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Chapter 199: Han Zhan: I Want to be Your Life-Long Pursuit

Song Ci returned home with the script. She made herself a cup of strong coffee and moved the sofa to the French window. Once the ceremony was complete, Song Ci sat down on the sofa, picked up the coffee with one hand, and started reading the script.

The script was written in pure English and Song Ci could understand it.

The script was two-fingers thick. Song Ci had to calm down before she could read it seriously.

Coleman’s mother was called Vivian. When Coleman was two and a half years old, Vivian and her husband discovered that he was suffering from autism. At that time, World War II had just ended and the global economy had yet to recover. As a result, it was very bleak. Vivian’s husband didn’t approve of Vivian spending most of her time and money on Coleman. He advocated having another child.

But Vivian couldn’t bear to give up Coleman so cruelly. After several rounds of communication with her husband, the husband and wife decided to divorce.

Vivian continued to take care of her autistic child, while Coleman’s father married another woman and had a happy new family.

Vivian was alone with her son, who was suffering from autism. She was a female shoemaker and managed a shoe shop while taking care of her child. Business was good and she led a decent life.

When Coleman was 4 years old, Vivian discovered that he was extremely talented in the field of piano, so she made a bold decision to send him to learn piano!

Piano learning was an extremely expensive art in that era. It was a high-end musical instrument that only the rich could afford. One could imagine how hard it must have been for Vivian to groom Coleman.

For Coleman, Vivian had never remarried in her entire life. She was a strong and great mother who deserved everyone’s respect.

The script was edited by the editor via Vivian’s diary. Song Ci was only reading this story as a bystander. She could also feel the helplessness and sadness of a normal person in the face of an autistic patient.

She didn’t dare to think too deeply about how much pain and struggle Vivian had gone through in her life.

Song Ci spent the entire afternoon and dinner reading the entire story. After reading it, Song Ci felt very despondent. Not only was Coleman born with autism, he was also abandoned by his father when he was young and lost his first love when he was middle-aged.

Why did the kind-hearted and outstanding Coleman have a life full of regrets?

After reading the entire script, Song Ci still didn’t have a clear impression of Coleman’s first love, Rain. She only knew that Rain was 20 years younger than Coleman and they met at a concert. That year, Rain was only 19 years old.

Rain was the younger sister of Lyme, a concert pianist. She was very talkative and had a melodious voice. Her laughter was melodious, like that of an oriole.

Coleman, who was living in his own world, was also attracted by Rain’s laughter. During his free time without the piano, he would occasionally secretly pay attention to her. Watching her laugh and making a scene made him feel that this world was also rather interesting.

The young and lively Rain loved to tease people. Once, when Coleman came to the orchestra for a rehearsal, Rain secretly pasted a smiley face on his score. When Coleman finished his performance, he closed the score and noticed the smiley face pasted on the front page.

He stared at that smiling face and smiled unconsciously.

After the rehearsal, Coleman secretly took that smiley face with him when he left. In every performance after that, he would place that smiley face on the piano. From then on, that smiley face became Coleman’s lucky charm.

Coleman went to the orchestra more and more. Sometimes, he would just quietly sit below the stage and watch as Rain performed on stage.

Rain had discovered Colleman’s interest in her.

Once, when Coleman passed under a tree, he saw Rain sitting on a branch, dangling her white legs. Staring at Rain, he thought she looked like a little bird about to fall from the sky at any moment and become bruised and broken.

Thinking for a moment, Coleman quietly walked under the tree and stood there silently like a guardian angel.

Suddenly, Rain called out to him. “Coleman.”

Coleman stared at the ants on the ground. He didn’t look up.

Rain suddenly said, “I am going to jump down. You must catch me.”

Only then did Coleman look up and stare at the radiant young woman. He said nothing, but slowly lifted his arms.

Rain jumped down from the tree and landed firmly in Coleman’s arms. A 40 year old adult man hugging a 19 year old teenage girl was like embracing the sunlight of the world.

Rain wrapped her arms around Coleman’s neck. “I’ m sure you didn’t kiss before, Coleman,” she said.

Coleman nodded. “Yes, I didn’t.”

Rain’s feet hit the floor. She stared up at Coleman with a grin. “Coleman, I want to kiss you.”

Coleman said, “You can.”

And then they kissed.

In the entire script, wherever Rain appeared, Coleman would be in a good mood. His eyes would always be able to see Rain. Song Ci could feel Coleman’s fondness for Rain through his words. It was pure and clean.

Subsequently, when Rain and his elder brother Lyme went out to sea for a holiday, the cruise ship unfortunately sank. Only his elder brother Lyme survived, while Rain disappeared into the sea. Some said that Rain was dead, while others said that Rain must still be alive somewhere in this world.

Coleman didn’t believe that Rain was already dead. With his love and expectations for Rain, he waited for 35 years without crying or making a fuss. Rain only appeared briefly in Coleman’s life for a year, but stayed in his heart forever.

Song Ci felt pity for the ending of this couple.

When Han Zhan returned home and saw Song Ci crying silently while holding the script, he was slightly shocked. “Is it that touching?” Han Zhan snatched the script from Song Ci’s hand. He looked down and saw the full English text, and instantly lost the desire to read it.

After working for an entire day, Han Zhan felt his head ache when he saw the words, especially in English.

Song Ci felt embarrassed and hurriedly wiped her tears. She said to Han Zhan, “This story is rather touching. Brother Han, I feel that humans are such wonderful creatures. Some people walk among the flowers and indulge in debauchery their entire lives. But some people love someone their entire lives.”

“We are all humans, but why is there such a huge difference?”

Hearing Song Ci’s words, Han Zhan didn’t comment further. He sat down on the floor, stared at the lights outside the window, and asked Song Ci, “What does the script for ‘Le Chi’ say?”

“It’s about Coleman’s life, but what moved me to tears was his feelings for Rain.” Song Ci narrated the story of how Coleman and Rain met and fell in love.

After hearing this, Han Zhan concluded. “Piano and Rain are the lifelong pursuits of Coleman.”


Han Zhan suddenly smiled. “Are all you musicians so romantic?”

Song Ci rubbed her nose awkwardly. “Not really. There are also many musicians who are wild and unrestrained in their relationships. They love one after another without resting.” There was still a rest day every week.

“What about you?”

Song Ci said, “Hm? What about me?” Song Ci didn’t understand what Han Zhan meant.

Han Zhan suddenly looked up and stared at Song Ci, his deep blue eyes filled with love and gentleness. “Song Ci, other than the violin, what else is your lifelong pursuit?” Han Zhan raised his hand, pointed at his own chest, and asked her, “Am I fortunate to be your lifelong pursuit?”

Song Ci’s heartbeat quickened.

She turned to look elsewhere, her ears slightly red.

Han Zhan stared at Song Ci’s red ears with a smile in his eyes. “I understand.”

“What do you understand?” Song Ci turned to ask him.

Han Zhan said, “Baby Ci likes Brother Han.”

Song Ci pouted.

Song Ci was unhappy that Han Zhan state his stance. She glared at him. “What about you?” Her glare made Han Zhan’s heart itch.

Han Zhan pinched Song Ci’s feet that were only wearing socks. He tugged at the little ball on the socks and nodded. “Mmm, Brother Han also likes Baby Ci.”

Song Ci felt that it was mushy. She wanted to draw back her feet but was pulled into Han Zhan’s arms, so she slid from the sofa to the floor.

Han Zhan hugged Song Ci’s waist from behind and said, “This is our first New Year together. Is there anything you wish to do?”

After thinking for a moment, Song Ci said, “I will bring you to meet my parents at the end of December.”

Han Zhan raised his brows. “Okay.”

From 16th December onwards, Li Li started preparing for the wedding on leave. Han Zhan and Bei Zhan’s workload increased exponentially and they were extremely busy every day. However, no matter how busy they were, Han Zhan had to return home at night.

On the 22nd day of the twelfth lunar month, Li Li and Su Beibei’s wedding was held at the Jetta International Hotel as scheduled. As the vice-president of Zeus Corporation, Li Li was very popular in Wangdong City. There were 50 tables set up for the wedding and it was packed to the brim.

Han Zhan and Song Ci sat at table 1, with Mother Li beside Song Ci. Having worked so hard for so many years, Mother Li’s body was slightly stooped. She was only in her early fifties and already had wrinkles all over her face.

Everyone was in high spirits at happy times. Mother Li had put on light makeup today and put on the peach-colored gown that Li Li and Su Beibei had chosen for her, and still had decent features, even as she sat beside Song Ci.

Her son was getting married today and her daughter-in-law was tall, beautiful and talented. Mother Li was overjoyed.

She grabbed Song Ci’s hand and smiled at her. “Song Ci, I am so happy today. Our Li Li is finally married. This huge rock that has been weighing on my heart has finally been lifted.”

It was not easy for Mother Li to raise her child alone. She had been worried that Li Li would never get married. But now, Li Li was married and her daughter-in-law was pregnant. It was understandable that Mother Li was crying with joy.

Song Ci quickly took a tissue and carefully dabbed at Mrs. Li’s tears. “Auntie, don’t cry. The wedding is about to start. It won’t look good on camera if you cry.”

“Moreover, marriage is a joyous occasion. You should smile. Stop crying.”

Hearing Song Ci’s words, Mother Li stole a glance at the elegantly-dressed guests. Afraid of embarrassing the children, she could only hold back her tears.

Shortly after, the wedding ceremony started.

Su Beibei was wearing a white floor-length wedding gown with fresh flowers in her hands. She entered the venue accompanied by two little flower girls. It was the first time Song Ci saw Su Beibei wearing a white dress and she was stunned.

She glanced at the groom, Li Li, on the stage. As she expected, Li Li also looked stunned.

Su Beibei’s usual style of dressing was dark, with either black or grey. Occasionally, there would be red, but she had never worn such pure white. Even Han Zhan was surprised to see Su Beibei in this state.

He whispered to Song Ci. “I didn’t know that Su Beibei would look so obedient in a white dress.” She looked like an obedient little girl.

“Clothes make the man.” Song Ci was well-versed in this principle. As a result, she never wore a dress with a baby’s collar because the baby’s collar made her look like a weak and harmless daffodil.

After the wedding ceremony, the emcee invited Mother Li onto the stage. Hearing Su Beibei call her mother, Mother Li impatiently took out the thick red packet she had prepared earlier and stuffed it into Su Beibei’s hands.

Song Ci stretched out her hand to compare. It was about the thickness of three of her fingers. She said to Han Zhan, “The fee that Auntie prepared for Beibei for calling her ‘mother’ should be at least 20,000 yuan, right?” This money was earned by Mother Li after working hard to kill fish. It was all hard-earned money.

“Probably.” Han Zhan looked at the harmonious family of three on stage and said, “Aunty is a very kind person and knows how to respect others. Su Beibei and Li Li will live peacefully after getting married.”

“That’s true.”

On the stage, Mrs. Li was invited to sit down on a red wooden chair, while Li Li was holding a piece of paper filled with gratitude.

“I am very honored that everyone has the time to attend my wedding with Su Beibei despite being so busy. I would like to express my gratitude to everyone present. I would also like to express my gratitude to all my friends who are unable to attend the wedding because of work. Thank you all for giving me your well wishes even if you didn’t come.”

“My cell phone has already vibrated several times, even while I’m reciting my thank you notes. I think someone is sending red packets to me!” Li Li was very talkative and funny when he spoke. It made one burst out laughing.

He grabbed Su Beibei’s hand and recalled his fate with her. Still in disbelief, he said, “I won’t tell you in detail about my love affair with Ms. Su Beibei. It will take at least a day and a night.”

“But I have to tell everyone that I love my wife, Su Beibei, very much. Meeting her is the greatest blessing of my life. Beibei, thank you for being willing to appear in my life, fall in love with me, and give me a home that I’ve dreamed of.”

“The best thing I’ve ever done in my life was to open XX Bookstore on a sleepless night, see Colonel Beibei’s book, and spend 50,000 yuan to become her fan. 50,000 yuan to bring home a wife—this is a good deal!”

Upon hearing this, the guests couldn’t help laughing. Even Su Beibei’s shoulders were shaking from laughter. “In this special occasion, I must thank a mysterious kindhearted person. Without his years of sponsorship, there wouldn’t be this outstanding Li Li in front of you.”

“Thank you, mysterious and kind-hearted person.”

The kind-hearted Han Zhan was sitting below the stage. Hearing this, he smiled but didn’t say anything, hiding his achievements and fame.

Only after thanking everyone did Li Li turn around and look at his mother who looked like she was in her early 50s.

At this special moment, seeing this woman who had devoted half her life to him, even Li Li’s cold and hard chest softened.

“Everyone only sees Li Li’s excellence, but no one sees you, who has frostbite all over your hands on a snowy day and still has to smile as you kill fish for your guests. It is all thanks to you that I, Li Li, am able to be where I am today.”

“Mother.” Li Li cupped Mother Li’s hands.

Those hands had black marks, as they were covered in frostbite all year round.

Looking at his mother’s bruised and battered hands, Li Li’s vision suddenly blurred. “Mother, from today onwards, another woman will love me as much as you do. Mother, promise me that you will live the rest of your life for yourself. Our son has already grown up and can support you now.”

Upon hearing this, Mrs. Li burst into tears.

Li Li also smiled and leaned his forehead against the back of Mrs. Li’s hand. He cried so hard that he couldn’t stand straight.

Su Beibei was also slightly moved when she saw this. She stood aside and wiped her tears. The emcee hurried onto the stage to persuade the comfort family. Once Li Li and Mother Li calmed down, the banquet officially started.

As Su Beibei was pregnant, she would drink tea instead of wine.

The first person they cheered to was Han Zhan’s table. Su Beibei knew that Han Zhan was a kindhearted person who helped Li Li complete his studies and that he had played a major role in Li Li’s success today.

Su Beibei raised a cup of tea and said to Han Zhan, “Mr. Han, you are the great benefactor of Li Li. I should have given you a toast, but since I am pregnant, I will drink tea instead. Mr. Han, you are a kind person. Good things will always be rewarded, so the heavens sent Song Ci to your side.”

“I wish you and Song Ci a happy life together!”

After saying that, Su Beibei took the initiative to drink the tea.

Han Zhan enjoyed Su Beibei’s blessings. He raised his glass with both hands and finished it. “Ms. Su, you’re also very outstanding. It is Li Li’s fortune to be able to marry you.”

“In future, if Li Li treats you badly, tell Song Ci. I will beat him up for you.”

Li Li’s eyelids twitched wildly. Did he think I’m a little kid who needed a beating?

Su Beibei giggled. “Thank you, Mr. Han.”

After the lively wedding ended, Song Ci and Han Zhan didn’t attend the party that night. They drove back to the countryside, planning to visit Song Ci’s parents’ grave tomorrow morning.

It had been a long time since they stayed in the old house and it was covered in dust. Han Zhan and Song Ci cleaned up the house themselves and laid down clean bedsheets. They then went to the villagers’ house to buy some vegetables and bacon and made dinner for themselves.

Just as dinner was prepared, there was a sudden knock on the door. Han Zhan put down the plate and asked Song Ci, “Who could it be?”

Song Ci walked out from the dim light and gave Han Zhan a strange smile. “My parents are back.”

Han Zhan was confused.

A chill ran down his spine.

Song Ci suddenly smiled mischievously. “It’s Song Fei.” Song Fei had yet to visit her parents after waking up. “She knew we were going to visit her parents’ grave and wanted to come with us.”

It was a false alarm. Han Zhan shook his head helplessly at Song Ci. “Don’t scare me in the future. I’m afraid of ghosts.”

“Are you serious?”


Although Han Zhan was tall and strong, he was a coward who was afraid of horror movies and ghost stories.

When Han Zhan was 12 years old, small movie theater rooms could be seen everywhere on the streets. Once, Han Zhan was really curious and went into a small theater to tell his boss that he wanted to watch the most popular movie.

As a result, the boss gave Han Zhan a movie about a village with old corpses, the kind that was pirated.

Han Zhan was a very stubborn person. The more afraid he was, the more he wanted to understand. He was obviously scared to death of ghosts, but he was deeply attracted by the plot that followed and forced himself to sit in the screening room for two hours.

After the movie ended, Han Zhan’s legs went soft.

That movie had left a deep psychological scar on Han Zhan, causing his imagination to run wild every time he spent the night at a remote suburb.

“I’ll open the door!” Song Ci crossed the yard to open the door.

Outside the house, Song Fei had Yan Jiang’s scarf wrapped around her neck. Her nose had turned red from the cold wind. Song Fei frowned when she saw Song Ci. “You are a snail. So slow!”

Song Ci also rolled her eyes impatiently. “It’s already not bad that I opened the door for you, yet you’re complaining. Quickly come in.”

Song Fei stopped arguing with Song Ci and pulled Yan Jiang into the house.

Han Zhan saw Song Fei and Yan Jiang enter the house. He instinctively glanced at the ground and saw their shadows. Only then did Han Zhan feel completely at ease.

“Mr. Yan, Sister Fei.” Ever since Song Fei plotted to kill Mu Mian, Han Zhan had to call her elder sister sincerely every time he saw her.

Song Fei glanced at the table full of food and said, “Yan Jiang hasn’t eaten yet.” Song Fei was very calm as she betrayed her man.

Yan Jiang, who was not hungry, touched his stomach. He looked at the food on the table and said to Han Zhan, “I am so hungry. Mr. Han, do you mind giving us two bowls and chopsticks?”

Would I dare to say no?


“Of course not. I’ll go get a bowl now.”

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