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Chapter 210: Song Ci Is Pregnant

Song Ci didn’t expect to hear Han Zhan’s name from this mysterious big boss.

Song Ci’s mind went blank for a few seconds.

She restarted the program and asked the man boldly, “You know Han Zhan? Who are you?”

“If he is willing to tell you, you will naturally know who I am.” That man stuffed the shell into Song Ci’s palm and said, “Send my regards to Hoff on my behalf. Tell him that Sicilio really misses him.” With that, he left with his two bodyguards.

Carrying that shell, Song Ci fell into an icehouse under the hot spring sun.

Once he left, Long Yu ran over in big strides. “Madam, why did you walk so far alone?”

Long Yu stared at the few people who had left. He tilted his head and asked Song Ci, “Do you know them, Madam?”

Song Ci raised the shell in her hand and told Long Yu, “Long Yu, I was nearly murdered and dumped into the sea.”

Long Yu’s expression turned slightly serious as he asked Song Ci, “Who are those people?”

“I don’t know him.” Song Ci stuffed the shell into Long Yu’s hands. “But they know Han Zhan.”

Long Yu narrowed his eyes as his expression turned grave.

Song Ci pointed at the noticeboard and asked Long Yu, “Do you know Italian?”

Long Yu stared at the signboard, looked at it, shook his head, and said, “I don’t know. Wait a minute, I have a friend who knows.”

Long Yu whipped out his cell phone, took a photo of the board, and sent it to a friend.

She only waited a few seconds, before the other party replied to Long Yu’s message.

After reading the message, Long Yu kept his cell phone and said to Song Ci, “Madam, that is a warning to be careful of drowning.”

Song Ci was speechless.

He’s indeed a big boss. Even when he’s lying, his expression remains unchanged.

And he said this was his private beach. Where is his sense of shame?

His face is probably as big as a washbasin.

“Let’s go back.”

On the way back, Song Ci had concocted a “love-hate relationship” script for Han Zhan and that man. But she got tired of thinking about it and fell asleep on the plane.

When she woke up again, the plane had already flown into China’s airspace.

Song Ci went to the toilet to wash her face with cold water. She returned to her seat and fastened her seatbelt.

The plane landed safely in Wangdong City.

After being away for more than a month and meeting such a scary man in Balmore, Song Ci only felt assured when her feet were firmly planted on the soil of China.

Sheng Hui Technology had recently launched a new high-tech holographic game cabin. It was officially launched today.

When Song Ci landed, Sheng Hui Technology was holding a product launch.

After the VR glasses were launched, they caused a global sensation. But after so many years, the technicians were still unable to solve the problem of the neural interface.

Meanwhile, the holographic gaming cabin that Sheng Hui Technology launched today had successfully broken through the difficult problem of the “neural interface”, allowing the computer to connect directly with the brain. The brain could transmit instructions to the computer, and the computer could also block the connection between the human brain and the human body.

This was a high-tech product developed by Sheng Hui Technology in eight years. It was the work of all the elites in Sheng Hui Technology.

Over the past two years, the company’s research and development personnel and leaders had repeatedly tested its capabilities countless times. After confirming that there were no problems, the company finally chose to officially make it available on April Fool’s Day.

Sheng Hui Technology had already collaborated with many gaming companies around the world. They had installed many of their best-selling games into the gaming cabins. As long as they had this cabin, the players would be able to dominate the game as if they were in a game.

Today was the official launch day of the game cabin. Han Zhan was going to attend the product launch, and together with Li Li and Bei Zhan, he was going to show everyone how to use the cabin.

After alighting from the plane, Song Ci and Long Yu boarded the car. She told Long Yu, “Take me to the Imperial Dragon Building.”

“Okay, Madam.”

The press conference for the holographic gaming cabin would be broadcast live on the live-streaming platform, so that the netizens could better understand the products.

Song Ci opened Zeus Corporation’s official live-streaming platform and saw the technicians excitedly introducing their new products. Meanwhile, Han Zhan and the other two were already lying in the gaming cabin, the big screen enlarging the minute expressions of Han Zhan and the other two. They were playing an online game called “demonic cultivation”. It was unknown if they had encountered some disgusting and cruel fighting scene, but Li Li kept frowning and looked very uncomfortable.

Bei Zhan didn’t look any better. He also looked pained.

Only Han Zhan remained calm and his muscles didn’t move at all.

Li Li suddenly logged out of the game. He sat up in the game cabin, looking very uncomfortable, as if he was going to vomit.

A reporter stood up and asked Li Li, “CEO Li, how do you feel now? Is the holographic game’s image too realistic and making you uncomfortable, or is the game cabin connected to your brain and making you feel unwell?”

Li Li smiled and stared at the reporter. “In future, when everyone is playing this demonic game, remember to add mosaic to the magical beasts. Really, they are too disgusting.”

Hearing this, everyone smiled kindly.

But Li Li’s words indirectly confirmed the authenticity of this game cabin.

After a long time, Han Zhan finally exited the game cabin. Li Li and Bei Zhan hurriedly asked him, “How do you feel?”

Han Zhan replied with two words. “KO.”

Everyone was laughing again.

The host had selected five lucky audience members to experience the fun of the gaming cabin. The five of them chose different games. Some chose games that were too bloody and violent and only managed to last for a few minutes. Some chose games that were too exquisite and mesmerizing. As a result, they were stuck in the game and couldn’t bear to return to reality.

At this moment, Han Zhan picked up the microphone and introduced. “The game is just a seasoning. You must never lose yourself in the game. In order to prevent internet addicts from developing, we specially set up an identity verification function for the gaming cabin.”

“Minors under the age of 18 cannot use the game cabin for more than three hours a day. If the time limit is exceeded, all functions of the game cabin will automatically shut down that day and will only be rebooted after 24 hours. Adults above the age of 18 cannot use the cabin for more than five hours each time. If they exceed the time limit, they will be automatically exited and the game cabin will forcibly close.”

Han Zhan pulled a long face and stared at the camera with a very serious expression, like a school dean. He said earnestly, “After all, a minor needs to study and listen to her mother. An adult needs to eat and work hard, right?”

“Yes.” Everyone couldn’t help laughing again.

At this moment, someone raised his hand and asked, “According to CEO Han, the game cabin must be verified. Then, let me ask CEO Han, will the game cabin recognize its owner?”

“It does indeed recognize its owner.” As Han Zhan spoke, a product description appeared on the big screen behind him. Han Zhan said, “Every customer has to leave their identity information when buying a gaming cabin. Our company’s programmer will personally verify each customer’s identity and activate facial recognition functions.”

“However, in consideration of the purchasing power of the players, we have considerately set up three family accounts for the gaming cabin. In other words, after obtaining the approval of the players, the players can authorize the use of the gaming cabin to the other three relatives. Of course, relatives also need to be verified by identity.”

“We have named the first-generation holographic gaming cabin the ‘Accompanying Generation’. Tonight at 8pm, the Accompanying Generation will officially be launched on Zeus International’s official website. The first batch will be sold for 1,000 copies at 200,000 yuan. The pre-sales models will all be custom-made, with the names of the players and the autographs of our chief engineer. Although 200,000 yuan is expensive, it makes sense.”

Once the 200,000 yuan report was out, Song Ci saw that the entire screen was filled with people scolding Han Zhan for being a capitalist dog.

Song Ci chose to block the message. She bought a cruise ship worth 10,000 yuan and posted it on the live-streaming platform.

[Please save one for the lady boss, xoxo.]

Li Li was looking at the live comments left by the audience on the live-streaming platform. Seeing a cruise ship drifting past, Li Li stared at the comments below the cruise ship and smiled. He looked up at Han Zhan and said jokingly, “Boss Han, your lady boss asked you to save one for her.”

Upon hearing this, Han Zhan looked at the camera, a gentle smile suddenly appearing on his grave and stern face. He said, “I am yours. What do you want?”

On the live-streaming platform, countless people were crazily streaming —

[Ahhh, CEO Han is abusing single people online!]

[The CEO smiled devilishly and said: Woman, I am all yours, aren’t you satisfied?]

[What kind of dog-shit luck did Song Ci have to marry such a rich, handsome, and capable hunk!]

After hearing Han Zhan’s words, the corners of Song Ci’s lips curled up to her ears.

Unable to reciprocate Han Zhan’s love, Song Ci had no choice but to smash the cruise ship crazily. She smashed ten cruise ships in one go, making herself look very much like a lady boss. Only then did she give up.

At 8pm, the holographic gaming cabin would officially be launched on Zeus International’s official website. As Han Zhan had said, the first batch of games would only be pre-salesced for 1,000 sets, and the price would be as high as 200,000 yuan.

This was something that only rich people could afford.

However, despite the high prices, all the local tycoons managed to buy the products within a minute.

Li Li looked at the real-time sales figures backstage and confirmed that the products were all sold out in less than a minute. He smiled slightly, crossed his arms, and said to Han Zhan beside him, “Beautifully done. In less than 40 seconds, all the products have been sold out. Tonight’s first pre-sales is the first battle of the holographic gaming cabin.”

Han Zhan was very satisfied with this result.

Bei Zhan added. “Our product has been tested thousands of times and personally used by technicians. Its performance is unquestionable. I believe that within a week, we will receive feedback and comments from the gamers. At that time, there will be waves of good reviews. With the adulation of tap water, the second pre-sales will definitely be better.”

“According to this marketing strategy, before the product is officially launched next year, it will definitely become famous worldwide. By then, if we lower the price of the product and put it into the market, it will definitely become very popular.”

“Sheng Hui Technology is about to usher in its true golden age.”

Li Li nodded in agreement toward Bei Zhan’s thinking.

“As for the price…” Li Li consulted Han Zhan.” Mr. Han, how much do you think is the most suitable price? ”

Han Zhan said, “Let’s discuss this again. I’ll get going first.” Before leaving, Han Zhan looked at Bei Zhan and said, “Call the person-in-charge at Sheng Hui’s side and get him to send a gaming cabin to my house. Your lady boss doesn’t have much gaming skills, but she is very interested.”

Bei Zhan smiled and said to Li Li, “This isn’t a lady boss, this is a little ancestor.”

Li Li was reading a message. After reading it, he put away his cell phone and looked up at Bei Zhan. “My little ancestor wants to eat hotpot tonight. I’ m leaving too.”

Bei Zhan’s heart turned cold.

He took out his cell phone and sent a message to his wife who was overseas on a work trip: [They all have wives who dote on them.] These short seven words were concise and comprehensive, fully expressing Bei Zhan’s envy toward other people’s wives and resentment towards his wife.

Han Qingshen took some time out of her busy schedule to comfort her darling. She said: [Be a good boy. Wait for me to come back and I will bring you to surf. The watch that you took a fancy to has arrived. I have already retrieved it and will give it to you when I return.]

Bei Zhan sank into a deep depression. [You don’t love me. You just want my body.]

Han Qing Shen: [Can you be more shameless? Don’t go back on your conscience when you say things.]

Bei Zhan shut his cell phone angrily. He didn’t work overtime anymore and went home to carry his daughter out for a big meal.

Han Zhan walked to the basement and saw his lady boss beside his car.

The lady boss didn’t put on any makeup today. She was bare-faced and wearing a pink, soft, sable fur skirt that barely covered her bum. She was wearing knee-length boots and leaning against the hood of the car. Her style was both seductive and seductive.

Han Zhan stopped in his tracks and glanced at her from afar before approaching her with a smile. “What did you take today? Why are you so slutty?”

Song Ci looked down and took out a pen from her bag. She held the pen and said to Han Zhan, “CEO Han, I am considered an actress now. Shouldn’t you get an autograph from me?”

Han Zhan cooperatively reached out his left palm. “Come, Song Star, please give me your autograph.” Song Ci grabbed Han Zhan’s fingers with her left hand and wrote down the name “Song Ci” with her right hand.

Han Zhan stared at those two words and suddenly said, “This artistic signature isn’t cool enough. We need to practice more.”

Song Ci pouted and kept her pen.

Han Zhan suddenly got close to Song Ci and pressed her between his chest and the car. Lowering his head, Han Zhan sniffed at Song Ci’s neck and smelled a faint fragrance. Han Zhan said, “Baby Ci, you sprayed perfume.”

Song Ci admitted graciously. “Yes, if I want to meet a boyfriend, of course I have to spray perfume.”

Han Zhan corrected her. “Hubby.”


Han Zhan couldn’t be bothered to argue with her anymore. He dragged Song Ci into the car, turned off the lights, and pressed her down on the car seat.

It was past 8pm at night and many employees were still working overtime in the building. There were many cars parked in the basement. Han Zhan had his own personal parking space and was still quite a distance away from the employee parking lot.

The passenger’s seat was already laid down and Song Ci laid on it, utterly fatigued. She looked at Han Zhan gulping down large mouthfuls of water and suddenly said, “Han Zhan, my menstruation has been delayed for seven days and never came.”

Han Zhan choked on the water.

Han Zhan closed the thermos flask and placed it into the cup holder on the armrest. Only then did he lower his head and gazed deeply at Song Ci who was sweating profusely. He asked hoarsely, “Are you sure?”

Song Ci nodded. “I am sure.”

Han Zhan’s heart shuddered. “Why didn’t you say so earlier?”

Song Ci was silent for a moment before saying, “I’m afraid I was just happy for nothing.” Song Ci grabbed Han Zhan’s hand and realized that it was slightly cold. “Han Zhan, accompany me to the pharmacy.”

“… Okay.”

As Han Zhan drove, his thin lips were pursed tightly without a word, his expression especially grave.

Song Ci couldn’t help touching her own abdomen. Her heart was racing.

Arriving at the pharmacy, Han Zhan found a parking space and parked the car. He was about to get down from the car with Song Ci, when he turned and saw that she had already fallen asleep.

Her clothes were slightly messy and her hands were still placed on her abdomen while she was asleep. Han Zhan picked up the suit from the backseat and covered Song Ci with it. He alighted alone and hurried into the pharmacy.

The pharmacy was about to close and several female employees in white long gowns were mopping the floor. Seeing Han Zhan walk in, the manager smiled and walked toward him. “Sir, what medicine do you need?”

Han Zhan stared at the shelves and said in a hoarse voice, “Do you have a pregnancy test kit?”

A kind smile spread across the manager’s face. “Yes, sir. Over here.”

Han Zhan followed behind the manager and walked up to the shelves lined with pregnancy sticks. He looked at the different brands of pregnancy sticks and was also confused. “Help me pick a few. I want them to be accurate.”

“Sir, our products are generally fine.” The manager asked Han Zhan, “Sir, how many do you want?”

Han Zhan said, “Five.”


The manager chose five pregnancy sticks for Han Zhan, all of which were the most expensive.

Han Zhan carried a bag of pregnancy test kits back to the car. Song Ci was still sleeping. Han Zhan heard from Li Li that after getting pregnant, Su Beibei was especially drowsy. She slept in the mornings, in the afternoons, and in the evenings.

Han Zhan stared at Song Ci’s palm-sized face. The thought that this woman might be pregnant with his child made his heart race uncontrollably.

He took another sip of warm water and waited for his emotions to calm down before driving home.

Downstairs, Han Zhan had no choice but to wake Song Ci up.

Song Ci sat up and rubbed her eyes. She wanted to get off the car but was stopped by Han Zhan. “Cough.” Han Zhan pointed at Song Ci’s legs and said, “You forgot to wear a skirt.” She was only wearing a pair of thermal underwear.

Song Ci blushed.

She hurriedly found her skirt and put it on before alighting from the car.

After entering the lift, Song Ci realized that she was holding a bag of pregnancy test kits. She complained. “Brother Han, you’ve been cheated. Two is enough.”

Taking the package from Han Zhan’s hand, Song Ci opened the receipt inside and was amused by the price. “Two hundred for five pregnancy sticks?”

Song Ci was convinced.

Han Zhan instinctively said, “The pharmacy seller said that this is imported.”

“Regardless of whether it’s imported or locally produced, the principle is the same.” Song Ci looked up at Han Zhan’s serious manner, fantasized some images, and couldn’t help mocking Han Zhan. “Brother Han, in the future, will you have to use imported food, drinks, and clothing for the children?”

Han Zhan shook his head. “That won’t happen. I’ve been drinking locally-produced milk powder since I was young. Look at my intelligence and character—which part of me is worse than that of foreigners?” Han Mulan went to school after giving birth to Han Zhan. Han Zhan had been drinking locally-produced milk powder since he was young. At that time, he had been fair and fat.

Han Zhan wasn’t superstitious about imported goods. It was just that he didn’t have enough brains tonight, so he listened to whatever others said.

Returning home, Song Ci took off her high heels. Han Zhan stared at them and said, “You can’t wear high heels when you’re pregnant, right?”

“It’s usually like this, unless the situation is special. Look at those celebrities, don’t they still wear high heels at events? Anyway, it’s never wrong to pay more attention.” Song Ci only wore high heels because she didn’t have flat shoes in her luggage.

Song Ci’s menstruation period had always been very punctual. This time, her menstruation period was delayed for seven days. There was a high chance that she was really pregnant. Hearing her words, Han Zhan said, “Then don’t wear it in future.”

“But I like pretty shoes.” High heels were generally nicer than flat shoes.

Han Zhan added, “Then I’ll buy you flat shoes with diamonds.”


Song Ci came out of the shower and saw Han Zhan sitting by the bed, holding a pregnancy test in his hand.

Song Ci walked over and sat down beside Han Zhan. She asked him, “What’s there to study about this?”

Han Zhan told Song Ci, “The instructions said that it would be best if the test was carried out early in the morning. That would be the most accurate time.”

“I’ll do it again tomorrow morning.”


Perhaps due to his excitement, Han Zhan couldn’t fall asleep at night. He even went downstairs to work out for two hours in the middle of the night. After that, he got tired and took a shower before going to bed.

When sleeping, Song Ci liked to close all the curtains at the French window. The curtains were very well-concealed and when they were closed, the day was as dark as night. Han Zhan opened his eyes and stared at the dark room, thinking that it was still dark.

He looked at his cell phone and saw that it was already 8am. Han Zhan instantly sat up.

He drew the curtains and the blinding sunlight shone on the wooden floor of the master bedroom.

Han Zhan was slightly shocked. He actually overslept. The strange thing was that his cell phone never rang.

Thinking that he was already late, he decided not to go to work in the morning. Han Zhan picked up his cell phone and sent his assistant a message to inform him that he wasn’t going to work today.

Only after putting down his phone did Han Zhan notice that there was a beautiful box on the dresser.

He remembered that this was Song Ci’s gown collection box. It had the logo of the Li Yao’s clothing brand on it.

There was a note on the box. Song Ci’s skinny handwriting read:

[Brother Han, I went to Song Fei’s house and won’t be home for lunch. Remember to open the box. There’s a surprise inside.]

Han Zhan vaguely guessed the reason why this box appeared on the cupboard by the bed. He took a deep breath and opened the box with both hands.

Inside the box were five pregnancy sticks neatly placed. On each stick were two purplish-red lines.

The instructions said that two purplish-red lines represented early pregnancy.

Han Zhan slammed the box shut.

Calmly, he went downstairs and calmly entered the kitchen. Calmly, he opened the refrigerator, poured himself a glass of ice water, and he calmly drank the entire glass.

After that glass of ice water, Han Zhan’s noisy mind finally calmed down.

He sat on the sofa and didn’t speak for a long time.

The door to the house was suddenly opened. Han Zhan turned to look and saw that it was the cleaning lady, Auntie Zhang.

“Mr. Han, are you resting at home today?” Upon seeing Han Zhan, Auntie Zhang was slightly reserved and spoke respectfully.

Han Zhan nodded and suddenly said, “I am going to be a father.”

He was clearly sharing a joyous occasion, but Han Zhan’s handsome face remained solemn.

Auntie Zhang was momentarily stunned. She understood what Mr. Han meant and smiled happily.

Auntie Zhang hurriedly congratulated Han Zhan. “Aiyo, Mr. Han, that is such a joyous occasion. Congratulations!”

Han Zhan nodded solemnly. “Mmm, thank you.”

Auntie Zhang felt that Mr. Han was really a person who didn’t show his emotions and wasn’t easy to get along with. It was still Mrs. Han who was kinder. Auntie Zhang didn’t dare to speak to Han Zhan much and just buried herself in work.

After tidying up for an hour, Auntie Zhang was prepared to leave.

At this moment, Han Zhan suddenly stopped her and walked over to Auntie Zhang with a thick red packet. “Auntie Zhang, I am very happy to have a new addition to our family. Please accept this red packet. Thank you for your blessings.”

This time, Auntie Zhang accepted the red packet without hesitation.

Holding the red packet, Auntie Zhang said to Han Zhan, “The child in Madam’s womb must be a healthy, smart, and lively darling. He will come to this happy family safe and sound. In the future, he will also become an outstanding person like Mr. Han.”

Auntie Zhang’s words were like honey smeared on her lips. Every word she said tickled Han Zhan’s heart.

Han Zhan nodded. “Thank you.”

After sending Auntie Zhang off, Han Zhan returned to his room and placed the five pregnancy sticks neatly on the dresser. He took a photo of them and sent them to his grandfather via WeChat.

Han Aoyu sat in the yard, basking in the sun.

Recently, he had been sleeping less and less at night, but he dozed off more and more during the day. When the weather was good, he would feel drowsy under the sun. The phone beside the table rang a few times. Hearing that it was a WeChat message, Han Aoyu’s eyelids twitched before he opened his eyes.

He picked up his cell phone and unlocked it with his fingerprint. Opening it, he saw that Han Zhan had sent a photo.

Han Aoyu calmly picked up the reading glasses from the tea table and slowly put them on. Only then did he open the photo and look closer.

What is this?

As an old man in his 80s, how could Han Aoyu recognize a pregnancy test? He shouted into the house. “Buhui, come and see what Zhanzhan sent.”

hong Buhui was making lunch.

He cut the shredded melon into thin strips and threw them into a big bowl. He sprinkled a pinch of salt and rubbed the salt and shredded melon strips with his fingers. He planned to make a plate of garlic-flavored shredded melon.

Hearing Han Aoyu’s shout, Zhong Buhui took off his disposable kitchen gloves and strode out of the kitchen towards the garden. “What? Let me take a look.”

Han Aoyu handed the phone to Zhong Buhui.

Zhong Buhui glanced down casually and said, “This thing looks like a child’s temperature detector. Let me zoom in and see.”

Zhong Buhui zoomed in on the photo and saw that each object had two poles. His expression changed slightly.

Zhong Buhui looked at the bewildered Old Master, blinked, and said, “This looks like…” A pregnancy test!

Afraid that he had made a mistake, Zhong Buhui suddenly stopped mid-sentence.

Han Aoyu was slightly impatient. He urged Zhong Buhui and asked him, “What is it? Finish your sentence!”

Scared that he would be disappointed for nothing, Zhong Buhui added. “Old Master, don’t be anxious. Wait for me to check my cell phone!”

Although Zhong Buhui had never used this before, he had heard of it. He had watched a television show where the female lead used this before.

Zhong Buhui opened Baidu and searched for what the pregnancy test kit looked like.

The photo that popped up on the browser was exactly the same as the photo in his hand. There were two lines.

After confirming that he was not mistaken, Zhong Buhui was over the moon. He chuckled and slapped his thigh. That movement scared Han Aoyu.

“Why are you so agitated?” Han Aoyu rolled his eyes at Zhong Buhui and lectured him earnestly. “Buhui, you are already at the age of a grandfather, but you are still not mature enough.”

“Old Master, great news!” Zhong Buhui bent over and handed the phone to Old Master. He pointed at the photo and said with a smile, “Old Master, this is a pregnancy test kit. Look, there are two lines on each stick. She is pregnant! Old Master, quick, call Zhanzhan and ask if Lass Song is pregnant!”

Han Aoyu widened his eyes. “Pregnant?” He was instantly wide awake.

Han Aoyu stood up and snatched the cell phone from Zhong Buhui’s hand. He put on his reading glasses and looked at the photo again. The more he looked at it, the happier he felt. “There are two lines here. There’s no mistake!”

Han Aoyu hurriedly made a video call to Han Zhan.

After sending the photo, Han Zhan sat on the sofa drinking tea and watching television.

Hearing the sound of a WeChat video, Han Zhan looked at his watch and thought to himself, “Old Master’s speed is not good. The video is called a few minutes later than I expected.”

Han Zhan accepted the video call and Han Aoyu’s face appeared on the screen.

Old Master leaned towards the camera and was about to speak when he heard Han Zhan say, “Grandpa, your video call is a little slow. I thought you would be eager to call after seeing the photo.”

A rare look of embarrassment appeared on Han Aoyu’s face as he mumbled in a low voice, “I don’t know what are pregnancy test kits…”

Han Zhan was speechless.

Han Aoyu stared at Han Zhan and didn’t see Song Ci, so he said, “Song Ci isn’t at home?” If Song Ci was at home and heard his video call, she would definitely run over and call him Grandpa sweetly.

]Han Zhan nodded. “Song Ci went to her elder sister’s house to play.”

Han Aoyu acknowledged and asked Han Zhan carefully, “Zhanzhan, is that lass Song really pregnant?”

“Mmm.” Han Zhan stared at his grandfather’s aged face and felt somewhat despondent. The old man’s health was deteriorating day by day. Han Aoyu, who could still farm last year, was rapidly deteriorating this year. He was like an ancient towering tree that lost all its leaves in just one winter and gradually withered.

“Grandpa, you must take good care of yourself. Live a few more years and grow up with your great-grandson. It will be best if you can watch him continue with his kindergarten studies and get 100 marks in his exams. It doesn’t matter if he doesn’t get 100 marks—he can just pass.”

Hearing that, Han Aoyu’s eyes welled up with tears.

He rubbed his eyes and nodded with a smile. “Of course. I still have to take a few photos with my great-grandson.”

“Mmm, Grandpa, you must keep your word.”

“Alright, when you are free, bring Song Ci over to stay for a few days. She will start vomiting soon and won’t be able to eat anything then. Bring her over to my place and Grandpa will treat her well.”

Han Aoyu’s heart ached at the thought that Song Ci, who was so gluttonous, was about to enter hellish mode due to her pregnancy. As a result, he planned to make a few more delicious meals for her before she developed morning sickness.

Han Zhan suppressed his laughter and nodded.

After ending the call, Han Zhan got up and left for Yan Jiang’s house.

It was lunchtime when he arrived at Yan Jiang’s house. Knowing that Song Ci was pregnant, Song Fei specially made chicken soup for her.

Han Zhan didn’t call before coming, so Song Fei didn’t cook his portion.

Once Han Zhan sat down, Song Fei took out a box of frozen dumplings from the fridge and threw them on the table in front of him. “Cook them yourself.”

Han Zhan didn’t mind and took the dumplings to the kitchen.

After the meal, Song Fei and Song Ci started discussing the names and surnames of the children. Song Fei asked Song Ci, “How many children do you plan to have?”

]Song Ci answered without thinking. “Two.”

Song Ci and Song Fei had quarreled and grown up together. Although they disliked each other, they still took good care of each other. Having experienced the love between sisters, Song Ci hoped that her own child could also have siblings by his side.

Song Fei nodded and said, “Then the first child will take Han Zhan’s surname, and the second child will take your surname. The Song Family can’t afford to lose its descendants.”

Song Ci was stunned. “Song Fei, you still care about this? Does our Old Song family have a billion yuan inheritance or a crown?”

Song Fei said, “Could it be that the Han Family has billions of assets…” Halfway through her sentence, Song Fei thought of Han Zhan’s net worth and suddenly shut her mouth.” Anyway, we can’t afford to lose our family line. ”

Song Ci didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “Alright, alright, alright. The second child’s surname is Song.”

On the way home, Song Ci asked Han Zhan, “Do you mind if the child shares my surname?”

“What’s the big deal? Anyway, they are both our children and my surname is also Han like my mother.” Han Zhan took a deep look at Song Ci and said, “As long as our blood flows in our children, it doesn’t matter whether their surname is Han or Song.”

“Will Grandpa mind?”

Han Zhan said something that would cause him to be struck by lightning and said, “By the time you have a second child, my grandfather won’t be able to control you anymore.” By then, the grass on the old man’s grave would be at least two meters tall.

Song Ci was speechless.

“Oh yes, my grandfather asked me to bring you back to the villa to stay for a period of time. He said that you will start vomiting soon. Before that happens, he will make delicious food for you every day.”

Song Ci’s expression changed slightly. She was against it but couldn’t bear to reject the old man’s kind offer. She nodded in agreement. “Then let’s stay for a period of time. It doesn’t matter if we get fat from eating. Anyway, I will lose weight after puking for a period of time.”

Song Ci had given up.

“Alright then.”

After returning home, Song Ci went to brush her teeth while Han Zhan tidied up his clothes alone, preparing to bring Song Ci to stay at his grandfather’s house for a short period of time tomorrow.

Song Ci had yet to unpack her luggage from her trip back yesterday. Han Zhan opened that luggage, took out her clothes, and hung them in the cupboard.

Only after taking out all his clothes did Han Zhan realize that there was a fan-shaped pale blue shell in the bottom of the box.

Han Zhan felt that the shell was rather pretty and placed it on the black shelf in the bedroom.

Song Ci came out of the washroom after brushing her teeth. Her eyes narrowed slightly when she saw that shell.

“Go and lie down. I will clean up the mess.” Han Zhan kept the clothes that he needed into the luggage, one by one. He totally didn’t notice how conflicted Song Ci looked.

Song Ci walked up to the shelf and stood on tiptoe to remove the shell. She thought of the mysterious big boss she met in Palermo and felt a sense of uneasiness.

Han Zhan closed the zipper of his luggage and looked up to see Song Ci hugging that shell in a daze.

Han Zhan smiled and asked her, “What are you thinking about? Did you buy that shell? It looks pretty good.”

“Han Zhan, I have something to tell you.” Song Ci decided to tell Han Zhan about that person’s appearance.

Han Zhan raised his brows and stood up. He took the shell from Song Ci’s hand and walked to the French window.

Leaning against the French window, Han Zhan gazed down at Song Ci. “What do you want to tell me?”

Unable to guess what Song Ci was going to say, Han Zhan started to let his imagination run wild.

Song Ci walked up to Han Zhan, pointed at the shell in his hand, and told him, “This shell in your hand was forcefully stuffed to me by a man the day I stopped by Palermo.”

Han Zhan’s expression changed slightly.

Another admirer of Song Ci? Why are there always people trying to steal my thunder?

Han Zhan narrowed his eyes and asked in a cold voice, “Someone hit on you? And even gave you this?” Han Zhan tossed the shell and accidentally dropped it to the ground, chipping a corner.

Han Zhan apologized without any sincerity. “I’m sorry to break the love token your admirer gave you.” His very insincere apology sounded very half-hearted and sour.

Song Ci shook her head. “No admirer. He’s a lunatic.”

Gazing at Han Zhan’s face, Song Ci asked probingly, “Han Zhan, do you know Sicilio?”

Han Zhan’s pupils suddenly constricted into two black dots!

“Who did you say?” Han Zhan’s voice was cold and stiff.

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