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Chapter 211: Fox Song Fei

Every minute change in Han Zhan’s expression didn’t escape Song Ci’s notice. “You really do know him.” They should be quite close too.

Song Ci picked up the shell on the ground. She held the broken shell and told Han Zhan, “That man asked me to greet you. He said Sicilio misses you very much.”

Hearing this, Han Zhan’s expression changed again and again.

Fear, hatred, envy, and fear were all mixed in those gray-blue eyes.

Not knowing what scared him, Han Zhan suddenly hugged Song Ci. He hugged her tightly in his arms using all his strength, as if he was afraid that Song Ci would disappear the next second.

“Han Zhan, you’re hurting me.” Although she felt slightly uncomfortable being hugged so tightly by Han Zhan that even her shoulder hurt slightly, Song Ci didn’t struggle.

Han Zhan placed his chin on top of Song Ci’s head. He sighed deeply and said without rhyme or reason, “Song Ci, I will definitely protect you well. Believe me.”

Song Ci sensed that Han Zhan’s mentality was slightly affected.

Who exactly is Sicilio? Why is his appearance so frightening to Han Zhan?

Song Ci’s face was hidden in Han Zhan’s chest. Her voice was like a mosquito buzzing. “Brother Han, who exactly is Sicilio? Why are you afraid of him?” This was the first time Song Ci saw Han Zhan’s tone and expression filled with fear at the mention of a person.

He is the fearless Han Zhan who could protect her without batting an eyelid when an earthquake hit!

Han Zhan didn’t answer at first. After a long time, he released Song Ci, held her hand, and sat down by the window. The spring afternoon sunlight was very obedient. It quietly slipped into the master bedroom and gently covered Han Zhan’s body.

There was a blazing sun on his body, but his eyes were cold.

Song Ci put down the shell and reached out to touch Han Zhan’s hand. She realized that it was slightly cold. Song Ci used both hands to protect Han Zhan’s hand and told him, “Han Zhan, what are you afraid of? I am here with you.”

Han Zhan glanced at Song Ci in a daze, turned over, pursed his lips, and looked out the window. The golden sun couldn’t melt the coldness in Han Zhan’s eyes.

Han Zhan finally spoke. “Snakes are actually not scary. Although they are poisonous, they are very thin and small. You can actually smash their heads with a hammer.”

Han Zhan’s words had no start and end to it, and Song Ci was very confused. She frowned slightly but didn’t interrupt Han Zhan’s muttering.

“There is a saying that once bitten, twice shy. You have been hurt by something before and it has left a deep shadow in your heart. In this life, whenever you think of it, you will instinctively feel afraid.”

“Same goes for if someone instills fear in your mind from a young age, you will never be able to shake off your fear and trepidation towards that person.”

Han Zhan’s eyes quivered. He lowered his head and sighed softly. “I am the person who was bitten by a snake. To me, Sicilio is that venomous snake.”

After hearing Han Zhan’s words, Song Ci’s heart clenched. She rubbed Han Zhan’s cold hands and asked him, “Sicilio, is he someone you knew when you were young? Could he be someone by your father’s side?”

The fact that Han Zhan mentioned ‘from a young age’ meant that Sicilio and Han Zhan had known each other since they were young.

Han Zhan shook his head.

“Then who exactly is he…”

Han Zhan suddenly broke Song Ci’s conjecture. “Song Ci, Sicilio is Jiang Shiyu and Edward’s child.”

“What!” Song Ci was stunned. She murmured in shock. “My mother and Edward’s child. Isn’t he my…” Song Ci couldn’t bring herself to call him elder brother.

Han Zhan nodded with a cold expression. “Yes, he is your half-brother.” He frowned and said, “He is also my half-brother.”

Song Ci was stunned speechless by this truth.

How can that person be my elder brother?

He looked like a lunatic. He was unruly and arrogant, completely different from my mother.

“Sicilio is the child Edward is most proud of. He has the same cold and cruel blood as Edward. From the time I remember, Sicilio has always been a very powerful child. At that time, we were all very afraid of him.”

Han Zhan still had a deep impression of his childhood.

It was wrong to say that children had no memories. It could only be said that those memories were not unforgettable enough.

Han Zhan recalled as he narrated. “Sicilio is only a year older than me, but he has been influenced by Edward since he was young. Under his influence, Sicilio has also become like Edward. When I hold the gun with trembling hands, he can kill someone with the gun without batting an eyelid. When we are facing Edward, we don’t dare to look up, but he dares to openly resist him.”

“It is said that when Sicilio was 4 years old, Edward asked him to choose someone himself to be the target of his execution during the baptism. But do you know who Sicilio chose?”

Han Zhan’s tone was unpredictable and Song Ci felt uneasy.

Song Ci thought about it seriously and asked in surprise, “Could it be that he chose you?”

Han Zhan shook his head. “I am Edward’s child after all. I am not among the offerings.”

Knowing that Song Ci couldn’t guess the answer, Han Zhan told her frankly, “Sicilio chose his nanny.”

Song Ci’s eyes widened. “How can…” Shouldn’t his nanny be someone very close to Sicilio?

Han Zhan told Song Ci, “Less than three months after giving birth, Jiang Shiyu faked her death and escaped from Edward’s side, leaving behind a three-month-old child to follow him. Sicilio doesn’t like to drink milk powder, so Edward chose a healthy and gentle nanny for him. That nanny is Sicilio’s closest person.”

After hearing Han Zhan’s description, Song Ci was even more puzzled by Sicilio’s actions. She raised her doubts. “Since the nanny is the closest person to Sicilio, how can he bear to lay his hands on her?”

“It’s precisely because he couldn’t bear it, so he had to make a move.” Han Zhan saw that Song Ci still didn’t understand why Sicilio killed the nanny. He sighed. “Baby Ci, you are too kind-hearted. You really can’t understand why Sicilio killed the nanny?”

Meeting Han Zhan’s dark eyes, a hazy thought surfaced in Song Ci’s mind.

Her eyes widened bit by bit as she felt that it was unbelievable. Her voice was hoarse. “If he kills the person closest to him with his own hands, no one will be able to influence and threaten Sicilio. Is Sicilio cutting off his own ties?”


There was a reason why Edward liked Sicilio so much. He had inherited Edward’s viciousness and unscrupulousness.

“If I and Aaron are cold people, then Sicilio is the leader of the heartless people.” Han Zhan’s expression was very complicated. There was admiration, disgust, and natural fear.

He used one sentence to describe Sicilio —

“Sicilio was born for darkness.”

He was born to be Edward’s perfect successor.

Han Zhan’s description of Sicilio completely overturned Song Ci’s understanding of “people.”

It turned out that there were really people in this world who had been born into the darkness. Morals and laws were useless to them.

Song Ci suddenly understood why her mother had chosen to abandon her newborn child in order to escape from Edward. It seemed that Edward and Sicilio were the same kind of people—cold and heartless to the core. Jiang Shiyu would either die or go crazy if she stayed with such a person day and night.

Song Ci felt terrified at the thought of Sicilio.

“Sicilio already knows about my relationship with you. Perhaps he also guessed my relationship with Jiang Shiyu.” Song Ci’s pupils quivered uneasily. She asked Han Zhan, “Am I in danger?”

Song Ci finally understood why Han Zhan would hug her uneasily after hearing Sicilio’s name and suddenly swear to protect her.

Han Zhan grabbed Song Ci’s hand with a determined gaze. He swore to her. “Song Ci, you will be fine. I will protect you well. You and the child will be safe and sound.”

Placing his head on Song Ci’s forehead, Han Zhan said, “Moreover, Sicilio doesn’t have any deep hatred for you and me. He isn’t an idiot and won’t attack us rashly. No matter what, I am Han Aoyu’s grandson and the young and outstanding entrepreneur of our country.”

Song Ci was slightly comforted by Han Zhan’s words.

That made sense. My husband is Zeus Corporation’s boss. We are not nameless people. No matter how arrogant Sicilio was, he had to weigh the pros and cons if he wanted to touch us.

Successfully calming Song Ci’s emotions, Han Zhan stared at the broken shell beside Song Ci’s leg and slowly narrowed his eyes.

There was something he didn’t tell Song Ci. Although Sicilio wouldn’t touch her, it didn’t mean that Edward wouldn’t.

Once Edward discovered that Jiang Shiyu didn’t die back then and had purposely faked her death to escape him, married his most trusted subordinate, and had a pair of outstanding daughters, Han Zhan was most afraid of what the jealous Edward would do.

Sicilio purposely appeared and got Song Ci to pass that message to Han Zhan. He might not be threatening Han Zhan. It was also possible that he was reminding Han Zhan to be alert and protect Song Ci well, so that that old fogey Edward didn’t discover her.

Of course, this was very unlikely. After all, Sicilio was not a good person.

After knowing about Sicilio, Song Ci couldn’t even fall asleep in the afternoon.

Lying in bed, Song Ci couldn’t help thinking that if Sicilio hadn’t been raised by Edward and instead grew up by his mother’s side, he might have been a completely different person.

Unable to fall asleep, Song Ci opened WeChat and told Song Fei about Sicilio.

After knowing about this, Song Fei wasn’t too shocked. She replied: [You guys actually met…]

Song Ci was suspicious when she saw this reply. From Song Fei’s words, it seemed like she already knew of Sicilio’s existence.

Song Ci asked Song Fei: [Song Fei, do you know about Sicilio?]

Song Fei: Is Han Zhan by your side?

Song Ci glanced at Han Zhan beside her and replied: [One moment.] Song Ci poked Han Zhan’s shoulder. Han Zhan was not sleeping at all and was just resting with his eyes closed.

Being poked by Song Ci, Han Zhan opened his eyes and looked at her silently.

Song Ci said, “Brother Han, I am slightly hungry. Can you grill a steak?”

Han Zhan was slightly shocked. “You’re hungry?” Song Ci had a bowl of chicken soup and half a chicken stew in the afternoon!

Song Ci stuck out her tongue in embarrassment. “Perhaps our child is too good at eating?”

“I’ll go make steak for you.” Han Zhan lifted the blanket, put on his jacket, and went downstairs to make steak for Song Ci.

Only after Han Zhan left did Song Ci send a video call to Song Fei.

Song Fei was practicing archery at the archery center. Her short hair was casually tied into a knot at the back of her head. As the weather warmed, Song Fei put on her wide David jacket again. She was wearing black tight pants with a quiver tied to her thigh.

Although she was skinny, when she really drew the bow, there were actually some muscles on her arms.

It looked like Song Fei had trained well these few months.

Song Ci asked her, “Which archery hall?”


Song Fei turned and glanced at Song Ci on her cell phone. She said, “Little fool, watch. This elder sister will perform an arrow piercing your heart!” With that, she drew the bow to the maximum and suddenly released her fingers. The long arrow flicked on the bow, then hit the center of the target with a momentum that pierced through the clouds and rain!

“Beautiful!” Song Ci clenched her fists in excitement. “Great job, Song Fei. It has been so many years, but your shooting is still so accurate!”

Song Fei glanced at Song Ci coldly. “Bow to me.”

Song Ci snorted.

Song Fei took off her shooting equipment and walked to the resting area with her cell phone. She found an empty area and sat down. Song Fei crossed her legs on the bed and leaned back against the chair. She sat lazily and casually.

All the men and women in the archery club stole glances at her from afar.

Song Fei was the archer god of the archery club. Every arrow hit the nail on the head. Even the boss of the archery club had to call her Sister Fei. It was said that this Sister Fei was the virus specialist who had attracted the attention of the entire country recently, Song Fei. Everyone was filled with admiration and curiosity towards her.

Song Fei just sat there lazily and had the aura of a low-profile big boss. Song Fei told Song Ci, “I indeed know of Sicilio’s existence, but I didn’t expect our lives to intersect with his.”

After all, Sicilio had always lived in Italy.

Song Ci had already guessed that Song Fei knew about Sicilio’s existence. Hearing Song Fei admit it, Song Ci still felt unhappy that her biological sister had deceived her. “If you knew, why didn’t you tell me?”

Seeing that the little fool was really angry, Song Fei could only coax her. “I didn’t mean to hide it from you.”

Song Fei opened the bottle of water and took a sip. She closed her eyes and said in a soft and slow voice, “About nine years ago, I accidentally overheard our parents chatting late at night and found out that my mother was once involved with an Italian man and even had a child with him.”

Song Ci scolded Song Fei in her heart for being so unkind. She knew about this so early but didn’t tell me.

But Song Ci only dared to scold Song Fei in her heart. After that, Song Ci couldn’t control her curiosity and asked Song Fei humbly, “Then how did you find out Sicilio’s identity?”

Song Fei said, “I went to check on the backgrounds of those big shots in Sicily. In the end, I found out that Edward had once been involved with a violinist and had a son who was 11 years older than us. My intuition tells me that Edward’s child is our half-brother. To verify my guess, I cracked Edward’s family doctor’s computer and saw Sicilio’s DNA…”

Song Fei compared her own DNA with Sicilio’s and realized that they were biological siblings.

But not long after this incident was discovered, Song Fei became comatose in the earthquake. Song Fei thought that they would never be involved with Sicilio in this life. Unexpectedly, this unlucky child Song Ci only went overseas to film a movie and provoked that guy.

Song Ci was dumbfounded.


“Song Fei, are your computer skills very good?”

Song Fei didn’t answer Song Ci’s question directly. Instead, she said, “Song Ci, go and check on the hacker, Fox. My code name is Fox. I am going to practice archery.” Song Fei hung up the phone and got up to continue practicing.

I heard that there was a bastard in the police station who coveted my dog Yan. If I didn’t master archery, how could I kill everyone?


Even a young police officer dared to snatch my man!

Song Fei was in a bad mood. She shot through the target, threw it aside, and walked out.

After Song Fei hung up the video call, Song Ci checked up on Fox skeptically. Many discussion posts and worship posts about the hacker, Fox, appeared on her browser. The earliest post that Song Ci could find started 10 years ago.

10 years ago, Song Fei was only 12 years old!

What a beast!

They were both twins, but why is Song Fei so smart and I’m so stupid?

Only after reading a few posts did Song Ci know what position Fox had in the hackers. Song Ci deleted her browsing history, put on her slippers, and went downstairs.

Han Zhan had just placed the marinated steak in the cast iron pot when he heard Song Ci’s footsteps coming down the stairs. “Are you very hungry? It’ll be done in a few minutes?”

Song Ci walked into the kitchen, leaned against the cupboard, and asked Han Zhan, “Brother Han, do you know Fox?”

Hearing the code name Fox, Han Zhan’s gaze moved away from the steak in the pot and stopped on Song Ci’s face. Han Zhan looked inquisitively and asked Song Ci, “Why are you asking this?”

Han Zhan’s series of reactions made Song Ci realize that Fox might really be very famous.

Song Ci lied. “A friend of mine who is writing a novel is about to write about a popular Esports competition in the city. The male lead is a top hacker, so he went to understand the rankings of hackers worldwide. He then discovered that a hacker called Fox is very capable.”

“I saw them discussing that Fox in the group just now. They made it sound like he was a god, so I just wanted to ask you if you know this person.”

“I see.”

Han Zhan used a cooking clip to flip the steak over. The freshly fried steak was brownish brown and looked very delicious. Han Zhan threw a piece of rosemary into the pan before answering Song Ci’s question.

“Fox is a very mysterious hacker and also the president of the ‘Little Poison Alliance’. He is very good at hiding his identity and no one has been able to find out his identity all these years.”

“About 10 years ago, under the leadership of Fox, the Little Poison Alliance broke through many firewalls on the computer and publicized their criminal evidence. Of course, these are all legends. I have never seen them before and don’t know the truth.”

Song Ci was stunned.

Is Song Fei really that awesome?

However, this was not the end. Han Zhan continued. “Nine years ago, Fox dug up the largest underground human trafficking organization in the world and released the information of the website’s founder and all its members on the World Forum. The international police followed the information given by Fox and captured all the members of the organization at the first instance.”

“That was Fox’s most famous battle. But after that, Fox suddenly went into hiding.”

There was a reason why he knew so much about this person, Fox. “At that time, I was not discharged from the military. I knew the boss of the Information Engineering Department. He was a senior fan of Fox. At that time, he taught us many things about Fox.”

“At that time, there was a saying in the hacker world—A Fox is comparable to a country’s security. I heard that our National Security Department had always wanted to recruit Fox, but he disappeared and no one could contact him.”

Realizing that her elder sister had another formidable identity, Song Ci was in a daze. The deeply affected Song Ci said, “I’m going to the toilet.” She hurriedly left the kitchen and turned to enter the toilet on the first floor.

Song Ci stared at the beautiful and charming girl in the mirror and couldn’t help scolding. “Song Ci, oh Song Ci, you both grew up eating white rice. Why is it that Song Fei’s nutrients are all absorbed into her brain, while you only have breasts and buttocks and no brains?”

Song Ci was puzzled.

Knock knock.

Han Zhan’s voice sounded from outside the washroom. “The steak is ready. Baby Ci, come and eat quickly.”

Song Ci picked up her broken glass heart, washed her hands, and went to the dining room. She, who was not hungry, finished off that portion of beef under Han Zhan’s loving gaze of ‘hungry wife’.

Han Zhan stared at the clean steak plate and thought to himself, Grandpa is right. Pregnant women are indeed very gluttonous.

Song Fei, who had left behind countless legends in the underworld, drove her Hummer and parked it at the entrance when it was about to end work.

She alighted from the car.

Knight boots, tight jeans, and a loose black sweater with an eye-catching white letter “F”. This outfit made Song Fei look wild and lazy.

Song Fei sat down on the hood of the Hummer. A few strands of her short hair slipped out of her cap. She narrowed her eyes and stared at the main entrance, waiting for her dog to get off work.

After the civil servants got off work, they walked out in groups, planning to go home together. The moment they arrived at the entrance of the police station, they saw that beautiful woman sitting on the hood of the Hummer. One look and one could tell that she was not to be trifled with.

They couldn’t help whispering.

“Who is this? Someone who dares to sit at the entrance of our police station is quite arrogant.”

“I think it’s Song Fei, the girlfriend of our forensics doctor, Dr. Yan.”

“Ah, that virus specialist?”

“How can she be so young? She looks to be in her twenties and also grew up eating rice like me, but why is she so outstanding?”

Somehow, they felt that Song Fei was up to no good. Some of the gossipy police officers didn’t go home either. They got into the car, wound down the window, and looked curiously at Song Fei.

They looked forward to seeing something exciting later.

Song Fei had candy in her mouth. She chewed them all expressionlessly, as if she was biting the bones of some shameless woman.

At 5.50pm, Dr. Yan took off his white coat, washed his hands, and walked gracefully towards the main entrance.

As a former top celebrity, it had already become Yan Jiang’s daily routine to infuse “elegance and nobility” into his bones. Even after becoming a forensic doctor, Yan Jiang still had the glow of a former superstar.

Yan Jiang had just walked into the courtyard, when he saw a beautiful girl waiting for him under the camphor tree.

This girl was from the Internet Safety Department. Her name was Zhang Jingjing and she was said to be the boss of the Internet Surveillance Bureau. Although she was young, she was very good at computer skills. It was said that she was the daughter of their boss.

Yan Jiang was flustered at the sight of her and instinctively turned to change the route to get off work.

The pretty girl saw Yan Jiang and hurried over. She followed behind him and said, “Dr. Yan, I heard that your case has been solved. Captain Lin and the rest are going for a meal tonight. Aren’t you going?”

Yan Jiang said, “No.”

Yan Jiang quickened his pace, wanting to get rid of this sticky candy as soon as possible.

“Dr. Yan, can we take a photo together? I am your fan. I even went to the venue to visit you at your previous fan meet. I even gave you a panda doll. You should have some impression of me, right?”

Zhang Jingjing was Yan Jiang’s fan and had been his fan for three years. She was also the vice-president of Yan Jiang’s official fan club.

Yan Jiang stopped in his tracks and looked down at Zhang Jingjing coldly. He told Zhang Jingjing sternly, “Captain Zhang, thank you for your many years of love, but I have already retired from the entertainment circle. The announcement is still clearly on the headlines of my Weibo.”

“I am now a forensic doctor and I am a civil servant. I am no longer a celebrity who earns money from fans. Captain Zhang, I have no obligation to take a photo with you or to be entangled with you.”

Zhang Jingjing’s expression changed slightly as she turned pale.

Yan Jiang didn’t soften his stance at all. He maintained his composure and warned Zhang Jingjing. “Also, I have a fiancée.”

After work, Yan Jiang obediently put on his engagement ring on his left hand. He raised his left hand, showed his ring, and said to Zhang Jingjing, “Captain Zhang, don’t text me again in the future. My fiancée will misunderstand.”

With that, Yan Jiang turned and left.

Zhang Jingjing jogged behind him. Seeing that Yan Jiang was getting further and further away, Zhang Jingjing’s temper rose. She couldn’t help but ask him loudly, “Yan Jiang, are you really letting us down by leaving the entertainment circle for that woman and abandoning us fans? You really disappoint us fans!”

Yan Jiang’s eyes suddenly turned cold. He was about to say something when a round of applause sounded from behind.

“Marvelous! Marvelous!” Yan Jiang was very familiar with this familiar, cold, mocking voice.

Yan Jiang turned around in surprise and saw Song Fei jump off her Hummer. She walked leisurely to Yan Jiang’s side and glanced at him nonchalantly. “Useless. You don’t even know how to resist when you’re being pestered?”

Yan Jiang said, “I was about to resist…”

“Tsk.” Song Fei stood in front of Yan Jiang. She turned the brim of her baseball cap to the side of her head and looked up at the arrogant Zhang Jingjing standing on the stairs.

Song Fei lifted her chin and asked, “You are Zhang Jingjing?”

Zhang Jingjing stared at her warily and remained silent. She had already recognized Song Fei and was still rather wary of this talented girl, who had become a member of the Virus Research Institute at such a young age.

Song Fei sneered. “Are you a fan of our Dr. Yan?”

Zhang Jingjing nodded confidently and proudly. “Yes! I’ve been his fan for three years.”

Song Fei smiled mockingly. “Are you a fan of his character? Or are you a fan who wants to sleep with his body? I’m sorry, Captain Zhang. Our Dr. Yan doesn’t sleep with fans.” Her words hit the nail on the head, causing Zhang Jingjing to bleed profusely.

Zhang Jingjing’s face was red with embarrassment. “Don’t slander me. I don’t have such thoughts!”


“Three days ago, who was the one who accidentally sent his sexy photo to our Dr. Yan’s cell phone and pretended to send it wrongly to apologize? Who was the one who got drunk last night and asked the bar owner to call our Dr. Yan’s cell phone so that he could fetch you?”

Song Fei’s words stunned those colleagues who had yet to drive away.

So Zhang Jingjing is seducing Yan Jiang!

Doesn’t she know that Yan Jiang has a girlfriend?

Zhang Jingjing was so embarrassed that her face was red. Realizing that everyone was looking at her, Zhang Jingjing just wanted to find a hole to hide in. She was about to cry, when she saw Yan Jiang standing behind Song Fei without any intention of speaking up for her. Zhang Jingjing suddenly felt angry.

How could he ignore his own fans?

Zhang Jingjing was also a girl who had been pampered by her family. She was enraged by Song Fei’s public humiliation and spoke without thinking. “Song Fei, I liked him for three years after all. What about you? The moment you woke up, you caused Yan Jiang to quit the industry and even abducted him to a dangerous place like Africa!”

“Do you think you are so great just because you are a virus expert?”

“You are not worthy of Yan Jiang at all!”

This was a poisonous slander!

Song Fei was here today to crush the mistress. Hearing this, she pursed her lips, stared at Zhang Jingjing’s face, and suddenly said, “You are the vice-captain of the Internet Surveillance Bureau?”

Yes!” She was only 27 years old and was already the vice-captain of the Internet Surveillance Bureau. This was not only because of her father, but also because she was a computer expert.

Under her supervision, there were fewer cyber crimes in Wangdong City these few years.

Song Fei sneered. “Is being the vice-captain very awesome?”

Zhang Jingjing was speechless.

Song Fei threw a bait at Zhang Jingjing and said, “In order to prove that I am very outstanding and worthy of your idol, let’s have a competition.”

Zhang Jingjing frowned.

Yan Jiang guessed what Song Fei wanted to do. He hurriedly grabbed her arm and told her in a low voice. “Ah Fei, don’t be rash. Although this Zhang Jingjing is brainless, she is still quite capable in terms of computer skills.”

In Yan Jiang’s eyes, Song Fei was just a smart girl, a member of the Virus Research Institute, and Fu Hanshen’s disciple. As for a hacker expert? Yan Jiang didn’t even dare to think in that direction.

“It’s okay.” Song Fei patted Yan Jiang’s hand. She walked over to Zhang Jingjing and stood two meters away from her.

Song Fei unwrapped the candy wrapper and said casually, “How about this? Didn’t a senior management company expose a case of an underage adoptive daughter some time ago? I remember that the culprit in that case seemed to have used the Internet to send illegal businesses and became that young lady’s adoptive father.”

“Let’s have a competition to see who can find that illegal website hidden in the dark web in the shortest time possible.”

Hearing this, Zhang Jingjing was overjoyed. She smiled confidently and pretended to remind Song Fei. “Song Fei, I am the vice-captain of the Internet Surveillance Bureau. My computer skills are among the top in our city. Are you sure you want to compete with me?”

In Zhang Jingjing’s opinion, Song Fei was courting death.

Song Fei played with the candy with the tip of her tongue and nodded nonchalantly. “Yes.” As she spoke, she even took out her cell phone to play.

Zhang Jingjing started to dig holes for Song Fei. “What if you lose?”

Song Fei said, “If I lose, I will break up with Yan Jiang and give you a chance to woo him. As for whether you can woo him, that will depend on your capabilities.”

Yan Jiang was stunned.

“Song Fei, what do you take me for?!” Yan Jiang was enraged. He grabbed Song Fei’s arm and was about to leave.

Song Fei cupped Yan Jiang’s face and leaned over to kiss him.

Yan Jiang… Yan Jiang was very happy to be kissed by his girlfriend in public. All the spikes on his body became docile.

“Don’t worry, I won’t give you away.” Song Fei patted Yan Jiang’s chest, pointed at Zhang Jingjing, and said, “But if you lose, you will immediately resign from your position as the vice-captain of the Internet Surveillance Bureau! And promise never to appear in front of Yan Jiang and me again.”

Zhang Jingjing agreed without hesitation. “Alright! Deal!”

ong Fei tossed her cell phone aside and smiled mockingly. “There’s a recording as evidence. Zhang Jingjing, don’t cry if you lose!”

Zhang Jingjing’s eyes flashed.

Song Fei’s strategizing expression made Zhang Jingjing suspicious. What makes her so confident? Could it be that Song Fei also has computer skills?

I don’t believe it!

This was real life, not a novel! Song Fei was already a member of the Virus Research Institute. How could she be a hacker expert?

Does she really think that this is a drama?

Thinking of this, Zhang Jingjing was filled with confidence again. “Alright, let’s compete. I won’t lose.”

“We’ll see…”

It was already dark. Wangdong City Public Security Bureau’s Internet Surveillance Bureau’s office was exceptionally lively tonight.

All the police officers who had not knocked off yet were standing in a circle. In the middle of the circle were two compatible computers with two women sitting side by side in front of them.

The girl on the left had short hair and a cold, unruly gaze. The woman on the right was wearing a police uniform and looked very arrogant.

The captain of the Internet Surveillance Bureau team, Luo Wensheng, was holding a second watch. He counted to three, two to one, and pressed the second watch. The moment he pressed the second watch, two pairs of fair hands landed on the black keyboard at the same time. Their fingers danced rapidly on the keyboard, so fast that it was dazzling.

If this hand speed was used in eSports, it would definitely crush all players.

Song Fei used the shortest time possible to write a programming code and threw it into the sea of networks. This programming was very cunning and smart. It would track down any clues and help Song Fei catch the guilty head hidden under the iceberg.

Yan Jiang stood behind Song Fei and stared at the flashing computer screen in a daze.

Why is Ah Fei proficient in computer technology?

She clearly didn’t learn it…

Luo Wensheng stood beside Yan Jiang. He stared at his subordinate for a while, before shifting his gaze to Song Fei. Staring at Song Fei’s dancing hands on the keyboard, Luo Wensheng raised his brows in surprise.

Perhaps outsiders might not be able to tell, but as an expert, Luo Wensheng could easily tell that Song Fei’s hand speed was slightly faster than Zhang Jingjing’s! Moreover, why did the tracking program she wrote look so much like…

Thinking of a long-lost guru, Luo Wensheng’s expression changed.

She had actually succeeded in coding Fox’s “Vanishing Step”!

That year, Fox had used the tracking programming of the Shadowstep to capture the largest underground network in the world. He had also successfully broken through the other party’s firewall and leaked the website’s founder and member information, allowing the international police to capture the criminal in one fell swoop!

Who is this girl?

What is her relationship with Fox?

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