ci and Han Zhan? The lady boss and boss personally endorsed their own company. May I know which other company has such a high standard?]

Eat Glass: [Oh my god, CEO Han is so handsome! CEO Han, I want to bear your child!]

All the best duck: [I don’t care, I don’t care. Mother, I want to have that little red-dressed lady. CEO Han is not kind. How can he have such a beautiful little fairy for himself?]

Dazed Dragon: [Taking a deep drag of my cigarette, I tell myself that God is fair. While God gave others astonishing beauty, he also gave them a powerful identity. While God gave me ugly looks, he also gave me poverty that matched my looks.]

Cabbage Chicken: [Oh my god, so sweet.]

My Girl: [Let me secretly tell everyone that the last sentence was dubbed by CEO Han. Those babies who watched Wangdong TV Station’s Spring Festival Gala, do you still remember CEO Han’s lovely voice that can make one pregnant?]

Thanks to this advertisement, there were obviously more passengers choosing Zeus Airlines during the summer vacation.

Bei Zhan received a call from his subordinate, and was very pleased to know that the airline’s sales had increased by 10% over the past two days.

After hanging up, Bei Zhan looked at his sexy wife in a bikini beside him. He said, “The airline’s new commercial is very good. It has only been aired for two days, but the airline’s sales have increased by a large margin. With the bonus at the end of the year, we can buy a McLaren.”

Han Qingshen took off her sunglasses and tilted her head to ask him, “You want a McLaren? What color? I’ll get it for you now.”

Bei Zhan was speechless.

“I want to buy it for you,” he said.

Han Qingshen was slightly stunned. Her domineering eyes were filled with tenderness. “I like black.”

“Alright, I’ll buy you a black one.”

At the side, the little packrat was wearing a beach hat and shorts as it piled up the beach castle. It suddenly raised the shovel in its hand, looked at Bei Zhan, and said, “Harrow, I want a blue pumpkin car, the kind that looks like Cinderella.”

Cinderella was Bei Xiaobao’s favorite fairy tale. She especially wanted a pumpkin carriage that Cinderella had sat in.

Bei Zhan reached out and rubbed his daughter’s head. “Alright, Father will buy you a pumpkin car.”

Han Qingshen picked up the tablet and searched for Zeus Airlines’ promotional video. After seeing it, Han Qingshen said, “Not talking about anything else, Song Ci’s looks are truly gorgeous.”

“Do you know her?” Han Qingshen was the CEO of Empire Entertainment, so she might really know Song Ci.

Han Qingshen nodded.

“I do. When Song Ci was 17 years old, I took a fancy to her and wanted to sign her into my company. I intend to turn her into a celebrity.”

Bei Zhan didn’t know about this.

“The 17-year-old Song Ci is already a beauty. At that time, she was still very elegant and couldn’t compare to her current flirtatious manner.” Han Qingshen recalled Song Ci and was slightly impressed.

“The conditions I set for her at that time were very tempting, but she rejected them very straightforwardly.”

Bei Zhan asked, “Why did she refuse?”

“She said that she wants to be a female soldier pilot and will protect the country with her combat power in the future. She’s not interested in acting or singing.”

Han Qingshen frowned in confusion. “I just don’t know why she went to the Civil Aviation Company.”

Bei Zhan didn’t know the inside story either. When he called Han Zhan that night, he casually told him about this.

After hearing this, Han Zhan only said calmly that he got it and hung up.

Han Zhan was on the way home when he received Bei Zhan’s call.

He turned his cell phone and looked out of the window, his mind in a mess.

He was thinking if in her previous life, Song Ci had also felt despair and reluctance when she married Cheng Ziang.

She clearly had a crush on someone in her heart. All because of that crush, she rejected the temptation of the entertainment circles and went to attend an aviation school. In the end, she married a playboy. How sad must she be…

Han Zhan held his own heart and thought to himself: What right do I, Han Zhan, have to make you like me so much?

Han Zhan returned home and saw Song Ci’s smiling face. Thinking of all the grievances she had suffered, he couldn’t resist hugging her.

ong Ci squirmed in his arms and asked him, “What’s the matter? Can’t hold it in anymore? Are you going to lose your legs at the sight of me?”

Ever since they discovered that she was pregnant, the two of them had never been intimate again. Not only Han Zhan, but Song Ci also held it in.

Han Zhan shook his head and said, “Baby Ci, when you decided to apply to be a pilot, didn’t you think that you might never meet me again in this life?”

“Why are you suddenly asking this question?” Song Ci was slightly surprised.

Han Zhan remained silent and hugged Song Ci tightly.

Song Ci placed her palm on the back of Han Zhan’s hand. She looked down at the leather glove on Han Zhan’s right hand and said, “Han Zhan, do you know that I didn’t intend to get married in the past?”

Han Zhan was stunned.

Song Ci said, “I originally wanted to work at Chao Yang Company for the rest of my life and work for my adoptive father for the rest of my life to take care of the vegetable Song Fei.”

“If I can’t meet someone I like, I don’t want to go on a blind date either. I also don’t want to spend so much effort to please a stranger.”

“So.” Song Ci looked up at Han Zhan’s handsome face that was inches away from her. She said, “There was nothing I could do when I married Cheng Ziang, but I married you willingly.”

Initially, when she got close to Han Zhan, Song Ci really wanted to use his identity to seek shelter for herself and Song Fei.

But she was willing to choose Han Zhan because of her previous life’s experience.

Song Ci had liked the Han Zhan in her previous life.

That blind Han Zhan who held a thermos flask wherever he went, spoke gently and patiently.

Actually, when she first got married to Han Zhan in this life, Song Ci had no love for him.

he liked the mature and gentle 40-year-old Han Zhan, not the unpredictable 30-year-old Han Zhan.

But after spending a long time together, Song Ci also discovered Han Zhan’s strengths.

Be it the mature and gentle Han Zhan in his forties, the paranoid Han Zhan in his thirties, or the hot-blooded young man in his twenties, Song Ci liked Han Zhan at every age.

Song Ci suddenly tiptoed to ask the corners of Han Zhan’s lips.

Han Zhan thought that Song Ci just wanted to kiss him, but she turned around and unbuttoned his shirt.

Han Zhan was shocked, his eyes filled with surprise. “Baby Ci, you are pregnant with a child…”

Song Ci said softly, “It’s already been six months. Just be careful.”

Han Zhan was already slightly agitated. After receiving Song Ci’s approval, it was no longer human to refuse.

He didn’t dare to make a big fuss and had been very gentle.

Having tasted some benefits, Han Zhan woke up the next morning feeling refreshed.

The corporation had opened up a new aviation travel company. A few months ago, they had already chosen the location of the headquarters in Wangdong City, Wan Yu County.

Wanyu County was the district with the lowest economic development in Wangdong City. He had set the company’s address here for many reasons.

Firstly, Wangdong City’s leader had personally visited Old Master Han and Han Zhan, begging him to build the company in Wanyu County. He hoped that this tourism industry would bring economic development to Wanyu County.

Secondly, the economy of Wanyu County was relatively backward and the local demolition fees were relatively cheap. Han Zhan was also a businessman and naturally did whatever he could to save money.

Thirdly, the topography of Wanyu County was relatively flat and it was easy to build a large airships station. In addition, the environment of this area was small and it was easy to build hotels and resorts later on.

Han Zhan planned to turn Wanyu County into a tourist spot.

Over the past few months, the local demolition work had already been completed. Tomorrow, they would officially start construction of an aviation tourism station.

This was a major event and Han Zhan had to attend the ceremony personally.

Early in the morning, Ah Song and Long Yu fetched Han Zhan away. Han Zhan would be gone for three to four days, so he wouldn’t be back at night.

Song Ci was at home giving prenatal education to the children. She practiced the piano in the morning, read books in the afternoon, and listened to music for the children at night.

That night, when the music was playing, Du Xueyan’s song automatically played on her cell phone.

Song Ci thought that Du Xueyan’s voice was nice and that the babies might like it, so she didn’t change it.

But the babies, who were initially still, suddenly started kicking her stomach after hearing Du Xueyan’s voice.

Song Ci clicked her tongue. “As expected of my children. Like me, you don’t like this woman. Then Mother will delete all her songs, alright?”

Song Ci deleted Du Xueyan’s song from the music app and felt refreshed.

“Let’s listen to Uncle Liang Bo, okay?” She played Liang Bo’s song and the little guys turned over in her tummy and kicked gently.

Holding back her laughter, Song Ci wrote down this interesting incident and sent it to Liang Bo.

Liang Bo replied with a laughing emoticon.

Liang Bo: [Goddess, have you seen Weibo?]

Recently, Goddess Song had been very cultured and didn’t look at Weibo much. She was afraid that the gossip on Weibo would dirty her eyes and lead her child astray.

Song Ci: [No, what happened? Let me see now.]

Liang Bo:[ Oh big news. This morning, Du Xueyan came back from her treatment. In the afternoon, a media company suddenly exposed Du Xueyan’s past relationship history. They said…]

Song Ci: [What did they say?]

Liang Bo: [They said she is Mr. Han’s first girlfriend.]

Song Ci was speechless.

Exposed by the media?

She didn’t believe it. Du Xueyan probably found someone to expose it herself.

This dog, is she trying to cause trouble after recovering from her illness?

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