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Chapter 204: Zeus International’s Lady Boss

From left to right of the stage stood Jiang Guchuan, Cheng Yanmo, Han Zhan, and Yan Jiang. Their positions determined the order of their recital.

Jiang Guchuan was a very elegant young man who exuded a scholarly aura. His light blue suit made him look young and handsome. The microphone magnified his gentle, good voice as he recited the eulogy beautifully.

The second person to recite was Cheng Yanmo. Under those silver-framed glasses, Cheng Yanmo looked like a low-profile and reserved person. Unlike Jiang Guchuan’s gentle voice, Cheng Yanmo’s voice was very cold, like cool spring water dripping on smooth stone, sonorous and cold.

But tonight, Cheng Yanmo wasn’t the focus of everyone’s attention. The person that everyone was really focused on was the man standing at the third position. That man was nearly 1.9 meters tall and even with a white handmade sweater, he didn’t seem to be able to conceal his dominance.

After being discharged from the military for so many years, Han Zhan was still used to having a buzz cut. Under that buzz cut, his brows were high and sharp. Han Zhan had a pair of thick, black, straight brows. From afar, he looked very sharp, but he also had a pair of gentle blue eyes that were deep and tender when gazing into the camera.

In terms of facial features and looks, the four people on stage all had their own style. But in the profile captured by the camera, Han Zhan’s facial lines had a three-dimensional feel to them, which made him appear even more imposing.

“It’s late at night. Listen, which family’s child is crying for their mother…” Han Zhan’s voice was deep and magnetic. The moment he spoke, a young girl excitedly covered her ears and thought to herself: My ears are getting pregnant.

If her ears could get pregnant, Song Ci would have already given birth to a football team for Han Zhan.

They had only heard Han Zhan’s focused recital. Only she had heard him lean on her back in the dark of the night, sighing in satisfaction. Only she had heard his sobbing voice.

Six minutes later, the four handsome men got off the stage in a low-profile manner. The audience was still whispering about Han Zhan’s identity, looks, and voice.

The party ended at 12.15am.

Song Ci waited for everyone else to leave, before standing up with her bag.

Turning around, Song Ci saw Han Zhan standing at the entrance. He was still wearing the panda sweater that she had knitted herself. When he looked at her, his eyes were gentle. After making a mistake, Han Zhan didn’t even dare to look straight at Song Ci.

He wanted to approach her but didn’t have the courage to do so.

Song Ci lifted the sides of her dress and walked up to Han Zhan. She was wearing high heels, but still had to tilt her head slightly to look straight into Han Zhan’s eyes.

Song Ci said, “After tonight, everyone will know who you are.”

Han Zhan stared at Song Ci’s red lips and seductive eyes. He said, “No matter who I am, I am still your husband.” He carefully reached out his right hand and gently grabbed Song Ci’s left hand with his leather glove.

Song Ci could shake off Han Zhan’s left hand expressionlessly, but she would never be able to bear to do so.

Han Zhan knew very well how much Song Ci loved him. He tried to get close to Song Ci, lowered his head slightly, leaned close to her ear, and said in a low voice, “Baby Ci, the floor of the study is so hard. Tonight, I want to go back to my room to sleep.”

No one knew that the grand and domineering CEO Han was sleeping on the study floor every night.

After a few days of cold war, Song Ci’s anger had mostly subsided. She said, “You can sleep in the bed, but don’t sleep with me.”

Han Zhan raised his brows, slightly disappointed, but quickly pulled himself together. “Okay!”

The two of them held hands and walked out. Just as they were about to reach the exit, Han Zhan pulled Song Ci to basement one. “There might be reporters outside. Let’s go to the underground carpark.” Han Zhan’s performance tonight was equivalent to announcing his identity to everyone.

Everyone could tell that Zeus Corporation was about to surpass Chuan Dong International and become the top corporation in the country. Meanwhile, Han Zhan was the center of attention. Many media outlets were mobilized tonight to interview Han Zhan.

The two of them arrived at the underground carpark and got into Liang Bo’s car.

Liang Bo had already received the news that Mr. Han was taking his car to avoid the reporters.

After Han Zhan and Song Ci boarded the car, Liang Bo immediately passed the message he had just received to Han Zhan. “Mr. Han, look at this photo. There is indeed a group of reporters blocking the door.”

Han Zhan casually glanced at Liang Bo’s cell phone. That photo should have been taken by Liang Bo’s manager. There were indeed more than 10 armed reporters crowded at the exit.

Song Ci said, “That was close. Luckily we went to the basement.”

“Let’s go.”

Liang Bo was sitting in the passenger seat and his assistant was in charge of driving. Han Zhan’s eyes scanned Song Ci and Liang Bo repeatedly, but neither of them noticed Han Zhan’s expression, as one was browsing Weibo and the other was dozing off.

“Liang Bo.”

The boy who was browsing Weibo suddenly heard Han Zhan call him. He turned and looked at Han Zhan, his curly hair covering his sparkling eyes. “Mr. Han, what instructions do you have?”

Han Zhan turned to look at Song Ci who was already asleep and asked softly, “Mr. Liang, our Song Ci is very beautiful, right?” His voice sounded very soft and gentle, but his gray-blue eyes seemed to be covered in a layer of ice.

Liang Bo was no longer that dumbass from before. Han Zhan’s words sounded off, but he understood what Han Zhan meant. Liang Bo had a strong will to live. He nodded and said, “Of course Mrs. Han is good-looking. She really matches Mr. Han very well.”

Seeing that Liang Bo understood his hint, Han Zhan’s expression didn’t look so gloomy anymore and turned slightly brighter.

“Since you know she is Mrs. Han, you should know how to avoid gossip in private.” God knew how frustrated he felt when he saw Song Ci and Liang Bo leaning their heads against each other and smiling radiantly in Bei Zhan’s photo.

Liang Bo immediately thought of the photo they took this afternoon. He hurriedly raised his right hand and swore. “Mr. Han, don’t worry. I will definitely avoid arousing suspicion in the future!”

[“Mmm.” Han Zhan didn’t speak further.

The journey was uneventful. When they arrived at the entrance of Han Zhan’s estate, Liang Bo’s assistant parked the car.

Han Zhan alighted and stood beside the car to put on Yu Han’s windbreaker. He then went to the other side and opened the door for Song Ci.

Han Zhan bent over, picked up Song Ci’s evening bag, stuffed that small and exquisite bag into the pocket of his wide windbreaker, and gently hugged Song Ci in his arms as they got out of the car.

Liang Bo watched as Han Zhan carried Song Ci away. He said, “Heng Heng, why do you think this man is so scary?”

The assistant rubbed Heng Heng’s arms and said, “Bo-er, the muscles on my arms are all tensed up when I drove the whole way. This Mr. Han is so scary, but he doesn’t look like a scary person at all.”

Liang Bo shook his head. “What do you know? This is called aura. What is aura? It can kill without leaving a trace!”

Heng Heng hurriedly started the car and left this troublesome place.

“Mr. Han, you’re back so late?” The security guard recognized Han Zhan and saw that he was carrying someone and couldn’t open the door easily, so he took the initiative to open the door for Han Zhan.

Han Zhan nodded and thanked the security officer, before carrying Song Ci back to their villa. Song Ci was in a deep sleep and didn’t wake up at all on the way home. Han Zhan had no choice but to wake her up at the door because he had to open it.

Song Ci woke up the moment Han Zhan placed her on the ground. She stood with her back against the wall, wearing a long black windbreaker. Her lazing hair and gorgeous red lips exuded a sense of “lust”.

Han Zhan stared at Song Ci for a while, before taking out his keys to open the door.

Han Zhan suddenly said, “Let’s change to another one. This kind of lock is still not convenient.”

Song Ci lifted her head lazily and glanced sideways at Han Zhan. She then looked down again, as if she didn’t want to acknowledge him and even glanced at him with disdain.

Han Zhan opened the door and turned on the lights before gesturing for Song Ci to enter.

Song Ci entered the house holding her dress. Her high heels made thuds on the floor.

She didn’t change her shoes and the soles weren’t dirty, so she just entered the living room.

Han Zhan changed his shoes and looked up to see Song Ci standing in the middle of the living room removing her jacket.

The black jacket slid off her fair shoulders and the hem of the jacket fell to the ground. She lifted her head slightly and let her long hair fall behind her shoulders. Under the light, Song Ci’s skin was so fair that it glowed. Han Zhan stared at her and couldn’t help but swallow several times.

He looked down and hid his lustful eyes, afraid of scaring Song Ci.

Han Zhan bent down to pick up Song Ci’s jacket. He looked up and saw Song Ci staring at him with narrowed eyes. Han Zhan asked her, “Why are you looking at me like that?”

Song Ci suddenly said, “Han Zhan.”

She lifted her head slightly and leaned close to Han Zhan’s face. Her breath landed on Han Zhan’s ear and it felt slightly itchy. Song Ci said, “Have you ever thought that if we break up one day, not only will I have dinner with Liang Bo, I might also have dinner with Zhang Bo and Li Bo. Not only will we have dinner together, we will also kiss and…” Before she could finish her sentence, Han Zhan grabbed her throat with his left hand.

That hand was grabbing Song Ci’s fair and slender throat. Just a little bit of strength and it would break.

Han Zhan placed his thumb on Song Ci’s chin and lifted her throat with his left hand. Song Ci was forced to look up at Han Zhan.

Han Zhan’s eyes had turned red at some point. He suddenly lowered his head and bit Song Ci. His actions were rough and his eyes were mischievous and stubborn.

Song Ci stumbled backwards as Han Zhan pushed her. She leaned against the cold wall of the television.

Song Ci saw a wolf-like ferocity in Han Zhan’s eyes.

Han Zhan lifted her legs and placed them on his lap.

Song Ci’s heart turned cold.

She thought that if Han Zhan continued, she would never forgive him again. Just when Song Ci thought that Han Zhan would lose control completely, he suddenly stopped.

Holding Song Ci’s face with both hands, Han Zhan’s thick left thumb pressed against the side of Song Ci’s eyes. He lowered his head and leaned against Song Ci’s forehead. Han Zhan apologized humbly. “Song Ci, I apologize. I shouldn’t have lied to you. I shouldn’t be so despicable. You’re right. Regardless of whether it’s loving someone or using someone, I should be honest.”

“Brother Han has disappointed you. I’m sorry.”

That “Brother Han has disappointed you” hit Song Ci’s heart.

Tears suddenly streamed down Song Ci’s face.

“Han Zhan, do you know how good you are to me? I always thought that if there really was an angel in this world, that angel would definitely be the Han Zhan in my heart.”

“When I knew of your despicable thoughts, the angel in my heart collapsed. Han Zhan, I admire you so much, how can you be so evil? You can clearly use me, but how can you be a man if you deceive my feelings!” Han Zhan really disappointed Song Ci.

Song Ci’s words were like a hammer, pinning Han Zhan to the sofa, unable to move.

His mind went blank.

She said she treated him like an angel.

But he personally destroyed that angel.

“Han Zhan!” Song Ci grabbed the lapels of Han Zhan’s sweater, buried her head in his arms, and cried. “Han Zhan, can you return my angel to me?”

Hearing this, Han Zhan’s heart nearly broke.

“I’m sorry, Baby Ci. I’m sorry. I was blinded by evil intentions. I swear I won’t lie to you again.” Han Zhan carried Song Ci to the sofa and sat down. He hugged her like he was carrying a child. “Can you forgive this despicable me? Just give me this one chance, alright?”

Song Ci remained silent and upset in his arms.

That night, Song Ci allowed Han Zhan to return to his room to sleep. Lying on the familiar bed that was filled with Song Ci’s scent, Han Zhan’s tense nerves finally relaxed.

Han Zhan quickly fell asleep beside Song Ci.

The next morning, Han Zhan woke up for his morning workout and was about to go to work when his cell phone suddenly rang. It was a message.

A subordinate would never send Han Zhan a message. If there was anything to report, he would just call and say it directly. Han Zhan opened the message box and saw that the message was from Song Ci. He looked up at the second floor in shock. Song Ci might still be sleeping in her room and he didn’t see her.

Han Zhan opened the message box and saw Song Ci: [Whether I will forgive you depends on your performance.]

Han Zhan’s brows instantly curved.

He went to the door of the master bedroom and knocked. Inside, Song Ci didn’t make a sound, but Han Zhan knew that she was awake. He told her, “I am going to work now and shouldn’t be working overtime tonight. I cooked codfish and seaweed dumplings. Hurry up and eat them.”

After Han Zhan left, Song Ci hurriedly opened the door and went downstairs.

There was indeed a bowl of dumplings on the kitchen stove. Song Ci carried the dumplings to the dining room and browsed Weibo as she ate.

As expected, # Zeus International CEO Han Zhan had already become the hottest topic on Weibo. Song Ci’s private message had exploded, and her fans and non-fans had all left messages asking her about the relationship between Han Zhan and Zeus International.

Song Ci couldn’t even be bothered to explain. After thinking for a moment, she changed the introduction to her Weibo account. Originally, Song Ci’s biography was: Fashion Guru, a consultant for Murphy’s Style magazine.

At 8am on the 28th of December, all the netizens who followed Song Ci discovered that she had updated her profile on Weibo with only nine words:

Zeus International’s Lady Boss, Song Ci.

Those words were worth hundreds of millions.

On this day, Song Ci’s WeChat messages were being bombarded by her friends. Feeling that it was too noisy, she tossed her cell phone aside and stayed home to watch television the entire day.

It was almost noon when someone suddenly knocked on the door.

Song Ci peeked through the peephole and saw that it was Uncle Zhong. She hurriedly opened the door. “Uncle Zhong, it’s you?” She invited Zhong Buhui into the house and poured him some hot tea.

“Uncle Zhong, why are you here today?”

Zhong Buhui told Song Ci, “It’s like this, Song Ci. My son bought a new house two years ago and just moved into a new house this year. He brought me over to spend the new year with him. I haven’t spent the new year with him for several years already. He just moved into a new house, so I want to spend the new year with him.”

“That’s a good thing!” Since Uncle Zhong was going to spend the new year at his son’s place, Grandpa would be alone. Song Ci understood Zhong Buhui’s intentions. Without waiting for Zhong Buhui to tell her the reason, Song Ci said, “Uncle Zhong, don’t worry. Don’t worry about Grandpa. Brother Han and I are going to spend the new year at the villa.”

Zhong Buhui knew that Song Ci was an intelligent and good girl. Hearing her words, Zhong Buhui’s smile widened.

“That’s great. Old Master originally wanted to invite you guys over for the new year, but was afraid that you youngsters would have your own plans, so he didn’t call. But he bought meat early and specially reserved a small room for you to smoke bacon and sausages. You are in for a treat this year!”

Song Ci thought of how passionate Han Aoyu was when he fed her and felt slightly worried about her weight in the future.

After sending Zhong Buhui off, the part-time helper also arrived on time to clean up the place.

It was almost the new year and today was the last major cleanup before the new year. They had to go to the old town to welcome newbies and clean up the dirt. As workload was rather heavy today, the part-time helper brought her high school daughter along to help out.

Song Ci couldn’t just sit there. She also put on a face mask and took a vacuum cleaner to clean up the mess. The cleaning took two hours. It was hard to imagine that a house that was cleaned every three days could actually be so dirty.

Song Ci took off her face mask and washed her hands. She called out to the auntie and her daughter who were preparing to leave. “Auntie Shu, wait a moment. I will prepare some fruit for you two. You can bring it back for your family to eat.”

The auntie and Song Ci were old friends. Knowing that Song Ci was kind and polite, Auntie Shu agreed.

They would be returning to the villa in the afternoon the day after tomorrow. There were still many fruits in the fridge. Song Ci didn’t want to waste them and gave them to Auntie Shu.

“Here, Auntie Shu.”

Auntie Shu was shocked. “So many?”

“Not much. We are going to visit Grandpa for the new year this year. We have a lot of fruits at home and can’t finish them all. Auntie Shu, take them back and don’t waste them.”

Hearing Song Ci’s words, Auntie Shu didn’t continue to refuse.

Song Ci took out another red packet from her bag and gave it to Auntie Zhong’s daughter. “You’re called Xiao Lan, right? It’s almost the new year and I’ve prepared a red packet for you. Take it. I hope you can take the college entrance examination next year and get into a good university.”

Xiaolan was slightly shocked. She didn’t take the red packet but turned to look at Auntie Shu. Seeing that her mother nodded, Xiaolan accepted the red packet, thanked Song Ci, and left with her mother.

Song Ci leaned against the door and watched as Auntie Shu and Xiao Lan left together. She suddenly thought of Du Tingting. Du Tingting had also given her a big red packet on her first year at the Mu Family residence.

Song Ci’s heart ached at the thought of Du Tingting. She really wanted to pay her respects to Du Tingting, but she didn’t even have a tombstone after her death.

Zeus Corporation only went on holiday on the 29th of December. Han Zhan turned off the lights in his office and walked down the stairs. Song Ci was waiting for him at the entrance of the building. Han Zhan didn’t go to the underground carpark but walked out of the main hall on the first level.

As he walked out of the lift lobby, all the employees stopped in their tracks and nodded respectfully at him. “Happy New Year, CEO Han.”

“CEO Han, you’ve knocked off? Happy New Year!”

“CEO Han, Happy New Year!”

Han Zhan was still not used to being called CEO Han by so many people all of a sudden, but he kept a straight face and looked calm and domineering. “Mmm, Happy New Year.” He quickened his pace and walked towards the exit of the company.

There was no need to search intentionally, as Han Zhan immediately saw Song Ci.

Song Ci was wearing a white blouse paired with a black line skirt and a dark purple windbreaker. Her figure was graceful and sexy.

She was wearing aviator shades and standing under the sunlight with her long legs crossed elegantly. Her 8cm high heels accentuated her long, slender legs. Song Ci was leaning against a red McLaren sports car, as beautiful as a movie star.

Seeing that Han Zhan had come down, Song Ci took off her aviator glasses and patted them on her palms. She lifted her chin slightly and looked at Han Zhan. She asked him, “How is it? Do I have the aura of Zeus International’s lady boss?” In order to enhance her aura, she even specially took out her mysterious aviator shades.

In front of Song Ci, CEO Han couldn’t help feeling amused.

He walked over to Song Ci, reached out his index finger, hooked away Song Ci’s sunglasses, and put them on again. Staring at that beautiful porcelain-white face in his palm, Han Zhan suddenly bent down and kissed Song Ci on the lips.

Knowing that Song Ci had put on lipstick, Han Zhan kissed her very gently. “Lady boss, you’re so beautiful today.”

The lady boss blushed slightly after being kissed by the boss. Rubbing the sports car behind her, Song Ci gazed at the clear blue sky, cleared her throat, and said, “Well, the car is not bad. I like it.”

Han Zhan said, “I specially chose it for you. How can the lady boss not have a standard sports car? The car plate is SC811. It’s Song Ci and Song Ci’s birthday.”

Song Ci couldn’t help pursing her lips into a smile. “Not bad, quite easy to remember.” Her heart was already blooming with joy, but she still maintained a calm expression.

“As long as you remember it well.” Han Zhan asked Song Ci, “Who will drive?”

Song Ci said, “I drove over. You can drive back.”


The sports car was a two-seater. Han Zhan opened the door and was about to get into the car when he realized that a pair of flat sports shoes was placed at the foot of the driver’s seat. He imagined Song Ci parking the car under the Imperial Dragon Building, hiding in the car, taking off her sports shoes and changing into high heels. A hint of a smile appeared in Han Zhan’s eyes.

“It’s not safe to drive in heels. Just leave your sports shoes in the car. Remember to change your shoes when driving in the future.” Han Zhan stroked Song Ci’s soft black hair and couldn’t help praising her. “Baby Ci is so obedient.”

Song Ci slapped Han Zhan’s hand away.

It was said that after a fight, a married couple’s relationship would improve. Song Ci could feel that Han Zhan seemed to dote on her even more than before. Whenever Song Ci took a second look at anything in the supermarket, Han Zhan would directly put it into the cart.

In the end, they bought items that filled three trolleys and the staff even had to help them bring the items to the basement. The container for the sports car was too small and couldn’t hold them all. In the end, Han Zhan called for an online taxi and specially got the driver to bring the items home.

At night, Song Ci specially went downstairs and gave Jiang Bi some fruits and chocolates. She felt that girls should all like this. Jiang Bi accepted the gift and the next morning, Song Ci opened the door to see a box of… lots of yummy foods.

Four words were written on the package:

Thank you.

Jiang Bi.

Song Ci raised her brows. My neighbor is rather adorable.

Yakult was a good drink, cheap and tasty.

Song Ci brought the items into the house. She opened a can of Yakult and had just finished half of it, when Han Zhan reached out and snatched it away. “Why are you drinking something cold in the winter?” Han Zhan threw the items into the dustbin. After a while, he walked over with a cup of warm water and stuffed it into Song Ci’s hand.

Song Ci didn’t retort and just drank the bland warm water.

Song Ci had not had warm water for a few days and actually missed this taste a lot.

After breakfast, Han Zhan called Song Ci into the study. Before entering, Song Ci imagined many scenarios. She thought Han Zhan was going to give her a red packet for the new year or a New Year present. But when they arrived at the study, Han Zhan only handed her a piece of ink.

“Baby Ci, do you know how to grind ink?”

Song Ci’s smile froze as she held that piece of ink. “Grind ink?”


Song Ci replied, “Yes.”

Song Ci stood by the table and started to grind the ink. Han Zhan spread out a piece of red paper, took out a brush, took off his glove on his right hand, took off his prosthetic fingers, and pinched the brush with his thumb and ring finger. He dabbed the tip of the brush in ink and wrote a sentence on the red paper:

Peace and prosperity everywhere.

Song Ci’s eyes lit up. “Brother Han’s handwriting is so good.”

Han Zhan said, “My grandmother hired a teacher to teach me.”

“Brother Han’s teacher must be a great scholar.”

]”Mmm, Master Cheng An is my calligraphy teacher.”

“I know Master Cheng An. His calligraphy skills are indeed very good. I remember that five years ago, his calligraphy book was auctioned off for a high price of three million yuan.”


“It’s a pity that Old Master has already passed away and I didn’t have the fortune to meet him.” Song Ci was very good at writing with a fountain pen, especially with its slim golden body, but she was not good at calligraphy.

“Teacher left very peacefully. When one is old, one will eventually have to leave.” Han Zhan was very open-minded. He told Song Ci, “There’s a calligraphy expert beside you. If you want to learn, I can teach you.”

“Don’t.” Song Ci gave a cheeky smile. “I’m afraid that I’ll overtake you.”

“That will depend on your capabilities.”

As he spoke, Han Zhan placed the couplet aside and placed it on a rack to dry. He then wrote on another piece of paper, “May the weather be pleasant”.

Before writing the header, Han Zhan asked Song Ci, “What should I write in the header?”

Song Ci smiled faintly. “What else could it be? The country is prosperous and the people are safe.”

“Mmm, you have the most glib tongue. I’ll listen to you.”

Han Zhan wrote down the words “safe and sound” before putting down the brush. He started to put on his prosthetic fingers and said, “Baby Ci, I’ll leave our couplets to you. Take this pair to the villa halfway up the hill later.”


Song Ci was not good at writing but she knew how to do it. Han Zhan stood aside and saw Song Ci writing on the first half:

Mountains are good, water is fine and wives are excellent.

He raised his brows but didn’t stop Song Ci from performing. He thought to himself that Song Ci’s handwriting looked rather decent.

On the later half, Song Ci wrote:

Have silver, have money and have treasures.

Overhead —

Song Ci knew how to give birth.

After reading it, Han Zhan applauded. “Well written!”

Song Ci copied Han Zhan and placed the couplets on the bookshelf, and found something to hang them up to dry.

After the couplets were completed, Song Ci eagerly pasted her own couplets on the door. She was so bold because she knew that no one else would see this house. If someone really came, Song Ci wouldn’t have pasted them on the door.

Without having lunch, she brought along the couplets and some daily necessities she had bought yesterday and went to the villa.

At the Cheng Family residence on the road, Song Ci gazed out the window at the Cheng Family. The Lunar New Year in the Cheng Family was very grand and very disciplined. Song Ci had spent five to six years in the Cheng Family and none of them were happy or relaxed.

Seeing that she was looking at the gates of the Cheng Family, Han Zhan freed up a hand to press down on Song Ci’s head, straightened her face, and made her look at the forest ahead. “Why are you looking at other people’s houses? Look at your own house.”

Song Ci stared at her villa and smiled.

The Old Master woke up very early. Although Zhong Buhui had gone to visit his son for the new year, the two guards were still by his side. The yard of the villa was clean and red lanterns were hung under the eaves.

]The moment Song Ci alighted from the car, she could smell the fragrance of food.

Hearing the sound of a car, Han Aoyu walked out of the house. He was wearing a green army coat and a winter hat. He looked no different from any old man in the village. Song Ci suspected that the Han Family operated a wholesale military coat factory, as Han Zhan also had several similar coats.

Han Aoyu saw Han Zhan and said to him, “I’ m just waiting for your couplet.”

“I brought it.”

Han Zhan and Song Ci pasted the couplets together. Han Aoyu stared at the words “the nation is prosperous and the people are safe” and his eyes became nostalgic. They had experienced many tumultuous times in their lives and “the nation is prosperous and the people are safe” was his lifelong dream.

Some people died during tumultuous times, some survived tumultuous times, but some dreamed of orchestrating a disaster during peaceful times. Only those who had lived a wandering life would know the value of peace.

Han Aoyu laughed out loud and patted Han Zhan’s shoulder. He said, “Zhanzhan, the people of your generation haven’t experienced our sufferings, but you must remember that everyone has a responsibility to rise and fall in this world! You are the high and mighty CEO today, but don’t forget that you came from the village and your grandfather is the son of a farmer.”

“You need to understand something even more. The fact that China produced the richest man in the world and that the richest man in the world came from China has a totally different meaning. If you don’t go into battle to protect the country, you should be a loyal supporter. If you bring the people to prosperity together, aren’t you also a devoted supporter?”

Han Zhan listened humbly. He could understand his grandfather’s good intentions. Staring at his grandfather’s aging face, Han Zhan’s heart softened. He told Han Aoyu, “Grandpa, don’t worry. I will always remember that I am Chinese.”

Han Aoyu looked at his grandson who was half a head taller than him and nodded in satisfaction.

“Ah, I still have pork trotters stewed in the pot. I’ll go take a look. Song Lass, you and Zhanzhan come and help too.”


Looking at her grandfather’s back view, Song Ci frowned. She said, “I heard from Uncle Zhong that Grandpa’s sleep quality has deteriorated a lot this month.” Once an old man started having insomnia, his health would be greatly affected.

Han Aoyu was already over 80 years old and his life was about to come to an end. What he said today was also giving his final words.

Zhong Buhui would regularly report to Han Zhan about the changes in Old Master’s daily life and daily living arrangements. How could Han Zhan not know that Grandpa’s health was no longer as good as before? “Let’s go and help him prepare the reunion meal.”


They had made a total of 12 dishes for this reunion dinner. Han Aoyu was a very particular old man. All the dishes he made were traditional Chinese New Year dishes. Song Ci stared at the table full of fish and meat, feeling very moved.

She poured herself a cup of coconut juice and half a glass of red wine for Han Aoyu. “Here, Grandpa. Song Ci wishes you a healthy year!”

Han Aoyu waved his hand. “And I am dying.” It was a taboo for an old man to say such things at the reunion dinner table, but Han Aoyu was an open-minded person. He pointed at Song Ci’s stomach and said, “I am looking forward to seeing your child this year!”

Song Ci was stunned and later smiled. “I will fight for it!”

Han Aoyu laughed out loud.

After the three of them had their reunion dinner, Han Aoyu gave Song Ci a set of car keys.

Song Ci was dumbstruck. She thought that Grandpa was going to send her a car as a New Year’s gift? As she thought so, she heard Han Aoyu say, “Lass Song, go and open the car. There’s a surprise.”

Song Ci carried a sense of anticipation as she ran to the garage to open the trunk of Old Master Han’s Aoyu Number 1. When she saw the contents of the trunk, Song Ci hurriedly called Han Zhan over.

“Brother Han, Brother Han, come quickly!”

Han Zhan thought that something had happened. He didn’t even change his shoes and just ran to the garage in his slippers. Seeing the fireworks in the trunk, Han Zhan felt somewhat helpless. “Just this?”

“How many years has it been since I last played? I haven’t had it since the city banned fireworks.”

Song Ci hurriedly asked Han Zhan to move the fireworks into the courtyard. They arranged them into a heart shape. Song Ci asked Han Zhan to draw the fuse. She held a lighter and walked up to light one.

Song Ci was very brave. She lit one and went for the second. Han Zhan watched fearfully from the side, afraid that Song Ci would be hurt by the fireworks. But Song Ci had always been lucky. She didn’t get hurt even when she lit all the fireworks.

Song Ci ran to Han Zhan’s side and watched the fireworks with him.

Han Aoyu stood behind the window of his room, staring at his grandchild and his granddaughter-in-law in the courtyard with a very loving expression. Finally, Zhanzhan also has someone to love and dote on—I can finally be at ease.

This was the first time Song Ci and Han Zhan stayed over at the villa. The bedsheets were all new and the house was very quiet. However, Song Ci was still not used to it. She had spoken to Han Zhan for a long time and was still wide awake even after midnight.

Han Zhan saw that Song Ci was in good spirits and asked her, “You don’t want to sleep?”

“I can’t fall asleep.”

Upon hearing this, Han Zhan suddenly turned over and pressed against her. “You said you wanted to have a daughter[1] today.”

Song Ci said, “Isn’t it good to have a daughter?”

“Not bad…” Han Zhan pressed a few times on Song Ci’s shoulder.” It’s quite cold. ”

On the morning of the first day of the new year, Song Ci got out of bed after a good night’s sleep. She went downstairs and saw Han Zhan sitting on a small wooden stool in the courtyard, holding a knife in his hand and chopping bamboo. Song Ci went over to take a look but didn’t see what Han Zhan was doing.

“What are you doing?”

Han Zhan said, “I have nothing to do and intend to make a crib.”

“You even know how to make a crib?”

“It shouldn’t be difficult.”

Han Zhan did as he said and spent the entire day on that thing. Song Ci had nothing to do, so she stayed in the study to read a book. She discovered that Han Zhan also used to read old Mr. Jin Yong’s books. Song Ci flipped open a book with eight pages in the sky and saw a slightly yellowed piece of paper covering the first page. It recorded Han Zhan’s personal views on this book.

Han Zhan wrote:

There was only one word to describe Duan Yu— jerk.

He was the most unfaithful man I had ever met. He loved every woman he met. My grandmother could kill a bunch of men like him with a shovel.

Song Ci couldn’t help laughing.

She didn’t expect Han Zhan to be so adorable when he was young. She had completely lost interest in the novels on the shelves and was instead interested in Han Zhan’s comments.

Song Ci read several books in a row and couldn’t stop laughing. In the end, her stomach hurt slightly.

After reading six to seven comments in a row, Song Ci took out another book. She opened it and was shocked by the photo inside. To be precise, it was the child’s eyes that scared Song Ci.

The child’s eyes were as malicious and cold as a venomous snake. Song Ci’s blood ran cold at his dark stare.

She took a deep breath before looking down at the child in the photo.

It was a little boy without a shirt. The little boy was sitting on the bed. His arms were covered in needle holes, like ants sticking to them. Some even had scars.

How much of a beast must he be to treat a child like this!

There were several photos below the photo, all of which showed the same main character. Each photo showed the main character with scars. Song Ci could vaguely guess this person’s identity and her heart ached terribly.

Below the photo was the patient’s information form. As it had been too long, there was a bug bite mark on the medical record.

Patient: Han Zhan.

Age: 6 +

Illness: Due to frequent injections of toxins, the patient is mentally unstable, has poor physical development, has suicidal masochistic tendencies, and is initially diagnosed with severe depression and autism…

Startled, Song Ci closed the medical record.

[1] Song Ci wrote ‘treasure’ in the couplet, which had the same character as precious daughter in Chinese

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