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Chapter 209: The Mysterious Big Boss

Han Zhan was never a good person. Being a patriotic Chinese who didn’t challenge the law was a seed planted in Han Zhan’s heart by his grandfather after more than 10 years.

But Han Zhan was Edward’s child. He was born cold and cruel. The kindness and evil that he had seen were unimaginable to Du Xueyan. It was easy for Han Zhan to pinpoint Du Xueyan’s weak spot.

Du Xueyan was so angry that her eyes were red.

Gripping the coffee cup tightly with both hands, she gritted her teeth and asked Han Zhan, “Han Zhan, just to reassure your lovely wife, you’re going to kill me. We were in love once after all. Are you really so heartless?”

Du Xueyan didn’t believe that Han Zhan was such a person.

Upon hearing this, Han Zhan seemed to have recalled the time when they were in love when they were young, and the coldness in his eyes softened slightly.

Seeing this, Du Xueyan heaved a sigh of relief and struck while the iron was hot. She said, “Han Zhan, you are already married. Even if I still have delusions about you, I won’t do anything outrageous, and definitely won’t take the initiative to make Song Ci unhappy. It wasn’t easy for me to get to this point. I also love my own feathers very much.”

“As for that promise you mentioned, I will return it to you.” She gave Han Zhan a heart-stopping smile, her eyes slightly curved when she smiled, and there was an alluring glow in her eyes. “Han Zhan, even if we can’t be lovers, we can still be friends.”

Han Zhan gazed at Du Xueyan’s seductive smile. Not only did he not agree immediately, but his eyes also turned cold. He said, “Only old lovers who are still in love will be friends. There’s no need for us to be friends anymore.”

Upon hearing this, Du Xueyan’s smile froze on her face.

She watched as Han Zhan pushed aside his coffee cup and stood up. The moment he stood up, Du Xueyan suddenly realized how tall Han Zhan was, how broad his chest was, and how he gave one a sense of security.

In a daze, Du Xueyan heard Han Zhan say again, “Du Xueyan, don’t provoke Song Ci and don’t think of me. If you still want to be your big star, behave yourself. Don’t think of me—there’s no outcome.”

Han Zhan looked through the window and nodded at the beautiful woman standing by the road outside the cafe. Du Xueyan slowly turned her head and saw Song Ci waving at Han Zhan under the night sky. In contrast to the neon lights, Song Ci looked even more alluring and charming than the night in Paris.

Du Xueyan clutched her coffee cup tightly. From the corner of her eye, she saw Han Zhan striding out from beside her, walking straight and determinedly towards that girl called Song Ci. Only when their car was far away did Du Xueyan lower her head and look at the table in front of her, her eyes gradually turning hazy.

It turned out that being stabbed in the heart by someone you liked was such a terrible thing.

As soon as they got into the car, Song Ci asked Han Zhan directly, “Brother Han, what did you tell Du Xueyan?” She couldn’t stand any nonsense and would ask clearly if she was curious about something.

Han Zhan knew that Song Ci would pursue this matter.

He opened the voice recording function on his cell phone and handed it to Song Ci. “I’ve recorded it. Listen to it yourself.” Afraid that Song Ci would get suspicious, Han Zhan specially recorded it.

Song Ci was slightly shocked.

“You even recorded it?”

Han Zhan nodded and said, “Going behind your back to meet my ex-girlfriend and recording the conversation is good for both of us.” Han Zhan couldn’t bear the risk of Song Ci misunderstanding him and losing her.

Song Ci gave him a meaningful look and suddenly said, “Han Zhan, it’s so terrible being your ex-girlfriend.” Song Ci was indeed very happy that Han Zhan was so clear about Du Xueyan. But thinking of how Han Zhan could be so cold and heartless towards the person he loved in the past, Song Ci felt even more terrified.

Knowing what Song Ci was afraid of, Han Zhan turned to her and said, “So, just be a good girl and be my current girlfriend.”

Song Ci nodded with mixed feelings.

She took out her earphones and opened the recording file.

After hearing Han Zhan and Du Xueyan’s conversation, Song Ci felt both pleased and could not help but light a candle for Du Xueyan.

What a pitiful ex.

After dinner at an old restaurant with a good reputation, Song Ci and Han Zhan went shopping at the Empress Dowager Mall for over an hour.

Song Ci was a fashion master. Every year, she would buy a large number of outfits and shoe bags with new designs. Many outfits would be of no use after wearing them several times. As a result, Song Ci specially opened up an account for herself. It was specially designed to be used for secondary sales of branded outfits and shoes.

Han Zhan and Long Yu obediently followed behind Song Ci and held her items.

Returning to the hotel, Song Ci sat on the carpet to clean up her loots. “Brother Han, this is for you.” Song Ci tossed an exquisite box to Han Zhan.

Han Zhan grabbed the box and looked down. He was shocked. “A watch?”


Han Zhan opened the box and saw the watch inside. A look of fondness flashed across his eyes.

Song Ci had selected a super thin spinning wheel watch from the Royal Oaks series. The dial was a smoky blue color and possessed a reserved, low-profile luxury. It suited Han Zhan’s character very well.

Han Zhan couldn’t wait to take out the watch and wear it on his wrist. He walked up to the mirror and sized it up carefully. He liked it so much that he couldn’t bear to part with it. “Baby Ci, it’s very nice.”

Song Ci smiled. “I chose it carefully. Of course it suits you.”

Song Ci tidied up her clothes and hung them in the cupboard. She put aside her clothes for tomorrow and went to take a shower. After her shower, Song Ci walked out of the bathroom in her meticulously-prepared pyjamas only to realize that Han Zhan had already fallen asleep on the bed.

Song Ci tiptoed over to the bed and smoothed out Han Zhan’s furrowed brows.

In order to meet me, he must have been very busy these few days.

In the middle of the night, Song Ci was in a daze and suddenly felt suffocated. She frowned and opened her eyes.

No wonder she found it difficult to breathe.

“Brother Han, why are you awake?” Song Ci turned on the lights.

Han Zhan covered Song Ci’s eyes with his hand and said, “I’m sorry, I was too sleepy last night and fell asleep.” Although he had fallen asleep, Han Zhan was still thinking about his little snack. After waking up in the middle of the night and seeing Song Ci sleeping beautifully beside him, Han Zhan decided to be a beast first.

Song Ci’s eyes were covered. She hugged Han Zhan’s arm and asked him, “Why are you covering my eyes?”

Han Zhan said, “Your eyes are hazy. I feel like I’m committing a crime.”

Song Ci was speechless.

Taking off Han Zhan’s hand, Song Ci picked up her cell phone and looked at the time. It was already past midnight.

Song Ci suddenly pushed Han Zhan away. “Wait, the ceremony is not good enough.”

Han Zhan was pushed onto the bed. He tilted his head, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

Song Ci stuck out her tongue mischievously at Han Zhan. “You can’t miss the ceremony. Wait a minute.” With that, Song Ci even turned off all the lights in the room.

The room suddenly darkened again. Han Zhan was momentarily stunned before asking Song Ci curiously, “What are you doing?”

Song Ci said, “Brother Han, you are not allowed to peek. I will tell you when I am ready.”

“Alright, let me know when you are ready.”

“Mmm.” Song Ci walked out of the bedroom in the dark.

Han Zhan heard the sound of the zipper closing. He wiggled his ears and asked Song Ci, “Still not done?”

“I’ll be done soon.”

Han Zhan acknowledged.

After about two minutes, Han Zhan heard Song Ci say, “Alright, Brother Han.” Her voice became very soft, as if it came from a confined space.

Han Zhan opened his eyes and turned on the lights. He didn’t see Song Ci in the room.

He went to the toilet first and opened the wardrobe, but there was no sign of Song Ci at all. Han Zhan frowned as he came to the small living room. The furnishings were simple, and Han Zhan saw everything in the room at a glance.

In the end, his attention was snatched away by the luggage on the floor. This luggage was brought over by Han Zhan today. It was 32-inch and very big. Before Han Zhan squatted down, he coughed and said, “I’m going to open the luggage!”

Song Ci remained silent and pretended to be mysterious.

Han Zhan found it funny. He slowly opened the zipper of the luggage, and a piece of black silk material fell out. Han Zhan tugged at Song Ci’s skirt and said, “Look, I caught a little mouse.”

Song Ci giggled.

Only when he heard her voice did Han Zhan open the luggage fully.

However, when he saw Song Ci’s position in the box, his smile suddenly faded.

Song Ci curled up her legs and laid pitifully at the bottom of the box. She was holding an A4 paper. On the paper was a sentence she had hastily written with a fountain pen. It read:

I am willing to become a sweet to make up for the pain you suffered when you were young.

May you be as brilliant as the Milky Way for the rest of your life.

Han Zhan, Happy Birthday!

Perhaps it was because he was getting older and older that one’s heart was more and more easily moved. Just a few simple words had actually moved Han Zhan. Han Zhan’s eyes turned slightly hot. He pressed his hand to his forehead and sighed somewhat helplessly. “Song Ci, why are you so lovable?”

“Otherwise, how can I be worthy of the nickname ‘Baby Ci’?” Song Ci lifted her arms towards Han Zhan and said coquettishly, “Quickly carry me up. It’s uncomfortable like this.”

Han Zhan carried his present out of the luggage.

Carrying Song Ci directly into the room, Han Zhan placed her on the bed and said, “Now, I am going to open my present.” This night, Han Zhan was exceptionally gentle when he wanted Song Ci, as gentle as the moonlight outside the window.

After the initial warmth, Han Zhan hugged Song Ci’s waist, stroked her abdomen with his right hand, and lightly tapped her abdomen with his fingertips. He asked Song Ci, “How did you know today is my birthday?”

Song Ci wiggled in his arms. “I already knew. I went to the Department Store to buy you a watch the moment I arrived in Paris and sent it back. By right, it should have arrived today.”

“Is that so?” Han Zhan said, “My cell phone has been switched off during the flight. The delivery company might have already called me.” Han Zhan asked Song Ci, “Where is the address written?”

“Your company.”

“Let me ask my assistant if she received it.”

It was 3.30pm in France and Wangdong City happened to be in the morning. Han Zhan called his assistant and told him that at 8.30am this morning, he had indeed helped Han Zhan sign a package and placed it in his office.

Upon hearing this, Han Zhan instructed his assistant. “Keep that package well and don’t lose it.”

“Alright, Mr. Han.”

After hanging up, Han Zhan hugged Song Ci even more tightly. “From now on, you must be by my side on every birthday, Baby Ci.”

Song Ci nodded. She thought of something and said, “I hope that on your birthday next year, there will be another person in our family. He will celebrate your birthday with me.”

Han Zhan’s heart thumped as he imagined that scene. “Alright. If we have a child, regardless of gender, we will call him Ban Ban as his nickname, alright? Our partner [1. ‘Ban ban’ was a cute way of referring to one’s partner]. I hope he will be safe and healthy and be by our side for the rest of our lives.”

Song Ci liked this nickname very much. “Alright, let’s call him Ban Ban.”

As the two of them chatted, sleepiness overwhelmed Song Ci and she fell asleep first.

Hugging Song Ci, Han Zhan stared at her for a long time before finally falling asleep at daybreak.

The next day, Song Ci applied for leave from the production team and accompanied Han Zhan to enjoy all the delicacies in Paris.

On the third day, Song Ci had to work.

When she went to film, Han Zhan was also openly by her side. This time, Han Zhan specially wore a custom-made black suit and tie, looking like a cold, noble, domineering CEO.

The first time Damien saw Song Ci’s husband, he was stunned by the intensity of her husband’s aura. As a result, when they were filming, Damien couldn’t quite get over that fact and he had NGs several times.

Han Zhan was leaving tomorrow. Before leaving, Han Zhan invited all the main actors, directors, as well as the main crew members for a delicious dinner at ASPIC Restaurant.

That meal was delicious and expensive. Everyone liked it.

After he left, rumors of Mr. Han being a gentleman and doting on his wife continued to spread.

Song Ci didn’t have many scenes. After Han Zhan left, she stayed in Paris for another 20 days before her final scene. This final scene was about Song Ci falling into the sea.

Du Junfei was a picky person. If he wanted to film at sea, he brought the entire crew to the Mediterranean Sea.

In order to pursue a realistic film effect, Song Ci had to personally act out sinking in the sea. And because of her previous life’s experience, Song Ci developed deep-sea phobia and was worried that she wouldn’t be able to film this scene well.

After Du Junfei found out about Song Ci’s phobia, he decided to use a body double for her.

Song Ci thought for a moment and rejected him. “If it were someone else in this scene, it wouldn’t feel right. I still want to give it a try myself.”

“Let’s give it a try then.” Du Junfei agreed.

Under the blue sky, the Mediterranean Sea was as beautiful as a blue jewel. A cruise ship cruised quietly on the surface of the sea.

Coleman had also arrived for Song Ci’s final scene. He was seated in the audience seats on the cruise ship.

The filming site was very quiet. Dressed in a dark green tube dress, Song Ci stood on the deck performing with a violin in hand. The stars shone brightly on Song Ci’s head, she was so beautiful that it was unreal.

Coleman gazed at Song Ci in a daze, his eyes gradually turning dark…

The boat started to sink. In the process, someone touched Song Ci and her back hit the railing. She fell into the sea. Song Ci was still holding onto her violin tightly.

The script read:

[As she was escaping, someone knocked into Rain. She was wearing high heels and lost her balance. She took a few steps back and her waist hit the railing. She rolled into the sea and everything happened in an instant. When she sank, she was still holding her violin.]

The water was cold and she was gradually swallowed by it.

Rain and her violin sink to the bottom of the sea, followed by the love that Coleman has devoted his entire life to.]

Song Ci had held her breath when she fell into the water, but she was so terrified that she forgot how to swim. She knew that Du Junfei had arranged for a rescue team to hide in the water, and her life was not in danger.

Her body was swallowed by the sea. Fear made her struggle non-stop. As she struggled, Song Ci forgot about Du Junfei’s earlier advice. She opened her mouth and the sea water poured into her mouth.

It was as if Song Ci had returned to the night of the car crash in her previous life. She laid alone by the side of the Yulong River, blood dripping from her eyes. She gazed at the dark waters, her body cold…

Just then, Song Ci seemed to see someone pouncing towards her.

They must be the lifeguards Director Du sent over.

Song Ci lost consciousness and was brought to the deck of the boat next door.

Someone was pressing on her chest for CPR. Song Ci heard someone cry in English, “You are not allowed to die, Rain!”

“Rain, please don’t die.”

Seeing that the drowning girl was still unconscious, Coleman’s wrinkled hands were trembling. “Jiang Shiyu, please, open your eyes and look at me.”

Jiang Shiyu…

Jiang Shiyu?

“Cough, cough!” Song Ci suddenly opened her mouth and coughed out several mouthfuls of seawater.

“She’s awake!” Du Junfei heaved a sigh of relief. Only then did he stop pressing on Song Ci’s chest and helped her up.

Song Ci leaned into Du Junfei’s arms. She looked at Coleman and saw that his hands were trembling non-stop. He said repeatedly, “Jiang Shiyu, you are not allowed to die, you are not allowed to die…”

Understanding what happened to Coleman, Song Ci’s gaze towards him suddenly turned extremely pitiful.

Song Ci slowly raised her hand and grabbed Coleman’s cold hand.

Coleman was stunned by her grip. He stopped talking to himself and slowly looked up at Song Ci. His old eyes were filled with uneasiness, fear and tears.

Song Ci lowered her head and kissed Coleman’s fingers.

“Coleman, I’ m fine.”

Coleman stared at Song Ci for a very, very long time before finally calming down.

He pulled his hand out of Song Ci’s grip and stood up slowly. He turned and walked into the cabin. As he walked, he muttered to himself. “Rain is dead. Rain is dead. My Rain is dead. She is not Rain.”

Du Junfei told Song Ci, “Coleman’s condition is acting up.”

Song Ci said, “I am going to visit him.”

“You should go take a shower and change clothes first. Don’t catch a cold.”

“Mmm. Okay.”

The ship docked along the coast of Palermo, Sicily, Italy.

Coleman stood beside the road that faced the sea and gazed at the pitch-black sea in the darkness. Hearing footsteps approaching, Coleman didn’t turn back. His eyes were filled with nostalgia as he gazed at the sea.

Song Ci stood beside Coleman. The sea breeze was strong. She wrapped her coat tightly around herself and quietly stood beside him.

Coleman continued. “After she fell into the sea, I came to the Mediterranean Sea. I drifted for a month on the sea but I couldn’t find her. I couldn’t even find her bones.”

To search for the bones of one’s lover in the vast sea—how hopeless was that?

Song Ci turned to look at Coleman’s aged face.

She recalled the last time they met in Wangdong City, Coleman had asked him when her mother had passed away. At that time, he must have recognized her as Jiang Shiyu’s daughter.

Song Ci’s heart ached slightly for Coleman.

My mother is truly a femme fatale. Many outstanding men were infatuated with her. The reclusive genius pianist Coleman, the arrogant drug lord Edward, my pure and gentle father…

“Coleman, she is dead.” Although it was very cruel, Song Ci still had to let him know the truth. “Coleman, you can’t wait for your Jiang Shiyu to return.”

Coleman’s lips moved as if he were about to cry.

“You look very much like your mother when she was young, especially when you played the violin.” Coleman picked up the violin in front of him and handed it to Song Ci. “I found your mother’s violin at sea.”

Song Ci was shocked.

She looked down at the violin. Under the dim light of the street lamp, she saw the name engraved on it —


Song Ci’s hands were trembling as she held that violin. She licked her lips and told Coleman, “Thank you for keeping this violin for my mother, Coleman.”

The night breeze ruffled Song Ci’s long hair. Her porcelain face was covered in a layer of sadness. The silent Song Ci looked even more like the Rain in Coleman’s memory. Coleman suddenly said, “Can you play The-Rose for me?”

The-Rose was a song from an old 1979 movie, “Tears of Song”. It was an English song that had been around for decades.

Coleman told Song Ci, “During my birthday, Rain performed this song for me. All these years, I can always remember that melody.” Coleman started humming. He was very talented at piano, but his singing was terrible. The tune he hummed was not pleasant at all.

Song Ci listened to Coleman’s humming. In the dark, she lifted her violin with her left hand and held her bow with her right. She started to play that very popular song.

Coleman felt like he was in a forest with the morning sun rising. Layers of faint mist gently caressed his face.

The gentle and lingering sound of the violin brought Coleman back to that summer night 36 years ago. Rain stood in his yard, dressed in a white dress, and performed “The Rose”. She plucked the rose from the yard, placed it on her ear, and said to him with a smile, “Coleman, you are my Rose.”

Roses represented love in the West.

Jiang Shiyu said that Coleman was her love.

Before he knew it, tears were streaming down Coleman’s face.

After the performance ended, Song Ci hugged the violin. She looked at the teary-faced Koleman and said softly, “You have protected this violin very well, Coleman. I will cherish it very much.”

Coleman said nothing.

The autistic Coleman didn’t like to be intimate with others. But after a moment of hesitation, he hugged Song Ci gently.

Song Ci was stunned. She didn’t resist but stretched out her arms and hugged Coleman gently.

It was a farewell hug.

Coleman released Song Ci and turned to leave without saying anything.

The road wound along the coastline. Coleman walked down the winding road alone. Since his mother’s death, he had never been willing to let anyone accompany him. For the rest of his life, he would live alone.

The night was dark and the waves splashed against the reef. Coleman suddenly heard the sound of a violin.

Twinkle, twinkle, little star.

How I wonder what you are.

Coleman stopped in his tracks. He slowly turned back to look at the young girl with the radiant smile on her face.

Coleman suddenly smiled.

He turned and continued to walk. As he walked, he sang: “Twinkle-twinkle-little-starr, How-I-wonder-what-your-are…”

After sending Coleman off, Song Ci stayed by the sea alone for a while. She felt cold and turned to return to the hotel. Disgusted by her high heels, she took off her high heels, hugged them with one hand and carried the violin with the other, as she walked back to the hotel.

In the cold night, there were very few pedestrians on the streets but quite a few vehicles.

Song Ci walked for more than 10 minutes before returning to the hotel. Long Yu followed her at a distance. Seeing that Song Ci had returned to the hotel, he remembered that he had run out of cigarettes and went to buy one.

Song Ci put on her shoes at the entrance of the hotel and entered the lobby. She turned a corner and entered the lift.

The lift door opened. Song Ci entered and pressed the button to light up her own level. Song Ci looked down at the violin in her hand again. Previously, her vision was dim outside and she couldn’t see the violin clearly.

The lift was brightly lit. Only then did Song Ci realize that although this violin was old, it was very glossy. One look and one could tell that it was a treasure that had been carefully taken care of.

Just then, Song Ci heard footsteps.

The footsteps were regular and deep.

Song Ci looked up curiously and saw five men in black walking over. There were two men in front and two men behind them. A tall, handsome man was in the middle. Han Zhan was considered the tallest man Song Ci had seen, but this man was slightly taller than Han Zhan.

The man had broad shoulders, a narrow waist, and long legs. He was wearing a loose black-grey windbreaker and black-framed glasses. His eyes were cold but his gait was breezy.

Song Ci had heard of the big bosses in Sicily, and her instincts told her that she had met one.

Song Ci quietly took half a step back until her heels touched the lift. Only when there was no way out did Song Ci stop moving.

The group of people saw that there was a woman inside the lift. They hesitated for a moment before entering. Song Ci noticed that even after entering the lift, the man in the windbreaker was still being protected by the other four people.

Being alone in the lift with five well-built men, Song Ci was very tense and didn’t dare to look away.

They were speaking in Italian and Song Ci couldn’t understand a single word.

When the lift reached level 9, Song Ci realized that the group of people in front were also leaving. She waited for the big boss to leave, before following him out.

Realizing that Song Ci had followed them out, the bespectacled man suddenly turned around and shot her a cold look.

Song Ci, who had a strong will to live, hurriedly raised her hands and explained in a low voice. “I live here.”

That man was still looking at her, frowned slightly as if he suspected her.

Song Ci had no choice but to take out her room number and her own passport. She said in English, “I am a customer of this shop. I am Chinese. Look, I have my own identity card and passport.”

Song Ci felt like she was about to be murdered and dumped at any moment. The joints of her hands that were holding the ID card were stiff.

The man glanced at her again before turning to leave.

Song Ci waited for them to leave before returning to her own room.

After returning to her room, Song Ci hurriedly tucked herself into bed and hid under it for a long while, before feeling warm all over. Sicily is too scary. I have to buy a plane ticket and fly back home as soon as possible tomorrow.

Song Ci called Long Yu.

“Madam?” Long Yu bit his cigarette and squatted at the entrance of the hotel to smoke.

Song Ci asked, “Where are you?”

Long Yu said, “I’m smoking downstairs.”

Song Ci told him, “Stop smoking and come up. You will sleep in the room next to mine tonight.”

Long Yu stood up and put out his cigarette. As he walked into the hotel, he asked Song Ci, “Madam, what happened?”

Song Ci told Long Yu what she had just experienced. After hearing it, Long Yu told Song Ci, “Madam, rest well. Don’t listen to what you shouldn’t hear or see what you shouldn’t see. You will be fine.”

I’ve already hidden herself under the blanket. What else is there for me to see and hear? “I won’t do anything rash. I will sleep now. Come back quickly.”


Long Yu returned to level 9 and knocked on the door to Song Ci’s room. “Madam, I am back. I am sleeping right beside you. Don’t worry.”

Song Ci’s voice came from the room. “…Okay.”

Song Ci thought to herself that the next time she went on a long trip, she must bring a female bodyguard with her. If she were to encounter such a situation again, she could sleep with the female bodyguard. But then again, such situations were very rare and would only happen once in her life.

Song Ci didn’t tell Han Zhan about this as she didn’t want him to worry.

The next morning, Song Ci went downstairs to have breakfast with Du Junfei and the rest. Her scenes were complete and she was returning home after breakfast.

The heater was turned on in the hotel and Song Ci came downstairs in a dress. By the time she arrived at the restaurant, Du Junfei and the actor playing Lyme had already arrived.

The three of them had breakfast together. Song Ci exchanged a few words with Lyme before approaching Du Junfei. She asked, “Second Master, how many points will you give me for my performance this time?”

Du Junfei pointed at the eggs on the plate.

Song Ci raised her brows in anger. “What do you mean? Zero points?”

Du Junfei placed his fork on the left side of the egg.

Song Ci smiled radiantly. “Ten points?”

Du Fei acknowledged.

After teasing Song Ci enough, Du Junfei asked her, “What time is your flight?”

Song Ci said, “11.30pm.”

“Our flight is at 10pm. We can’t travel together then.” Du Junfei wiped his mouth with a napkin and said to Song Ci, “Your husband is rich. The next time I return to the country, you must treat me to a meal at the most expensive restaurant.”

Song Ci patted her chest. “No problem!”

After parting ways with Du Junfei and the rest at the restaurant, Song Ci saw that it was still early and wanted to take a walk by the sea.

Putting on her windbreaker, Song Ci arrived at the beach.

Mondello Beach was very famous locally. The soft sand was very comfortable to step on. Some pretty ladies were not afraid of the cold and had already changed into bikinis to enjoy the sunlight on the beach.

Song Ci stared at those girls’ good figures and thought: Pardon me for being blunt, but everyone here is trash. Once I take off my clothes, your figures won’t be enough.

However, she just thought about it. Song Ci would never change into a bikini to compete with them.

The sun was shining brightly and Song Ci also felt rather warm. She took off her jacket and shoes. Holding her jacket and shoes, she stepped on the soft white sand and walked along the coastline.

Song Ci arrived at a desert with very few people. She saw some seashells on the ground and put down her clothes and shoes. She squatted on the beach and used her hands to search for seashells.

She didn’t intend to take them away either. She just felt that they were beautiful and wanted to find them to wash them clean and take a few photos as a memento.

]ong Ci had just dug up two or three shells, when she suddenly heard a magnetic male voice say from the top of her head, “The deep-sea shells are the most beautiful. These are all rubbish.” This person spoke in Chinese. Although his accent was inaccurate, the pronunciation of each word was correct.

Holding a shell, Song Ci turned around in shock to see a tall man standing behind her.

The man was wearing only a pair of beach pants and a pair of shades that covered his eyes, revealing the contours of his handsome face. He had sexy bronze skin and every muscle in his body was filled with explosive power.

Sexy, yet deadly.

Upon seeing him, Song Ci’s pupils suddenly narrowed.

It’s that man in the windbreaker from last night!

A chill ran down Song Ci’s spine. She slowly stood up and realized that she had just reached his chin. Song Ci took a step back and looked up at the man. “You followed me?”

The man said, “This beach is mine.”

The man pointed at a notice board not far away. Song Ci looked over and saw a paragraph of Italian.

She was speechless.

She couldn’t understand Italian.

Song Ci felt very apologetic for barging into someone else’s private territory. “I’m sorry, I’ll leave now.” Song Ci picked up her clothes and shoes and turned to leave. Just then, two men in black appeared out of nowhere.

They blocked Song Ci’s path.

Song Ci instinctively wanted to call for help, but tried her best to remain calm. She tried her best to speak as calmly as possible. “Sir, my bodyguard is waiting for me by the roadside beside a car. I told him that I will only be out for half an hour.”

She looked at the diamond-studded watch on her wrist and said, “There’s still 10 minutes to half an hour.” Her heart was racing, but her expression remained calm and steady. “My husband is very influential in China. If anything happens to me here, he will definitely not let it go.”

The man crossed his arms as he watched her speak. After she finished speaking, he tapped his left index finger on his right arm a few times before smiling. “Little cutie, I won’t eat you up.”

Song Ci had goosebumps all over at that “little cutie”.

Reaching out, he snatched the little shell from Song Ci’s hand. With a gentle squeeze, the man crushed it into bits.

Song Ci’s eyelids twitched wildly. She felt like her bones were being crushed instead of her shell.

“Do you want to see the most beautiful shell?” The man lowered his head and said to her, “Wait for me for 15 minutes.” With that, he took off his sunglasses and changed into a pair of goggles. Without any diving equipment, he just jumped into the sea.

Song Ci was stunned by the man’s actions.

With two burly men guarding her from both sides, there was no way Song Ci could leave. She hugged her clothes and stood tall and straight by the coast, gazing at the churning Mediterranean Sea.

Song Ci looked down at her watch. 10 minutes had already passed and there was no sign of the man emerging from the sea. Song Ci felt that he might already be dead.

She felt slightly uneasy and asked the burly man beside her in English, “Did your boss drown in the sea?”

The two of them seemed to be deaf and kept silent.

Song Ci pouted.

Two more minutes passed. Just when Song Ci thought there was going to be another corpse in the Mediterranean, that person emerged.

Is he even human? How did he manage to hold his breath in the sea for more than 10 minutes?

Song Ci stared at this crazy man in shock and remained silent.

The man took off his sunglasses and walked over to Song Ci amidst the waves. He held a large shell in his right hand and used his left palm to wipe the seawater off his face in a rather wild manner.

Walking up to Song Ci, the man suddenly reached out a hand to the bodyguard.

The bodyguard was like a worm in a man’s stomach, knowing all his thoughts. He took out a knife and handed it to the man. The man held the knife with his right hand and in a few movements, he sliced off the meat inside the shell and threw it on the beach.

He handed the cleaned shell to Song Ci. “Little cutie, this is for you.”

Song Ci was speechless.

She looked down at the shell. Faint blue color could be seen on the back of the fan-shaped shell.

It’s indeed very pretty.

The man added very considerately, “I heard that China’s customs are quite strict. I’ve already cut off the meat inside the shell. You can bring this shell back to China.”

Hearing this, Song Ci still didn’t reach out to take the shell.

Seeing that Song Ci didn’t move, the man suddenly smiled. He played with the shell and suddenly said, “Hoff will be very happy to see my present for you.”

Song Ci was slightly confused. “Hoff?” It was the first time Song Ci heard this name and she said to the man, “Sorry, I don’t know a man called Hoff.”

“Oh, I forgot. Ever since that old man fetched him, he changed his name.” The man bent down and leaned close to Song Ci’s face. His gray-blue eyes stared into Song Ci’s brown ones. He said softly, “Han Zhan, is that his name now?”

Song Ci was stunned.

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