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Chapter 206: Han Zhan: I Think Song Ci is Good

After seeing Student C’s exposé, the other students all popped out: [Tsk tsk tsk, Du Xueyan abandoned Han Zhan in order to pursue fame and fortune. If she knew that Han Zhan had such capabilities now, Du Xueyan would be filled with regret.]

[When they were dating back then, someone predicted that they wouldn’t last long. It’s obvious that Du Xueyan was admitted to the music academy because of her beauty and will definitely become a celebrity in the future. At that time, Han Zhan came from an ordinary family background. It would be strange if they could make it to the end.]

[Come to think of it, Du Xueyan is indeed heartless to abandon Han Zhan when he is injured.]

Below, everyone was laughing at Du Xueyan.

People tended to guess the thoughts of others with the greatest maliciousness, especially when this “other person” was a beautiful woman with both fame and fortune.

After more than a hundred comments, someone finally posted a pertinent comment.

This spokesperson was called Li Zihuan and was a good friend of Du Xueyan from high school. They had maintained a good relationship in university, but as Du Xueyan went further and further away, their social circles changed and their friendship faded.

Li Zihuan said, [Although Du Xueyan abandoned Han Zhan when he was injured and this is indeed very despicable, it is also not wrong for Du Xueyan to pursue her dreams. A woman can only be carefree and at ease if she has a career and enough money. It is not a long-term solution to depend on a man. Some women are willing to be the soft and fragrant jade in a man’s arms, while others are willing to be their queen. Everyone, don’t mock Du Xueyan just because of Han Zhan’s glory and success. You can scold Du Xueyan for being heartless towards Han Zhan, but you should not mock a woman’s ambition to carve out a beautiful future.]

Du Xueyan’s cold heart warmed slightly at Li Zihuan’s words.

She secretly clicked on Li Zihuan’s QQ profile picture and wrote a sentence in the private chat: [Huanhuan, thank you for protecting me when everyone is hitting me when I am down.] After all, they were close friends for many years and even if they weren’t close anymore, the loyalty still stayed.

Li Zihuan was still awake.

Du Xueyan was about to log out of QQ when she saw Li Zihuan reply.

Li Zihuan: [It’s only right. Just take a look at their words and don’t take it to heart. Relationships are as common as water. They can’t wait to see you make a fool of yourself.]

Du Xueyan leaned back in her chair and asked Li Zihuan, [Why are you still awake?]

Li Zihuan: [The child was hungry just now and I’m breastfeeding her.]

Du Xueyan was shocked. [You already have a child? You are married? With whom?]

Li Zihuan: [Do you think I am the same as you, famous celebrity? I am 31 years old and many of my classmates have already given birth to their second child. I got a little princess last year and you also know the father…]

Du Xueyan was shocked. She asked: [Could it be Du Yinsheng?]

Li Zihuan: [I broke up with him after graduating from university. He wanted to gain a foothold in Wangdong City and married the daughter of a big company’s boss. By the time I found out, the girl was already pregnant with his daughter. Things were quite ugly when we broke up. Now that I think of myself back then, I feel so stupid.]

Du Xueyan was stunned by the change in Li Zihuan and Du Yinshen’s relationship.

In high school, Li Zihuan and Du Yinsheng were the most famous couple in school. Both of them were top students and both were good-looking. The fact that they were encouraging each other to attend Wangdong University was a beautiful story in high school.

Unexpectedly, despite thinking that they would get married after graduating from university, they ended up breaking up.

[Then your current husband is…]

Li Zihuan sent an embarrassed emoticon before sending Du Xueyan a photo.

Du Xueyan zoomed in on that photo and saw a man with bronzed skin, fierce eyes, and a strong figure carrying a baby girl. The contrast was adorable.

Du Xueyan felt that this person looked somewhat familiar. She thought carefully before remembering who he was.

Du Xueyan: [Could your husband be Zhou Meng?]

Zhou Meng was nicknamed Brother Black. He had a very good relationship with Han Zhan in high school. At that time, Brother Black had a crush on Li Zihuan and did many silly things for her.

Han Zhan had instigated Brother Black to confess to Li Zihuan several times. Brother Black didn’t dare, as he felt that Li Zihuan was a good girl with good grades and would definitely attend a good university in the future. A jerk like him wasn’t worthy of the other party.

Unexpectedly, Zhou Meng was the one who ended up marrying Li Zihuan.

Du Xueyan was deeply moved. She asked Li Zihuan: [Has Brother Black retired from the army?] Brother Black went to the military with Han Zhan, but they weren’t in the same army.

Li Zihuan: [He didn’t. He went to the military academy for advanced studies and was promoted to major last year. He is doing pretty well.]

Brother Hei has been promoted to major…

Du Xueyan couldn’t help thinking of Han Zhan. If Han Zhan hadn’t been discharged from the army due to injuries, he would definitely have achieved a higher position than Brother Black.

In her daze, Du Xueyan didn’t notice that Li Zihuan had sent another message.

Noticing that the red light had turned on, Tong Xin parked the car behind the pedestrian crossing. He looked at the time and said, “Sister Xue, we are reaching the hotel soon. Go to bed early tonight. I will pick you up at 9am tomorrow to visit your new home.”

Du Xueyan decided to return to China to develop her career, so her top priority now was to find a house.

“Mmm. Okay.”

Du Xueyan looked down at her cell phone and realized that Li Zihuan had sent her a message two minutes ago.

Li Zihuan: [Xueyan, I just want to ask you, back then… when you broke up with Han Zhan under those circumstances, have you ever regretted it?]

Du Xueyan’s fingers paused on the keyboard for a long while. In the end, she pretended not to see Li Zihuan’s message and logged out of QQ.

Returning to the hotel, Du Xueyan opened her laptop, logged into QQ, and entered her private photo album.

Du Xueyan saw that the screen was filled with photos of her and Han Zhan. She opened the first photo.

That was the photo she had secretly taken of Han Zhan. At that time, Han Zhan was already 1.83m tall, holding a ball, standing under the basketball hoop in a yellow uniform. Hearing her shout for him to turn back, he turned to look at her in a daze. After seeing Du Xueyan, a smile gradually appeared in Han Zhan’s cold eyes.

In her impression, the Han Zhan in his youth was actually a rather cold person. When he had someone by his side, he was also a cheerful and talkative youth. But whenever he was alone, there was always a sense of loneliness surrounding him.

The first time Du Xueyan met Han Zhan was in Year 1.

That day, Han Zhan stood on the side of the road beside the school and looked into the depths of the alley expressionlessly. Three or four hooligans were bullying a short-haired youth.

Du Xueyan was waiting for the bus at that time. Seeing Han Zhan’s indifferent manner, she thought to herself, This boy is so cold.

But what the boy did next overturned Du Xueyan’s original impression of him.

Han Zhan casually walked behind that group of people, threw aside his school bag, and kicked that group of gangsters to the ground. Han Zhan grabbed that short youth’s arm and forced him to fight back.

The short youth had been crying the entire time, but under Han Zhan’s pressure, he could only raise his fist and smash it into the hooligans’ faces. With Han Zhan at the side, those hooligans didn’t dare to fight back even if they were beaten up.

Perhaps having tasted the pleasure of retaliating, the youth who had been bullied all this while suddenly erupted with a shocking hatred. Like a mad man, he landed his punches and kicks on the hooligans.

As Du Xueyan approached the alley, she heard Han Zhan say to that youth, “Those who get beaten are all spineless. Don’t expect a savior to save you. Be your own savior. You won’t be bullied by others.”

Du Xueyan stood at the entrance of the alley in a daze. Han Zhan picked up his bag and walked out. As he brushed past her, he glanced at her very coldly.

In Han Zhan’s eyes, Du Xueyan was just a decoration on their first meeting.

Han Zhan was like a pool of ice, cold and indifferent.

That year, it was actually Du Xueyan who took the initiative to woo Han Zhan for their entire first year of school.

Han Zhan was a very difficult person to deal with. Du Xueyan had never met anyone harder to deal with than Han Zhan. She truly moved Han Zhan’s heart on a snowy night.

That night, Du Xueyan went to Han Zhan’s rented apartment outside the school with a basketball signed by Yao Ming.

At that time, Han Zhan refused to come down and Du Xueyan stood in the snow for three to four hours. The snow was very heavy that night and Du Xueyan was almost frozen solid. Only then did Han Zhan come down.

A tall, cold youth stood in front of her, stared at her frozen face, and asked, “Du Xueyan, why are you always bothering me?”

He thought of her ‘like’ as “clingy.”

Du Xueyan was very angry and aggrieved back then.

Hugging that ball, she threw a tantrum at Han Zhan for the first time. “Han Zhan, you don’t understand. I like you! I just like you. I didn’t commit any heinous crimes. Must you ignore me like this?”

“There’s nothing wrong with liking someone. If I could control my heart and not like you, would I be so cheap?”

Han Zhan stared at her for a long time before saying, “Du Xueyan, think it through. You were the one who provoked me. If you want to play with me and leave after you’re tired of me, I advise you to give up early…”

“I hate people who are trick others and are manipulative. They disgust me.”

Du Xueyan was determined not to give up. She thought that a moment of fondness would result in a lifetime of chasing. She smiled and told Han Zhan, “Han Zhan, I’m exceptionally good at pestering people. If I like you, I’ll pester you forever.”

That woman who said she would pester Han Zhan forever still chose to abandon him.

u Xueyan selected all the photos and moved the mouse to the ‘delete all’ button. She hesitated for a long time before finally closing the laptop. She laid down on the bed, covered her eyes with her arms, and cried bitterly.

The next morning, Han Zhan arrived at the office and bumped into Li Li in the garage.

The moment Li Li saw Han Zhan, he asked him, “Mr. Han, have you seen my ultrasound photos?” From the time they got married, Li Li had become a maniac.

Han Zhan knew that Li Li was doing this on purpose. He acknowledged without changing his expression. “Mmm, I saw it. It’s dark.”

Li Li’s lips twitched. He bent over and pressed the lift button.

Only after Han Zhan entered did Li Li follow closely behind. He grabbed the railing of the lift and told Han Zhan, “All ultrasound scans are like this. The child is still young, so you can’t see clearly. The next time we do a four-dimensional photo, you guys will be able to see my child.”

Han Zhan glanced at Li Li in a lukewarm manner. He said, “If you speak a few more words, I will send you to Europe. Let alone a four-dimensional photo, I will make you so busy that you won’t even be able to return home the day the child is born.”

Li Li looked indignant. “You are threatening me!”

Han Zhan sneered. “When you become my boss, you can also threaten me.”

“I…” Li Li said,” I’ll shut up. ”

Only then was Han Zhan satisfied.

In the morning, at the meeting, Bei Zhan mentioned Zeus Airlines’ new spokesperson.

“Mr. Yan Jiang has already retired from the entertainment circles and his contract with our company is about to expire. We have selected a few new spokespeople for his image. Mr. Han, would you like to take a look?”

Han Zhan reached out his hand to Bei Zhan.

Bei Zhan handed the candidate list to Han Zhan.

Knowing that Han Zhan didn’t know much about celebrities in the entertainment circles, Bei Zhan had someone write down every artist’s information clearly, including their dirts and glories.

Han Zhan flipped open the album and carefully read through the information of all the characters.

Bei Zhan saw that his expression was cold, as if he didn’t have anyone in mind. “Mr. Han, are you not satisfied?”

Han Zhan asked Bei Zhan, “Who is the suitable candidate in your hearts?”

“To be honest, we do have a suitable candidate.” Bei Zhan pointed at the artist album and said, “The artist on page three is our most suitable candidate.”

Han Zhan flipped to the third page and stared at the beautiful woman with long hair in the photo. He didn’t say anything.

Bei Zhan added. “Du Xueyan became famous seven years ago. Since then, her popularity has increased instead of decreasing. She won the most valuable Grammy Award once. Be it her talent or her looks, she is very suitable for being the spokesperson for our airline.”

These were all things that Bei Zhan liked about Du Xueyan.

Then, seeing that Han Zhan’s expression remained unchanged, Bei Zhan couldn’t guess what he was thinking. “What do you think, Mr. Han?”

“Du Xueyan can’t be it,” Han Zhan said.

Everyone was surprised upon hearing this.

Li Li beat Bei Zhan to it. “Du Xueyan is planning to join the film and television industry soon. I believe her popularity and influence will be greater. It is the best decision for us to use her.”

After hearing Li Li’s words, Han Zhan still didn’t change his decision. “Du Xueyan can’t make it, let’s change to someone else.” Thinking of someone, Han Zhan suddenly smiled and said, “I think Song Ci is quite good.”

All the interviewers were speechless.

The head of Zeus Airlines’ publicity department was also present today. Hearing this, he couldn’t help but say, “Mr. Han, we all admit that Madam is outstanding and beautiful. But Madam is not an artist after all. Her influence is not as great as that of the singer Du Xueyan. I hope you can consider this carefully, Mr. Han.”

At this moment, Han Zhan had become the King You of Zhou in the eyes of everyone.

Han Zhan suddenly asked, “Everyone knows Du Junfei, right?”

Everyone nodded. “I know. He’s Chinese director who won the Oscar Award for Best Director.” Anyone who paid attention to the entertainment circles would know that he was outstanding.

Han Zhan was satisfied that everyone knew of his outstanding name. He finally dropped a bomb.

“Song Ci will be acting as the female lead in Du Junfei’s new movie. She has already signed the contract and will be joining the filming crew in eight days.”

Although everyone was shocked, they didn’t doubt that Han Zhan was lying as he would not dramatize things.

In the end, it was Li Li who was bold enough to speak out everyone’s thoughts. “Are you planning to let Madam join the entertainment circle to play, Mr. Han?” He implied that he wanted to ask Han Zhan if he was the one who sponsored Song Ci’s role in Du Feijun’s movie.

Han Zhan sneered. “Don’t you guys know how stubborn Du Junfei is? For his movies, from a small side character to the main lead, if it isn’t someone he chose, he wouldn’t want them, even if they forced their way into his production team.”

Everyone remained silent when they heard this.

The news about Du Junfei being picky during filming had long spread.

Han Zhan added, “I also have a reason for recommending Song Ci as the spokesperson. Number one, Song Ci graduated from the Civil Aviation Flight University of China. She won the title of the prettiest school belle in four consecutive years and is quite well-known. Number two, she has a flight permit and is an official pilot of our company. Number three, she is very beautiful and is Zeus Corporation’s beautiful lady boss.”

Han Zhan knocked on the table and said, “Isn’t it a good publicity point for a beautiful young lady boss who can fly a plane and personally endorse her own airline?”

The head of the publicity department fell into deep thought. He was obviously moved.

Li Li and Bei Zhan exchanged glances and didn’t object.

They were convinced by Song Ci’s looks. They also acknowledged Song Ci’s professional capabilities. Everything that Han Zhan said made sense. Even if some people felt it was inappropriate, it was useless.

Zeus Corporation belonged to Han Zhan and his words carried weight. There was no point in objecting.

After the meeting, Li Li and Bei Zhan remained in the meeting room.

Bei Zhan looked at Han Zhan with a face full of understanding. He said, “You have something against that singer called Du Xueyan?” Others might not feel it, but Bei Zhan and Han Zhan were so familiar with each other that it was impossible for him not to notice how cold Han Zhan’s tone was when he spoke of Du Xueyan.

Li Li’s eyes turned gossipy. “Don’t tell me you two are old friends? The kind who were once in love.”

Bei Zhan glanced at Li Li.

Li Li shrugged. “A man wouldn’t hate a beautiful woman for no reason.”

Bei Zhan said, “You look very experienced. I wonder if sister-in-law knows how experienced you are.”

Li Li immediately shut up.

Han Zhan didn’t really want to talk about the past, but his two good friends were both looking at him intently, waiting for him to give an explanation. Only then did Han Zhan say, “Yes, she is my first girlfriend, the kind whom I loved and broke up badly with. I didn’t choose her as my spokesperson not because I still hate her, but…”

Thinking of Song Ci, Han Zhan’s cold expression became slightly gentler. “But my Zeus Airlines definitely can’t use my ex-girlfriend as our spokesperson. Where will my wife put her face then?”

Bei Zhan and Li Li were both stunned by this news.

Although they really wanted to get to the bottom of it, they also knew that Han Zhan wouldn’t tell them anything he didn’t want to say.

Han Zhan looked at his watch and suddenly said, “I’m resting in the afternoon, I’ll get going first.”

With that, he walked out.

Bei Zhan raised his voice. “Where are you going?”

Han Zhan waved his gloved right hand with his back facing them. “To fetch my wife.”


It was drizzling in the warm weather. Song Ci was wearing a dark purple jacket with her hair in a high ponytail. She was wearing sneakers and carrying a small luggage bag as she walked out of the airport. She saw Han Zhan at the entrance of the airport.

“Song Fei, Brother Jiang, Han Zhan is here to fetch me. I’ll get going first.” Song Ci bid Song Fei and Yan Jiang farewell, before dragging her luggage and walking briskly over to Han Zhan.

Han Zhan took the initiative to take her luggage and placed it in the boot.

Song Ci noticed that Han Zhan had changed into a black SUV. She recognized that this car was produced by the Rolls-Royce Corporation, Curinan. Song Ci was stunned. “Brother Han, this nasty black car is yours?”

Han Zhan was stunned by this adjective ‘nasty black’.

He stared at his own car, sinking into self-doubt.

“Why did you want to change cars?” Song Ci had known Han Zhan for so long. Han Zhan had always driven his Volvo, which was a low-profile Volkswagen model. He didn’t look like a CEO at all. Now that he had changed into a luxury car, Song Ci suddenly felt like she was married to a wealthy man.

Han Zhan was amused by Song Ci’s feigned shock. “Alright, stop teasing me.”

Song Ci sat in the car and touched here and there, as if she was suddenly overwhelmed by something. Han Zhan felt very helpless as he watched her touch everywhere. He really couldn’t stand it anymore and said, “Alright, save some strength. If you want to touch, go back and touch me.”

Long Yu was speechless.

Song Ci’s ears turned red and stopped touching anything.

The car stopped at the underground carpark and Long Yu left. Song Ci was still sitting in the car and refusing to leave. Han Zhan asked her, “You’re not getting off?”

Song Ci smiled shyly. “Brother Han, that…”

Han Zhan raised his brows. “What?”

Like a teenage girl in heat, Song Ci grabbed the zipper of her jacket and bit her lips. She said sheepishly, “Well, we’ve tried everywhere except in the car…”

She looked up and winked at Han Zhan. “Just give it a try.”

She looked as shy as she could, but her words were as unrestrained as they could get.

Han Zhan was amused by her manner.

“Let’s give it a try then.”

Forty minutes later, the two of them returned home. Song Ci felt uncomfortable and hurried into the bathroom to take a shower.

After coming out of the shower, Song Ci laid down on the bed and said listlessly, “I’m so tired. I want to sleep.”

The car was not as comfortable as she had imagined, but it was exciting.

After the excitement, Song Ci felt very tired and quickly fell asleep.

Han Zhan didn’t go to work in the afternoon. He laid down beside Song Ci and said, “I have something to tell you.”

“Mmm?” Song Ci played with the remaining three fingers on Han Zhan’s right hand and asked him, “What’s the matter?”

After a moment of silence, Han Zhan told Song Ci, “I want you to film a promotional video for Zeus Airlines.”

Song Ci’s eyes lit up. She hurriedly sat up and turned sideways to ask Han Zhan, “You want me to be your spokesperson?”


Song Ci stretched out her hands with her palms facing up. She asked Han Zhan, “How much is the endorsement fee?”

Han Zhan replied in all seriousness, “The endorsement fee will not be a single cent less. Back then, Yan Jiang’s endorsement fee was five million yuan for two years. Every year, he will film a promotional clip for the company and put up 10 publicity posters. Every year, he will fly alongside the plane once…”

Song Ci interrupted Han Zhan’s report. “I don’t want any of this.”

Han Zhan stopped.

He looked at Song Ci in confusion. “What do you want then?”

Song Ci smiled. “Just give me a kiss.”

Han Zhan was slightly stunned.

Song Ci bent her fingers and urged Han Zhan. “Hurry up, Brother Han, give me a kiss.”

Han Zhan smiled.


He lowered his head and kissed Song Ci’s palm.

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