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Chapter 187: Mu Mian: I Confess!

After mocking Song Ci, Su Beibei really reached out and took out that old porcelain urn.

Song Ci looked around like a sentry. “The gatekeeper isn’t around. Hurry up.”

Su Beibei picked up the urn and studied the bottom of it. She didn’t notice anything unusual and turned the urn around. The urn had an image of a crane flying west. It was rather unique.

No matter how she looked at it, this was just an ordinary urn. “There’s nothing wrong with its exterior.” Even if there was nothing wrong with its exterior, there was no telling what was inside.

Su Beibei suddenly glanced at Song Ci and lifted her chin.

“What do you want?” Song Ci felt that Su Beibei’s eyes harbored ill intentions.

Su Beibei said, “Song Ci, open it.”

Song Ci’s mouth twitched. She quickly shook her head and rejected Su Beibei. “Us beautiful young ladies never pry open someone’s ashes.” How wicked.

Su Beibei glared at her. So what if she is a pretty girl? “Alright then, only a vicious girl like me can do it.” Su Beibei looked around and instructed Song Ci, “Keep watch.”


Song Ci scanned her surroundings, and was extremely careful if anyone was coming.

Taking out someone’s ashes was no different from digging up their grave. It was also the first time the vicious girl Su Beibei had done such an immoral thing. She was also feeling very cowardly.

Su Beibei steeled herself and mustered up the courage to open the urn.


“It’s open.”

Hearing this, Song Ci didn’t turn back. She was also afraid of looking back and seeing something scary. She stared elsewhere and asked Su Beibei, “Did you see anything? Are there any bones?”

Without Su Beibei’s reply, Song Ci felt like a cat was scratching at her heart. Unable to control her curiosity, she turned and leaned against Su Beibei’s shoulder to look into the urn.

Gray ashes mixed with bone dust. This was how a person would look after death.

]”No problem.” Song Ci got Su Bei to close the lid. “Let’s go. No problem.”

“Wait.” Su Beibei placed the urn back into the cupboard but didn’t close it. Instead, she reached into her own bag and took out a transparent disposable glove.

Just those free disposable gloves from KFC.

Guessing what Su Beibei wanted to do, Song Ci’s lips quivered. “Beibei, are you serious?”

“Shh.” Su Beibei put her hand to her mouth and signaled Song Ci to be quiet.

Song Ci secretly swallowed her saliva and observed her surroundings fearfully.

Su Beibei was just a mystery writer. She had portrayed many scary freaks, but she was not a real freak. It was also her first time touching someone’s ashes and she felt rather scared.

Suppressing her fear, Su Beibei reached in.

No matter how one put it, that feeling was no different from touching ashes. It was just frightening. Su Bei continued to feel inside the urn. Her fingers reached under the urn and finally felt something different.

“Found it!” Su Beibei couldn’t conceal her excitement.

Song Ci was shocked.

There really is something?

She turned to look at Su Beibei’s hand and saw that she was holding a small flash drive. The design of the flash drive was very ordinary and pure black. One look and one could tell that it was an old thing from many years ago.

Song Ci and Su Beibei looked at each other in surprise.

“Let’s go!”

Song Ci followed Su Bei back to her living quarters above her cafe.

Walking into the study and closing the door, Su Beibei immediately found a hairdryer and handed it to Song Ci. “Blow away the dust on the flash drive.”

Song Ci didn’t resist this time. She turned on the hairdryer and blew the ashes.

Su Beibei sat on a stool and opened her laptop. After Song Ci had blown it clean, Su Beibei let her plug in the USB. Song Ci plugged in the USB and asked Su Beibei, “Can it be used?”

“Yes, it’s not broken.”

There were a total of three documents in this USB drive. The first was named “Xu Xiangxiang.”

“Open it.” Song Ci urged Su Beibei.

Su Beibei didn’t hesitate and opened the document.

Pages of photos popped into their view. They could see that these photos were taken by someone using a camera.

The handwriting on the letter was elegant and the handwriting was the same. It was probably written by the same girl. Without a doubt, the owner of the letter must be Xu Xiangxiang.

Su Beibei opened the first letter. It read:

Ah Mian, today is the 20th day after you went to Wangdong University to study. How have you been? Are you used to everything in school?

I found a textile factory with a monthly salary of 550 yuan. Food and housing are provided.

The last time you said you wanted to buy a pair of sneakers, so I saved some money and bought you a pair of white sneakers. I heard they are branded and cost 150 yuan.

I think you’d look very handsome in those shoes playing basketball on the court.’

Your father didn’t give you any allowance, right? I put 200 yuan in your shoes. Remember to take it out and save it for your own meals.

Ah Mian, study hard. I will look for you after you graduate from university…

I hope everything goes well for you.

Xu Xiangxiang.

17 September 1995.

After reading this letter, both Su Beibei and Song Ci felt rather upset.

“She’s so pitiful.” Song Ci felt sorry for Xu Xiangxiang. “She spent 350 yuan on Mu Mian when her salary is 550 yuan a month. This beast is so vicious but so well-liked.”

Both Xu Xiangxiang and Du Tingting were infatuated with Mu Mian.

What capabilities did he have?

Su Beibei looked troubled and didn’t respond. Su Beibei continued to flip through the photos. The two of them saw how devoted Xu Xiangxiang was to Mu Mian and were deeply moved.

At the end of the letter, Xu Xiangxiang wrote:

Ah Mian, long time no see.

I heard that you are married to a gentle and beautiful lady from an affluent family. She comes from an wealthy family, has excellent grades and is even the belle of your art department!

Over the past few years, you have been replying to my letters less and less frequently. I guessed that you might have already fallen in love with someone else. But I didn’t expect that not only did you fall in love with someone else, you were also married to her and even had a child who is over a year old!

Mu Mian, you spent so much effort to lie to me!

We were in love with each other after all. It’s a pity for us to end things so hastily.

I am going to Wangdong City next week and I want to meet you. Even if we are to break up, we should make things clear in person.

When you were wooing me, you gave me breakfast for a month without any issues. When we broke up, I also hope that you could tell me personally: Xu Xiangxiang, I don’t love you anymore.

A relationship had to have a beginning and an end.

Xu Xiangxiang.

April 9, 2002.

This was the last letter that Xu Xiangxiang had written to Mu Mian. From the first letter to the last, it had taken more than seven years.

They had been in a long-distance relationship for seven years. In the second year, Mu Mian met Du Tingting and started wooing her passionately.

In other words, Mu Mian had been in love with Du Tingting, while keeping the other girl devoted to him by his side for six years!

In terms of jerks, Mu Mian still ranked at the top.

Xu Xiangxiang would never have imagined that Wangdong City would be her death journey! She would never believe that the man whom she had loved for 10 years since high school would actually kill her!

“What a pity. Mu Mian took the money from Xu Xiangxiang and wore the clothes and shoes that she sent to date Du Tingting. I really don’t know if I should call him thick-skinned or shameless!”

“He got married and had a child, but he still refused to settle things with Xu Xiangxiang and continued to pester her. A woman’s prime years were wasted on him.”

“I feel bad for her.”

Song Ci cursed indignantly. “Mu Mian is such a jerk!” She was so angry for Xu Xiangxiang that she gritted her teeth. She hated that she couldn’t just kill Mu Mian to avenge Xu Xiangxiang.

Su Beibei controlled herself and didn’t scold him. Instead, she asked Song Ci, “Say, why didn’t Mu Mian break up with Xu Xiangxiang? Isn’t he and Du Tingting truly in love? Why did he continue to keep Xu Xiangxiang hanging?”

True love was also rather cheap.

If one wasn’t involved, one could never guess. Song Ci shook her head. “I don’t know. I only know that Xu Xiangxiang is so pitiful.” Du Tingting, who had been deceived by Mu Mian her entire life, was also very pitiful.

“There’s one more photo we haven’t seen.” Su Beibei opened the last photo. This photo was taken by Mu Mian from a news agency.

Wangdong City Daily News: [Yesterday, a young lady committed suicide by jumping off a building at our city’s Dieyi Building. After investigations, this lady is from Haicheng and is an orphan. She came to Wangdong City to work for a living and died from stress…]

A love murder was so hastily defined as suicide.

Su Beibei scrolled down the photos.

As she clicked on the second document called “Recording,” Su Beibei said to Song Ci, “Mu Mian saved these photos to show that he enjoyed the entire crime. Especially after the crime ended, he didn’t let the police find out the truth behind Xu Xiangxiang’s suicide. He took these photos and reports to reminisce later.”

“We call such people perverted.” They were extremely dangerous.

As she spoke, Su Beibei had already opened the recording file. There was only a recorded voice. Opening it, a male voice pierced through the computer and magnified in the study.

]”Mu Mian! I saw everything that happened that day.” Hearing this voice, Su Beibei was stunned. Her fingers that were holding the mouse trembled slightly.

Song Ci guessed the reason and asked Su Beibei, “Is this your father’s voice?”

Su Beibei frowned and said in a low voice, “I don’t know. I don’t remember Father’s voice anymore.” Although Su Beibei didn’t remember, this voice sounded familiar to her.

Her intuition told her that this voice belonged to her father, Su Buwang.

In the recording, Mu Mian pretended to be calm and asked, “Which day? What did you see?”

Su Buwang said, “Four years ago, on the night of your murder.” With that, Su Buwang paused, expecting to see Mu Mian’s fearful reaction.

But not only was Mu Mian not afraid or guilty, after a short period of silence, he even asked with interest, “Oh? Which night did I kill? Who did I kill?”

He wouldn’t confess without a fight. He had to hear the entire story from Su Buwang before he could make a decision on how to deal with this person.

Su Buwang had no idea that a demon had already opened its jaws wide, waiting to devour him.

“Four years ago, we were in the early stages of our entrepreneurship. I was busy with work and didn’t have the time to accompany your sister-in-law or Beibei. That night, your sister-in-law quarreled with me over the phone and even said she wanted a divorce when she got angry. I was very upset and wasn’t in the mood to work overtime, so I went to the rooftop of the building to have a smoke.” Su Buwang was probably recalling what happened that night. His tone was slightly slow and sounded like he was narrating a story.

At that time, the management of the top floor of the skyscraper wasn’t as strict as it was now. One could get in whenever they wanted.

“When I arrived at the building, I saw a young lady on the rooftop. I even spoke to her. She told me that her name is Xu Xiangxiang and she is from Haicheng. She came to Wangdong City to look for her boyfriend.”

“Hearing your footsteps, she said it was her boyfriend and so I went to the other side to smoke. To be honest, I was rather shocked to see that her boyfriend was you.”

“Tsk tsk.” Su Buwang complimented Mu Mian in a sarcastic manner. “Mu Mian, oh Mu Mian, your acting skills are really good. It has been so many years, but I didn’t realize that you were still a Chen Shimei [1. Chen Shimei is someone who is known to be flirtatious and uncommitted in China]!”

“I really didn’t expect you to have a wild flower outside, even though your wife is so beautiful and outstanding.” Su Buwang’s sarcastic comment didn’t enrage Mu Mian.

Still very composed, Mu Mian asked calmly, “So, what did you see?”

“What did I see? I saw you arguing with that woman and she threatened you to lay your cards on the table with Du Tingting. You got angry and pretended to comfort her. You hugged her and pushed her off the building when she wasn’t looking…”

Mu Mian fell silent upon hearing this.

“You really saw it.” He sounded puzzled.

Su Mian chuckled. “Why? Ae you afraid?” He said mockingly, “Mu Mian, if the Du Family, especially your beloved Mrs. Mu, finds out that you’ve been involved with another woman for so many years and even killed someone… What do you think the Du Family will do to you? What will your wife think of you?”

It was these words that had caused the death of the Su couple.

Mu Mian managed to keep his cool over the phone. “You can try.”

Su Buwang kept silent for a moment before sighing. “Mu Mian, you are so ruthless.”


The conversation ended there.

Mu Mian had obviously saved this recording for himself.

At that time, the two of them had differing opinions about the future development of “Happy” shopping website. With that, their collaborative relationship started to deteriorate.

At that point, the employees in the company were divided into two factions.

Su Buwang wanted to chase Mu Mian away, but Mu Mian also wanted to chase him away so that he could be in charge of the company. Su Buwang’s threat completely cut off all ties between him and Mu Mian.

Killing intent rose in Mu Mian.

The cause of Su Buwang’s death was drowning after being hit by a car. In this incident, Mu Mian had removed all his suspicions. As a result, no one suspected Mu Mian.

And that internal strife ended with Su Buwang’s death.

After hearing this conversation, Su Beibei felt uneasy. Song Ci could tell that she was not in a good state and said, “Go sit aside. I will look at the next document.”


Su Beibei sat aside, wanting to smoke.

She opened the drawer, took out a cigarette, and tore open the packaging. She bit into it and was about to light up with her lighter, when she suddenly thought of Li Li.

Damn, I promised Li Li to quit smoking.

Su Beibei tossed the cigarette back into the drawer, got up, went to the fridge outside, and found an of old popsicles. In autumn, she stuffed a popsicle into her mouth and calmed down.

Song Ci opened the third document and saw that it was a video. “Beibei, this looks like a video taken by a car recorder!”

Hearing this, Su Beibei stood up with an old popsicle in her mouth and walked behind Song Ci. “Open it.” She placed her chin on top of Song Ci’s head and watched the video with her.

Song Ci opened the video and the two of them watched it together.

The camera captured the road conditions in front of the car. At night, the car drove very steadily. No one could be seen in the video, but the conversation between a man and a woman could be heard —

Su Buwang said, “This Mu Mian is getting more and more capable. He actually said that he wanted to make people loan for free from Green Tree.”

Mrs. Su asked, “What is a free loan from Green Tree?”

“It’s a form of loaning money. All users who use ‘Happy’ shopping website will be verified by their real names. Every month, they will be able to borrow some money from ‘Happy’ in advance to buy its products. By next month, the user will automatically repay the loan. If not, we will collect interest.”

Song Ci thought to herself: Isn’t this a certain system now?

Although Mu Mian was a bit of a scumbag and ruthless, he did have a brain for business. He was indeed a genius to be able to think of such a violent way to make money in that era.

“Isn’t that good?” Mrs. Su said, “Purchasing is also a desire. This kind of free loan can stimulate the purchasing desire of users, especially female users.”

“There’s nothing bad about it originally.” Su Buwang’s tone was slightly unhappy. He pointed out. “Once this decision is approved, Mu Mian’s prestige in the company will far exceed mine. I will become the second shareholder sooner or later.”

Even though they were both founders of Pleasure City, Su Buwang was unwilling to be inferior.

But Mother Su was very open-minded. “Hubby, we only wanted a single candy at the start, but now we have a pack. But you are unhappy again and want a candy house. Everyone is greedy, but we should learn to be content.”

“I feel that Mu Mian’s decision is good for the company. As one of the company’s major shareholders, you will also enjoy benefits. If we think of it this way, won’t we be less angry?”

“You sure are open-minded.” After a moment of silence in the car, Su Buwang suddenly asked, “What’s the matter? Are you feeling unwell or sleepy?”

Confused, Mrs. Su said, “I took an afternoon nap. It’s only 9pm. Why am I sleepy? But it’s so strange. I feel so tired that I can’t even open my eyes…” With that, Mrs. Su’s voice trailed off.

Seeing that his wife had fallen asleep while talking, Su Buwang felt that something was off. “Wifey, did you catch a cold?”

No one answered.

After a while, Su Buwang suddenly scolded. “Mu Mian, you are despicable. You actually drugged us!” In a moment of desperation, Su Buwang wanted to stop the car but he fainted.

In the camera, the car started to deviate from the original lane.


There was a crash and the camera shook. The car fell into the Great Dragon River.

The surveillance camera on the dash recorder sank into the river along with the car. The water enveloped the car and the people inside were slowly swallowed up by the water until they died…

The camera was like a heartless killer silently recording this scene.

Song Ci hurriedly turned off the video and turned to look at Su Beibei.

Su Beibei’s reaction was calmer than she had expected, but her face was slightly pale. Seeing Song Ci looking at her worriedly, Su Beibei forced a smile. “I’m fine.” But her heart was beating very quickly and her legs were slightly jelly.

After Su Beibei recovered, Song Ci saved the USB flash drive, retrieved Mu Mian’s USB, and handed it to Su Beibei. “You go and hand it to Captain Lin.”

Su Beibei held the USB stick and hesitated. “In these recordings and videos, Mu Mian only admitted that he killed Xu Xiangxiang but we can’t confirm that he really harmed my parents.”

Everything was just Su Buwang’s guess. “I’m afraid it’s not enough to completely destroy him.”


Song Ci called Han Zhan.

Hearing Han Zhan’s phone ring, Li Li and the rest stopped talking tacitly. Han Zhan nodded at them, took his phone, walked outside, and answered it. “What’s the matter, Baby Ci?”

Song Ci asked Han Zhan, “That Zhu Yuanwen, what is his relationship with Mu Mian?” Someone like Mu Mian was very thoughtful. If he wanted to find a partner, he would definitely look for someone who knew everything.

Mu Mian must have something on Zhu Yuanwen.

“Zhu Yuanwen?” Han Zhan told Song Ci everything he knew. “Zhu Yuanwen and Mu Mian are both from Haicheng City. They graduated from the same place. In university, Zhu Yuanwen studied medicine, while Mu Mian studied computer science.”

“In university, Zhu Yuanwen caused a classmate of his to die in a car accident, due to his carelessness. Coincidentally, Mu Mian, who came to hang with him, saw that scene. Mu Mian has something on Zhu Yuanwen, so he naturally has to obey his orders.”

Han Zhan had investigated for a long time before finding out all of this. After that, he had Long Yu threaten Zhu Yuanwen. That Zhu Yuanwen was a timid person and admitted everything after being scared by Long Yu.

“Brother Han, let me ask you. You said that Mu Mian wanted to kill someone. Is Zhu Yuanwen his most trusted partner?” It was very easy for a doctor to kill someone.

Han Zhan heard Song Ci’s hint and couldn’t help asking suspiciously, “What are you and Su Beibei doing?” These two people must be up to no good behind my back.

Song Ci told Han Zhan, “We found evidence of Mu Mian murdering Xu Xiangxiang back then, as well as some clues to accuse Mu Mian of murdering Su Beibei’s parents. We just need to investigate further. You go to work, Beibei and I are going to solve the case.”

After hanging up, Song Ci pulled Su Beibei up and took the USB flash drive. “Let’s go to the police station.”

After being hung up, Han Zhan was somewhat distracted. He returned to the office and glanced at Li Li, who didn’t know anything. He asked him unhappily, “Do you know what Su Beibei is doing?”

Li Li was stunned for a moment before saying, “Writing a novel. Her novel is almost done. We won’t be able to meet for the next two days.”

Han Zhan snorted.

What novel? She’s busy catching bad guys behind your back.

Only when Song Ci and the rest arrived at the police station did they know that Zhu Yuanwen and Mu Mian had already been brought to the detention center. The two of them then drove to the detention center.

It was a fact that Zhu Yuanwen had committed a crime. For now, he couldn’t meet his family or friends. He could only meet his lawyer.

Song Ci had no choice but to call her grandfather and have him open a back door for her. After obtaining permission, Song Ci brought Su Beibei into the detention center.

Zhu Yuanwen was brought to the interrogation room. He had expected to see the interrogator, but instead saw two beautiful young ladies.

Zhu Yuanwen narrowed his eyes at the sight of Song Ci.

Song Ci stared at Zhu Yuanwen’s face. Her heart thumped so hard that it nearly jumped out of her chest. “It’s you!” Song Ci recognized Zhu Yuanwen. In her previous life, the last person she saw before she died was this Zhu Yuanwen.

At that time, he was standing beside the operating theater, watching her coldly, waiting for her to take her heart the moment she breathed her last.

Song Ci’s face paled as she suddenly saw the person who killed her in her previous life. A layer of cold sweat covered her back.

Zhu Yuanwen also knew Song Ci. He said, “You are quite lucky to have been taken away by someone last time.” Zhu Yuanwen was referring to the time when Song Ci got into a car accident and was forcibly taken away by Han Zhan.

Song Ci also recalled that incident. She looked at Zhu Yuanwen with a cold, emotionless gaze. “As a doctor, you turned a knife that was meant to save someone into a knife meant to kill. Head of Department Zhu, if you fall asleep at night, will you also have nightmares?”

Zhu Yuanwen shook his head. “I’ve seen many ruthless people. I’m not afraid of nightmares anymore.”

“No wonder you are the head of department. You are so bold.” Song Ci’s tone was full of mockery.

Su Beibei couldn’t be bothered to listen to their sarcastic conversation.

She grabbed Song Ci’s hand and shook her head.

Song Ci understood Su Beibei’s hint. She quickly shut up and pretended to be dumb.

Su Beibei stared at Zhu Yuanwen’s slightly plump face and suddenly said, “In university, your mistake caused a classmate to die in a car accident. It’s the greatest regret of your life.”

Noticing that Zhu Yuanwen’s pupils suddenly quivered at her words, Su Beibei quietly inched closer to him.

Staring fixedly at Zhu Yuanwen’s uneasy eyes, Su Beibei said, “I can’t help thinking that if I hadn’t accidentally killed him back then, I wouldn’t have been threatened by that bastard Mu Mian time and time again. As for me, I will become a respected specialist in cardiovascular surgery. I will receive honor, glory, and respect.”

“If only that incident didn’t happen.”

After saying that, Su Beibei shut her mouth and observed Zhu Yuanwen’s reaction. Multiple emotions flashed across his face: regret and hatred, regret and guilt.

Song Ci secretly gave Su Beibei a big thumbs-up. It was still up to a dark girl like Su Beibei to play mind games.

Zhu Yuanwen raised his hands and wiped his face vigorously. He narrowed his eyes and stared at Su Beibei’s cold, beautiful face.

His lips quivered several times before he asked hoarsely, “Who are you?”

Su Beibei took out her parents’ photo and placed it in front of Zhu Yuanwen. He looked down and remained silent.

Su Beibei tried to intimidate Zhu Yuanwen. “14 years ago, you were threatened by Mu Mian and secretly drugged a couple’s tea. As a result, they fell into a coma while driving. Apart from the car accident, both husband and wife fell into the Great Dragon River and drowned to death.”

The muscles on Zhu Yuanwen’s face quivered slightly. He looked at Su Beibei and compared her age to that of the couple’s child. His expression instantly changed.

“You are that little girl?”

Zhu Yuanwen had met Su Beibei before.

It was Zhu Yuanwen’s first time killing someone. He felt very guilty and couldn’t fall asleep the entire night. The next day, before dawn, he went to the side of the Imperial Dragon Bridge and hid in the dark to watch the progress of the salvation team.

Zhu Yuanwen’s legs went limp when he saw the rescue team scoop up the bodies of the Su Family couple. He nearly collapsed to the ground.

It was drizzling that day when an old lady appeared beside the bodies of Su Shang and his wife, carrying a little girl in her arms. The little girl knelt between the two bodies, sobbing heartbreakingly.

Zhu Yuanwen didn’t have many nightmares in his life, but he often dreamed of that crying little girl. In his dreams, he was always chased by that little girl: Uncle, uncle, why did you kill my parents? Can you return them to me?

Seeing the little girl who had haunted him for so many years in his dreams, the final wall in Zhu Yuanwen’s heart finally collapsed.

He lowered his head, took a deep breath, and said guiltily, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I really didn’t want to kill them. But I had no choice. Mu Mian used my future to threaten me. If I didn’t help him, he would have reported me.”

“At that time, my child was just born. If I were to go to jail, what would happen to my child and my wife?!” Zhu Yuanwen cried bitterly. “I didn’t want to kill anyone, but I also wanted to lead a good life!”

Su Beibei and Song Ci looked at Zhu Yuanwen coldly. They didn’t pity him, nor did they feel sorry for him. It was all his own choice. He deserved it and didn’t deserve any pity.

“I’ve kept the recording. It’s done,” Song Ci said.

Su Beibei turned off the recorder and pulled Song Ci up by the arm. Zhu Yuanwen was still crying and apologizing profusely.

Su Beibei stared at Zhu Yuanwen’s slightly plump body and said expressionlessly, “Your apology won’t save my parents’ lives. Stop crying. It’s so fake and nauseating.”

The two of them left the interrogation room. When they came out, they bumped into Captain Lin, who was there to interrogate the suspect. Song Ci knew that Captain Lin was someone she could trust, so she handed the recorder and USB to him.

Captain Lin took them and asked Song Ci, “What is this, Miss Song?”

Song Ci said, “We want to make a police report. We want to report that Mu Mian is involved in two murder cases. For the Su Family couple who passed away 14 years ago, as well as for the woman who committed suicide 18 years ago, Xu Xiangxiang. I hope you will clear their grievances!”

Captain Lin narrowed his eyes. “Got it.”

For the sake of Mu Mian, Du Tingting had been running around trying to find connections to reduce his sentence.

However, everyone who had a close relationship with them all shook their heads and sighed. “Sister-in-law, we can’t interfere in this matter. You don’t know how many eyes are on this matter now. This matter has already attracted the attention of the entire nation. If Brother Mu’s sentence is light, it will cause social discontent.”

Of course Du Tingting knew this, but she couldn’t just stand by and watch her husband go to jail. Mu Mian was no longer young. After a few years in prison, he would turn old.

If he were to really go to jail, he might not even get to see Mu Qiu one last time.

Du Tingting’s heart ached at the thought of this.

Du Tingting’s search was fruitless. She just wanted to meet Mu Mian, but he was a severe criminal and was detained by the police at the detention center. Du Tingting had no right to visit him.

She could only find out about Mu Mian’s situation through a lawyer. As a result, Du Tingting had specially hired a top-grade lawyer.

No lawyer was willing to take over her case.

Few lawyers were willing to defend the very guilty party.

Subsequently, Du Tingting increased the offer to hire a top lawyer to five million yuan. Only then was a top lawyer willing to take on this case. Today was the day that the lawyer went to see Mu Mian. After Du Tingting found out, she also went to the detention center after Mu Qiu fell asleep.

Arriving at the detention center, the police indeed didn’t allow Du Tingting to visit.

Du Tingting could only wait in the main hall of the detention center. She waited for a long time before the lawyer came out. When the lawyer came out, his face was very grim.

Du Tingting hurriedly stood up and asked the lawyer, “Lawyer Jin, how is it? How is my husband? What did you say?”

Jin Yun snapped at Du Tingting. “I’m not taking this case anymore!”

Du Tingting was shocked. “Why? Lawyer Jin, you accepted my money. Why aren’t you taking this case?”

In her panic, Du Tingting opened her own bag and took out a bank card from her wallet. “Are you complaining that you don’t have enough money? I have more here. I can add more money!”

Du Tingting was so anxious that she was about to cry. She shoved the card into Lawyer Jin’s hands. “I still have two million yuan in my card. Lawyer Jin, you must help my husband, alright?”

Lawyer Jin pushed the card back without any hesitation.

Lawyer Jin’s tough stance made Du Tingting realize that something must have happened. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be so determined. “What happened?”

Seeing that Du Tingting didn’t know anything, Mr. Jin sighed deeply and stuffed the card back into her bag. He then told her, “Mrs. Mu, you don’t know what your husband has done.”

Du Tingting was shocked. Could it be that Mu Mian had committed some heinous crime behind my back?

Du Tingting tried her best to maintain her composure. She asked Lawyer Jin, “What exactly did Mu Mian do?!”

Lawyer Jin shook his head and said, “He’s so vicious, so vicious. You don’t know that he has three lives on his back!”

“Your husband killed someone 18 years ago. He murdered his first love who was in a relationship with him since high school! Not only that, he also murdered your old friend Su Buwang and his wife!”

“Tell me, which lawyer would be willing to defend such a ruthless person like your husband? A human will never go against his conscience to reduce your husband’s sentence!”

Regardless of how much Jin Yun loved money, he didn’t dare to take it. He was afraid that he would never be able to eat or sleep in peace again in this life. With that, Jin Yun hurried out of the detention center.

Du Tingting’s mind started buzzing as she suddenly heard this shocking truth. A golden glow appeared in front of her eyes as everything before her started to turn upside down.


Du Tingting collapsed on the concrete floor at the entrance of the detention center as her lips twitched.

“Someone fainted!”

“Call an ambulance!”

Mu Mian heard the ruckus downstairs but didn’t take it to heart. Only after a long while did he hear the sound of an ambulance arriving. After the ruckus, peace was restored outside.

At this moment, Captain Lin walked over and stood in the corridor outside the door with his arms crossed. He stared at Mu Mian through the gap in the metal fence. Mu Mian looked so calm and composed that it seemed like nothing had happened. Captain Lin felt very sad.

“Do you know what happened downstairs just now?” Captain Lin asked.

Mu Mian stared at him and snorted. “It’s none of my business.”

Captain Lin said, “Just now, a lady fainted from a cerebral hemorrhage downstairs. She was dragged away by the ambulance and lost consciousness. She came with Lawyer Jin.” Lawyer Jin was hired by Du Tingting for Mu Mian.

Who would follow Lawyer Jin to the police station?

The answer was self-evident.

The previously calm Mu Mian suddenly stood up.

Reaching the door of the detention room, Mu Mian gripped the metal railing and asked Captain Lin anxiously, “How is she now? Have you sent her to the hospital? She will die from cerebral hemorrhage!”

Only at this moment, looking at Mu Mian, who was so worried about Du Tingting, did Captain Lin feel like he was a human.

“An acute cerebral hemorrhage is indeed fatal. Mu Mian, she had a stroke after hearing what you did.”

Staring at the suddenly quiet Mu Mian, the corners of Captain Lin’s lips curled up coldly. “It’s you, Mu Mian. You harmed her.”

Mu Mian staggered back to the wall and sat down on the metal bed. He remained silent like a deflated balloon.

As Captain Lin turned to leave, he suddenly heard Mu Mian say, “I confess.”

Captain Lin halted.

He shot his subordinates a look and the two of them dragged Mu Mian into the interrogation room.

Inside the interrogation room, Mu Mian’s first words were, “I am willing to confess my crime, but I hope that you can let me meet my wife.”

This was Mu Mian’s only request.

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