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Chapter 189: Brother Mo, Don’t You Want Me Anymore?

On the way home, Song Ci kept silent and secretly wiped her tears. Passing by an ICBC, Song Ci thought of something and hurriedly said to Long Yu, “Brother Long, stop the car by the side.”

Hearing this, Long Yu hurriedly stopped the car.

Han Zhan asked Song Ci, “What are you going to do?”

Song Ci took out her purse and said, “I remember that on the day of our wedding, mother gave me a card to use as my dowry. I will go and check it out.”

“I will accompany you.”

The two of them arrived at the ATM. Song Ci inserted the card and entered the password to check her balance.


18.88 million yuan.

Song Ci stared at the long row of numbers in a daze as she recalled something.

She vaguely remembered that at her 20th birthday party, someone had asked Du Tingting with a smile how much dowry she would prepare for her daughter when she got married.

At that time, Du Tingting said, “I love both daughters equally and will give them 18.88 million yuan each. Even if their marriage is not blissful in the future, with their dowry, they can get a divorce whenever they want. They won’t have to worry about having no way out.”

Du Tingting was just a leisurely wealthy lady. No one would be surprised that she could fork out 18.88 million yuan for her biological daughter, but Song Ci was just an adopted daughter. They didn’t believe that Du Tingting would be so generous to her adopted daughter.

As a result, everyone just smiled upon hearing this. Even Song Ci herself didn’t take it seriously.

In her previous life, when Song Ci married Cheng Ziang, Chao Yang Company was in a financial crisis. Du Tingting gave all her savings to Mu Mian. As a result, Du Tingting only gave Song Ci 2 million yuan as dowry when she got married.

In this life, when Song Ci got married, the Mu Family was not in financial straits and Du Tingting was still keeping her savings. Although Song Ci married an ordinary person, Du Tingting still gave her 18.88 million yuan!

She was neither trying to save face nor curry favor with Song Ci’s in-laws. She just wanted Song Ci to have more confidence in her future after marriage.

Du Tingting meant every word she said to Song Ci. Song Ci looked at the row of digits and suddenly covered her mouth with her hand. She stood in front of the ATM crying bitterly…

Han Zhan also didn’t expect Du Tingting to give Song Ci so much money in the bank card. He was slightly surprised and at the same time respected Du Tingting even more.

Du Tingting’s heart had merged into Mu Qiu’s body and it was very used to this new body. There was no obvious rejection. Du Tingting loved her daughter so much. How could she bear to let Mu Qiu suffer?

After staying in the ICU for a few days, Mu Qiu was finally allowed into the general ward.

Lying in bed, Mu Qiu quietly felt the power of that heart beating in her chest. Thinking of how this heart belonged to her mother, Mu Qiu didn’t feel the slightest bit of joy.

She didn’t know if it was because of Du Tingting’s heart, but these few days, Mu Qiu couldn’t help reflecting on all the foolish things she had done recently. The more she thought about it, the more she despised that evil and cruel self.

How can I be so vicious?

For the sake of my own life, how can I plot against the child in my mother’s womb? I had even nearly caused my mother’s death!

Just because of jealousy and indignance, how can I stab Song Ci and nearly kill her?

As I was afraid of death and wanted to live, how can I be so heartless as to hint countless times to her father to murder Song Fei?

The more she thought about it, the more disappointed she felt.

If her mother knew her true colors, she would probably be disappointed in her.

Knock knock.

Hearing the knock on the door, Mu Qiu stopped thinking and turned to look at the door.

Mu Qiu was surprised to see Auntie Zhang carrying all sorts of shopping bags. Mu Qiu thought that Auntie Zhang had already resigned after the incident with the Mu Family. But seeing Auntie Zhang, Mu Qiu felt a sense of familiarity and her eyes welled up.

“Auntie Zhang, you haven’t left?”

From the news, Mu Qiu saw that the management of Chao Yang Company had been in a mess recently. The arrest of chairman Mu Mian had severely tarnished the company’s positive image that it had built up over many years. In addition, the company’s stock prices had plummeted. The board of directors held a meeting and unanimously agreed to kick Mu Mian out of the board.

Her mother was dead and her father was detained. The Mu Family was no longer the same as before. What is Auntie Zhang still doing at home? What is she after?

“Miss.” Auntie Zhang placed the items down and held Mu Qiu’s bony fingers. Her heart ached terribly. “Miss, can I stay behind to take care of you?”

Mu Qiu gave a bitter smile. “Auntie Zhang, you don’t have to do this. My mother is dead and my father is bearing several life debts. I’m afraid he will be sentenced to death…”

“This family is no longer around. Why are you still staying?” Mu Qiu’s eyes reddened as she spoke. But perhaps she had shed too many tears that night. No matter how upset she was now, she couldn’t shed any tears.

Auntie Zhang didn’t know that in the case of Song Fei’s murder, Mu Qiu was not innocent and that she was also a participant behind the scenes. In Auntie Zhang’s eyes, Mu Qiu was just a sickly little girl who had just lost her mother.

She had been in the Mu Family for more than a decade, and she had been taking care of Mu Qiu since she was a child. Now that Mu Qiu had just undergone surgery and didn’t have anyone to take care of her, how could Auntie Zhang bear to leave Mu Qiu behind?

“I am worried about leaving you alone in the hospital. I will stay behind to take care of you. After you are discharged, I will look for another job.” Auntie Zhang couldn’t bear to leave just like that.

Mu Qiu found warmth in Auntie Zhang.

“Auntie Zhang, my mother…” These few days, no one told Mu Qiu about Du Tingting. Mu Qiu had no choice but to ask Auntie Zhang.” Where is my mother now? ”

Thinking of Madam’s tragic ending, Auntie Zhang couldn’t help feeling depressed. “Madam’s kidney was donated to a patient with uremia at Xiangjiang Hospital in the south. Her other organs and body were all taken away by the medical school…”

Although she was already prepared, Mu Qiu still felt very upset when she heard his words.

But she couldn’t cry.

Auntie Zhang saw that Mu Qiu’s ward was cold and cheerless. There was not a single bouquet of flowers or fruit. She asked, “Has no one come to visit you?”

Mu Qiu shook her head. “Who dares to visit me now?” Who would dare to be friends with the daughter of a murderer?

Auntie Zhang couldn’t help feeling sad. “Before the incident at the Mu Family, Miss had so many friends. Why did everyone cut off all contact with you the moment something happened? These people are too cold…”

“It’s normal.” Mu Qiu smiled faintly. “If it were me, I would also stay away from the murderer’s daughter.”

“What about Miss Song? Has she never come to visit you?” Auntie Zhang sounded like she was blaming Song Ci for being too heartless.

Even if Mr. Mu had nearly killed her elder sister, Madam and Young Mistress had never done anything wrong to her. She had really severed all ties with the Mu Family. Auntie Zhang was very unhappy and felt very bad for Du Tingting.

Mu Qiu shook her head. “No. It would be better if she didn’t come. If she’s here, I don’t know how to face her.”

Mu Qiu could not face Song Ci. Not only because of what Mu Mian had done to Song Fei, but also because she had once harbored evil intentions toward Song Ci.

Hearing that, Auntie Zhang was on the verge of tears. She wiped her tears and comforted Mu Qiu. “It’s alright, I will accompany you, Miss!”

It was lunchtime and Auntie Zhang went downstairs to get lunch. She wanted to buy some chicken soup and porridge for Mu Qiu.

Not long after Auntie Zhang left, there was another knock on the door.

Mu Qiu turned back silently and looked at the door to the ward. The door was pushed open and a tall man carrying a bouquet of yellow roses walked in.

After not seeing him for so many days, Cheng Yanmo’s cold aura seemed to have deepened.

Mu Qiu gazed at Cheng Yanmo. Her heart felt like it was being squeezed tightly by a hand. It was so painful that she couldn’t breathe.

“Bro…” She almost called him Brother Mo, but thinking of how cold and distant Cheng Yanmo had been recently, Mu Qiu could guess his intentions.

She changed her words and called out, “Master Cheng.”

Cheng Yanmo stood at the doorway and gazed at her quietly.

Mu Qiu had just undergone an operation and her face was pale and pallid. Her usually ethereal eyes were now dull and lifeless.

It was very easy to pity her like this.

Cheng Yanmo suppressed his sympathy for Mu Qiu. He strode over and placed the yellow rose on Mu Qiu’s dresser.

The empty room was decorated with several bouquets of yellow roses. It was suddenly very lively.

Mu Qiu sniffed the fragrance of the yellow rose and praised. “Smells good.”

Cheng Yanmo sat down on the sofa and stared at Mu Qiu quietly. Ever since he entered the room, he hadn’t said a single word. Mu Qiu felt uneasy under his stare and averted her eyes, not daring to look at Cheng Yanmo.

As if muttering to himself, Cheng Yanmo said, “I’ve been thinking a lot these days.”

Guessing what Cheng Yanmo had been thinking about these few days, Mu Qiu asked, “Do you have an answer, Master Cheng?”

Cheng Yanmo’s gaze was complex. He gazed at Mu Qiu’s frail body, thought of Mu Qiu’s lovely smile when she was beside him, thought of her sobbing softly in his arms as she called him Brother Mo, and his heart ached.

“I’ve thought of it.” His voice was deep.

Mu Qiu said, “I want to know your answer.”

Cheng Yanmo suddenly stood up. His tall, muscular body blocked out the sunlight from the window and also took away a ray of light from Mu Qiu’s life.

Arriving at Mu Qiu’s bedside, Cheng Yanmo suddenly bent down and kissed her forehead.

Being kissed lovingly by Cheng Yanmo, Mu Qiu was like a guilty criminal waiting to be sentenced. She was so nervous that she grabbed the bedsheets with both hands, not daring to meet Cheng Yanmo’s eyes.

Cheng Yanmo’s kiss was light and gentle.

“Mu Qiu,” Cheng Yanmo said, “The Cheng family in Wangdong City is a century-old aristocratic family. Every family head has more or less made some mistakes, but they have protected the Cheng Family and the Chuan Dong Group very well.”

Cheng Yanmo swallowed hard and paused.

He stared at Mu Qiu’s face, which had lost its last bit of color. Holding back his heartache, he spoke as calmly as he could. “The matriarch of the Cheng Family can be an ordinary woman, a strong woman, a teacher, or a female celebrity, but she cannot be the daughter of a murderer.”

Mu Qiu swallowed all her grievances.

“Xiao Qiu, I cannot continue to meet you. The reputation, benefits, and status of the Cheng family and Chuan Dong Group cannot be destroyed in my hands.”

“I’ m sorry.”

Cheng Yanmo stood up and turned around. Mu Qiu grabbed his wrist. Without turning back, he heard Mu Qiu ask carefully, “Brother Mo, don’t you want me anymore?”

Cheng Yanmo struggled internally. In the end, he turned back. His eyes met Mu Qiu’s teary eyes and Cheng Yanmo’s heart ached.

He brushed off Mu Qiu’s hand heartlessly and looked at the floor. “I’m sorry, I can’t want you anymore.” As if he had a wolf behind him, Cheng Yanmo fled the ward.

After exiting the ward, Cheng Yanmo slowed down.

As he walked towards the lift, the image of his previous life surfaced in his mind again and again.

Mu Qiu had indeed done many ruthless things in order to survive, but she was devoted to Cheng Yanmo. The two of them had been married for eight years and were very much in love. They seldom quarreled.

She was the mother of his two children, the wife who had taken a stab for him in times of danger. How could he not love her?

But he couldn’t afford to.

The Cheng family and Chuan Dong Group couldn’t be destroyed in his hands again.

Cheng Yanmo entered the lift and met the curious gazes of the others. Only then did he raise his hand to touch his face. He was rather surprised that he could cry too—for a woman.

Auntie Zhang carried the food back to the ward. Just as she reached the door, she heard Mu Qiu’s suppressed sobs. It was so pitiful and sad that it broke one’s heart.

Auntie Zhang stood at the door and waited for Mu Qiu to stop crying. Only then did she pretend not to hear anything and entered the ward.

Auntie Zhang was slightly shocked when she saw the bouquet of yellow roses on the cupboard beside the bed. She asked Mu Qiu as she arranged the utensils. “Who came over? They even sent flowers. Yellow roses are quite pretty.”

Mu Qiu stared at the bouquet of yellow roses in a daze. It was so beautiful, but its flower language was ‘Apologize for Love’. “Auntie Zhang, throw it away.”

Auntie Zhang was stunned and instinctively said, “No, these flowers are quite pretty. It would be a pity to throw them away.”

Mu Qiu said, “Just throw them away. I don’t like yellow roses.”

“…Alright.” Seeing that Mu Qiu was in a bad mood, Auntie Zhang carried the yellow rose out. She felt it was a pity to throw it away and gave it to the nurses at the nurse’s station.

The nurses were very happy to receive the flowers. They quickly took out the roses and placed them in the folder.

It was the day Song Fei was discharged from the hospital. Since Han Zhan had to go to work, Song Ci went to the hospital alone to fetch Song Fei.

Song Ci still couldn’t get over the fact that Song Fei and Han Zhan had teamed up to deceive her. After reaching the ward and seeing Song Fei, Song Ci treated her like air.

Song Ci didn’t speak and just quietly helped Song Fei pack her things. Song Fei didn’t have many things, so she finished packing very quickly.

Song Fei leaned against the wall, crossed her arms, and stared at Song Ci, who had purposely made a big scene. She felt somewhat helpless and didn’t know how to apologize to Song Ci.

Song Ci had packed up everything and was about to leave with her bag, when Song Fei reached out to stop her.

Song Ci turned and sneered at Song Fei. “My jacket is a famous brand. It costs 20,000 to 30,000 yuan each. If you damage it, can you afford to pay me back with that lousy salary of yours?”

“Oh, I forgot that you are penniless now.”

Song Fei wasn’t angry at Song Ci’s mockery. She tugged at the corner of Song Ci’s jacket and apologized humbly. “Song Ci, I’m sorry. I was wrong.”

It was indeed rare for Song Fei to apologize.

But this time, Song Ci really had a backbone and didn’t intend to forgive Song Fei easily. “Don’t. I can’t bear the apology of a genius girl. I deserve it. I am foolish, I am timid, I deserve to be deceived by you guys.”

Song Fei felt a headache coming on. “What must I do for you to forgive me?”

Coaxing my sister is so troublesome.

But Song Fei had no choice. She only had this one sister.

Song Ci said, “Don’t. I don’t deserve your apology. Who am I to deserve it?” Her words were dripping with sarcasm and pain.

Song Fei gritted her teeth.

She gave up on trying to be gentle and pulled Song Ci roughly into her arms. She pressed Song Ci’s head against her shoulder, not allowing her to struggle.

Song Ci refused to give in. She squirmed in Song Fei’s arms and whined. “Why are you hugging me? Do you think I’m a child? Do you think I won’t be angry just because you hugged me? Song Fei, I’m already an adult in my twenties. I won’t fall for your tricks!”

Song Fei could only put on a pitiful act. “Don’t move. I am weak.”

Song Ci cursed under her breath but didn’t move.

Only after Song Ci calmed down did Song Fei tell her. “Song Ci, actually in my previous life when my heart was dug out, I was conscious.”

“What did you say?” Song Ci was stunned.

Song Fei said, “I said that I was actually conscious all these years while I was in a coma. I know everything that you guys said and did to me. I remember everything from my previous life just like you.”

“When Mu Mian dug out my heart, he thought I was in a vegetative state and didn’t even give me any anesthetic. Song Ci, my heart was dug out alive. I can clearly feel the pain of my heart leaving my body.”

“It’s not just your problem to take revenge on Mu Mian. It’s also my problem.” Song Fei stroked Song Ci’s hair. Hearing Song Ci’s sharp intake of breath, she added, “You are my little sister. My parents have always told me to protect my little sister.”

“If I don’t protect you, who will?”

“Song Ci, I am your elder sister. I should be the one to do the dangerous things. Just continue being your silly little girl.” Men were chauvinistic while Song Fei was feminist.

She had been an elder sister from a young age and was used to protecting the people around her.

Song Ci was both angry and amused by Song Fei’s words. “Get lost, I am not a silly girl.” She pushed Song Fei away and turned her back on her to wipe her tears.

Song Fei knew that Song Ci had vented her anger.

The sound of leather shoes approaching could be heard. Finally, they entered Song Fei’s ward.

Song Fei looked up and saw Yan Jiang. He was wearing a camel-colored windbreaker with a belt that accentuated his slim waist. His face was much sharper and he was wearing a pair of gentlemanly chain glasses.

Behind his glasses, his eyes were as dark as the abyss. Being stared at by Yan Jiang made Song Fei feel like she was being stared at by a beast.

What are you doing here?” Song Fei asked calmly, thinking that she could control the situation.

Yan Jiang remained silent as he strode over. He picked up his luggage from the bed, grabbed Song Fei’s hand, and headed out.

Song Fei felt very embarrassed and wanted to shake off Yan Jiang’s hand. “Walk properly. Why are you pulling me? I can walk myself.”

Yan Jiang suddenly glanced over with a dangerous glint in his eyes. “You’re not going back with me?” His tone was very cold.

Song Fei said, “What kind of relationship do we have? Must I go back with you?” Having been controlled by Yan Jiang these few days, Song Fei was getting impatient and her words were harsh.

Yan Jiang suddenly smiled. “What’s our relationship?”

Yan Jiang released his grip and the luggage fell from his hands. He strode over to Song Fei, wrapped his arms around her waist, lowered his head, and bit her lips.

That kiss was fierce and ruthless, like a wolf cub.

Hearing the commotion, Song Ci turned around and saw the wild Yan Jiang. Her brows twitched.

Damn, this guy is too bold!

Realizing that this place was about to become a scene of carnage, Song Ci quickly slipped out without a word.

After Song Ci left, Song Fei tried to push Yan Jiang away but to no avail. Gritting her teeth, Song Fei bit Yan Jiang’s lips.


Only then did Yan Jiang release her.

Wiping the blood off the corners of his lips, Yan Jiang stared at Song Fei with a cold gaze. He suddenly smiled. “You couldn’t bear to scold me in the past, but now you can even bear to bite me.”

Hearing Yan Jiang’s accusations, Song Fei felt slightly guilty. She was about to apologize when Yan Jiang suddenly grabbed her wrist, pulled her over, and threw her onto the bed.

Song Fei collapsed as Yan Jiang leaned over. He placed his palm on her cheek and suddenly inched closer to her face.

Staring at Song Fei’s thin face, Yan Jiang murmured in a daze. “Will you be obedient and stay by my side once you’ve completely belonged to me? Will you never abandon me again?”

Hearing this, Song Fei was stunned.

Yan Jiang was suddenly enlightened. He said, “Yes, you are mine. You are mine to begin with. Once you completely belong to me, you won’t play dead and leave me anymore.”

Yan Jiang kissed Song Fei again.

Song Fei snapped out of her trance and tried to push Yan Jiang away. But she had been in a vegetative state for eight years and was no match for him in terms of physical fitness.

After several unsuccessful attempts, Song Fei was getting anxious. She scolded Yan Jiang. “Idiot! Are you crazy? I’m going to kill you!”

Yan Jiang ignored her and started kissing her neck.

Realizing that Yan Jiang was acting strangely as if possessed, Song Fei suddenly said, “Ah Jiang, my head hurts…”

Yan Jiang suddenly stopped moving.

He stood up and looked down at Song Fei. After a long while, he said, “I’ll bring you to go for a check-up.”

Song Fei saw that his eyes were much clearer. She hurriedly sat up and tidied her clothes. “It doesn’t hurt very much. I don’t wish to stay in the hospital anymore. Take me home.”

Yan Jiang was stunned.

Take her home…

Song Fei grabbed Yan Jiang’s hand and said, “This hospital’s bed is so hard. The disinfectant smells terrible and the food is terrible. It’s also not convenient to take a bath…”

After complaining about all the hospital’s shortcomings, Song Fei said to Yan Jiang, “Take me home. I want to eat the porridge you cook.”

Yan Jiang’s uneasy heart gradually calmed down under Song Fei’s comforting words.


Yan Jiang was holding something in one hand and grabbing Song Fei’s hand tightly in the other.

Song Fei followed Yan Jiang out of the ward. She looked up at his sharp profile and suddenly felt her heart ache. She knew that there was something wrong with Yan Jiang’s mental state.

I’m the culprit.

Song Ci hid in the ward next door and watched as Yan Jiang and Song Fei left hand in hand. She felt that this world was truly unreal. Who would have thought that such an arrogant and cold woman like Song Fei would actually be subdued by Yan Jiang?

Staring at Yan Jiang’s much thinner back, Song Ci felt bad for him and also felt happy for him. He had finally got his sweetheart.

Upon hearing that Song Fei would be discharged today, the reporters rushed over after hearing the news. They all wanted to stop her at the hospital entrance and interview her. She was now a virus specialist that everyone in the country was concerned about. No one wanted to miss this opportunity to report about her.

They waited for a while before seeing Song Fei come out.


Is that man holding the hand of the talented Song Fei Yan Jiang? That Yan Jiang who had announced his retreat two months ago and then disappeared?

Wait a minute, how did these two end up together?

Discovering the reporters, Song Fei instinctively shook Yan Jiang’s hand and said, “Go wait in the car first.”

Yan Jiang would never let go of her.

“What’s there to be afraid of? I didn’t commit murder or arson. Am I that embarrassing?” With that, he suddenly narrowed his eyes and stared at Song Fei thoughtfully.

Song Fei asked, “Why are you looking at me?”

Yan Jiang asked her in a sinister tone, “Do you feel that I am useless, unworthy of you, and don’t want anyone to discover our relationship?”

What’s our relationship?

We are clearly not related at all!

But seeing Yan Jiang’s dangerous and cold gaze, Song Fei had no choice but to comfort him. “It’s not that. I just feel that you’re a celebrity. Even though you’ve stopped acting, you’re still very popular. I’m afraid that our matter will affect you, and your fans will be heartbroken.”

Yan Jiang said, “This is nothing. In future, we will have sex and have a few adorable children. Their hearts will be broken countless times.”

Song Fei was speechless.

This guy was too bold.

If not for Yan Jiang’s mental state, Song Fei would have slapped him awake.

As they chatted, they arrived at the main entrance of the hospital.

Song Fei was stopped by a bunch of microphones. She had no choice but to stop and put on a cool expression that only a genius girl would have.

She was a genius. She was arrogant and overbearing. No one felt it was inappropriate.

“Teacher Song Fei, how is your recovery going?” Everyone respected Song Fei. After all, she was a genius and a researcher at the Institute of Virology at such a young age. She deserved their respect.

Song Fei’s ears turned slightly red at the mention of ‘Teacher Song Fei’, but her short hair covered her ears. Apart from Yan Jiang, who was standing behind her, no one noticed that this talented young lady was blushing.

“Much better. It’s not a big deal.” Song Fei’s reply was short.

A reporter asked, “Do you have anything to say about the actions of Mu Mian and the rest?”

Song Fei said sternly, “It doesn’t matter what I say. It depends on what the judge says. But I believe that our country’s laws will give them the punishment they deserve.”

Song Fei kept her mouth shut, clearly not planning to speak again. She instinctively asked, “That’s it?”


Everyone could tell that Ms. Song Fei was rather taciturn.

After interviewing Song Fei a few more questions, they finally focused on the relationship between Song Fei and Yan Jiang. “Ms. Song Fei, do you mind telling us about your relationship with Mr. Yan Jiang?”

Song Fei was about to say that they were friends, when Yan Jiang raised their hands and said in a very cool manner, “We are holding hands now. In the future, we will be married.”

“Let me introduce her to everyone. This is Song Fei, the woman I like.”

Having suffered a major setback, the reporters expressed that this interview was worth it.

Song Fei was speechless as she boarded the car with Yan Jiang.

How can there be such a shameless person?

Before reaching home, Song Fei received a message from Song Ci.

Song Fei: [?]

Song Ci: [Take a look at it. My elder sister, you are famous.]

Suspiciously, Song Fei opened the link and saw a video with a very frightening caption:

[Yan Jiang confessed to Song Fei in public. Do you support this CP?]

Song Fei opened the video and saw the scene that happened half an hour ago at the entrance of the hospital. From the perspective of a bystander, Song Fei felt ashamed.

Song Fei kept her cell phone and said to Yan Jiang, “Congratulations, you are trending again.”

After saying that, Song Fei turned her head in confusion when she didn’t hear Yan Jiang’s reply. Yan Jiang had fallen asleep. His head was against the pillow of the chair and his arms were crossed. He was frowning slightly.

Over the past few days, Yan Jiang had never had a good night’s sleep. His eyes were bluish-grey and filled with fatigue. It was unclear what he dreamed of, but he slept very restlessly.

Only when Ah Lun noticed that Yan Jiang had fallen asleep did he speak softly to Song Fei. “Miss Song Fei, after you died… during the days when you were kidnapped by Mu Mian, Brother Jiang didn’t close his eyes for five days and five nights. It was only after Song Song came over to visit him that he cried until he was tired and took a nap.”

“After knowing that you were still alive, he was so excited that he couldn’t fall asleep. I was really worried that his body would collapse.”

Song Fei looked at Ah Lun and remained silent.

Ah Lun was slightly afraid of Song Fei. This lady looked exactly like Song Ci, but her character was too strange and her eyes were too cold.

Brother Jiang had a peculiar taste.

“How many days has he not slept?” Song Fei was most concerned about this.

Ah Lun thought for a moment. “About four days.”

Song Fei grabbed Yan Jiang’s face with one hand and placed his head on her shoulder. Yan Jiang was still moving when he heard Song Fei say, “It’s me. Don’t move.” He suddenly stopped moving like a good boy.

Ah Lun saw this and was very pleased.

“Miss Song Fei, I think Brother Jiang…” Ah Lun thought for a moment and waited for Song Fei to look up before saying softly,” He is mentally ill. ”

Song Fei could tell that Yan Jiang had become much more stubborn and obstinate than before. “How so?”

Ah Lun said hesitantly, “When I went over to fetch Brother Jiang this morning, I saw him…” Thinking of what he saw this morning, Ah Lun felt a lingering fear.

“What happened to him?” Song Fei’s curiosity was aroused.

Ah Lun was terrified and didn’t even dare to look straight at Song Fei. “He prepared a huge cage at home, but Brother Jiang doesn’t have any pets at home. I think… I think…”

Ah Lun kept repeating “I think” several times but didn’t dare to finish his sentence.

He felt that the cage was prepared for Song Fei.

After hearing about this, Song Fei didn’t feel that Yan Jiang was afraid. She only felt that she had committed a grave sin.

Song Fei didn’t expect Yan Jiang to be so obsessed with her. She had wanted to wait until this matter was over before apologizing to Yan Jiang, but Yan Jiang had already been driven mad by her. He was clearly being paranoid now.

And she was the antidote to his paranoia.

An apology might not be enough to appease him.

Returning home, Song Fei woke Yan Jiang up and alighted from the car with him. Yan Jiang didn’t let Ah Song in, but held Song Fei’s hand as they walked into the house. Once they entered the main hall, he locked the main door.

Hearing the sound of the door being locked, Song Fei turned and stared at the door. She asked Yan Jiang, “Are you going to lock me up?”

Yan Jiang gave her a meaningful look before bringing her luggage upstairs.

Song Fei noticed that the door to Yan Jiang’s gym was closed. She glanced upstairs and confirmed that Yan Jiang wouldn’t be coming down anytime soon. Only then did she walk toward the gym and open the door.

There was a huge metal cage inside the spacious gym.

No way!

Song Fei turned and went upstairs to find Yan Jiang in the master bedroom. Yan Jiang was laying out the bedsheets with two pillows on the bed. Song Fei understood what he meant and asked him, “Are you planning to sleep with me?”

Yan Jiang didn’t turn around.

He bent over and meticulously smoothed out every single wrinkle on the bedsheets. His movements were so gentle that it seemed like he was caressing the hair of his lover.

“Ah Fei.” Yan Jiang stood by the bed and pointed at the bedsheets. “What color do you like? I can change it to one that you like.”

Song Fei narrowed her eyes and remained silent.

She remained silent for a long time. Yan Jiang’s expression suddenly darkened. He stared at Song Fei intently. “You don’t wish to be with me?”

Song Fei pouted. “I don’t want to be with a lunatic.”

“You think I’m crazy?”

“Isn’t it?” Song Fei pointed at the door. “That cage downstairs is prepared for me, right? Are you going to lock me up if I’m slightly disobedient?”

Yan Jiang remained silent and just looked at her stubbornly.

Song Fei walked up to Yan Jiang and sat down beside the bed.

She gazed up at Yan Jiang. “Yan Jiang, I don’t belong to you.”

Yan Jiang said, “You are mine.”

“I am not yours. I don’t belong to anyone. I belong to myself.” Song Fei told Yan Jiang. “Do you think you can lock me up with just a lock? Yan Jiang, let me tell you. If I don’t wish to stay, even if you lock all the doors and windows, I can still blow up a hole and walk out. You know very well that I have the capability.”

Yan Jiang frowned uneasily as he considered the possibilities.

Song Fei added, “Do you know why I’m still willing to sit here and speak to you calmly?”

Yan Jiang asked, “Why?”

Song Fei suddenly reached out her right hand and grabbed Yan Jiang’s left. Yan Jiang looked down at their tightly held hands and heard Song Fei say, “I won’t leave you because I like you.”

Yan Jiang’s pupils quivered. Carefully, he asked in disbelief, “What did you just say?”

Song Fei said, “Can’t you tell that I like you?”

Yan Jiang’s breathing quickened.

Song Fei stood up and placed her finger on Yan Jiang’s lips. “If I didn’t like you, I wouldn’t have applied the antidote on my lips and waited for you to kiss me.”

Yan Jiang recalled that they had kissed at Golden Sands.

A tinge of sweetness blossomed in his heart. “Ah Fei, you like me.” He was overjoyed as a heart-stirring smile spread across his face.

Song Fei went along with Yan Jiang’s words. “Yes, I like you.”

“Do you want to date me?” Song Fei suddenly asked.

Yan Jiang nodded vigorously. “Yes!” Feeling that this was not enough, he added. “I want to sleep with you! I want to marry you and have children with you!”

Song Fei controlled her impulse to fly into a rage and cajoled Yan Jiang. “If you want to date me, go see a psychiatrist. We can continue our relationship after your mental state has stabilized.”

Yan Jiang’s face suddenly turned cold.

He pursed his lips. “Are you trying to trick me into seeing a psychiatrist after saying so much? Do you think I am mentally ill?”

“Isn’t it obvious that you are mentally unsound?” Song Fei didn’t continue to obey Yan Jiang. She wasn’t born to be a caring little girl.

Yan Jiang was about to turn black and go berserk. He wanted to pin her down and have children.

At this moment, Song Fei suddenly added. “I don’t wish for my child to have a mentally ill father.”

Yan Jiang was stunned.

What did Ah Fei say? She’s willing to have children with me!

“I will go and see a psychiatrist.” Yan Jiang stared at Song Fei worriedly and warned her. “But you cannot leave me.” He leaned his forehead against Song Fei’s and murmured to her. “I will go crazy if I lose you.”

She believed him.

She had already seen how crazy he was for her.

“I won’t leave you.”

Under Song Fei’s persuasion, Yan Jiang agreed to see a psychiatrist.

Song Ci came to look for Song Fei in private. She saw Song Fei reading a book titled Psychology and Life. She guessed the reason why Song Fei was reading this book and asked her, “How have you and Brother Jiang been?”

Song Fei nodded. “Just like that, he is undergoing psychological treatment.”

Song Ci was relieved.

She poured herself a cup of tea and took a sip. Song Fei asked in all seriousness, “Little fool, did it hurt the first time?”

Song Ci spat out a mouthful of tea on the coffee table.

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