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Chapter 205: How Huge Was Du Xueyan’s Trauma?

Song Ci tossed the medical record onto the table, got up, walked to the windowsill of the study, and sat down.

Song Ci drew the curtains and pushed open the glass window. Han Zhan heard the sound of the window being opened and glanced up.

Seeing Song Ci sitting on the windowsill, Han Zhan raised his brows and asked, “What’s the matter, Baby Ci? You didn’t find any book you liked?”

Song Ci shook her head.

Staring at Han Zhan’s bright and handsome face, the face of that little boy in the photo surfaced in Song Ci’s mind again. Song Ci’s heart ached badly. She discreetly clenched her fists and smiled at Han Zhan. “Brother Han, who do you think our daughter will look like in future?”

Han Zhan replied without thinking. “Like you, of course.”


“You’re good-looking.” Han Zhan was speaking the truth. He felt that girls should look like Song Ci.

“What about her character?”

Han Zhan replied, “It’s good if she takes after you.”

Song Ci asked casually, “What was your character like when you were young, Brother Han?”

Brother Han was using a short knife to smooth the thin bamboo. Hearing this, he said without raising his head, “I was more mischievous. Boys are all like that.”

Actually, he totally didn’t know what a normal little boy should be like. It was just that he always heard others say that boys were more mischievous. In order to reassure his grandfather, Han Zhan purposely did some naughty things to reassure him.

Han Zhan was always able to stir up some trouble.

Song Ci’s heart bled at Han Zhan’s nonchalant reply. If she hadn’t seen that medical record, Song Ci would have really believed Han Zhan’s words. But after seeing those photos, Song Ci could see that little boy’s eyes were filled with despair and pain the moment she closed her eyes.

Han Zhan’s childhood must have been very difficult. That was why he hated his father and her mother so much.

Han Zhan, who lived in hell, had tormented himself countless times. He was probably more willing to die than live. That was why he hated Jiang Shiyu. If not for Jiang Shiyu, Edward wouldn’t have provoked Han Mulan and Han Zhan wouldn’t exist in this world…

Jiang Shiyu was the source of Han Zhan’s pain.

At this point, the knot in Song Ci’s heart that had been tied tightly for so many days was suddenly untied.

She closed the window and returned to her desk. She opened the medical record again and patiently finished reading the medical record.

The sun was shining brightly in the courtyard. Han Aoyu brewed a pot of tea for himself and placed it on the table. He then sat down on a recliner with a thin blanket covering his body. He closed his eyes and basked in the sun.

Song Ci’s flats made a soft sound on the pavement.

Han Aoyu narrowed his eyes slightly as he stared at Song Ci walking over from the end of the garden. Today, Song Ci was wearing a festive red turtleneck sweater and a pair of black jeans. She looked youthful and beautiful.

Han Aoyu gazed at Song Ci as time flashed back to 33 years ago. In that year, the 23-year-old Jiang Shiyu also wore a red shirt and stood on the deck of the cruise ship. The bullet pierced through Jiang Shiyu’s abdomen, and the blood dyed that red sweater dark red.

“Grandpa.” Song Ci’s pleasant, young voice brought Han Aoyu back to reality.

Han Aoyu pointed to a wooden chair at the side and said to Song Ci, “The sun is pretty good today. Song Ci, accompany me to get some sunlight.”


Song Ci sat down and bent over to pour herself a cup of tea. She took a whiff of the fragrance of the tea before taking a sip.

Putting down her teacup, Song Ci’s bright eyes landed on Han Aoyu. She suddenly said, “Grandpa, I’ve already seen the medical record in the study.” Song Ci didn’t believe that the medical record would just so happen to appear there.

Han Aoyu opened his eyes completely.

Han Aoyu stared at Song Ci in astonishment for a while before giving an enigmatic smile. “Little Song, you are indeed intelligent.” Since she had already guessed it, Han Aoyu admitted. “That’s right, I put the medical record into the study.”

Song Ci thought to herself: Grandpa really did it…

“Zhanzhan came back to look for me the night you quarreled with him.”

Song Ci didn’t know about this. Song Ci asked his grandfather, “Could he be here to tell on me?” She had a smile on her face and was joking.

“No.” Han Aoyu shook his head and said, “I haven’t seen him so lost and helpless in so many years. When he came to see me, he was so cold that his limbs were like ice and his eyes were red. He looked like he had just cried. In my memory, the last time Han Zhan cried was when he found out that he lost two fingers.”

Song Ci pursed her lips and remained silent. She didn’t know how to respond.

Han Aoyu continued, “After knowing what Zhanzhan did to you, I felt that he was very foolish and scolded him. He listened obediently and didn’t dare to make a single sound.”

Song Ci smiled mildly but didn’t comment on Han Aoyu’s actions.

“Zhanzhan asked me if there’s any way to obtain your forgiveness.” Han Aoyu looked at Song Ci meaningfully and said, “Actually, when I placed that medical record on the bookshelf, I was betting on your feelings for Zhanzhan.”

“If you really love him, after seeing those medical records, your heart will definitely ache for him. If you don’t love him, even if you see that thing, it won’t affect your mood.” Han Aoyu pointed at Song Ci. “Just by sitting here, it shows that you love him.”

In front of Han Aoyu, Song Ci was like a transparent person with no secrets.

In terms of intelligence, even ten Song Cis were no match for Han Aoyu.

Han Aoyu had seen all sorts of storms in his life. He knew exactly what Song Ci was thinking and why she came to look for him.

The elegant smile on Song Ci’s face finally turned into a bitter smile. “Grandpa, you are really old but not old at heart.”

“I’ll take that as a compliment.” Han Aoyu noticed that the tea was cold and asked Song Ci to pour him a cup of hot tea. Song Ci stood up and bent over to pour a cup of hot tea for him.

Holding a cup of hot tea with both hands, Song Ci heard Han Aoyu say, “Tell me, what do you want to ask me?”

Song Ci indeed had something to discuss with Han Aoyu.

Sitting down again, Song Ci muttered to herself before asking Han Aoyu, “Grandpa, when you found Brother Han, what was he like? I want to know more.”

She wanted to understand Han Zhan thoroughly.

Han Aoyu sighed. “Very bad.”

Song Ci’s heart sank. “How bad was it?”

“That child’s eyes are as vicious as a wolf’s. He looks at people aggressively.”

Han Aoyu held that cup of tea in his palm as he sank into his memories.

He continued. “When I found Han Zhan, he was covered in blood and kneeling on the ground while carrying his mother’s corpse. My heart nearly broke when I saw his skinny frame and his arm covered in needle holes.”

“I wanted to take Mulan’s body away, but Han Zhan forbade me from touching her. I told him that I was his grandfather and had come to fetch him home. At that time, he looked at me very coldly and distrustfully. When I took out my photo with his mother, he glanced at me and asked me a question.”

Han Aoyu still remembered that statement very clearly.

Song Ci had a feeling that those words would be heart-rending. She asked boldly, “What words?”

Han Aoyu’s wrinkled face started to tremble. He said, “Zhanzhan asked me: Old Mr. Han, where have you been all these years? Where were you when my mother died?”

Song Ci’s eyelids quivered but she remained silent.

“I was very helpless at that time. I had never felt so guilty and upset. I wanted to hug him, but he avoided me like a poisonous snake. After I brought him back to Wangdong City by force, I arranged for the best virus specialist team in the country and a psychologist team to conduct psychological counseling for him.”

“After entering the hospital, the doctor performed a physical examination on him and discovered that there were many knife scars on his body. Some of them were very deep, while others were very shallow. I thought they were wounds caused by that bastard Edward abusing him, but the doctor told me that Zhanzhan cut himself. Little Song, can you imagine how I felt then? I still remember how much your grandmother cried when she heard about this.”

Not only was grandma crying, even the unyielding Han Aoyu was crying beside Han Zhan’s bed.

Song Ci saw that Han Aoyu was slightly agitated and thought of his high blood pressure. She hurriedly comforted him. “Grandpa, don’t be agitated. It’s all in the past. Isn’t Brother Han quite healthy now?”

Han Aoyu nodded and rubbed his slightly hot eyes. Only when he calmed down did he speak again. “In the first half a year after we returned to the country, Zhanzhan barely spoke. But after he fell asleep, he kept yelling for his mother. During that time, his grandmother and I had a very difficult time. Every night, our hearts bled when we heard our child call for his mother.”

His daughter had been murdered and his grandson was in a coma. During that period, Han Aoyu and his lover’s hair had all turned white.

“But luckily, the heavens don’t disappoint those who are determined. After two years of psychological counseling, Zhanzhan’s mental state improved and he was willing to speak to others. But during the treatment process, he took many hormonal drugs and became much fatter. But at that time, it was a good thing that the child was alive. So what if he was slightly fatter or thinner?”

“Grandpa is right. Being alive is more important than anything.” Song Ci felt a dull ache in her chest when she remembered how nonchalant Han Zhan was when he said that he was fat when he was young.

Han Zhan was used to hiding all his pain.

Taking a deep look at Song Ci and seeing how much Song Ci loved her grandson, Han Aoyu finally felt slightly better. “Song Ci, Grandpa will apologize on behalf of Han Zhan.”

This apology was too heavy and Song Ci didn’t dare to accept it. Her expression changed slightly as she hurriedly said, “Grandpa, don’t say that. The one at fault is Han Zhan. Grandpa, you’re hurting me by saying this.”

“Song Ci, Zhanzhan is ridiculously wrong in this matter, but Grandpa is also selfish. I still hope that you can forgive Zhanzhan. Zhanzhan was forced to part with us when he was two years old and had such a miserable childhood. He even watched his father kill his own mother. Song Lass, your childhood was very blissful. You can’t imagine how Zhanzhan survived it!”

“Zhanzhan made use of you in a moment of folly. But he has already turned over a new leaf and admitted his mistake to you. If he doesn’t really like you, Zhanzhan will never tell you these things.”

“Song Ci, confessing is his way of lowering his head towards love. Can you forgive him this time on account of the fact that it’s Han Zhan’s first offense?”

Han Aoyu was old and couldn’t control the people and the world, but he still wanted to protect his family well. He couldn’t bear to see Han Zhan and Song Ci in this stalemate, and he still hoped that the two of them could live happily.

Firstly, Song Ci hadn’t been seriously injured by Han Zhan. Secondly, she hadn’t lost a single piece of flesh, and it was Han Zhan who had saved her life. She already didn’t blame Han Zhan in her heart.

Moreover, the old man had already lowered himself so much. Song Ci was not heartless and forgave Han Zhan. “Alright, Grandpa will listen to you. I won’t blame Brother Han anymore.”

Han Aoyu reached out and patted the back of Song Ci’s hand. “Sorry to make you suffer this time, Song Lass.”

Song Ci shook her head. “I’m not.”

She never wronged herself. If she didn’t really forgive Han Zhan, Song Ci would never agree to Han Aoyu’s request.

At this moment, Han Zhan suddenly walked over. “Grandpa, do you know how to make the support for a cradle?”

Han Aoyu slowly sat up. “Let me teach you.”

The grandfather and grandson duo went off to have a showdown. Song Ci then went to the kitchen to make lunch.

Han Zhan used three days to successfully make a crib. Every single bamboo vine was smoothened out. By that time, the crib could be used for sleeping once they placed a mattress on it.

Song Ci looked at that brand new crib and felt rather blissful.

She instinctively touched her own tummy. She couldn’t wait for the baby to enter her tummy.

On the fourth day of the New Year, Han Zhan brought Song Ci to Shunchen to visit Old Master Chen Shu.

Old Master Han stayed in the courtyard beside the administration courtyard. Knowing that Han Zhan was bringing his wife over for the New Year, Chen Shu and his wife started preparing lunch early in the morning.

Chen Shu’s lover had excellent culinary skills and made the best sweet and sour fish. Song Ci didn’t like sweet and sour fish in the past, but she ate a lot today.

After they finished eating, Song Ci helped the elderly wash the dishes and asked her for instructions on how to make sweet and sour fish. Seeing that Song Ci liked her dishes so much, the elderly was very happy and taught Song Ci all of her signature dishes.

After washing the dishes, Song Ci sat in the Chen Family residence drinking tea and jotting down all the cooking techniques in a notebook.

When she finished recording, Song Ci looked up and saw a woman in a grey-green down jacket standing in front of the Chen Family residence.

That woman had very long hair that was completely tied up, revealing a full, fair forehead. Her face was only the size of a palm, and her facial features were not very beautiful. But her eyes were gentle and moving, and she was a gentle and elegant lady.

“Hello, are you looking for Old Master Chen?” Song Ci got up, walked to the door, and called out to that girl.

Chen Miaomiao looked at Song Ci’s face curiously. As a girl, Chen Miaomiao felt slightly awkward and blushed when faced with such a gorgeous girl like Song Ci.

Mrs. Chen happened to come out to feed the cat with cat food. She saw Song Ci standing at the door talking to someone and asked her, “Little Song, who’s outside?”

Song Ci turned sideways and revealed Chen Miaomiao’s figure.

“Grandma Chen, do you know this lady?”

Mrs. Chen smiled. “Oh, Miaomiao, come in quickly.”

Chen Miaomiao greeted Grandma Chen before striding into the Chen Family residence.

Song Ci followed behind Chen Miaomiao. Being able to tell that this lady was Grandpa Chen’s relative, she stopped paying attention to her.

Mrs. Chen tugged at Chen Miaomiao’s arm and said, “Miaomiao, your Brother Zhanzhan brought his wife back for the New Year visit. This lady is your Brother Zhanzhan’s wife, Song Ci.”

Chen Miaomiao was the blind date that Old Master Han had arranged for Han Zhan last year when he visited him.

Chen Miaomiao was five years younger than Han Zhan and five years older than Song Ci. But in terms of seniority, even she had to greet Song Ci obediently. “Sister-in-law.”

Song Ci blushed slightly at this greeting. “Mmm, hello.”

At this moment, Han Zhan and Old Master Chen came out together. Old Master Chen supported himself with a crutch and carried a chess set in his arms. He was obviously bringing Han Zhan over to the administration building to play chess.

Seeing Chen Miaomiao, Old Master Chen said, “Miaomiao, have you seen your sister-in-law?”

Chen Miaomiao turned to look at Old Master Chen, but noticed the tall and handsome Han Zhan standing behind him.

Chen Miaomiao’s eyes flashed slightly. She felt slightly upset and called out softly, “Brother Zhan.”

Han Zhan nodded. He walked over, grabbed Song Ci’s hand, and said, “This is Miaomiao. Grandpa told you about her, right?”

“Mmm.” Grandpa said that when Han Zhan was first fetched back, he barely spoke, not even willing to look at adults. At that time, the Chen Family had a little Miaomiao who was only about a year old. Before she could speak, Han Zhan kept pushing little Miaomiao’s stroller to get some sunlight in the yard.

Staying with Song Ci and Han Zhan made Chen Miaomiao feel awkward, so she hurriedly bid farewell.

Old Master Chen Shu called Han Zhan over to play chess and Song Ci chatted with Old Madam Chen. As they chatted, Old Madam asked how Song Ci and Han Zhan met.

Song Ci said, “We met last summer. At that time, Brother Han’s company was hiring pilots, so I went. We fell in love at first sight and got registered after only knowing each other for a month.”

“No wonder!” Old Madam Chen suddenly laughed.

Song Ci felt puzzled and asked Old Madam Chen, “Grandma Chen, what’s the matter? What are you laughing at?”

“Lass Song, you probably don’t know. When Zhanzhan came to Shunchen City last year, he came by to visit your Grandpa Chen and I. At that time, we didn’t know that you and Zhanzhan were in a relationship, so we took the liberty of introducing Miaomiao to Zhanzhan. In the end, Zhanzhan rejected our arrangement. At that time, we were still worried that Zhanzhan would never get married in this lifetime. It turns out that he already has someone by his side!”

Song Ci was all smiles as she cursed in her heart.

What the hell?

That Miaomiao and Brother Han had almost become a couple?

At night, after having dinner at Old Master Chen’s house, Song Ci returned to the hotel with Han Zhan.

After taking a shower at the hotel, Han Zhan sat on a massage chair and played with his cell phone.

Opening the group chat, she saw Li Li posting his child’s photo.

Han Zhan’s heart ached. He opened the photo and enlarged it, staring at the black blob on the ultrasound scan, feeling both jealousy and heartache.

Those who got married after me were already pregnant!

At this moment, Song Ci came out of the bathroom. She was only wearing a towel, exposing her long legs and sexy shoulders. It made one want to touch and kiss her.

Han Zhan tossed his cell phone aside, got up, walked up to Song Ci, blocked her path, and said, “Baby Ci, your fertile period is these few days.”

Song Ci tilted her head. “So?”

Han Zhan took the towel from Song Ci’s hand, wrapped it around her wet hair, and rubbed it slightly vigorously. Song Ci stood still and waited for Han Zhan to wipe the water droplets off her hair before drying it with an electric fan.

After tying up her hair, Han Zhan carried Song Ci and placed her in his arms. “You are going to film next month, right?”

“Mmm. When I called Second Old Master Gu to wish him a happy new year, he told me that the production crew will start filming on the second day of the month.” There were only about 10 days left.

Han Zhan didn’t want to be separated from Song Ci. He buried his head in her neck and took a deep breath. “Baby Ci, can I have you?”

Song Ci looked at him with a faint smile but didn’t nod.

Han Zhan felt that Song Ci’s expression was slightly dangerous and charming. “What’s the matter?”

“I heard that Miaomiao was your blind date?” Song Ci started to find fault with him.

Han Zhan frowned. “Who told you that?”

“Grandma Chen mentioned it accidentally.”

Han Zhan pinched his brows and sighed. “Before I met you, many people wanted to introduce me to someone. It’s not like you don’t know that.” Someone whom he once had a blind date with splashed coffee on Han Zhan.

Song Ci pouted and said unhappily, “But Miaomiao and you were childhood sweethearts.”

Han Zhan frowned. “Don’t speak nonsense. Miaomiao and I are innocent.”

Song Ci felt very uncomfortable. She said, “This is not fair. In my entire life, apart from you and Cheng Ziang, I have never touched any other man’s hand! But you—you have so many blind dates.”

Han Zhan didn’t feel good either. “I’ve read your script. You have a kissing scene with the male lead.”

Song Ci said, “That’s just for show.”

Han Zhan said, “That was before I met you.”

The two of them stared at each other. After a long while, they both surrendered.

Han Zhan asked softly, “Can you not do the kissing scene?”

Song Ci said, “Anything is possible if the investor allows for it.” She had already hinted at everything.

To be honest, Song Ci didn’t really want to kiss strangers either, especially since she was already married.

Song Ci was not a professional actress. She was not acting to make a name for herself in the entertainment circles, so she would mind if she acted in a kissing scene with someone else.

Han Zhan understood what Song Ci meant and said, “Send me the director’s number. I will discuss this with him.”


Song Ci immediately took out her cell phone and sent Du Junfei’s number to Han Zhan. Han Zhan saved the number and said, “I’ll call him later.”

Putting down his cell phone, Han Zhan hooked up Song Ci’s towel with his fingers, tugged gently, and released the towel.

Staring at Song Ci’s body, Han Zhan said, “The hotel bed is made of water. Shall we go and try?”

Song Ci’s eyes lit up. “Okay, I haven’t tried it yet.”

The next day, the two of them went to visit Han Zhan’s uncle, Han Dongliang. They only returned to Wangdong City at noon on the seventh day of the Lunar New Year. Once they returned to Wangdong City, Han Zhan immersed himself in his work, while Song Ci accompanied Yan Jiang and Song Fei on a trip to Zhangjiajie.

Recently, Song Fei had been trying to exercise to regain her strength and was still rather tired from climbing the 999th stair. Yan Jiang couldn’t bear for her to be tired and expressed that he wanted to carry her up the mountain. But Song Fei felt very embarrassed and stubbornly climbed to the entrance of the Heaven Gate Mountain herself.

Many years ago, the Song sisters had also come to Zhangjiajie with their parents. Compared to the past, Zhangjiajie now had a glass plankway.

Song Fei wanted to play, so Song Ci and Yan Jiang accompanied her.

Yan Jiang was afraid of heights. Standing on the glass walkway and looking at the sea of clouds beneath his feet, his legs were trembling slightly. Song Fei couldn’t stand it anymore and asked him, “Are you very scared?”

Yan Jiang admitted defeat. “Ah Fei, I really can’t do this. You guys continue. I will wait for you guys.”

But Song Fei tugged at his arm. “If you’re scared, just look at my face.”

Yan Jiang stared at Song Fei for a while, still feeling very terrified.

“No, Ah Fei, I really can’t do it.” It was not easy to overcome a fear of heights. Yan Jiang would rather die than walk down that glass walkway.

Song Ci took out her cell phone and took a short video. She uploaded the video of Yan Jiang having a fear of heights to her social media account. Very quickly, Yan Jiang’s fans discovered it and they all said that they wanted to buy a ticket to meet their idol at Zhangjiajie.

Song Ci kept her cell phone in her bag and said to Yan Jiang, “It will take at most 20 minutes for your fans to find you. Let’s leave quickly.”

Yan Jiang glared at Song Ci. “You posted me on Weibo?”

Song Ci spread out her hands and raised her brows like a hooligan. She said, “Have you forgotten who was the one who shared the video of me swimming on the floor after getting drunk on TikTok?”

Yan Jiang was speechless.

=He was in the wrong.

It was nearly dark by the time they left the Zhangjiajie. They had dinner at Xibu Street before returning to the Zishan Hotel.

Arriving at the room, Song Ci soaked herself in the bathtub and video called Han Zhan.

Han Zhan was still working overtime and his eyes dimmed slightly when he saw Song Ci bathing. “Did you have fun today?”

“Of course.” Song Ci told Han Zhan about the interesting things that happened today and the beautiful scenery that she had seen. After hearing Song Ci’s description, Han Zhan had the illusion that he had also experienced the beautiful scenery.

“What did you have for dinner?”

“Chili pepper fish head, so spicy!” Song Ci said worriedly. “I wonder if there will be pimples on my face tomorrow.” As Song Ci spoke, she suddenly stood up from the bathtub and took a neatly folded towel to wipe herself.

Han Zhan stared at her actions.

Knowing that Song Ci had done it on purpose, Han Zhan mustered up a lot of self-control before looking away from her.

After a while, Song Ci finally got dressed and went to bed with her cell phone.

Song Ci laid in bed and scrolled through Weibo. She thought of something and asked Han Zhan, “Brother Han, don’t you have Weibo?”

Han Zhan nodded. “Yes.” In order to follow Song Ci’s post on Weibo, he specially registered a Weibo account.

“What’s your name? I will go and follow you.” Song Ci excitedly searched for Han Zhan.

Han Zhan remained silent for a few seconds before saying, “I don’t remember. Give me a moment, let me take a look.”

Han Zhan hurriedly logged into Weibo, opened the personal page of “Baby Ci’s Brother Zhan”, and changed the Weibo name. After the change was successful, Han Zhan then said to Song Ci in all seriousness, “I just took a look. My Weibo name is Han Han Han Han Hanzhan.”

]Song Ci was stunned for a moment before saying, “Couple name?”

Song Ci searched for Han Han Han Han Zhan. Indeed, she found this user. She looked at Han Zhan’s profile and realized that it was very simple and crude —

Zeus Corporation’s CEO.

Song Ci followed Han Zhan’s Weibo account and realized that they were mutually following each other.

Song Ci told Han Zhan, “Brother Han, go and get a verified account. You don’t know that ever since you revealed your identity, a large group of users called Han Zhan has appeared on Weibo.”

Han Zhan raised his brows and asked her, “How?”

“Ask your assistant. He will definitely settle it for you.”


After hanging up, Song Ci opened the book “Ordinary World” and continued reading.

She had watched this television series a long time ago and felt somewhat out of place whenever she read the original novel. But thinking that this was Brother Han’s collection of novels, Song Ci continued reading patiently.

After a while, Song Ci felt drowsy.

She thought that she was indeed not suited to read such literary novels.

Song Ci closed her book, and habitually opened her Weibo account before going to bed to take another look. With this glance, she saw a trending topic called # Han Zhan Opening Weibo #.

Han Zhan?

Is it my Han Zhan?

Curious, Song Ci clicked on that trending topic and saw that there was indeed a “Han Han Han Han Han Han Zhan” and an extra golden ‘V’ in front of his name. As expected of CEO Han, he was so efficient.

Han Zhan posted a very torturous post on Weibo:

[I was interviewed by a financial magazine the day before yesterday. The reporter asked me what was the most successful thing I have ever done in my life. Considering that it was a financial magazine, my answer might not be compatible with the magazine’s style, so I skipped this topic.

But I always had an answer to that question.

The most successful thing I have ever done in my life was to marry Song Ci and make her my legal wife.

Hello, beautiful Mrs. Han @ Song Ci.]

After reading this message, Song Ci felt very sweet inside. She couldn’t resist reposting it —

Song Song Song Song Ci: Hi, Mr. Han. @ / Han Han Han Han Han Han Han Zhan…

Song Ci couldn’t fall asleep from the sweetness. She tossed and turned in bed before finally falling asleep.

On this day, Du Xueyan accepted an invitation from China’s Vogue Magazine to shoot the front-page cover.

The theme of this issue of the magazine was Night Elves. Du Xueyan transformed into a Night Elf and appeared at the roadside of the Three Bridges Business District in Wangdong City at night.

Du Xueyan was breathtakingly beautiful in front of the camera.

She was wearing a tight, halter top with her hips and long legs wrapped in a black, flowy silk skirt. Long, curly black hair fell over her shoulders, and her ears were done up to look like a fairy. Her dark purple eye shadow made Du Xueyan look both bewitching and alluring.

Having reached her current position, Du Xueyan had already learned to handle all sorts of cameras with ease. She could always find the most perfect angle and put on the most charming pose.

At 1am, the shoot finally ended. The assistant hurriedly put on a down jacket to keep Du Xueyan warm.

The staff bought supper to reward their colleagues who had stayed up all night. The assistant gave Du Xueyan two egg tarts. “Sister Xue, you didn’t have dinner. Have two egg tarts to fill your stomach.”

Du Xueyan only wanted one egg tart. “I’ll have one.” Although she was not an actress, Du Xueyan was stricter about her figure than most actresses.

She tightened her down jacket and sat in the van. She munched on her egg tart as she browsed Weibo.

Reading Weibo was a habit that Du Xueyan had recently developed. In the United States, Du Xueyan preferred to browse instagram, however, she had to get used to using Weibo as the local celebrities and netizens used it.

Du Xueyan opened Weibo and was shocked to see Han Zhan’s name.

Han Zhan?

Which Han Zhan?

With an expectant heart, Du Xueyan opened that trending topic. When she saw that Han Zhan had posted his love on Weibo three hours ago, Du Xueyan gradually pursed her lips.

When did Han Zhan become such a high-profile person?

He was clearly a very low-profile person in high school.

Du Xueyan opened Han Zhan’s Weibo page to see his other activities to torture herself.

After entering Han Zhan’s Weibo page, Du Xueyan was disappointed to find that there was only that post from three hours ago.

She was about to log out when she noticed that the biography on Han Zhan’s Weibo account:

Zeus Corporation’s CEO.

Zeus Corporation’s CEO?

Du Xueyan’s eyes widened!

Du Xueyan suppressed the tumultuous waves in her heart and made all sorts of ridiculous guesses. She looked up at her assistant driving the car and asked Tong Xin, “Tong Xin, do you know about Zeus Corporation?”

Tong Xin hurriedly nodded. “Of course I know. Zeus Corporation was founded by Zeus Airlines. Last December, several major international corporations were suddenly bought over and Zeus Corporation was rebuilt. I heard from them that Zeus Corporation has long surpassed Chuan Dong Group and has become Wangdong City’s boss.”

The boss of Wangdong City was basically the boss of the entire country.

Du Xueyan’s heartbeat quickened.

I had also heard about Zeus Corporation, but how could Han Zhan be Zeus Corporation’s CEO?

Impossible. Han Zhan came from an ordinary family background. He was in the military eight years ago. How could he have single-handedly established a business empire in just eight short years?!

Du Xueyan refused to believe it.

She asked Tong Xin, “Do you know who Zeus Corporation’s boss is?”

“Sister Xue, don’t you look at Weibo?” Tong Xin told Du Xueyan. “Recently, the news about Zeus Corporation’s CEO has been trending on Weibo. Zeus Corporation’s boss is a man called Han Zhan. On the night of the 28th of December, Wangdong City hosted the Spring Festival Gala. Zeus Corporation’s CEO Han Zhan, Chuandong Group’s CEO Cheng Yanmo, as well as the Young Master of Wonderful Pharmaceutical Group, Jiang Guchuan, performed a recital performance together. That’s how his identity got exposed.”

“I remember that this incident was posted all over Weibo. Sister Xue, didn’t you see it?”

On the night of 28th December…

Du Xueyan remembered. As she was going to attend the Spring Festival Gala, Du Xueyan had returned home early on the 28th of December to visit her father. That night, she chatted with her father for a long time. The next day, she went to visit her mother’s grave with her father and didn’t check Weibo.

]As a result, Du Xueyan had perfectly missed out on the big news.

“I didn’t look at Weibo those few days.” Du Xueyan’s heart was in turmoil. She still felt that this was a dream, a ridiculous joke, and was unwilling to admit that Han Zhan was Zeus Corporation’s boss.

Du Xueyan opened the QQ app that she had not used in a long time. She logged in while invisible.

After logging in, Du Xueyan entered the high school class group. Ever since WeChat became popular, there were fewer people using QQ and almost no one appeared in the class group for the entire year.

However, when Du Xueyan opened the class group chat this time, she saw a 99+notification.

She scrolled to the top page and saw that at about 11pm on the 28th of December, the publicity committee member who had the nickname “Big Horn” was the first to appear in the group chat.

Big Horn: [Damn! What did I just see!]

Big Horn: [Video.]

Big Horn: [Isn’t this our classmate Han Zhan! He is Zeus Corporation’s CEO?]

Big [email protected] All members.

Big Horn: [Shocking news, everyone. Let me tell you something major. Our high school classmate, Han Zhan, that tall, handsome, blue-eyed Han Zhan, is actually the CEO of Zeus Corporation! I am at the party site and there is a video as a witness. Everyone, look!]

Shortly after, a second student appeared. Then a third, a fourth…

Towards the end, everyone started chatting away.

Although Du Xueyan had never logged out of the class group chat, she had never appeared or logged into this account. As a result, the students thought that Du Xueyan had already logged out of her QQ account. Meanwhile, Han Zhan had never logged into the QQ group at all. These people started chatting without restraint in the group chat —

Classmate A: [If Han Zhan is Zeus Corporation’s CEO, then… please tell me how traumatized Du Xueyan is!]

Classmate B: [No way. I remember Han Zhan and Song Ci got married. Does Song Ci know? Wangdong City’s top socialite? I saw her at a cocktail party. She was tall and beautiful, so fair that she glowed. She was even more beautiful than Du Xueyan.]

Classmate C: [I will quietly expose something. Everyone might not know, but when Du Xueyan broke up with Han Zhan, he was seriously injured and lost two fingers. It was said that he was still lying in bed. Du Xueyan took the initiative to break up with him.]

Classmate C added: [At that time, everyone felt that Han Zhan wasn’t worthy of Du Xueyan. But who would have thought that Han Zhan would be astonishing the moment he made his move! With just a casual wave of his hand, he was a king!]

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