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Chapter 208: Song Ci: Someone Wants to Steal My Cat

Faced with Song Ci’s question, Du Xueyan actually lost the ability to speak. Her long lashes quivered slightly and she actually didn’t dare to meet Song Ci’s penetrating gaze.

“He told you everything…” Du Xueyan was in disbelief.” How can that be? ”

Song Ci couldn’t help feeling pleased at Du Xueyan’s reaction. “Why not?”

Song Ci took a step forward and leaned her head close to Du Xueyan’s face. In a voice that only they could hear, she said to Du Xueyan, “Miss Du, do you know what kind of situation is it that a person would calmly mention his ex to his current girlfriend?”

Du Xueyan bit her red lips and remained silent. She heard Song Ci say arrogantly, “Only when he has completely let go of his ex.”

Du Xueyan clenched her fists tightly.

Right at this moment, Du Junfei’s deep voice rang out from behind the two of them. “Du Xueyan, Song Ci, what are you two doing? Go and change your clothes!” Du Junfei saw that the two of them were already talking non-stop and lost his temper. He hollered. “Do you want me to open a teahouse for you two and pour you a cup of tea for a chat?”

Song Ci looked up and winked at Du Junfei. She said mischievously, “Director Du, you should treat girls more gently. You are so fierce. No wonder you can’t find a wife.”

Du Junfei’s eyelids twitched and felt like hitting someone.

Song Ci hurriedly turned and entered the changing room, before Du Junfei could lose her temper. Du Xueyan also pretended to be calm and apologized to Du Junfei, before entering her own changing room.

After changing clothes, Du Xueyan sat on the chair and got the makeup artist to do her makeup.

Tong Xin was tidying up Du Xueyan’s belongings. She didn’t know that Han Zhan was standing between Du Xueyan and Song Ci. She told Du Xueyan what she had observed. “Sister Xue, I heard that this Song Ci isn’t an artiste but Wangdong City’s top socialite. Oh yes, her husband is Zeus Corporation’s boss.”

“Song Ci has never acted in a movie before. This is her first time acting in a movie and she can already be the female lead in a leading role in a movie. I think it’s very likely that her lover spent a lot of money on the production team.”

Du Xueyan was distracted and didn’t speak.

Seeing that Du Xueyan didn’t respond, Tong Xin mustered up the courage to continue complaining. “Song Ci is so lucky to have married a rich husband. Everything she does is twice the result with half the effort. It has not been easy for you, Sister Xue, and you worked your way up. Song Ci cannot compare to you, Sister Xue.”

Du Xueyan’s face suddenly darkened as she scolded Tong Xin. “Tong Xin, watch your words.”

Tong Xin was stunned. Seeing that Du Xueyan was displeased, he hurriedly shut his mouth. He looked at the makeup artist and saw that this Caucasian looked like he didn’t understand anything. Only then was he relieved.

After putting on her makeup, Du Xueyan got her assistant and makeup artist to leave.

Du Xueyan sat alone in her chair, quietly staring at the flawless woman in the mirror. Song Ci’s words kept replaying in Du Xueyan’s mind.

[Han Zhan has never been a stumbling block in my pursuit of my dreams. He is the type of person who is willing to be my stepping stone if I wish to fly, so that I can fly higher.]

Du Xueyan was a very intelligent person. How could she not hear Song Ci’s underlying meaning? Song Ci was telling Du Xueyan that a person, whom she had abandoned like a burden, would actually sacrifice himself to help her succeed.

It was her fault for treating her backer like a burden and kicking him away.

For someone like Song Ci, you could say that she was arrogant, domineering, and rude, abusing her beauty just because she was young and beautiful. But just because she got Han Zhan before anyone else, she won!

Du Xueyan controlled her emotions and adopted the attitude of an actress. She devoted herself fully to the filming of the movie. This was her first movie as she moved from the music scene to the entertainment circles. She must not screw up her acting!

Du Xueyan had originally thought that Song Ci would make things difficult for her or purposely go against her in the upcoming work. After all, she was Zeus Corporation’s lady boss now. With her status, she could do anything to Du Xueyan.

Unexpectedly, after that, Song Ci really treated Du Xueyan as an ordinary colleague. She never provoked or mocked her again.

Du Xueyan had been on guard for a while now. Seeing that Song Ci was either practicing the piano or mulling over her scenes everyday, she was relieved.

This was Song Ci’s first time acting and she was truly a greenhorn with no acting experience. She didn’t know how to walk or act. Moreover, as Rain had grown up in England, she spoke fluent London English while Song Ci spoke American English.

After discovering Song Ci’s language shortcomings, Du Junfei specially found a teacher who could speak English in a London accent for her. Song Ci followed the team the entire day and practiced her lines and pronunciations with the teacher whenever she wasn’t filming, making her voice slightly hoarse.

Luckily, Long Yu was well-prepared and made Song Ci tea everyday. Song Ci would drink it whenever she was thirsty and her throat was quite well protected.

Like her, Du Xueyan also had the same problem.

Not only was Song Ci a newbie, even Du Xueyan, who was acting in a movie for the first time, was no better than her. She also didn’t speak British English, but Du Xueyan had experience filming MVs and variety shows. Although her acting skills were not good, she was good at finding the camera. In this aspect, she was better than Song Ci.

On this day, when Du Xueyan was not filming, she held her script and practiced her lines with the teacher for more than an hour. After that, she opened the bottle of water and was about to drink it when a fair hand suddenly reached over.

In that hand was a gray thermos flask.

Du Xueyan turned to look at Song Ci beside her with a puzzled expression.

Song Ci stuffed the thermos into Du Xueyan’s hands and said expressionlessly, “It’s good for the throat to drink tea. Don’t let your throat get hoarse and affect the progress of the filming.”

Du Xueyan hesitated for a moment before grabbing the thermos flask. “Thank you.”

Song Ci’s lips curled up. “My assistant bought the tea in your cup. Brother Han bought the one in my cup.”

Du Xueyan was speechless.

She felt depressed but didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “Why, are you showing off to me?” Du Xueyan realized that Song Ci was a rather interesting person. Logically speaking, with their relationship, they should never interact with each other again, but Song Ci took the initiative to speak to her.

Song Ci nodded. “Yes, it feels so good to flaunt my husband’s love for me to my husband’s first love.” Song Ci purposely winked at Du Xueyan and said, “It’s a pity you can’t understand it.”

Du Xueyan unscrewed the cap and took a sip. It was not tasty at all, but she didn’t mind.

“Song Ci.” Du Xueyan suddenly called out to her.

Song Ci gazed down at Du Xueyan. “You have something to say?”

Du Xueyan said, “Song Ci, I know what you’re thinking.”

“Tell me.”

Du Xueyan said with understanding, “After Han Zhan’s identity as Zeus International’s CEO was revealed, you are worried that I will regret it if I know that he is doing very well now and turn back.”

Song Ci rubbed her nose and remained silent.

Seeing that Song Ci didn’t object, Du Xueyan smiled instead. Her laughter was very mild, without mockery or insults. “I indeed regret it.”

Song Ci’s expression changed slightly.


Song Ci told Du Xueyan with an unfriendly expression. “Du Xueyan, it’s not that when you regret it and look back, that person will still be waiting for you at the same spot. Everyone will leave after growing legs. When you leave, others will too. It’s useless even if you regret it.”

These words were truly hurtful. Du Xueyan’s beautiful face also turned gray.

She shook her head and said, “I regret it now. Not because Han Zhan is so successful now, but because I regret abandoning him at the darkest point of his life.”

Du Xueyan already had money and fame. There was no difference between marrying a rich person and marrying an ordinary person. She was wealthy enough and was her own queen, so she didn’t need to find another powerful backer.

What Du Xueyan truly regretted was hurting Han Zhan in the past.

“That year, I was the one who took the initiative to pursue Han Zhan. It was indeed my fault for breaking up with him under such circumstances. Song Ci, I can understand your hostility toward me.”

Song Ci’s brows twitched. She sneered. “You’re very capable then. You took the initiative to woo him, got him, and dumped him.” Her heart ached especially for Brother Han.

Du Xueyan just smiled at Song Ci’s sarcasm.

“Song Ci, you don’t have to be so hostile towards me. Don’t worry, I won’t harass Han Zhan anymore. That year, when Han Zhan joined the military, I went to the music school alone to study. At that time, we were apart more than we were together, and our relationship was already in danger. Even if we didn’t break up then, we would have broken up later. It’s just that our breakup looked too ugly, so I can’t help feeling guilty and regretful thinking about it.”

Du Xueyan’s words were heartfelt. She thought that if she could redo it, she would definitely find a suitable opportunity to sit down and calmly break up with Han Zhan. That way, they might even be able to smile and wish each other well.

Song Ci gave a stifled chuckle before turning to leave.

After returning to the hotel that night, Song Ci mulled over Du Xueyan’s words several times, but still couldn’t trust her. Unable to fall asleep, Song Ci opened WeChat and contacted Song Fei.

It was still dark at Song Fei’s side and she was awoken by Song Ci. Song Ci was enveloped in a suffocating atmosphere and didn’t speak. She just gazed at Song Ci expressionlessly.

Song Ci coughed and pretended to be wronged as she complained to Song Fei. “Sister, I met Han Zhan’s first love.”

Song Fei raised her brows. “You guys fought?”

Song Ci shook her head. “What fight? We are all reputable people. It’s too ugly to fight.”


Song Ci was used to being scolded by Song Fei and didn’t mind. Song Ci’s eyes darted around and her mischievous look amused Song Fei. “Alright, tell me, why are you looking for me?”

“Elder sister, do you know any hackers?”

Song Fei opened her eyes and glanced at Song Ci lazily. “Why?”

“Elder Sister, can you help me check Du Xueyan’s webpage and social media browsing history for the past week?” Du Xueyan said that she didn’t love Han Zhan anymore, but Song Ci remained doubtful.

Her Brother Han was handsome and charismatic—anyone who came into contact with him would have their eyes on him. She didn’t believe that Du Xueyan really didn’t have any feelings for Han Zhan anymore.

Song Fei resisted the urge to abuse her little sister. She said, “I’m going to bed!” Then she hung up.

Song Ci thought that Song Fei had rejected her request and even cursed Song Fei several times in her heart, before going to bed. The next morning, Song Ci promptly got up, packed up, and followed Long Yu to the set.

On the way there, Song Ci finally had time to take out her cell phone.

She opened her WeChat and saw more than 10 screenshots and messages from Song Fei. Song Ci was instantly energized.

She opened the photo and saw that the screenshots were all related to Han Zhan. There were also a few screenshots of the QQ space photo album, which contained photos of Han Zhan in high school.

Song Fei: [Congratulations, your man’s ex still seems to be obsessed with your man. Look, she still has photos from high school and she looks at them repeatedly.]

Song Fei: [Little fool, in such a situation, you can either generously give your man to the other party or kill her. Choose one of the two. Don’t be merciful.] Song Fei was indeed Song Fei. She was straightforward and never sloppy.

Song Ci was stunned.

Du Xueyan’s acting skills were not bad. If not for Song Ci’s deep understanding of Brother Han’s charm, she might really have believed Du Xueyan’s lies yesterday!

This time, Song Ci completely agreed with Song Fei’s point of view. To deal with a love rival, one could either grant it or kill it.

It was impossible for her to give Han Zhan to someone else. How could she, Song Ci, have her meat forcefully pried out of her mouth? Since she couldn’t bear to give Han Zhan away, she could only kill Du Xueyan.

Song Ci arrived at the set with an enigmatic expression and saw Du Xueyan.

Du Xueyan had already changed into her costume. She smiled and waved the thermos in her hand at Song Ci. “Thank you for yesterday. After drinking the tea and sleeping yesterday, my throat feels much better today.”

Du Xueyan’s elegant and friendly manner made Song Ci frown.

Seeing Song Ci’s cold and sickly expression, Du Xueyan thought she was ill. “What’s the matter? Are you feeling unwell?”

Song Ci shook her head and said, “I raised a cat. That cat is especially lovable. I have someone by my side who claims to not like my cat, but is secretly scheming how to steal it…”

Song Ci’s sharp and profound eyes landed on Du Xueyan’s slightly changed expression. She asked Du Xueyan, “Miss Du, do you think I should give my cat to her? Or should I kill that cat thief?”

Du Xueyan was no fool. She understood Song Ci’s hint. “Song Ci, you still think I can’t forget Han Zhan?” The surrounding foreigners also didn’t understand Chinese, so Du Xueyan spoke to Song Ci in a normal volume.

Song Ci’s face was cold. “You know what you are thinking.” Song Ci poured the contents of her cup into the dustbin. She said, “Du Xueyan, don’t steal my man. You cannot afford the price.”

After that, Song Ci and Du Xueyan stopped talking.

Song Ci was a chatterbox. There was no one on set who could chat with her, so Song Ci would play games whenever she had nothing to do. Song Fei had recently fallen in love with the game eating chicken. In the first few days, she even brought Song Ci along to fight for territory. But Song Ci was a black hole in the game. If she threw out an explosive package, it would blow both herself and Song Fei up.

Song Fei was convinced and rejected bringing Song Ci along.

After no one brought Song Ci to play games, Song Ci started to play the gluttonous snake herself. On this day, Song Ci posted a screenshot of herself playing the gluttonous snake on her social media.

Han Zhan saw this message and could imagine how bored Song Ci must be over there. He looked at the calendar. It had been 18 days since Song Ci left.

It was time to visit her.

That afternoon, the setting sun hung high in the west sky, elongating the contours of the city and making this bustling city look lazy.

The film crew arrived at the Paris Conservatory for filming today.

Song Ci was wearing a bubble-sleeved blouse and a pair of denim shorts. She sat on a large tree in the academy, swaying her fair, well-proportioned calves. Damien, the actor playing Coleman, stared at the person in the tree with an infatuated expression.

Du Junfei patted Damien’s shoulder. “Stop looking. She has a husband.”

Damien rubbed his nose awkwardly. He stared at Song Ci’s youthful and beautiful face. “Song Ci looks very young. Is she 20 years old?”

“Almost 23.”

“You Chinese are just so young.”

Worried that Damien might have ulterior motives toward Song Ci, Du Junfei reminded him. “Her husband is someone you can’t afford to offend. Don’t harbor any ill intentions.”

Since Du Junfei had already made it so clear, if Damien still didn’t realize the seriousness of this matter, then he would be an artiste in vain. He suppressed the fluttering in his heart and said in a self-deceiving manner, “I don’t have any other thoughts. I just feel that she’s very cute.”

Both of them bit their cigarettes and remained silent.

“Alright, filming is about to start.”

This confession scene was a very important one. All of them had to capture Song Ci from Coleman’s point of view. In his eyes, Rain was a perfect angel with no flaws.

As a result, this scene had to be shot perfectly.

Du Junfei was best at shooting characters. He had to personally shoot this scene.

Song Ci had already memorized the screenings in advance and had also discussed with Du Junfei about the positioning that she needed to take note of during the shoot. In the actual shoot, Song Ci’s performance exceeded Du Junfei’s expectations.

The rays of the setting sun shone through the gaps in the leaves and landed on Song Fei’s hair and body. She looked like an angel in her dreams. Song Ci tilted her head slightly and looked mischievously into the camera. Song Ci’s eyes lit up as she saw her lover walking over.

Du Junfei zoomed in on Song Ci’s face. Song Ci’s skin was porcelain smooth and supple. Her eyes were mesmerizing and captivating.

Not to mention Damien, even Du Junfei was moved by this beautiful scene. Of course, his heart was moved from an artistic point of view and had nothing to do with love.


This was a one-time long shot.

Next was the scene of Song Ci falling from a tree and being caught by Coleman. It was their first kiss scene.

Before filming started, Han Zhan had invested quite a bit of money into the production team. He only had one request —

Song Ci couldn’t have any kissing scenes.

But Du Junfei had the guts to reject Han Zhan’s request. He felt that this kiss scene was very important. If it was cut, it would lose the flavor of the movie. Faced with the stubborn Du Junfei, Han Zhan had no choice.

]When Han Zhan discreetly appeared at the set, Song Ci happened to be filming that kissing scene.

In order to not affect Song Ci’s performance during filming, Han Zhan squatted behind the production crew. As he gazed at Song Ci kissing a strange man under the setting sun, his heart welled up with jealousy.

Du Xueyan had heard that Song Ci was going to shoot a kissing scene with Damien today and had specially stayed behind to watch the show. She sat beside Director Du Fei and watched Song Ci’s performance. Seeing that Song Ci’s face was still perfect in the camera, Du Xueyan couldn’t help feeling that it was so good to be young and have such good skin.

Song Ci never felt anything when kissing a stranger.

The first take was an NG.

NG meant that she would have to kiss Damien again, or even many more times. Song Ci felt slightly anxious. She couldn’t find her bearings and her face was slightly red from anxiety.

But Damien was very considerate and comforted her. “Song, don’t feel burdened. It’s your first kiss scene, everyone will fail.”

“I’m sorry.” Song Ci turned and said to Du Junfei, “Director Du, can I make a call?”

Du Junfei raised his brows and smiled. “For your husband?”

Blushing, Song Ci quietly left the venue. Walking to a less crowded area, she took a deep breath before taking out her cell phone and calling Han Zhan.

The call was picked up very quickly.

“Baby Ci.”

Hearing Han Zhan’s intoxicating voice, Song Ci felt very wronged. “Brother Han.” Her voice sounded slightly nasal.

Han Zhan stood at the back of the crowd and looked at the girl who was hiding away to make a call. He felt a tinge of pity for her. “Are you crying?” Han Zhan walked towards Song Ci step by step and asked softly, “Have you suffered?”

Of course, Song Ci wouldn’t tell Han Zhan about her problems and distract him from his work schedule. “No, I just encountered some problems during filming. I keep failing takes and want to hear Brother Han’s voice to seek inspiration.”

Han Zhan asked, “How?”

Song Ci rubbed her nose. “Just say whatever you want.”

Han Zhan said, “Then turn around. The inspiration is behind you.”

Song Ci was confused.

She seemed to have heard Han Zhan’s voice.

“Why aren’t you turning around?” Han Zhan’s voice sounded from behind Song Ci, followed by the voice through the phone.

Holding her cell phone, Song Ci turned around in shock.

She turned and fell into a strong, broad embrace.

Song Ci smelled the familiar scent of a wood-paneled, cold perfume. She looked up in surprise, her bewildered eyes directly meeting those deep gray-blue eyes. Song Ci widened her eyes. “Brother Han…”

Song Ci covered her mouth as tears welled up in her eyes.

Han Zhan pulled her into his arms. “Shh, so many people are watching. Won’t it be very embarrassing if you cry?”

Song Ci pulled away Han Zhan’s coat with both hands, buried her little head in his arms, and secretly cried for half a minute. When she looked up again, Song Ci’s face was still wet from her tears, but she was smiling.

“How long have you been here?”

Han Zhan said, “I arrived when you fell from the tree and was caught by that actor.”

Song Ci blushed slightly. “You also saw how I kissed him?”

Hearing this, Han Zhan looked slightly displeased. He wiped Song Ci’s lips vigorously before asking, “Can’t feel anything? Can’t act in a kissing scene?”

“Mmm. Brother Han, I suddenly regret it. Perhaps I shouldn’t have come to film at all.” Song Ci complained slightly about Shen Yubei. She said, “Teacher’s idea might not be right. I am so capable. With my capabilities, I can still shine brightly at the violin international competition.”

But she couldn’t go back on her words. After signing the contract, Song Ci had to finish filming this movie.

Han Zhan said, “This movie will be beneficial to you. Since it has already started, there is no way to give up halfway.”

“I know.”

“Here, Brother Han will help you find a feel.” Han Zhan directly cupped Song Ci’s face, lowered his head, and very gently touched Song Ci’s lips.

After parting, Han Zhan told Song Ci, “Remember, the person you are kissing is autistic. He is filled with fear and insecurity towards this world. Kissing is a foreign concept to him. It is a process to accept new things.”

“Give him a light kiss to test his reaction.”

Song Ci listened intently and acknowledged.

Han Zhan lowered his head again. This time, his kiss became slightly bolder. Then, their lips met…

When they separated again, Song Ci’s face was red and her heart was racing.

She heard Han Zhan’s gentle voice instructing her. “As long as it’s love, it will make one’s heart race. Coleman is autistic, but he is also human. When he kisses Rain, he will blush and his heart will race.”

“Try to kiss someone like you’re kissing your lover instead of thinking about completing your mission.”

Having said that, Han Zhan let Song Ci rest on the spot for a few minutes, while he went back to the remote corner of the set to continue squatting.

Three minutes later, Song Ci returned. This time, her attitude had clearly changed. She even took the initiative to tell Du Junfei that she was ready.

Du Junfei nodded and resumed the kissing scene.

]To be honest, Du Junfei didn’t expect this to be a direct pass. But Song Ci suddenly felt like she had taken a magical pill. She knew how to act and also knew how to look for cameras.

When she stood on tiptoe and carefully kissed Damien, Du Junfei felt as if he had traveled back in time and personally witnessed the scene of Coleman and Rain’s first kiss under the tree 36 years ago.

The entire set was silent. Only Damien’s heartbeat was erratic and out of control.


Song Ci took half a step back and gave Damien a faint smile before turning to look for Han Zhan.

Han Zhan pulled Song Ci’s hand directly to the toilet. Like performing a magic trick, he took out a tube of toothpaste and a toothbrush. “Brush your teeth.” Han Zhan considerately squeezed the toothpaste onto the toothbrush and handed it to Song Ci.

Song Ci was dumbstruck.

“Are you so possessive, Brother Han?” Song Ci cupped a handful of water and rinsed her mouth, before accepting the toothbrush and brushing it seriously. After brushing her teeth, Han Zhan used a wet tissue to wipe the water off the corners of Song Ci’s lips.

After throwing the tissues into the dustbin, Han Zhan suddenly cupped Song Ci’s face and pressed her against the wall to kiss her.

Knock knock knock.

The sound of high heels clicking against the ground approached.

Someone was coming.

Song Ci frantically tried to push Han Zhan away, but he continued to press her against the wall and kiss her domineeringly. Song Ci immediately closed her eyes, as if if she closed them, no one else could see her.

“Sister Xue, I couldn’t tell that Song Ci’s acting skills were not bad… Uh!” Tong Xin suddenly stopped in her tracks, turned around, and whispered to Du Xueyan, “Someone is kissing in the toilet.”

Du Xueyan pushed her child aside and said, “It’s okay. They are kissing and I am going to the toilet. We won’t disturb each other.” Du Xueyan walked in and saw a man pressing a woman against the wall beside the sink.

The man was tall and the girl was not short. But in the arms of the man, she appeared especially petite.

Du Xueyan felt that the girl’s figure looked somewhat familiar. She took another look. At this moment, Song Ci turned around and closed her eyes to catch her breath.

After seeing Song Ci’s face clearly, Du Xueyan suddenly stopped in her tracks.

The woman is Song Ci. Then…

Du Xueyan slowly averted her eyes and stared at that tall, muscular man.

That man was wearing a short jacket over a black down jacket. Under his slim suit pants hid a pair of long, strong legs. Han Zhan was slender and thin when he was young, but when he was an adult, he was more like a majestic lion, every muscle in his body full of strength.

Du Xueyan felt terrible.

It turned out that when Han Zhan and Song Ci kissed, they were so wild and unrestrained.

Du Xueyan didn’t feel good seeing her first boyfriend and his wife kissing here. Du Xueyan instinctively turned to flee, but at this moment, Han Zhan suddenly turned around. “Who is it?” His sharp brows were filled with the viciousness of someone who had just been disturbed.

Du Xueyan quickened her pace.

Song Ci opened her eyes and saw a figure hurriedly escaping. She said, “I am going to the toilet. Brother Han, wait for me outside.”

“How long will it take?”

“Two minutes.”


Han Zhan let go of Song Ci and watched as she entered the female toilet. Only then did he throw Song Ci’s toothbrush and toothpaste into the dustbin, turned, and walked out of the toilet.

He narrowed his eyes as he stared at the fleeing figure.

“Du Xueyan?” Han Zhan stopped her.

Du Xueyan stopped in her tracks.

She hesitated for a moment, but finally turned around and waved at Han Zhan, pretending to be calm. “Han Zhan, are you here to visit?”

Han Zhan walked toward her and stood half a meter away from her. He looked down and asked, “Are you free to chat?”

Du Xueyan nodded.

“There’s a cafe outside. Let’s go there to talk.”

Hearing this, Du Xueyan glanced at the toilet. “You’re not waiting for Song Ci?”

“It’s okay, I’ll get my assistant to pick her up later.”

“… Alright.”

The two of them walked out of the school.

On the way, Han Zhan gave Song Ci a call. Du Xueyan heard Han Zhan speak to Song Ci in a gentle voice. “Baby Ci, I met Du Xueyan and have something to talk to her about. Wait for me in the car with Long Yu later. I will go over to look for you after we are done talking.”

“Mmm. Okay.”

Han Zhan hung up and looked up to see the cafe. “This one then.”

Du Xueyan had no objections and entered the cafe with Han Zhan.

Han Zhan asked Du Xueyan, “What do you want to drink?”

Du Xueyan said, “You forgot that I only drink mocha.”

Upon hearing this, Han Zhan ordered a mocha and an iced American drink for himself. After the waiter left, Han Zhan said, “It has been so many years, I don’t remember what kind of coffee you like anymore.” Just like how he had long forgotten about him once liking Du Xueyan.

Du Xueyan’s expression was slightly ugly. She looked like she was about to cry but she held it in.

The coffee was still not ready and Du Xueyan felt awkward. She took the initiative to chat with Han Zhan and said, “Song Ci, isn’t 23 yet, right? In that case, she is 10 years younger than you.”

]”Mmm. Actually, I’ve known Song Ci for a long time, before we broke up.”

Du Xueyan’s expression suddenly froze. “What do you mean?” We broke up eight years ago. How old was Song Ci eight years ago? “Song Ci was still underage then, right? Han Zhan, you…”

“You are overthinking.” Han Zhan stopped Du Xueyan’s wild imagination and said, “I did know Song Ci before we broke up. The first time I met her was at Bijiang.”

Hearing the name Bijiang, Du Xueyan’s rosy face paled slightly. Bijiang was a place where Han Zhan lost two fingers and his dreams.

Han Zhan told Du Xueyan, “My fingers were broken by the cement when I was trying to save Song Ci.”

Du Xueyan asked in astonishment, “Song Ci is the child you saved?”


The waiter served the coffee.

Han Zhan held the iced Americano but didn’t drink it. Having gotten used to drinking nourishing hot tea, Han Zhan was already not used to drinking coffee. He swirled the coffee and said, “Du Xueyan, don’t feel guilty towards me and don’t have any old feelings for me.”

Ignoring Du Xueyan’s broken expression, Han Zhan said coldly, “I am doing very well now. There is also another person who loves me more than you back then.”

Du Xueyan’s lips quivered. After a long while, she finally called out. “Han Zhan…” Her voice was filled with love, reluctance, and regret.

“Han Zhan, if…”

Du Xueyan stared at the coffee art on the mocha. She blushed in embarrassment and said softly, “If not for Song Ci’s appearance and if I took the initiative to return to your side, would you still have accepted me?”

Han Zhan seemed to have guessed that she would ask such a silly question. His expression didn’t change, and he maintained that cold, self-possessed manner. He said, “Du Xueyan, you might have forgotten that on the night we confirmed our relationship, I once said that I hate people who fooled others and played with my emotions the most. It disgusts me.”

Gazing at Du Xueyan’s peerlessly beautiful face, Han Zhan asked her coldly, “Am I cheap or stupid? Why should I accept another woman who disgusts me? It’s like a maggot—you obviously disgust it, but you still pretend to love it—that’s going against yourself.”

Du Xueyan had always known that Han Zhan was a cold and heartless person. Back then, she had spent a year to gradually move his heart. Now that so many years had passed, Han Zhan’s heart that had once softened for her had once again hardened.

She was no longer the most special girl in Han Zhan’s heart.

Du Xueyan couldn’t accept this reality.

She was still that prideful girl. She deceived herself by thinking that Han Zhan would never forget her. After all, she was the publicly acknowledged male God reaper in the entertainment circles. Who knew how many men had fallen for her!

Du Xueyan bit her lips and asked Han Zhan indignantly, “Since you hate me so much and are so unwilling to see me, why did you still come to see me? Han Zhan, aren’t you afraid that your little jealous lover will misunderstand if you see me privately?”

Not enraged by Du Xueyan’s words, Han Zhan pushed the glass away. He placed his hands on the table and stared quietly at Du Xueyan.

Being stared at by Han Zhan like this, Du Xueyan realized that her heart, which no longer fluttered easily for a man, suddenly went into turmoil. All these years, the only person who could make Du Xueyan’s heart go into turmoil was Han Zhan.

“I came to see you to get something back from you,” Han Zhan said.

Du Xueyan instinctively asked, “What… what do you want?” She started calculating in her mind the things that Han Zhan had given her in the past—they were actually not valuable items.

Han Zhan said, “In the past, when we were in love, I made a promise to you. I promised you that I will take care of you for life. No matter what you did wrong, as long as you apologize seriously, I will forgive you.”

Han Zhan leaned slightly forward and told Du Xueyan, “Now, I want to take back that promise.”

No amount of exquisite makeup could conceal the paleness of Du Xueyan’s face.

Her hand that was holding the coffee cup started to tremble. She couldn’t help but ask, “What if I don’t agree?” After asking, Du Xueyan saw that Han Zhan’s gaze instantly turned cold, without the slightest warmth in it.

Du Xueyan’s heart sank.

She heard Han Zhan say, “Then I will use all the power I have to ban you from the world. Everything you care about and possess will be gone from you.”

Du Xueyan was still unconvinced. She glared at Han Zhan angrily and scolded him. “Han Zhan, do you really think you can do whatever you want just because you have money?” How could he treat me like this! He had clearly indulged me in the past!

n Han Zhan’s eyes, Du Xueyan’s anger was just a bluff.

Han Zhan pursed his lips, looking very cold.

He spoke again in a cold tone. “The reason why you suddenly decided to act is not as pompous as what you said in the interview about wanting to try different new things. Instead, it is because you have throat cancer and need to undergo surgery as soon as possible. Once you undergo surgery, your vocal cords will definitely be affected. Since you can’t sing anymore, of course you can only make the best use of your time to switch careers.”

“The movie that the director is directing now is the key to whether you will succeed in changing careers. You have no way out now. Du Xueyan, it will be even easier for me to kill you than to kill an ant.”

“Are you sure you want to fight me head-on?”

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