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Chapter 198: Brother Han has Nothing Else but Money
“Song Ci, come in quickly!”

Hearing the assistant’s urging, Song Ci looked away and entered the interview room with her head held high.

Only after seeing Song Ci enter did Du Xueyan turn to Gu Shengyao beside her. “Was that look in her eyes just now a provocation?” Du Xueyan felt that it was unbelievable. In the past two years, very few people dared to be so arrogant in front of her.

There was a hint of amusement in Gu Shengyao’s eyes. “She is quite arrogant.” As expected of a young woman, it was cute to be slightly arrogant.

“At the end of the day, she’s still young and full of vigor. Doesn’t she know how to keep a low profile?” With that, Du Xueyan turned and left.

But Gu Shengyao knew exactly what Du Xueyan was thinking. He said, “You’re jealous of her.”

Du Xueyan felt that Gu Shengyao’s words were very ridiculous. I’m a female singer who has won Grammy’s recognition and all sorts of awards. How can I be jealous of Song Ci? “Tell me, what am I jealous of?”

Gu Shengyao’s voice sounded calmly from behind her. “You’re jealous of Song Ci’s youthful vigor and her unhesitating determination.” Du Xueyan couldn’t bring herself to disregard everyone’s disdain and mockery for marrying Han Zhan, but Song Ci could.

Du Xueyan suddenly stopped in her tracks. She turned and glared at Gu Shengyao. She scolded him angrily. “Gu Shengyao, you are so annoying.” She hated Gu Shengyao’s straightforwardness. There were some things that should be seen through but not exposed.

Gu Shengyao shrugged. “I was just speaking the truth.” Du Xueyan was distracted today, so he had to say something harsh to wake her up.

Du Xueyan was so angry that her neck felt slightly swollen. She glared fiercely at Gu Shengyao as if she had many things to say. But in the end, she didn’t say anything and just turned to leave.

I’m not jealous of Song Ci!

She’s just a little girl who is arrogant just because of her good looks. She’s still young and has never been beaten by society. She thought that possessing love meant possessing the entire world.

She’s just too young.

Song Ci, who was too young, stared in astonishment at the two people seated at the judges’ table.

On the left was a middle-aged man in a casual suit. He was the world-renowned movie director, Du Junfei. On the right was an old man with a European face. He had white hair and was dressed in an unruly manner. His hooked nose gave him an unapproachable aura.

After recognizing this old man, Song Ci’s heart skipped a beat.

Coleman Brightman, the world-renowned father of piano and the greatest musical miracle of the 20th century!

Coleman was born in 1950 in France. He was an autistic patient who refused to talk to anyone since a young age and locked himself in his own world, but this autistic patient was a piano genius. When he was 4 years old and saw a piano for the first time in a shopping mall, he started playing a soul-stirring melody on his own.

After discovering her child’s musical talent, Coleman’s mother sent him to learn how to play the piano. Coleman, who didn’t like to speak and couldn’t even count up to a hundred, shocked the entire world with his piano talent.

Two years ago, Coleman’s elderly mother died of cancer. Before her death, she entrusted the Hollywood gold-plated screenwriter Vichya with her diary, which she had written about Coleman’s daily life, to turn it into a movie. She hoped that they could turn it into a movie so that the world would know about the life of the legendary pianist Coleman.

Le Chi was a relic left behind by his mother for Coleman.

Rather than calling “Le Chi” a movie, it would be more accurate to call it a biography. Coleman was the main character.

Song Ci didn’t expect to see Coleman here and became even more nervous.

Song Ci had met Du Junfei when she was young. At that time, she called him Second Master Du. But after so many years, Song Ci wasn’t sure if Du Junfei still remembered her. She also didn’t want Du Junfei to misunderstand that she was trying to use connections to get in through the back door, so she obediently said, “Hello, Director Du.”

Du Junfei stared at her for a while before smiling. “Why? It has only been nine years and you already don’t recognize your Second Master?”

Song Ci smiled radiantly like a henchman, when she saw that Du Junfei was still treating her the same way she used to. “Second Master, it has been so many years since we last met. You are still as handsome as ever. How did you maintain your skin? I will learn from you later!”

Song Ci was lying through her teeth. She pretended not to see Du Junfei’s wrinkles.

Hearing this, warmth surfaced in Du Junfei’s eyes. “Oh you, you are still the same old smooth-tongued, shameless person.” Du Junfei felt that it was very rare. How could such a reticent Shen Yubei have such a glib disciple like Song Ci?

Song Ci shot a questioning look at Du Junfei. “Director Du, is this old man beside you Coleman?” Song Ci wasn’t sure if she had recognized the wrong person, so she spoke to Du Junfei in Chinese.

Du Junfei nodded and told Song Ci, “In this audition, Coleman will be the interviewer. Whether you can catch his eye will depend on your capabilities. So, don’t try to bribe your Second Master. It’s useless.”

Song Ci clicked her tongue and said, “Second Old Master, you are looking down on me. I am beautiful, kind, and talented. I will never bribe anyone.”

Du Junfei snorted.

As an autistic patient, Coleman rarely took the initiative to speak to others. Sometimes, when others spoke to him, he would act like he was in a trance and ignore them.

As a result, while Junfei and Song Ci were talking and smiling, Coleman was still staring at his watch in a daze, as if he was completely unmoved.

Song Ci kept her smile and said to Du Junfei, “Director Du, I am ready.”

The director nodded. He turned slightly and said a few words to Coleman. Coleman didn’t respond, but his light blue eyes looked at Song Ci. He stared at Song Ci’s figure and manner for a full two minutes, until Song Ci felt uneasy and uncomfortable all over. Only then did Coleman retract his gaze.

“Is the violin your favorite instrument?” Coleman spoke slowly but clearly.

Song Ci tried her best to speak slowly. “Yes, I love the violin very much. It is my lifelong pursuit.”

Coleman’s expression warmed slightly.

His posture was still very upright. He pointed at the violin in Song Ci’s hand and said to her, “Just play any song.”

This was for Song Ci to choose her own song.

Song Ci could choose any song that she was familiar with or play any famous song to please Coleman. Song Ci stared at his nervous posture for a while before finally taking action.

She lifted her violin, placed the bow on the strings, and played a popular tune —

“The Blinking Little Star Variation”.

With a cheerful tune playing, Coleman suddenly glanced at Song Ci and gradually relaxed in his seat. He even raised his right hand and tapped his fingers gently in the air, as if he was playing the piano.

As he increased the speed of his fingers, Song Ci also increased the rhythm. When he slowed down, Song Ci also slowed down. The two of them worked together just like that.

fter the performance, Song Ci put down her violin and smiled sweetly at Coleman.

Coleman stared at Song Ci’s smile. He was momentarily stunned before turning to look elsewhere. “How old are you?” Coleman asked the first question since meeting her.

Du Junfei glanced at Coleman in surprise. They had already interviewed five girls today and this was the first time he had asked about the interviewer’s age. Even the previous singer, Du Xueyan, had not received any response from him.

Song Ci thought it was a usual question and answered, “23 years old.”

Upon hearing this, a glint suddenly dimmed in Coleman’s eyes.

Coleman stared at his watch in a daze.

Autistic patients all behaved very strangely. They would suddenly become silent and sometimes even get angry and make a big fuss. People like Coleman, who would occasionally stare at an object in a daze, was already the best scenario.

Song Ci and Du Junfei didn’t disturb him.

Half a minute later, Coleman lifted his head and looked at her with a gaze that Song Ci couldn’t understand. He said, “Mike me smile[1].”

Hearing this request, Song Ci was slightly shocked and so was Du Junfei. The two of them exchanged glances. Only then did Junfei turn to Coleman. “Coleman, you should let her act according to the script instead.”

Coleman pretended not to hear him. He looked at Song Ci intently and said again, “Mike-meime, Please.”

Although she felt that this request was very strange, Coleman was the interviewer. Song Ci could only try her best to satisfy him.

How to make a patient with autism smile?

Just like how children liked candy and barbie dolls, Coleman also had his own likings.. He liked music, music that made people happy, and music that made them smile.

Song Ci played…

A lullaby!

When she was young, whenever their mother played a lullaby to put them to bed, even Song Fei would smile when she was asleep, let alone Song Ci.

Coleman was stunned by the sound of the lullaby. His body went limp as he leaned back against the chair and closed his eyes.

The image of a young girl surfaced in Colleman’s mind. She was wearing a red plaid skirt and carrying a violin. Her white leather shoes danced on the cobblestones like a fairy.

The corners of Colleman’s lips curled up as he thought of that girl. It was a faint smile, but it was filled with happiness.

After Song Ci finished her performance, the room instantly fell silent. After a while, Coleman opened his eyes and looked straight at Song Ci. He said, “Rain.” He turned and said to Du Fei, “It’s her.”

Song Ci was utterly confused.

Coleman got up and left the audition room with his personal butler. He didn’t intend to continue interviewing anyone else.

Song Ci and Du Junfei stared at each other. Worried that she might have misunderstood, Song Ci hurriedly asked Du Junfei, “Second Master, has Coleman chosen me?”

Du Junfei remained silent. He took a cigarette and started smoking it in front of Song Ci.

After taking a puff, Du Junfei suddenly cursed. “Damn, what kind of dog-shit luck is this!”

Song Ci was puzzled. “What’s the matter?”

Du Junfei said, “Initially, you guys were interviewing for the role of Coleman’s junior, but Rain…” Du Junfei held his cigarette and gazed at Song Ci through the smoke.” She’s his first love and is the true female lead in this movie. ”

Song Ci was shocked. She clearly remembered that there was no female lead in this movie!

Du Junfei shook his head and lamented that Song Ci was so lucky to have been possessed by a super-genius. “We have been preparing for this movie for a year but we have never been able to find an actress who fits the image of Rain in the eyes of Coleman. After discussion, we have unanimously decided to delete all of this character’s scenes. Anyway, Rain only appeared for a short one year in Coleman’s life and doesn’t have many scenes.”

“Because of you, Le Chi has a female lead.”

Du Junfei tilted his head and chewed on his cigarette. He spread his hands and congratulated Song Ci with a faint smile. “Congratulations, Song Ci. You have been Shen Yubei’s disciple your entire life. It is finally your turn to be my female lead.”

Song Ci was dumbstruck by this pleasant surprise.

She returned to the 22nd floor and stood at the door to the 2206th floor. She had forgotten to knock.

Han Zhan sensed that there was someone at the door. He opened the door and saw the dazed Song Ci. Without saying anything, he pulled her into his arms.

Placing Song Ci’s little head on his chest, Han Zhan patted Song Ci’s shoulder and comforted her. “It’s okay, you’re not a professional actor. It’s not embarrassing even if you’re not chosen. If you really want to act, I’ll go invest in a drama later. You can enjoy yourself there.”

Song Ci remained silent.

Thinking that Song Ci was too upset, Han Zhan racked his brains to think of a way to cheer her up. At this moment, Song Ci suddenly stomped her feet excitedly in his arms. “Brother Han!”

Song Ci broke free from Han Zhan’s embrace. Carrying the violin on her back, she walked in circles along the corridor, her skirt fluttering in the wind. She was both beautiful and maniacal.

Han Zhan thought to himself, Oh no, why is she so out of sorts?

Song Ci stopped and grinned at Han Zhan. She told him, “Brother Han, I’ve been chosen. I’m going to be the female lead in ‘Le Chi’!” Song Ci was so worked up that her face was flushed red.

At first, Han Zhan didn’t believe her words and thought that she was just imagining things. At this moment, Shen Yubei called.

Song Ci regained her composure and picked up the call. She turned on the speaker mode and Han Zhan heard Shen Yubei say, “I heard from Du Junfei that you’ve been selected by Coleman to be the female lead?”

Song Ci was slightly smug. She couldn’t help but wag her non-existent tail and boast to her teacher. “Teacher, did I make you proud? Please consider giving me a red packet.”

“You are already so old, why do you still need red packets!”

Shen Yubei hung up and turned to tell the butler. “Pack a big red packet and have it delivered to Song Ci’s house.”

“Alright, Sir.”

Only after hearing this news from Shen Yubei did Han Zhan finally believe that Song Ci had really been chosen by the crew of “Le Chi”.

Female lead?

Han Zhan’s eyes were slightly dark.

Du Xueyan had left me in order to pursue her singing career. What about Song Ci?

Song Ci didn’t notice Han Zhan’s uneasiness and pulled him into the room.

Walking into the room, Song Ci opened a bottle of red wine. “Let’s sneak a drink before I get pregnant.” She poured two glasses and gave one to Han Zhan.

Han Zhan asked calmly, “Are we still going ahead with our plan to make babies?”

“Of course we will continue!” Song Ci felt that Han Zhan’s question was strange and said, “Why not?”

Han Zhan said vaguely, “Be it marriage or pregnancy, it will affect a young and beautiful actress.”

Hearing this, Song Ci put down her glass solemnly.

“Wait for me to ask.” Saying so, Song Ci picked up her cell phone.

Han Zhan asked, “Ask what?”

Song Ci searched for the number on her cell phone as she explained to Han Zhan. “Many investors have requested that the female lead of the movie isn’t allowed to date, get married or have children, between the filming of the movie and the screening of the movie. I have to ask Second Old Master Gu about this. If this movie also has such a rule, then I should just reject it earlier.”

Upon hearing this, Han Zhan’s eyes lit up. “It’s okay. If his investor is really so domineering, I’ll invest in it.” Han Zhan didn’t have anything but money and could invest in a movie.

Song Ci felt more confident now.

She called Du Junfei and clarified her concerns. “Second Master, I am already married and am preparing for pregnancy. If the investor really has such requests, I will not be acting in this movie.”

Du Junfei knew that Song Ci was married. He told her, “They can’t care so much about my movie. The movie will officially start shooting in a month’s time. Your scenes will only start shooting in the spring. If everything goes smoothly, you will finish filming within a month. Even if you get pregnant this month, your tummy won’t show. Don’t worry.”

Song Ci was relieved to hear that.

“Oh yes, I will get my lawyer to prepare the contract as soon as possible. When you come over to sign the contract, bring the script back to familiarize yourself with it.”


After waiting for Du Junfei to hang up, Song Ci put down her phone and realized that Han Zhan’s expression was slightly strange, as if he was very touched. She still felt puzzled. “What’s the matter, Brother Han? Why are you looking at me like that?”

Han Zhan pulled Song Ci into his arms and said, “Actually, I’m not willing to let you film a movie. I’m afraid that after you’ve tasted the benefits of fame and fortune, you’ll want more. Gradually, I, Han Zhan, am nothing compared to those glories.”

Song Ci was shocked. “Why would you think that, Brother Han?”

Han Zhan also felt rather foolish. “Once bitten, twice shy. It’s probably because I’ve been abandoned before, so I’m scared.”

Song Ci realized that Han Zhan wasn’t very confident in his relationships probably not only because of Du Xueyan, but also because of his parents. When he was young, his father killed his mother in front of Han Zhan and planted a bomb in his heart, making him feel that relationships were not trustworthy.

This was a wound caused by his own family, so it was very difficult to heal.

“Brother Han, you’re both my lover and my family. To me, family is ultimately precious. I will never abandon my family.” Her parents and elder sister had taught her the importance of family. Even if she had to sacrifice wealth and status, Song Ci would never abandon her own family.

“I know you won’t.” Not everyone was like Du Xueyan. Not everyone was as ruthless as his father. There were more good people in this world than bad people.

]The next night, Du Junfei sent the contract to Song Ci.

Song Ci forwarded the contract to Han Zhan and asked him to get Manager Yan from the legal department to inspect it.

Since the founding of Zeus Corporation, all the major and minor operations of the company had been handled by the two Vice Presidents Bei Zhan and Li Li. Meanwhile, the real big boss had never appeared in public before.

The identity of the big boss was a mystery. All they knew was that the big boss’s office was on the top level. Apart from the top leaders, no one else had the right to enter.

Guessing who the real big boss was had already become the hottest topic of discussion among the company’s employees. Everyone had a vague idea of who the big boss was, but since the news hadn’t been verified, everyone pretended not to know.

Manager Yan from the legal department perked up when he suddenly received the contract from Han Zhan!

It’s coming! It’s coming!

The big boss had finally noticed me. It’s time for me to show my capabilities!

Manager Yan took out his greatest patience and professionalism. He read through the contract, found two things that needed to be amended, and sent it to Han Zhan.

After receiving the contract, Han Zhan opened it and read through it seriously. He felt that the other party was rather capable and managed to find all the details that he didn’t notice. He casually mentioned to Li Li, “The newly-appointed Manager Yan of the legal department is rather meticulous. Which school did he graduate from?”

Li Li would also take better care of someone who could be remembered by Han Zhan. Hearing this, Li Li said, “Manager Yan graduated from the University of Law. In the past, he was the boss of a law firm. But later on, because he took the initiative to defend a murderer, his reputation deteriorated and the business of the law firm deteriorated. In the end, he couldn’t make it and came to our company.”

“Oh?” Han Zhan asked curiously, “Why would he take the initiative to defend a murderer?”

Li Li’s expression was slightly complicated. He said, “The murderer is his mother. About 15 years ago, his mother murdered and dismembered his father. Three years ago, someone built a house and dug up a foundation. They discovered the body of the victim and reported it to the police. Later on, the police solved the case and Manager Yan’s mother was arrested and sentenced to death.”

“Manager Yan was brought up by his mother. He couldn’t bear to see his own mother sentenced to death, so he used the loophole of the law to try to reduce his mother’s sentence. In the end, she was sentenced to life imprisonment.”

“But this incident also attracted the attention of the rival law firm, so they purposely discredited Manager Yan. In the end, Manager Yan’s reputation became tarnished, and the law firm couldn’t be opened anymore. Bei Zhan then poached him over to our company.”

“Why? Are you going to promote him to be the head of the legal department?”

After thinking for a moment, Han Zhan shook his head and said, “We’ll observe first and decide later.”

“Mmm, okay.”

The company had a heater and Han Zhan felt hot. He took off his tie and even unbuttoned two buttons of his shirt.

Li Li noticed that there was a hickey near Han Zhan’s collarbone under his neck. He gave him a suggestive smile. “Mr. Han, your married life has been very intense recently.” As Li Li spoke, he pointed at his collarbone.

Han Zhan saw Li Li’s hint and realized something. He hurriedly got up, walked to the washroom, looked in the mirror, and found a hickey beside his collarbone.

On the night she met Du Xueyan, Song Ci acted like a maniac, threatening to leave a mark on Han Zhan and purposely left a hickey. Unexpectedly, it had been two days and still hadn’t faded.

Han Zhan hurriedly buttoned up his shirt before returning to the office. He took off his tie and put it on. After he was done, Li Li suddenly placed an invitation on Han Zhan’s desk.

Han Zhan looked down and was instantly stunned.

“Wedding? You and Su Beibei?” A wedding invitation was placed on Han Zhan’s table.


“Why are you in such a hurry?” Han Zhan was in disbelief. “How long have you two known each other?”

Li Li said, “The earlier we get married, the earlier we get to enjoy married life.”

Han Zhan felt that this sentence sounded strangely familiar.

Li Li kindly reminded Han Zhan. “The first sentence was something you said to me personally when you first cohabited with Ms. Song. Mr. Han, you have a good memory. You must remember it.”

Han Zhan was speechless.

In terms of haste, there really weren’t many couples who married as quickly as he and Song Ci.

Li Li smiled sheepishly. He said, “Actually, we were planning to get married next spring but suddenly decided to change the date to December. The main reason is because Beibei is pregnant. I am almost thirty and Beibei also wants this child, so we pushed the date forward by three months.”

Hearing that Su Beibei was pregnant, Han Zhan was thunderstruck.

“Pregnant?” Song Ci and I aren’t even pregnant and Su Beibei and Li Li were already pregnant?

Li Li nodded. “Yes. We went to the hospital two days ago for a check-up and the baby is fine. We intend to have her. My mother is overjoyed to know about this.”

“Mr. Han, remember to come to the wedding banquet.” Previously, he had always been stuffed with dog food by Han Zhan, while Li Li had always been snored by the sweetness. Thinking that in the future, Mr. Han’s children would have to call their own children elder brothers or elder sister, Li Li felt very proud and elated. When he left the office, his steps were full of dominance.

After Li Li left, Han Zhan picked up the invitation, took a photo, and sent it to Song Ci. He told her: [Su Beibei is pregnant.]

Song Ci had just sent the revised version of the contract to Du Junfei when she saw Han Zhan’s message.

Song Ci was shocked.

Su Beibei is pregnant?

Song Ci didn’t even look at the wedding invitation. She hurriedly sent a video to Su Beibei in order to verify this.

It was late at night and Su Beibei was still writing. There was only a small light in the room. She logged into WeChat and accepted the video call. Su Beibei got up and turned on the light before pouring herself a glass of warm water.

Su Beibei stood in her room and walked slowly. She said, “I’ve been sitting here for two hours and my butt is hurting.”

Song Ci stared at Su Beibei’s stomach enviously. “I heard from Li Li that you’re pregnant?”

Su Beibei nodded. “Yes, it has already been two months.”

Knowing that Song Ci and Han Zhan were also preparing for pregnancy, Su Beibei asked her, “There’s still no news of you and Han Zhan?”


Song Ci laid down on the bed and focused the camera on her face and chest. Song Ci’s pyjamas were slightly low-cut. As she laid there, the cleavage was very obvious. Su Beibei glanced at her and said, “Raise the shirt higher. Don’t let my child see any inappropriate images.”

Song Ci scolded her for being too troublesome but still tugged at her shirt.

“Beibei, I am not pregnant yet. Do you think there’s something wrong with Brother Han’s and my health?” Last month, during her fertile period, they had tried to make babies everyday but to no avail. Song Ci had been thinking about something recently.

Is there something wrong with one of them?

Su Beibei said, “I don’t think so. You’re young and should be very easily pregnant. Moreover, Han Zhan is only 32 years old and at his prime. There’s no such thing as pregnancy difficulties.”

“That might not be the case. What if my fallopian tube gets clogged?” It was not impossible.

“If you’re really worried, go and check.”

“Let me wait and see. If nothing happens in another two months, Brother Han and I will go for a fertility checkup.” Technology was very advanced now. If worst came to worst, they could also do a IVF.


“Oh yes, I am going to film a movie. It’s written by the golden scriptwriter in Hollywood and will be directed by Du Junfei, and I will be the female lead.” Although the movie would only last 30 minutes after editing, she was still be the female lead!

Su Beibei was slightly shocked. “You’re going to be the female lead?” Su Beibei was in disbelief. “What are you performing? Are you going to glare at me and act cute?” Apart from that, Su Beibei couldn’t imagine what else Song Ci could do.

Song Ci hung up angrily.

Du Junfei was going back to the United States tomorrow and had just moved back to the hotel from Shen Yubei’s house the day before.

Song Ci went to the hotel to look for him to sign the contract. She sat on a chaise longue in the hotel, no longer as arrogant and confident as before. She even looked like she had a lot on her mind. Knowing that she was purposely acting pitiful, Du Junfei said, “Alright, stop pretending. What else do you want to say?”

“Second Master!” Song Ci told Du Junfei her concerns. “Second Old Master, I know I am pretty and talented, but I have never acted in a movie before. Your production team and the main cast are both very strong. As a greenhorn with no acting experience, I am rather worried that I won’t know anything in front of the camera.”

Du Junfei chuckled. “With your shamelessness, what else can you not do in front of the cameras?”

Song Ci didn’t like hearing this. “No matter how thick-skinned I am, I will still be nervous when faced with several cameras.”

“Don’t worry, you just need to be beautiful.” Du Junfei told Song Ci. “Go back and look at the script. The entire movie’s description of Rain is very beautiful. She is unbelievably perfect.”

“In Coleman’s eyes, Rain doesn’t have any shortcomings. She is an angel, a woman who has been beautified to the point of being inhuman.” Gazing at Song Ci’s face, he continued. “With this face of yours, you are acting out your true colors.”

Song Ci found it strange and asked, “Is Mr. Coleman’s first love Asian?”

“She’s Chinese.”

“Oh I see.”

After signing the contract, Song Ci left the hotel with the script for “Le Chi.” Arriving at the first level of the hotel, Song Ci saw the old man standing in the lobby.

She stopped, hesitated, and started to walk toward Coleman. “Coleman.”

Hearing Song Ci calling him, Coleman turned around after a while.

Upon recognizing Song Ci, Coleman didn’t nod or speak as if he didn’t see her.

Over the past two days, Song Ci had also looked up information on many patients with autism. She knew that there was a huge portion of autism patients who wouldn’t react even if you called them. As a result, Song Ci didn’t find this reaction strange at all. She told Coleman, “The weather today is not bad. Mr. Coleman, you can go out for a walk. Wangdong City is actually quite beautiful.”

Coleman was still looking up at the oil painting on the wall.

Realizing that Coleman might not have heard her at all, Song Ci felt awkward and wanted to leave. She had just taken two steps when she suddenly heard Coleman speak French. Due to her mother, Song Ci could understand some simple French but couldn’t speak it.

Song Ci understood what Coleman meant. He was saying —

“Are you willing to take a walk with me?”

Song Ci turned around in shock and realized that Coleman was indeed looking at her.

Song Ci asked in uncertain English, “Coleman, do you want me to take a walk with you?”

Coleman didn’t like being asked questions or answering them in the same way. He looked elsewhere and said, “Are you willing to walk with me?” This time, he spoke English.

Song Ci hesitated before agreeing. “Okay.”

Song Ci was very familiar with Wangdong City. She walked side by side with Coleman. The warm sunlight shone on Song Ci’s cold white skin, which was covered in a layer of golden glow.

Coleman gazed at her and suddenly spoke in French again. But this time, Song Ci didn’t understand.

They walked to the park on the banks of the Dragon River and sat down on a bench in front of a fountain. Song Ci was dressed rather thinly, while Coleman was dressed warmly. However, he didn’t know how to be a gentleman and wouldn’t give his jacket to Song Ci.

Song Ci rubbed her hands together.

Coleman didn’t seem to notice Song Ci’s action. He said, “This river is very beautiful.”

Song Ci was about to tell him the name of the river when Coleman added. “The buns this morning were very tasty.”

Only then did Song Ci realize that Coleman was chatting with her. It was just that his way of chatting was rather unique. Song Ci imitated his way of speaking and also said, “I ate cereal this morning without sugar.”

Coleman nodded.

Then they suddenly fell silent, as if they had nothing to say.

A talkative person like Song Ci didn’t like to interact with silent people, much less with autistic patients like Coleman.

Song Ci looked at her watch and felt that it was time for her to leave. But she was worried about leaving Coleman alone outside, so she sent a message to Du Junfei to send someone to fetch him home.

Just then, Coleman suddenly said, “She’s missing.”

Song Ci asked, “Who?”

Coleman went on his own way. “She has been missing for 35 years. I miss her very much, everytime.”

Knowing that she couldn’t pry any information out of Coleman, Song Ci remained silent and just listened quietly.

“Rain is dead.” Coleman pressed his hand to his heart.” My heart has never beat for her again. I know she is dead. Dead somewhere I don’t know about.”

Hearing this, Song Ci couldn’t bear it. She told Coleman, “Perhaps she is still alive. You just lost contact with her.”

Coleman said nothing.

Shortly after, Du Junfei’s assistant brought Coleman’s butler over to fetch him. Song Ci got up and bid farewell to him. As she turned around, she suddenly heard Coleman ask, “Child, when did your mother die?”

Song Ci felt it was strange. How did Coleman know that my mother had passed away? Could it be that Du Junfei told him?

Song Ci looked at Coleman with uncertainty. “Eight years ago.”

Coleman stopped talking again.

After parting ways with Song Ci, Coleman returned to the hotel. He sat at the head of the bed, picked up his phone, and called the screenwriter of “Le Chi.”

The screenwriter was very surprised to know that it was Coleman. This was the first time he had spoken to her.

“Coleman? Hello, is there anything you wish to tell me?” Recalling that Coleman didn’t like to be questioned by others, the screenwriter changed her way of speaking and said, “Coleman, I am very happy to chat with you. You must have something to tell me.”

“Yes,” Coleman told the screenwriter. “Rain is dead.”

The screenwriter was shocked. “Rain?” Coleman’s first girlfriend? The Rain who appeared briefly in his life for a year before suddenly disappearing?

“My Rain is dead.”

“My Rain is dead.”

As if possessed, Coleman repeated the same sentence over and over again. The butler noticed that something was off with Coleman and hurried into the room to offer him a glass of water.

“Coleman, you are just thirsty and want to drink some water. I brought you some water. You will recover after drinking some water.” The butler was very good at comforting Coleman.

Coleman drank the water and indeed felt much better.

Under the butler’s comforting, Coleman laid down. Unable to fall asleep, he opened his eyes and stared at the ceiling. He muttered to himself. “I saw a child who looked exactly like Rain. That child also knows how to play the violin.”

“Rain is dead, my Rain is dead.”

I can never find my Jiang Shiyu again.

[1] He meant ‘make me smile’

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