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Chapter 197: Han Zhan, Long Time No See

This incident quickly went viral on her social media. Song Ci was momentarily stunned by the news.

In this life, Cheng Yanmo and Mu Qiu’s ending had changed.

That day, the director of “Le Chi”, Du Junfei, arrived at Wangdong City with a low-profile team. Shen Yubei and Du Junfei were good friends and he stayed over at Shen Yubei’s house that night.

Once Du Junfei arrived, Shen Yubei called Song Ci.

“The auditions will start tomorrow. The auditions will be held for two days on the 5th floor of the Jetta International Hotel. Song Ci, don’t embarrass me.” Teacher Shen explained the time and location to her in one sentence, and then hung up without giving Song Ci a chance to catch her breath.

Song Ci really wanted to ask Teacher Shen: What if I am not chosen by Du Junfei?

I would probably get beaten up!

Song Ci opened all the closets in the cloakroom. She wanted to pick a beautiful dress for herself so that she could get bonus points for tomorrow’s pre-selection. She had more red dresses in her wardrobe. Song Ci took out a red halter dress and changed into it. She stood in front of the mirror and twirled in circles as she mesmerized herself.

At this moment, her cell phone rang again.

It was still Shen Yubei. Song Ci answered the call with a frown. “Teacher.”

“I forgot to tell you not to wear red dresses.” After a pause, Shen Yubei added, “Especially those that are very sexy.”

“Why?” Song Ci looked at the beautiful girl in the mirror and her heart nearly broke. He isn’t allowing me to wear a beautiful red dress. How can he be so domineering?

Shen Yubei smirked but didn’t explain and he just said, “I won’t harm you.”


Song Ci was very nervous about tomorrow’s auditions. She loved to do housework whenever she was nervous. Her family hired a part-time cleaner who would come to clean regularly every day, so Song Ci could only wipe the kitchen again with a cloth and had nothing else to do.

She went back into the cloakroom, tidied up and hung up all the clothes.

Realizing that her clothes were more than three times that of Han Zhan’s, Song Ci instantly felt that she had been too harsh on her Brother Han and decided to buy some clothes for him.

Every year, Han Zhan would spend three days at a nursing home to visit retired military personnel. Most of these elderly people had no children and lived in poverty and had no one to rely on in their later years. After this incident was exposed by the media and urged by the citizens, the country built a nursing home for them.

There were already more than 200 such nursing homes in the country and more would be built in the future. Under Han Zhan’s instructions, Sheng Hui Technology and the government came to an agreement and they would donate 80 smart televisions and 180 smart phones to each nursing home.

Han Zhan firmly believed that only by continuously giving benefits to society would he gain more benefits.

It was a gloomy day and the cold wind felt like a knife cutting into one’s face. Han Zhan was wearing a thick military coat as he and Long Yu carried the boxes of donations out of the van.

The director was a woman in her fifties. She was especially happy to see those boxes of supplies and smiled so widely that her eyes narrowed. “Big guys, have a drink?” The director personally made two glasses of brown sugar water and handed them to Han Zhan and Long Yu.

Other than toffee, Han Zhan seldom drank sweet things. But he still accepted the warm brown sugar tea and finished it in one gulp.

The director thought that Han Zhan and Long Yu were just porters sent over by Zeus Corporation. She stood beside the car and muttered to Han Zhan. “Sigh, there are so many good people in this world. Of all the companies in Wangdong City, only your company is sincere in doing good deeds. Every time you come, you always keep silent and just leave after giving something. Unlike other companies who bring reporters with them when they come, and they would only come for one year.”

Han Zhan said in a low voice, “A day of good deeds is also good.”

“That’s true.”

Han Zhan saw the big gold chain around the director’s neck. He didn’t say anything but secretly committed this incident to memory. After moving everything, the two of them entered the nursing home to chat with a few familiar elderly people.

In the living room, the television was playing the movie “The Twelve Beauties of Jinling”. An old man with age spots on his face was holding Han Zhan’s left hand. Seeing a wedding ring on his finger, he was momentarily stunned, then looked up in surprise and asked Han Zhan, “Little Han, you’re married?”

Upon hearing this, the other elderly ladies who knew Han Zhan all gathered over and stared at Han Zhan’s wedding ring with surprise and curiosity. “This is a wedding ring, right? Is it real?”

A faint smile appeared on Han Zhan’s normally steady face. “Yes, I am married. This wedding ring is also real.”

Han Zhan took out his cell phone and found Song Ci’s daily photo. With the mindset of showing off, he showed Song Ci’s photo to the elderly. “Look, this is my lover.”

Everyone looked at the phone and saw that the lady was very beautiful. They all suspected that Han Zhan was just boasting. “No way, Little Han. How can she be your wife? She is obviously a big star, the type that is popular on television.”

They didn’t know any top debutante, but they knew that Song Ci was very pretty and felt that such a pretty lady must be a big star.

Han Zhan felt very helpless and said again, “This is really my wife.”

Everyone looked at Han Zhan with different expressions.

Han Zhan was wearing a dust-stained military coat. He didn’t look regal at all and looked rather simple and honest. They admitted that Han Zhan was a pretty decent lad, but not outstanding enough to marry a big star.

Long Yu was sitting beside Han Zhan. He couldn’t help laughing at the way the old masters looked at Han Zhan.

At this moment, Song Ci gave Han Zhan a video call. Han Zhan raised his brows and said to the group of old men, “Grandpa, look, my wife is video-calling me.”

Han Zhan was slightly smug as he accepted the video.

A lovely and beautiful face appeared on Han Zhan’s screen. It was the same face as the lady he had just shared with everyone. The men were all shocked. “Oh my, she is really Little Han’s wife!”

“Little Han, your wife is so beautiful!”

When Song Ci heard the chattering on Han Zhan’s side, she calmed down to listen carefully. After hearing what those old men were saying, Song Ci didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “Hello, grandfathers. I am really Brother Han’s wife!”

Song Ci’s greeting melted everyone’s hearts.

“Little Han, your wife is so sweet-tongued!”

Han Zhan remained silent, but his face was full of smiles and his eyes were filled with affection.

Han Zhan noticed that Song Ci wasn’t at home and saw that the scene behind her looked like it was at the mall. He asked Song Ci, “You’re outside?”

“Mmm, I’m shopping.” Song Ci turned and walked into a men’s clothing shop. She told Han Zhan, “I’m buying clothes for you.”

“Buying for me?”

“Yes, I dote on you.”

Han Zhan realized that even he felt embarrassed when the bunch of old men started to wink at him. Han Zhan coughed and said to Song Ci, “Don’t forget yourself just because you’re buying for me. Go ahead first, I’ll go look for you later.”


After hanging up the video call, Han Zhan kept his cell phone in his pocket.

Meeting the old men’s gossipy and curious gazes, Han Zhan said rather proudly, “My wife is beautiful, kind, and doesn’t have any other hobbies. She just likes to buy some clothes for me and make something delicious.”

“How fortunate!”

“You are so lucky!”

Han Zhan only returned with Long Yu, after receiving a bunch of compliments from the old men.

When they returned, the two of them were still in the van. Long Yu drove while Han Zhan sat in the passenger’s seat. Long Yu told Han Zhan, “I noticed that compared to last year, there are two fewer elders this year. I wonder how many will be left by next year.”

These veterans were getting fewer and fewer by the year. It was truly heart-wrenching.

“It’s very normal for people to die of old age.” That was true, but thinking that his grandfather, who was over 80 years old, might not have many years left to live, Han Zhan felt slightly upset.

“Oh yes, tell Sheng Hui’s Zhang Ze to check on the people at the Finance Department. I suspect that the director of the Finance Department and the nursing home are guilty of embezzlement.” Every year, Sheng Hui Technology would donate a sum of money to the nursing home, usually between 800,000 to 2,000,000 yuan. This sum of money was indeed not a lot, but Han Zhan could not tolerate his subordinates embezzling money.


She bought Han Zhan two coats, a down jacket and a sweater. Only then did Song Ci enter a female shoe store. She needed a pair of beautiful flats to match her dress for tomorrow.

Song Ci was a regular customer of this shop. Once she entered, the receptionist recognized her. “Ms. Song, you haven’t been here for a long time. What have you been busy with recently?”

As she spoke, the salesperson took over the shopping bags from Song Ci and placed them on a sofa. She shot a look at the newly arrived salesperson to have her watch the items.

Song Ci walked up to a rack and said to the salesperson, “A lot of things have been happening around me recently. I don’t have the time to shop.”

The incident at the Mu Family caused a huge stir. Everyone knew that Mu Mian nearly killed his adopted daughter Song Ci’s elder sister just to steal her heart and save his own daughter who needed a heart transplant!

The receptionist asked Song Ci, “How is your elder sister now?”

“Not bad.”

Song Ci took a fancy to a pair of shoes.

It was a pair of pointy shoes with heart-shaped pearls on them, very suitable for the dress that Song Ci would be wearing tomorrow. Song Ci took off her high-heeled shoes and tried them on. It was winter now and her feet, which had been slightly tanned by the summer sun, had regained their fair skin.

The silver champagne-colored shoes looked especially classy on her feet.

Song Ci stood in front of the mirror and took a closer look. The more she looked at it, the more she liked it. “Are these shoes size 37?”

The salesperson shook her head awkwardly and glanced at the cashier counter. “The last pair of size 37 shoes has already been bought. If Miss Song wants them, you will have to wait another two days. How about this—I will inform Miss Song to come and get them when the goods arrive? Or I can get someone to deliver them to you?”

Song Ci also glanced over at the cashier counter. She saw a girl turning her back to her, scanning the QR code for payment.

A pair of shoes was placed in front of the girl. It was the same design as Song Ci’s.

The salesperson explained softly to Song Ci, “That girl seems to be Master Cheng’s fiancée, Ms. Su. She came earlier than you and happened to have taken a fancy to this pair of shoes in your hand. She has already taken the last pair of size 37 shoes.”

Song Ci couldn’t help stealing a few more glances at Cheng Yanmo’s fiancée, Su Qingcheng.

That girl was very young and was wearing a pale blue coat. Her curly hair was draped over her shoulders and she had a light grey butterfly knot on her head, making her look very gentle. The girl finished scanning the QR code and paid the bill. Holding the shoe box, she turned and saw Song Ci.

She recognized Song Ci.

Song Ci, Wangdong City’s top debutante, had already spread throughout the entire country. Even in Su City in the south, Su Qingcheng had heard of her.

Before coming to Wangdong City this time, she had specially memorized all the information regarding those wealthy heiresses. She had a deep impression of the gorgeous Song Ci.

She didn’t expect to meet the legendary top beauty Song Ci on the second day of her visit to Wangdong City. Su Qingcheng was both surprised and happy. “Are you Song Ci?”

“I am Song Ci and you are Miss Su?” Song Ci approached Su Qingcheng. She stared at the girl’s face and suddenly felt a strange feeling.

This Su Qingcheng was indeed very beautiful. Her face was only the size of an adult’s palm, and her black eyes were pure and pristine, as clear as spring water. She was beautiful, but she gave Song Ci a sense of familiarity.

Song Ci understood why Su Qingcheng gave her a familiar feeling. It was because Su Qingcheng’s charm was too similar to Mu Qiu’s. Song Ci was very familiar with Mu Qiu. Others might not be able to tell, but Song Ci could tell at a glance.

Song Ci felt somewhat sorry for Su Qingcheng. Did she know that she was just the shadow of another woman?

Su Qingcheng stared at the shoes in Song Ci’s hands and looked slightly shocked. “You also have your eyes on this pair of shoes, Ms. Song?” Su Qingcheng lifted her shoe box and smiled. “What a coincidence, we chose the same pair.”

Song Ci handed the shoes to the salesperson behind her and said to Su Qingcheng, “It’s quite a coincidence, but I’m not buying this pair of shoes.”

“Why?” Su Qingcheng stared at Song Ci’s feet. “Miss Song’s feet will look very good in this pair of shoes. Don’t you like it?” Or could it be that Song Ci didn’t like to have the same shoes as others?

Song Ci smiled and told Su Qingcheng, “Yes, but you’ve already picked the last pair of size 37 shoes. Don’t you think it’s fate?”

“Is that so?” Su Qingcheng looked up at the dresser behind Song Ci and asked, “Is this the only pair of size 37?”

The salesperson nodded and explained. “The other stocks will be arriving only the day after tomorrow. Ms. Song, why don’t you look at the other models?”


Shoes are not men. It isn’t a must to have that particular design.

Song Ci turned around and was about to choose another pair of shoes when Su Qingcheng suddenly called out to her. “Ms. Song, I have many designs that are similar to this pair of shoes. Why don’t I give this pair to you?”

Worried that Song Ci wouldn’t accept it, Su Qingcheng added. “The reason why I want to buy this pair of shoes is because I like to collect high heels. Actually, I won’t wear many of the shoes even if I buy them back. If you really like them, I’ll just give them to you. Let’s just treat it as making friends?”

Su Qingcheng told Song Ci, “I am new here and don’t have any friends. Ms. Song, let’s be friends, okay?”

Song Ci didn’t detest Su Qingcheng. This girl was not shy or pretentious, and it was quite comfortable to talk to her. Su Qingcheng was going to be the lady of Chuan Dong Group, and Song Ci was happy to befriend her.

“Then I will have to thank Miss Su for your kindness.” Song Ci told Su Qingcheng. “To be honest, I am going to attend an audition tomorrow and bought these shoes to match my dress. Miss Su, thank you very much.”

“In that case, you will need it even more.” Su Qingcheng added Song Ci on WeChat and Song Ci transferred the money to her.

Song Ci and Su Qingcheng found a cafe and sat down to have a chat. Coming from the south, Su Qingcheng had a gentle aura and her voice was gentle like a quiet stream, melodious and moving.

Song Ci was an energetic person, but she didn’t even dare to speak loudly to Su Qingcheng for fear of scaring her.

Su Qingcheng told Song Ci, “To be honest, Miss Song, you are very famous in Su City. Many socialites and influencers love to learn from you.”

“I’ve tried to learn from you too.” Su Qingcheng didn’t lie. She had indeed tried Song Ci’s fashion. “Last year, you shared a set of clothes on Weibo. It was a red shirt paired with black jeans and you even had curly hair. I thought you looked great wearing it and specially went to the mall to buy the same design.”

Su Qingcheng smiled and said sheepishly, “How should I put it? Me wearing the same kind of clothes as you—it’s like a junior high school student stealing an elder sister’s clothes. Ms. Song has a voluptuous figure, while I’ m skinny—I shouldn’t have blindly imitated you.”

Su Qingcheng was very honest, and dared to mock and praise herself. Song Ci liked her very much.

The two of them chatted for a long time until Han Zhan called. Song Ci smiled apologetically at Su Qingcheng. “I’m sorry, I have to take this call.” Song Ci picked up the phone and heard Han Zhan say, “I’m on the third floor, where are you?”

Song Ci pulled open the dark green curtains and looked outside. She easily recognized Han Zhan. “Brother Han, I’m at the cafe!” Han Zhan, who was in the corridor opposite, heard this and looked over at the cafe.

He had good eyesight and immediately saw Song Ci peeping at him through the window. Han Zhan waved at her. “I see you.”

Song Ci also waved at him and said into her cell phone, “Brother Han, come and find me.”

Su Qingcheng knew that it was Song Ci’s husband calling. Seeing Song Ci waving at someone outside, Su Qingcheng also tilted her head to look out the window. There were many people walking along the corridor of the shopping mall, but only one person was waving at Song Ci —

It was a tall man in a military coat which was stained with some soot…

Su Qingcheng held her breath.

It was said that Song Ci married a man from an ordinary family, but isn’t this too ordinary?!

Su Qingcheng looked at Song Ci with eyes full of admiration. It was indeed Song Ci. She was so self-centered and had a unique taste for choosing a husband.

Song Ci hung up and turned back. She saw the shock in Su Qingcheng’s eyes and knew what she was thinking. She told her, “That’s my husband. He went to the nursing home to deliver some goods today.”

“I see.” But Su Qingcheng was thinking: Although Miss Song’s husband is slightly ordinary, he has a kind heart. It seems like Miss Song loves her husband deeply.

Han Zhan arrived very quickly. He didn’t enter the cafe but stood along the corridor and knocked on the glass window.

Song Ci stood up and bid farewell to Su Qingcheng. “My husband is here, so I’ll get going first. Ms. Su, let’s chat again next time.”


Song Ci carried large and small bags out. Han Zhan helped her carry everything naturally. “Is that your friend?” Song Ci had too many friends. They had already been married for half a year and Han Zhan still couldn’t recognize all her friends.

Song Ci shook her head and said mysteriously, “She is a friend I just met today. Guess who she is. Her identity will definitely shock you.”

Han Zhan had just casually glanced at Su Qingcheng and didn’t look closely. Hearing this, he thought for a moment and said somewhat uncertainly, “Could it be Su Qingcheng?”

Song Ci was shocked. “How did you know!”

Han Zhan said, “Over the past few days, Su Qingcheng has been mentioned the most frequently by everyone, so the woman whom you mentioned to me in such a mysterious tone is most likely her.”

“Am I right?”

Song Ci truly admired Han Zhan’s intelligence and couldn’t help giving him a big thumbs-up. “Amazing, you guessed correctly. It’s Su Qingcheng.”

“The Su Family is a big shot corporation in the South. Their household appliances are famous all over the world. Cheng Yanmo married Su Qingcheng. It can be considered a strong collaboration.” Han Zhan told Song Ci, “It’s okay to be friends with her, but don’t be too close to her.”

“I understand.” Su Qingcheng looked obedient and pure, but Song Ci couldn’t tell if her heart was black or red. In her previous life, she didn’t know that Mu Mian had a black heart until her death. As a result, Song Ci didn’t dare to believe the seemingly kind and gentle Su Qingcheng.

“Mmm, I’m just reminding you.”

Han Zhan realized that many people were looking at him. He frowned and asked Song Ci, “Am I embarrassing you by wearing this?” He looked at the reflection of his boorish self in the cupboard and the exquisitely beautiful Song Ci, and suddenly thought of a combination —

Beauty and the beast.

Han Zhan glanced at the clothing bag in his hand. “I’m going to the toilet.”

Han Zhan entered the men’s washroom, took off his military jacket, and put on the new clothes that Song Ci had bought for him. Song Ci had bought Han Zhan a dark grey long windbreaker that covered his knees.

He was tall and his perfectly tailored windbreaker exuded an aura of 2.8 meters.

When he came out, he looked like a completely different person. Instantly, he looked tall and regal.

ong Ci saw that he had changed clothes and felt amused. “Brother Han, you didn’t take off the tag.”

Han Zhan bent down in front of Song Ci and asked her to remove the tag.

“The clothes are not bad.” Han Zhan took the tag from Song Ci’s hand and glanced at the price. He instantly pouted. “Extremely expensive.”

Song Ci covered her mouth and laughed. “Brother Han, don’t be so stingy. You are the richest man in town.”

“That’s true. The richest man in town is treating you to seafood.”

“Let’s go.”

Arriving at the seafood restaurant, Song Ci ordered many dishes. Han Zhan asked her, “Can you finish so many dishes?”

“If I get pregnant this month, I won’t be able to eat for a long time. I will eat my fill first.” Song Ci swore to be pregnant this month.

“Good point.”

After dinner, it was already 8pm. Song Ci wanted to go for a walk in the forest park with Han Zhan, but as soon as they walked out of the restaurant, the chilly wind that blew towards them turned Song Ci into an ice sculpture.

Song Ci hurriedly got into the car and turned on the heater. Han Zhan was in charge of driving while Song Ci chose a light tune and hummed along to it.

“Are you still nervous?” Han Zhan suddenly asked.

Song Ci looked at Han Zhan in astonishment.

Han Zhan said, “You cleaned up the cloakroom this afternoon. You only do housework when you’re feeling nervous.” Song Ci usually didn’t do any housework except cooking.

Han Zhan had set up surveillance cameras in every corner of the house, so Song Ci didn’t find it strange that he discovered this. She was just slightly curious. “How did you know about this little problem of mine, Brother Han?”

“I could tell.” Han Zhan paid more attention to Song Ci than she thought.

Song Ci had no choice but to admit. “Yes, I am a little nervous.”

She told Han Zhan, “Actually, my side effects have yet to fully recover. Sometimes, when I hold the bow, my heart still beats very quickly. Last time in Vienna, my palms were all sweaty after the performance.”

“‘Le Chi’ will be a huge success internationally. The supporting roles of this movie will all become famous stars in the future. If I can really be chosen by Director Du Fei, it will be very beneficial to my road to pursuing dreams.”

“I want to be chosen.”

Song Ci was full of ambition. She said, “I want to become famous and perform in Vienna. I want to become someone better than my teacher! I want my mother to see me succeed.”

Song Ci’s mother had high hopes for Song Ci and hoped to groom her into an outstanding violinist. Song Ci had wasted so many years on the violin and now that she picked it up again, how could she not be timid?

Upon hearing this, Han Zhan told her, “Just do it. It doesn’t matter even if you fail. I have money and I will be your backup. You can have countless chances to fail.” At this moment, Han Zhan’s aura was 2.8 meters high.

Song Ci was reassured by his words.

After returning home, Han Zhan took out that military jacket from the bag and took out a jewelry box. “This is for you.” Han Zhan gave the jewelry box to Song Ci.

“What is it?” Song Ci opened the box curiously and saw a pair of pink crystal earrings. “They look good!” Song Ci took out the earrings and handed them to Han Zhan. “Brother Han, help me put them on.”

It was the first time Han Zhan did such a thing and he was slightly nervous.

He looked at the small hole on Song Ci’s earlobe and asked worriedly, “Won’t it hurt and bleed if I just put it on?”

“No, don’t worry.”

His eyes widened as he carefully put the earring on for Song Ci. His left hand was shaking as he put it on. Han Zhan heaved a sigh of relief when he saw that there was no blood at all. “It’s done.”

“Thank you.” Song Ci hurriedly got up and ran to the washroom. She switched on the light and looked at herself in the mirror.

The earrings suited her very well, making her appear obedient and charming. Song Ci ran out, hugged Han Zhan, kissed his ear, and told him, “I will wear it to the audition tomorrow!”


Song Ci took a shower and practiced for half an hour, before finally falling asleep.

The next morning, Song Ci woke up early for her morning exercises. After her morning exercises, she had a glass of milk and went upstairs to put on her makeup. Song Ci was very particular about today’s selection and put more effort into her makeup and eye shadow than usual.

After putting on makeup, Song Ci looked even more beautiful and charming. She looked even better than the celebrities on television dramas. Song Ci came downstairs after changing and was slightly surprised to see that Han Zhan was still at home.

“Brother Han, aren’t you going to work today?”

“I am resting today.” Han Zhan turned sideways and stared at Song Ci. He saw that she was wearing a thick long down jacket with a skirt peeking out from under her knees. He asked Song Ci, “Aren’t you cold?”

“A little, but it doesn’t matter. The auditions will be held at the Jetta International Hotel. There’s a heater there.”

“Alright, I will accompany you to the auditions today.”

Hearing this, Song Ci was overjoyed. She hurriedly carried her violin, changed into flats, followed Han Zhan downstairs, and boarded the car to Jetta International Hotel.

Arriving at the hotel, Song Ci and Han Zhan boarded the lift together. Han Zhan pressed the button for the fifth floor, took out two toffees from his pocket, and secretly stuffed them into Song Ci’s hands. Song Ci grabbed the toffees. Even before eating them, she already felt that they were very sweet.

The lift stopped on the fifth floor. Han Zhan told Song Ci, “I’ll wait for you in the room upstairs. Don’t be nervous.”


Song Ci took a deep breath. Once the door opened, she straightened her back and carried her violin out. Han Zhan followed the lift up.

Han Zhan had his own private room in the hotel at 2206. He stepped out of the lift, his leather shoes making no sound on the soft carpet.

After turning a corner, they arrived at Room 2206. Han Zhan took out his key card and was about to open the door when he saw from the corner of his eye that the door to Room 2209 was pulled open and three people walked out.

Han Zhan casually glanced over and narrowed his eyes.

At the door of Room 2209 stood three people—two men and one woman. One of the men was wearing an elite suit, had a fair baby face, and a pair of gentlemanly black-framed glasses. The other man was wearing a down jacket. He was not tall, but he looked very smart.

The woman standing in front of them was wearing a pure white high slit dress. The dress was very thin and she had draped a pink fur shawl over her shoulders. She was arranging her earrings with her head lowered. When she looked up, her lovely long curly hair drew a black line in the air.

Her every action was like that of a superstar.

But when she saw Han Zhan, Du Xueyan was stunned.

Gu Shengyao saw that Du Xueyan was standing still and urged her. “It’s time to go down, Xueyan. The director has a bad temper and hates people who are late the most.”

Du Xueyan didn’t speak but just stared at the tall, mature man in front of her in a daze. It had been several months since they last met and Han Zhan was still as handsome as ever. However, his blue-grey eyes were still cold.

“What’s the matter?” Gu Shengyao noticed Du Xueyan’s unusual behavior. He walked up to her side and glanced at her. Seeing that Du Xueyan was in a daze as she looked at the person in front, Gu Shengyao also looked up at Han Zhan.

Gu Shengyao recognized Han Zhan.

This was the first time Gu Shengyao met Du Xueyan’s first boyfriend.

The photo would weaken a person’s aura and sharpness. The Han Zhan in the photo looked like a tall, handsome man with long legs. But in real life, Han Zhan was domineering. When he fully released his aura, even Gu Shengyao, who had seen all sorts of big shots, had to avoid him.

He was indeed worthy of being called an elite sniper.

Du Xueyan snapped out of her trance. She lifted the sides of her dress and walked elegantly and calmly toward Han Zhan. She stopped a meter away from Han Zhan.

“Han Zhan, long time no see.” Du Xueyan tried her best to sound calm and composed, but her trembling voice betrayed her flustered heart.

Long time no see.

It has really been a long time.

Han Zhan turned around and looked straight at Du Xueyan. “Long time no see.” Unlike Du Xueyan’s feigned calmness, Han Zhan was really calm. The way he looked at Du Xueyan was peaceful. There was no joy or sadness. It was like seeing an old acquaintance.

Han Zhan’s calm tone made Du Xueyan’s heart sink.

Staring at the dazzling Du Xueyan, Han Zhan smiled mildly. “I heard that you won the Grammy Awards and brought glory to the Chinese. Congratulations.”

As if he couldn’t see how awkward Du Xueyan’s expression was, Han Zhan continued, “Now it seems that you were right to choose to break up with me and to work hard for your career.”

Han Zhan wasn’t blaming Du Xueyan but he really thought so. However, Du Xueyan’s face turned deathly pale at his words.

“Han Zhan, are you blaming me?” It was hard for Du Xueyan not to think so.

“Huh?” Han Zhan recalled what he had just said and felt that it was easy for Du Xueyan to misunderstand.

Han Zhan explained seriously, “I don’t blame you and I don’t hate you anymore. Even if I did, time has already washed away that hatred. Moreover, I am already married and have a wife whom I truly love.”

Han Zhan took a deep look at Du Xueyan and sincerely wished her well. “Du Xueyan, you sing very well. My wife is also your fan. All the best. I hope that more people will hear your songs and I wish you good luck.”

With that, Han Zhan opened the door and entered the room without turning back.

The door closed in front of Du Xueyan. Du Xueyan gazed at the tightly shut door, her heart bleeding profusely.

Gu Shengyao walked over and held Du Xueyan’s arm. He reminded her. “Xueyan, if you don’t go down now, you will be late.”

“Gu Shengyao, did you hear that? He wished me good luck and hoped that I’ll be popular.” Du Xueyan gazed at the dark pattern on the carpet, her vision gradually blurring.

Gu Shengyao furrowed his brows in frustration. “Du Xueyan, don’t forget who you are and what you should do after seeing an old lover.” Compared to such a Du Xueyan, Gu Shengyao admired the Du Xueyan who would give up everything just to succeed.

Du Xueyan took a deep breath and closed her eyes.

“I’ m ready.” She gathered the shawl tighter around her shoulders, lifted her heels, and walked on like a proud peacock.

I can only walk forward and not retreat!

Du Xueyan’s appearance at the waiting hall on the fifth floor stunned all the contestants. No one expected Du Xueyan to be involved in this audition. Director Du Junei’s reputation was not to be underestimated.

As soon as Du Xueyan and Gu Shengyao arrived, they knocked on the door of the interview room without waiting in line and entered alone.

Song Ci walked out of the washroom and saw a white figure disappearing into the main entrance of the hall. She glanced at it casually before retracting her gaze and walking to her own stool to sit down.

After Song Ci sat down, she heard her cell phone ring. It was a message from Han Zhan.

Song Ci felt it was strange. Han Zhan usually contacted her via WeChat. Why did he text her this time?

ong Ci took out her cell phone and opened the message box. Han Zhan said, [Baby Ci, I met Du Xueyan at the hotel corridor just now. She seems to be taking part in the auditions too. All the best!]

Right after meeting Du Xueyan, Han Zhan told Song Ci about this. Han Zhan was well-versed in the ways of husband and wife and knew that as husband and wife, they should be more honest with each other to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings.

Upon receiving this message, Song Ci was more shocked than jealous.

Du Xueyan is also participating in the pre-selection?

Du Xueyan and Han Zhan met upstairs?

Song Ci snapped out of her trance and felt slightly sour inside. It was so disgusting to see an old lover.

Song Ci didn’t reply to Han Zhan’s message. She turned to look at the scene. She didn’t see Du Xueyan but saw Gu Shengyao standing by the window making a call.

It looked like the woman in the white dress whom she saw at the door of the interview room was Du Xueyan.

Song Ci was originally not nervous. But after knowing that Du Xueyan was also a competitor, she suddenly felt slightly nervous.

Song Ci hurriedly ate a piece of toffee to calm her nerves.

About 10 minutes later, Du Xueyan came out. Once she came out, everyone looked up and stared at Du Xueyan.

Du Xueyan ignored their stares. She walked toward Gu Shengyao and said, “Let’s go back.”

Gu Shengyao asked her, “How do you feel? Are you confident?”

Du Xueyan frowned and said, “I’ m not sure either. Let’s wait for the notice.” Du Xueyan was a singer, not an actress. She had come to this audition with the intention of giving it a try. Although it would be a pity if she couldn’t be chosen, she wouldn’t lose hope.

“Let’s go then.”

The two of them were about to leave when Du Junfei’s assistant opened the door and shouted. “Next, Song Ci!”

A graceful figure stood up from the crowd. The girl was wearing a silver pink, pleated fairy-style dress. Her black hair was wound up in a bun and there was no jewelry on her elegant neck.

She was only wearing a pair of pink crystal earrings, but the simple adornment was breathtakingly beautiful.

Song Ci was wearing flats and holding a violin in her hand as she walked gracefully towards the main door. Just as she was about to enter, she suddenly turned around and looked up at Gu Shengyao and Du Xueyan.

Du Xueyan narrowed her eyes. She also stared at Song Ci. The two of them stared at each other in silence.

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