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Chapter 188: There Will be Retribution After All the Bad Things You Have Done

Hearing Mu Mian’s request, the two subordinates instinctively looked at Captain Lin.

Captain Lin didn’t agree to Mu Mian’s request. “It depends on how cooperative you are.”

Mu Mian nodded and sat quietly in his chair. The handcuffs didn’t affect his poise at all.

Only then did Captain Lin seriously scrutinize Mu Mian.

Mu Mian had a handsome and gentle look. Even though he was in his mid-forties, he still looked very young and calm. He was wearing the clothes that Du Tingting had asked someone to send over, which was a clean sweater and long pants. He was also wearing a vest that was given out by the detention center. He sat there quietly, giving off the wrong impression of benevolence.

But such a person carried so many murder cases.

Captain Lin, who was used to all sorts of criminal cases, once again thought of that saying when he saw Mu Mian in this state: one cannot judge a book by its cover.

“Suspect Mu Mian, are you going to confess to the attempted murder of Ms. Song Fei, of kidnapping Ms. Song across countries, of stealing her heart to save your own daughter?” Captain Lin was in charge of the interrogation, while the recorder waited quietly for Mu Mian’s reply.

Mu Mian’s eyelids drooped. He didn’t have any strong reaction. He just replied coldly, “I admit it.”

“Confess your crime and motive.”

Like a storyteller, Mu Mian narrated the entire incident calmly and methodically. “From the day Song Fei set off for Golden Sands, I had the thought of taking advantage of the chaos there to create the illusion that she was dead and secretly bringing her back to the country.”

“The real reason why I did this was because of my lover’s miscarriage. My lover was depressed after the miscarriage, and I was afraid that after our only daughter passed away from a heart attack, she would also collapse. So, I decided to take the risk…”

Mu Mian narrated the crime expressionlessly. Captain Lin and the other two men frowned. “So you admit that you used money to extort Zhu Yuanwen, as well as Chen Kang, Huang Qianqian, and the rest to commit the crime together with you?”

After a moment of silence, Mu Mian nodded. “I admit it.”

Captain Lin nodded and changed the topic. “18 years ago, your friend, Xu Xiangxiang, jumped down from Dieyi Building in our city. Back then, her death was judged as suicide by jumping off a building. But recently, someone reported that Xu Xiangxiang didn’t commit suicide by jumping off a building. Instead, because she was emotionally involved with you, you purposely pushed her down the building and she died.”

“Suspect Mu Mian, do you admit to intentionally killing Xu Xiangxiang?”

Hearing the name Xu Xiangxiang, a slender figure surfaced in Mu Mian’s mind, but he actually couldn’t remember how she looked like.

He was quite capable to dig up such old news.

Mu Mian shook his head slightly. “I didn’t.” After answering, Mu Mian asked Captain Lin, “Who reported the case? They made up a lie and are trying to frame me.” He seemed rather indignant as he portrayed himself as an innocent victim.

“You won’t shed a tear until you see the coffin.” Captain Lin sneered. He reached into his pocket and took out a sealed envelope containing a black USB drive.

Pushing the USB drive in front of Mu Mian, Captain Lin knocked on the table. “Look, doesn’t this USB drive look very familiar?”

From the moment Captain Lin took out the USB drive, Mu Mian’s calm expression disappeared. His brown eyes narrowed into two tiny dots.

Staring at the USB drive, Mu Mian suddenly lost the ability to speak.

Captain Lin asked again, “Suspect Mu Mian, do you plead guilty to murdering Xu Xiangxiang?”

Mu Mian straightened his neck and stared at Captain Lin for a long while, before finally giving in and nodding. He said in a hoarse voice, “I admit it.” The USB flash drive contained the voice recordings of his conversation with Su Buwang. In the recordings, he had admitted to murdering Xu Xiang. There was no point in trying to argue.

“What is your motive?”

As if he was talking about an old friend whom he had not seen for many years, Mu Mian said calmly, “She is my first love. We have been together since high school. She didn’t manage to get into a good university during the college entrance examination and quit school to work at a factory to become a clerk.”

“Although we were separated, we didn’t break up and maintained a long-distance relationship. At that time, phone calls weren’t popular and phone fees were expensive. She and I relied on letters to contact each other.”

“After that, when I was in my second year of university, I met my current lover. Only when I met my current lover did I understand what love is. Although I knew that it was wrong to be two-timing, I still couldn’t help but fall in love with my wife.”

“After graduating from university, I married my wife and had our daughter not long after. During this period, I kept my lover’s existence from Xu Xiangxiang, as well as my wife’s existence from her.”

Captain Lin frowned and asked Mu Mian, “Why didn’t you break up with Xu Xiangxiang? After so many years, you could’ve always found the right opportunity.”

Mu Mian looked distressed. He said regretfully, “Xu Xiangxiang suffered a lot because of me. She is the kind of person who will spend 99 yuan on me if she had 100 yuan. She is very devoted to me. I…”

Mu Mian was slightly troubled. He murmured. “I didn’t know how to tell her about our breakup, so I kept dragging it out.”

“So you are nostalgic!” Captain Lin felt it was ridiculous and mocked him. “A person like you actually has moments of nostalgia.”

Mu Mian didn’t retort.

“Since you are so nostalgic, how could you bear to kill her?” In Captain Lin’s eyes, Mu Mian was no good. If you don’t love such a good girl, please don’t hurt her.

“I didn’t intend to kill her at first. I wanted to compensate her for her loss of youth.” At that time, Mu Mian thought that although he had never touched Xu Xiangxiang’s body, he had also wasted a few years of her youth. He planned to compensate Xu Xiang with 100,000 yuan.

However, Xu Xiangxiang disagreed.

“She threatened to destroy my family.” There was no warmth in Mu Mian’s eyes. He said, “I want to protect my family and my love. So, she can only die.”

With a brief description, Mu Mian determined Xu Xiangxiang’s life and death.

Captain Lin didn’t see any hint of guilt on Mu Mian’s face. He knew that this was a truly ruthless person.

“Let me ask you again. Are you going to plead guilty to threatening Zhu Yuanwen, instigating him to drug the Su Family’s tea, causing them to lose consciousness while driving, resulting in them falling into the Great Dragon River in a car accident, and both drowning?”

After hearing Captain Lin accurately point out Zhu Yuanwen’s role in the case, Mu Mian knew that they had investigated everything thoroughly.

Mu Mian nodded expressionlessly. “I admit.”

“Why did you do that?”

Mu Mian’s reply nearly made Captain Lin fly into a rage. He said —

“He kept going against me and even used the death of Xu Xiangxiang to threaten me. I was unhappy and annoyed at him, so I killed him.”

What an infuriating answer!

Two lives were lost just like that!

Captain Lin was no longer willing to chat with someone like Mu Mian. He had already collected the necessary evidence and statement. He stood up and turned to leave.

Captain Lin was about to leave.

At this point, Mu Mian suddenly hit the table with both hands and asked urgently, “You promised to let me meet my wife! You can’t go back on your word!”

Hearing this, Captain Lin stopped in his tracks.

He turned half his head and saw Mu Mian’s enraged expression from the corner of his eye. He smirked mockingly. “I’ve said it before. It depends on your performance, but I’m very dissatisfied with your performance.”

Mu Mian was so angry that the veins on his neck were popping. “You lied to me!”

“I didn’t lie to you.” Captain Lin turned around completely. He looked at the exasperated Mu Mian and suddenly said, “You have failed Xu Xiangxiang and murdered Su Mao and his wife. You have committed all sorts of evil deeds. Do you really think that the heavens will not punish you?”

With a signal from Captain Lin, the people in the surveillance room turned off the surveillance cameras and listening devices.

Captain Lin walked up to Mu Mian and smiled mockingly. “Your daughter has been tormented by a disease at such a young age. Your wife is critically ill and can’t even meet you. This is the retribution from the heavens.”

Isn’t he deeply in love with his wife?

Then Heaven would make sure he never got to see his wife for the last time!

Isn’t he trying to protect his family?

Then God would make his daughter suffer from all sorts of illnesses!

“Mu Mian, one will receive retribution for committing all sorts of evil deeds.” Actually, in the field of police work, Captain Lin had seen too many examples of people committing all sorts of evil deeds, but still getting away scot-free and leading a good life.

But Captain Lin still firmly believed that a person who committed evil deeds would never end well.

After Captain Lin left, the two subordinates sent Mu Mian back to the detainment room. Mu Mian sat on the metal bed despondently as Captain Lin’s words kept replaying in his mind.

Is this really retribution?

Mu Mian could only pray that Du Tingting could survive this ordeal.

In the afternoon, Du Tingting suddenly fainted after a cerebral hemorrhage.

The First Ward was located at the south end of the East Mountain District. It was 30 minutes away from the Third People’s Hospital.

As they waited for the ambulance to arrive, Du Tingting’s mouth started spewing out vomit. It was a terrible sight.

A police officer saw that the condition was serious and hurriedly called the doctor over. By the time the doctor arrived, Du Tingting had already stopped vomiting. If one listened closely, one could hear her snoring.

The doctor could tell that Du Tingting was suffering from cerebral hemorrhage. “Quick, lie her down on her side and open her mouth for me!”

The policeman opened Du Tingting’s lips and saw her tongue lolling out. She was obviously suffocating.

The doctor immediately used a handkerchief to remove the foreign object from Du Tingting’s mouth. Seeing that she couldn’t breathe, he hesitated for a moment before lowering his head and pressing his lips against hers to resuscitate her.

The police officers all had different expressions as they watched this scene. They all admired the doctor.

That was a patient who had just vomited.

At least Du Tingting could breathe normally now.

Only when the ambulance arrived did the doctor heave a sigh of relief. “The patient suffered a cerebral hemorrhage and vomited profusely. She also suffered from suffocation during the fall of her tongue. You must send her to the hospital as soon as possible.”


It was already 25 minutes later when Du Tingting was sent to the hospital. She was immediately pushed into the emergency room for a CT scan to confirm that she had a cerebral hemorrhage on her left side of the brain.

As her condition was temporarily under control, the attending doctor decided to send her to the ward for observation first. She had to get the approval of the patient’s family, before deciding whether to perform the surgery or to let her stay in the hospital for observation.

After pushing Du Tingting into the ward, the attending doctor found the ambulance attendant and asked her about her identity.

The female doctor told the attending doctor, “We went to fetch her from the First Detention Centre. We have just contacted the Detention Centre. They told me that the patient’s name is Du Tingting and her husband is the chairman of Chao Yang Company, Mu Mian. He had been arrested for murder. Currently, the only family member we can contact is Du Tingting’s daughter.”

“Then contact her daughter as soon as possible.”


Mu Qiu woke up and realized that Du Tingting was not in the ward. She called Du Tingting but no one answered.

After locating the nurse, Mu Qiu inquired about Du Tingting’s whereabouts. The nurse told Mu Qiu, “Madam Mu left the hospital at 1pm. She told us that she will be back around 5pm, but we’re not sure where she went.”

“I see.”

Mu Qiu returned to her room alone and sat quietly by the bed.

After waking up from her illness, she found out that Mu Mian’s plan had failed and that he had been taken away by the police. As a result, Mu Qiu logged out of all chat apps.

She held her own cell phone but didn’t have the courage to open WeChat. Mu Qiu was afraid of seeing those old friends gossiping about the Mu Family, afraid of seeing them scold her father for being worse than a beast, and even more afraid of facing Cheng Yanmo.

What will Brother Mo think of my family now that he knew what my father had done?

She had completely turned into a cowardly turtle.

After much hesitation, Mu Qiu opened the app and logged in. To her surprise, Cheng Yanmo didn’t send her a single message.

Is he overseas on a work trip and didn’t know what had happened to the Mu Family?


Or is it that after knowing about the Mu Family, he had completely lost all fondness for them and wanted to cut all ties with me?

Mu Qiu bit down on her lower lip at the thought of this possibility.

Beep beep.

Beep beep.

Her cell phone suddenly vibrated.

Mu Qiu looked down in surprise and saw an unfamiliar number. She hesitated for a moment before finally answering the call.

“…Hi,” Mu Qiu said hesitantly, thinking it was a marketing call.

The other party asked, “Hi, is this Madam Du Tingting’s daughter, Ms. Mu Qiu?”

Hearing her mother’s name, Mu Qiu had a bad feeling. She frowned slightly and answered uneasily, “I am Mu Qiu. May I know who you are?”

“Hi, this is Wangdong Third People’s Hospital. Your mother suddenly suffered a cerebral hemorrhage this afternoon and is currently being held at the hospital for observation. Is it convenient for you to come over now? The doctor has to discuss with you about your mother’s condition…”

Hearing this grievous news, Mu Qiu’s mind was in a mess. She changed clothes as quickly as she could and hailed a cab to the Third People’s Hospital.

The Third People’s Hospital was on the south side of Wangdong City. Newbridge Hospital was on the north side of Wangdong City, close to Wangjiang City Airport. The entire Wangdong City was between the two hospitals.

It was already dark by the time Mu Qiu arrived at the Third People’s Hospital.

Panic-stricken, she ran to the floor of the Neurology Department and asked the nurse about Du Tingting’s ward. Only then did she find her bed.

Mu Qiu’s legs went limp when she saw Du Tingting’s lips twitching on the bed.


Mu Qiu held onto the railing of Du Tingting’s bed and knelt down. “Mother, can you hear me?” Mu Qiu knelt down and grabbed Du Tingting’s hand. Du Tingting was having a fever and her hand was very hot.

Mu Qiu felt terrified.

After confirming that Du Tingting couldn’t hear her, Mu Qiu finally remembered to look for the doctor.

She wiped her tears and went to look for the doctor. The doctor saw that she was very thin and her face was also very pale. Worried that she might collapse at any moment, he asked worriedly, “Miss Mu, are you alright?”

The news that the head of the Cardiovascular Department of Newbridge Hospital, Zhu Yuanwen, and the chairman of Newbridge Hospital, Mu Mian, had done something to the virus specialist Song Fei had already spread throughout the country.

As the head of the Neurology Department of the Third People’s Hospital, Director Zhang naturally knew. Knowing that this lady in front of him had heart disease, Director Zhang was worried that she might collapse at any time.

Mu Qiu shook her head. “I am fine.”

Mu Qiu’s heart clenched tightly. She sat down on the empty chair beside the doctor and asked him anxiously about Du Tingting’s condition. “Doctor, how is my mother’s condition? Can it be controlled? Can she be cured?”

“Your mother’s left cerebral hemorrhage is rather serious. My suggestion is to arrange for a surgery as soon as possible to prevent her cerebral hemorrhage from continuing. If there is another hemorrhage and the situation is uncontrollable, your mother is very likely to…”

The doctor shot Mu Qiu a meaningful look.

Mu Qiu panicked.

“Will she die?”

The doctor nodded.

Mu Qiu grabbed the doctor’s hand and knelt down. “Doctor, you must treat my mother. She… she didn’t do anything bad. She must live a long, healthy life!”

Hearing Mu Qiu’s words, Head of Department Zhang also sighed at Du Tingting’s plight. It was obviously her husband’s fault, but retribution had befallen her. “Miss Mu, your mother suddenly suffered a cerebral hemorrhage and is in critical condition. You should consider whether she should undergo surgery or receive conservative treatment.”

Worried that Mu Qiu would not realize the severity of the problem, Head of Department Zhang added. “Conservative treatment might not be effective, and the surgery might not succeed. It will also have side effects.”

“I… I will consider it.”

Mu Qiu used her cell phone to search for information regarding the aftereffects of the cerebral hemorrhage surgery. After reading the information online, Mu Qiu finally realized how serious her mother’s condition was.

She couldn’t make up her mind but couldn’t contact Mu Mian either. She was so anxious that she didn’t know what to do. In the past, she could still call Song Ci to discuss but now, she didn’t dare to call her!

Mu Qiu leaned against the wall. Once again, she deeply experienced the feeling of helplessness.

The doctor packed up his things and was about to knock off when he walked out of the office and saw Mu Qiu standing at the door. “Miss Mu.” The doctor stopped and looked at Mu Qiu gently, waiting for her to speak first.

“Doctor.” Mu Qiu’s fingers tugged at the corners of her shirt. Her anxious manner was heart-wrenching. “Doctor, I agree to the surgery for my mother.”

Even if Du Tingting was paralyzed and unable to speak after the surgery, at least she would still be alive.

The doctor patted her shoulder and said, “Alright then, come in with me to sign the surgery consent form.”

Mu Qiu signed the consent form before returning to the ward to accompany Du Tingting. She waited until 11pm, and the fatigued Mu Qiu couldn’t help dozing off.

After sleeping for some time, Mu Qiu suddenly heard a sound. She looked up and saw Du Tingting’s lips twitching violently. Shortly after, she started convulsing.

Mu Qiu was terrified.



Mu Qiu pressed the button to call for help. She didn’t know if the nurse didn’t hear her or was busy, but she didn’t pick up. Mu Qiu hurriedly ran out of the ward and stood in the corridor shouting at the nurse’s desk. “Nurse, come and see what happened to my mother!”

The nurse and the doctor on night duty hurried over. Seeing that Du Tingting was twitching all over, they hurriedly pushed her into the emergency room.

As he walked, the doctor said, “Suspected of another intracranial hemorrhage. Prepare for a brain CT scan!”

“Inform Head of Department Zhang that the patient might need surgery!”

“Go to the blood bank to get RH-negative blood!”


Mu Qiu jogged behind them and arrived at the emergency room. The nurse shut the door and Mu Qiu was stopped outside. She waited for a while and saw the nurse running over with two to three blood bags.

After another 10 minutes, Head of Department Zhang hurried over. Mu Qiu quickly stood up and knelt down before him.

“Doctor Zhang, you must save my mother! I beg you!”

Director Zhang calmly took Mu Qiu’s hand and said, “I will do my best. This is my responsibility.” Doctor Zhang entered the operating theater and closed the door. He didn’t open it for a long time.

Mu Qiu was like a cat on a hot tin roof, as she paced anxiously in front of the operating theater.

At 3am, the door to the operating theater was finally opened.

Head of Department Zhang was the first to walk out.

Mu Qiu was on high alert. She jumped up from her chair when she saw Head of Department Zhang. “Doctor Zhang, my mother…”

Head of Department Zhang didn’t speak. He took off his face mask and quietly observed Mu Qiu.

Mu Qiu was so scared by those profound eyes that she forgot to speak.

“Miss Mu, I am very sorry. Your mother is suffering from cerebral hemorrhage and the surgery is not effective. She doesn’t have much time left.”

Mu Qiu staggered two steps back and sat down on the ground. “Surgery is not effective. Time is running out?” Mu Qiu couldn’t believe it.

Hearing the sound of tires, Mu Qiu looked up and stared at the door of the operating theater. She saw the nurses pushing Du Tingting out of the operating theater. The bed was covered in blood. Du Tingting was lying on the bed with blood dripping from her head and her mouth trembling.

Mu Qiu knelt down beside Du Tingting. She sobbed as she held Du Tingting’s trembling hands. “Mother, I am Qiu-er. Can you hear me?”

Du Tingting’s pupils quivered as she gazed at Mu Qiu’s face. Her lips quivered as if she had something to say but lost the ability to speak.

Mu Qiu’s heart felt like it was being stabbed as she cried so hard that her shoulders collapsed.

“Mother, is it very painful? Ah? Don’t be afraid, Qiu-er is here with you!” Mu Qiu cried as she reached out to wipe off the blood on Du Tingting’s head, but she couldn’t wipe it off.

She panicked and her heart was in turmoil. She laid on Du Tingting’s shoulder and cried bitterly.

The nurse saw that Mu Qiu was crying so bitterly. Even though she was used to seeing death, she couldn’t bear to see it happen.

She advised Mu Qiu. “Miss Mu, don’t cry. Your mother doesn’t have much time left. Think about what other family members you have. Call them over. Perhaps they can see your mother one last time.”

“My dad…” Mu Qiu suddenly stood up and ran out of the hospital.

At night, the detention center was completely silent. As they were in the suburbs, they could still hear the buzzing of insects in the grass.

The policeman sitting in the guardhouse suddenly heard a flurry of footsteps. He looked up in surprise and saw a flustered, thin girl running to the door of the guardhouse.

That girl ran up to the tall, strict iron door of the detention center and slammed her hands hard on it, making a startling sound in the middle of the night.

Mu Qiu placed her hand on the metal door and screamed at the top of her lungs. “Father! Father, come out, come out!”

“Father! Quickly come out. Mother is dying. Come out and meet her for the last time with me, alright?!”

The police officer on duty snapped out of his trance and hurried over to Mu Qiu’s side to stop her from screaming. “Miss, this is a detention center. You are not allowed to do anything rash!”

Mu Qiu grabbed the police officer’s hand and knelt down. “Police uncle! I beg of you, please let my father out and let me bring him to the hospital to see my mother!”

“My mother is dying soon. Can you please allow my father to see my mother one last time?”

During the shift change, the officer on duty had already heard about what happened that afternoon from his colleague. He knew that the wife of a criminal had suddenly suffered a cerebral hemorrhage and was admitted to the hospital.

He asked, “Is your father Mu Mian?”

Mu Qiu quickly nodded. “Yes, my father is Mu Mian.”

The police officer shook his head. He told Mu Qiu, “Miss, if your father committed any other crimes, the higher-ups might be merciful and allow him to see your mother one last time.”

“But your father took so many lives and he’s in the spotlight now. We will never let him go. Go back and accompany your mother.”

Mu Qiu didn’t know that Mu Mian had other murder cases. Hearing this news, Mu Qiu was slightly stunned. “Did you say that my father had murdered other people before?”

“Yes, he has killed three people in the past.”

Mu Qiu was stunned. “How could…” My father is such a kind-hearted person. How can he be a murderer?

In Mu Qiu’s eyes, Mu Mian was a good husband and father who doted on his wife and daughter. The worst thing he did was nearly killing Song Fei!

How can he be a murderer!

Seeing that Mu Qiu didn’t believe him, the policeman had to say, “Why do you think your mother suddenly had a cerebral hemorrhage? She heard about this today and was anxious! Angry!”

“How could this be…” Mu Qiu couldn’t believe it was true. But she had never met this police officer before, so there was no need for him to lie to her.

Her father’s lofty image in Mu Qiu’s heart instantly collapsed!

he let go of the policeman’s arm and pounded on the door while crying. “Mu Mian! Mu Mian, come out! Mother is dying. She is holding her breath and waiting for you to meet her!”

“Father, come with me to visit her!”

Many people in the detention center were awoken by Mu Qiu’s screams. No one made a sound. Firstly, the rules forbade them from talking in the middle of the night. Secondly, they wanted to hear some gossip. Thirdly, they felt that this lady was too pitiful.

After returning to the detainment room from the interrogation room, Mu Mian kept thinking about Du Tingting’s condition and couldn’t fall asleep the entire night. Mu Mian heard Mu Qiu’s first shout.

He sprang up from the bed, leaned against the fence, and shouted out of the corridor. “Let me out!”

“My daughter is outside. Let me out!”

“Captain Lin, you promised me that you would let me meet my lover!”

Captain Lin was a police officer at the police station. Unless it was a criminal, he would never come to the detention center. Captain Lin couldn’t hear Mu Mian’s screams at all.

The commotion caused by Mu Mian was so great that it woke up the police officers on duty.

Two police officers walked over and asked Mu Mian angrily, “Criminal Mu Mian, why are you yelling? Don’t you know you can’t make a ruckus during bedtime?”

Mu Mian hurriedly said to the police officers, “Police officers, can you be kind and bring me to the hospital? My lover is dying and my daughter is calling for me outside. I must go and see her one last time!”

“No way! There’s no such rule! You are not allowed to see your family members or go out before your sentence. You are not allowed to do so under any circumstances!”

Mu Mian was dumbstruck upon hearing this.

It was very quiet in the detention center. Mu Qiu’s voice echoed in Mu Mian’s ears from several dozen meters away. Every sound was filled with despair.

“Father, Mother is about to die. Come with me to visit her. She loves you so much. She won’t be able to rest in peace if she doesn’t see you!”

Hearing Mu Qiu’s words, Mu Mian grabbed onto the metal railing tightly. The muscles on his arms tightened and his neck felt stiff. The veins on his neck were throbbing wildly.

“Mu Qiu!” Mu Mian hollered. “Mu Qiu, I have let your mother down. I am too ashamed to face her!”

“Mu Qiu, go back. Go back quickly. Don’t let her leave alone!”

Mu Qiu seemed to have heard Mu Mian’s words and was momentarily stunned. She slid down the metal door and sat on the floor. The police officer on duty couldn’t bear to watch any longer and advised her. “Young lady, go back. Your mother is still waiting for you.”

As if waking up from a dream, Mu Qiu snapped out of her trance. She supported herself against the metal door, stood up, stumbled into the cab, and left.

In an isolated ward, Du Tingting’s life was coming to an end. She could only breathe out but not breathe in. She stared at the ceiling with tears in her eyes.

Her breathing was getting weaker and weaker, but she still held on and waited for someone who couldn’t make it.

Two nurses guarded her sickbed, observing her signs of life.

Knock knock knock.

As the footsteps got closer, the nurse looked up and saw Mu Qiu returning.

Mu Qiu came to Du Tingting’s bed and held her hand. “Mother, I went to look for Father. They won’t let him out.”

The tears in Du Tingting’s eyes grew brighter and brighter until they formed two teardrops that rolled down her cheeks.

Mu Qiu wiped Du Tingting’s tears away. “Mother, don’t be afraid. Qiu-er will be by your side.”

Du Tingting suddenly struggled to raise her fingers.

The nurses were all in disbelief. How can a dying person lift her own hand? They saw Du Tingting’s hand pointing at the bag on the dresser.

Du Tingting’s lips quivered as if she wanted to say something, but she had lost the ability to speak and couldn’t make a sound.

As her eyelids grew heavier, Du Tingting suddenly stood up like a person who had worked for too long. She stretched her arms and sighed. “Hey!”

Du Tingting stopped breathing after that sigh.

Mu Qiu was burying her head in her hands and crying. She didn’t realize that Du Tingting had already left. The nurse saw her and reminded her. “Miss Mu, Madam Du has already left.”

Mu Qiu stopped crying.

She slowly looked up and saw that Du Tingting’s mouth was slightly agape. She didn’t give up and reached out to touch Du Tingting’s nose.

She really isn’t breathing.

Mu Qiu felt a dull ache in her heart. “Mother! Don’t go!” No matter how Mu Qiu screamed, Du Tingting would never respond to her. Even after death, she still had her eyes wide open, unable to rest in peace.

Mu Qiu reached out to close Du Tingting’s eyes, but Du Tingting just couldn’t close them. Mu Qiu tried several times but couldn’t close her mother’s eyes. In the end, she broke down and laid on top of Du Tingting, tears streaming down her face.

The young nurse asked the older nurse, “What did Madam Du’s hand sign mean just now?”

The older nurse walked around the end of the bed, went to the cupboard beside the bed, and opened Du Tingting’s bag. The young nurse also walked over, and the two of them looked into the bag before pouring everything out.

There was a makeup mirror, lipstick, BB cream, cell phone, keys, wallet… and a neatly folded A4 paper folder.

“Could it be this?” The nurse opened the document curiously.

As the paper was unfolded, rows of tiny black words appeared before the eyes of the two nurses.

The form to willingly donate one’s organs.

Human organ donation is a noble act of saving other people’s lives. It is an exemplary manifestation of the spirit of “humanitarianism, love and devotion.” I already know the basic principles and policy rules of human organ donation. I am willing to donate my organs for free after I leave…

Personal information:

Name: Du Tingting.

Gender: Female.

Birthday: 25 March 1977…

“Ms. Du actually signed an organ donation form.” The two nurses held this organ donation form as if a bottle of mixed emotions had been overturned in their hearts.

Mu Qiu suddenly heard the nurses talking. She turned around groggily and looked at the documents in their hands. Guessing what they were, Mu Qiu suddenly stood up and snatched them away.

After she finished reading the document, Mu Qiu looked at Du Tingting again. She suddenly hugged that document and squatted down to cry bitterly.

“Mom, I’ m sorry…”

No one knew why she apologized to Du Tingting.

Mu Qiu cried so hard that she fainted. When she fainted, she was still clutching that donation form tightly, as if hugging a peerless treasure and not daring to let go.

Song Ci found out about Du Tingting’s death at 5.30am the next day.

She sat up in shock, hurriedly pulled aside the blanket, got out of bed, and headed to the Third People’s Hospital with Han Zhan.

The two of them rushed to the hospital. They thought they would see Du Tingting’s body, but the nurse informed them that she was in the operating theater. Song Ci felt strange and asked the nurse, “My mother has already passed away, why is she still going to the operating theater?”

Everyone in Wangdong City knew that Song Ci was adopted by the Mu Family. As Du Tingting’s family, she had the right to know about Du Tingting’s condition.

The nurse told Song Ci, “Before Ms. Du died, she had voluntarily donated her organs. According to our country’s organ donation policy, when a relative needs an organ, the organ of the deceased will be given to the relative first.”

“Miss Mu suddenly fainted this morning due to a heart attack. She can’t wait to undergo a heart transplant. The specialist from the Cardiovascular Department is performing a heart transplant for her.”

Hearing this, Song Ci’s body swayed.

Han Zhan hurriedly helped Song Ci steady herself. “Let’s wait outside the operating theater.”

Han Zhan carried Song Ci to the operating theater. They waited for a long time before being told that Mu Qiu’s heart transplant operation had ended successfully.

Hearing this, Song Ci didn’t say anything and just sat there quietly.

Very soon, Du Tingting’s body was pushed out. As she had signed the organ donation form, her kidney, lungs and cornea would be donated to those who truly needed them. Her body would also be donated to medical schools for medical research.

Song Ci’s heart suddenly ached when she saw Du Tingting’s body covered by the white cloth.

She knew that in her previous life, she had also been pushed out of the operating theater after her death. Her organs would also be donated to patients who needed them. Her body would be sent to medical school for embalming treatment and then soaked for a few years for medical students to observe and research…

In her previous life, her ending was now Du Tingting’s. Fate was truly a joke.

Song Ci got up and walked over to Du Tingting’s body. She suddenly knelt down and kowtowed three times to Du Tingting’s body.

There was nothing she could do to repay her kindness of raising her up.

Only when the bed containing Du Tingting’s body was sent away did Song Ci stand up with Han Zhan’s help. She looked up at the operating theater and said to Han Zhan, “Let’s go.”

Song Ci still hated Mu Qiu.

Du Tingting’s death and Mu Mian’s capture both could not make Song Ci forgive Mu Qiu. Although Mu Qiu didn’t kill her in this life, Mu Qiu’s viciousness had planted a seed of hatred in Song Ci’s heart.

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