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Chapter 186: Can’t You be My Silly Sweetheart?

“Mr. Han.” Cheng Yanmo broke the silence first.

“Mr. Cheng, I feel like you have something to say to me.” Han Zhan was good at manipulating people’s hearts and was also good at reading people’s expressions. Previously, Cheng Yanmo’s gaze towards him clearly hid many doubts, as if he had something to say.

Cheng Yanmo purposely didn’t ask about Han Zhan and Han Aoyu’s relationship, but instead said, “Some time ago, the owner of the villa in the forest behind my house moved back.”

Han Zhan asked him, “My grandfather mentioned me to you?” Han Zhan was indirectly admitting that he and Han Aoyu were grandfather and grandson.

Cheng Yanmo wouldn’t mention Grandpa for no reason. Since he had taken the initiative to mention it, he had already guessed his identity. There was no point in hiding it.

After his guess was confirmed, Cheng Yanmo couldn’t help sighing. “So Mr. Han is really that old gentleman’s grandson.” Cheng Yanmo shook his head and chuckled. “Mr. Han is truly a mysterious man.”

Han Zhan couldn’t help thinking of the first time he met Cheng Yanmo at Old Madam Cheng’s banquet. Cheng Yanmo was a person who didn’t easily offend others or belittle others. “Mr. Cheng is also very secretive.”

For a moment, Cheng Yanmo couldn’t tell if Han Zhan was praising him or mocking him.

Standing up straight, Han Zhan tilted his head slightly and sized up Cheng Yanmo with his eyes. Cheng Yanmo was wearing silver-rimmed glasses and looked gentlemanly, with the elegance and nobility of a cultured man.

But the moment one looked deep into the lens, those black eyes seemed like two old wells. They were calm but bottomless.

Han Zhan sighed with emotion. “You’ve grown up.” He lifted his hand and pointed at his own chest, recalling his childhood days. “At that time, you always ran behind me. You were much shorter than me and looked especially cowardly when you caught a cold and sniveled.”

It was rare for Cheng Yanmo to be embarrassed. “I was still young then.”

]Han Zhan shook his head. He wasn’t interested in reminiscing with Cheng Yanmo.

They were no longer children. They had grown up and had their own standpoints.

“I know you’re investigating me.” Han Zhan cut through the thin layer of mist and said openly to Cheng Yanmo, “If you want to persuade me to take a step back and let the Mu Family off, I’m sorry, but I can’t.”

Cheng Yanmo felt troubled. “Is there really no way to turn things around?” He and Mu Qiu were lovers after all. He would do his best to help if he could.

Han Zhan shook his finger. “No, Song Ci is my bottom line. The Mu Family’s actions are too much.”

Patting Cheng Yanmo on the shoulder, Han Zhan warned him as an elder. “Little Mo Mo, if you don’t wish to be drenched in mud, don’t get involved in this messy situation of the Mu Family.”

Cheng Yanmo had wanted to plead on behalf of Mu Mian, hoping that Han Zhan would give him some face on account of the relationship between the two families. However, Han Zhan’s “Little Mo Mo” stunned Cheng Yanmo.

After silently digesting this mushy way of addressing him, Cheng Yanmo didn’t give up. He asked again, “Are you really not going to give in?”

Han Zhan shook his head. “No.” He pursed his thin lips and adopted a reluctant stance.

Cheng Yanmo had no choice but to give up.

Han Zhan still had to look for Song Ci and didn’t have the energy to continue wasting time with Cheng Yanmo. “Excuse me, let’s chat again when we are free.”

As he stared at Han Zhan’s back view, two pure black dots gradually gathered in Cheng Yanmo’s eyes. In a daze, he seemed to have returned to that dream and saw the Han Zhan in his forties.

In that dream, Han Zhan, who was in his 40s, had already become a legend in Wangdong City. He was the most revered and wealthy man. Not only was he wealthy enough to topple countries, he was also the most revered businessman in the business world.

Due to that dream, Cheng Yanmo felt uneasy all day.

The reason was…

Yesterday, Cheng Yanmo was still overseas on a work trip.

He heard that Mu Qiu had suddenly fainted from a heart attack and was admitted to the hospital. There was a high probability that she would undergo a heart transplant. Cheng Yanmo was worried about Mu Qiu and was also worried that there would be an accident during the surgery. He immediately left all his work to his subordinate and boarded the plane back to Wangdong City.

The plane had encountered turbulence in the airspace above Tibet. The situation was urgent and uncontrollable. The air stewardess kept reminding them to put on life vests.

Cheng Yanmo put on the life jacket and swayed along with the plane. In his daze, many unfamiliar but realistic images appeared in his mind.

Cheng Yanmo saw many images. There was him, Mu Qiu, Song Ci, his younger brother Cheng Ziang, as well as that wealthy Han Zhan.

It was a different future.

In the future that he saw, Song Ci didn’t marry Han Zhan but his good-for-nothing brother. The two of them beat each other up for several years. In the end, Song Ci stabbed Cheng Ziang in the gut. The marriage ended in a comical manner.

Meanwhile, Mu Qiu had married him at 22 and had two children for him. One was a girl and the other was a boy. They were both smart and adorable.

But the good times didn’t last long. When she was 29 years old, Mu Qiu’s heart suddenly suffered a heart defect and needed to be replaced. Coincidentally, the adopted daughter of the Mu Family, Song Ci, got into an accident and fell into the Great Dragon River. The rescue failed and she died.

Song Ci had signed an organ donation agreement before she died. After her death, her heart was naturally donated to her closest family member, Mu Qiu.

Moreover, Song Ci’s lungs, kidneys, cornea, and well-preserved hands were all donated to those who truly needed them.

She had once made a name for herself in Wangdong City with her astonishing beauty and musical talent. Even the most beautiful woman in the entire country had perished without a single body!

It was a good thing that Mu Qiu had survived, but one bad thing after another followed. First, Mu Mian was accused of murdering his business partner, Su Buwang and his wife, as well as his first love when he was young.

Mu Mian was sentenced to death in prison and the Mu Family collapsed completely.

After that, the Cheng Family’s businesses were suppressed and ostracized worldwide. Cheng Yanmo was in a passive position and was very busy. It took a long time before he finally found the mastermind targeting the Cheng family.

Unexpectedly, that person was Wangdong City’s richest man, Han Zhan!

]Cheng Yanmo felt that he didn’t have any bad blood with Han Zhan. He had wanted to meet Han Zhan several times to discuss the details, but Han Zhan avoided him.

He had been at odds with Han Zhan for six years and suffered defeat after defeat. In the end, Chuan Dong Group still lost to Zeus Corporation.

On the night that Zeus Airlines bought over Chuan Dong International, Cheng Yanmo drove his car into Wangjiang Mountain City, ignoring the security guards.

He found Han Zhan and questioned him angrily why he wanted to kill his family.

Dressed in black, the man stood under the blooming magnolia tree in his backyard. He touched his eyes gently and said in a gentle voice, “Look, the magnolia is blooming.” He seemed to be whispering to his lover, his tone very light.

Cheng Yanmo glanced at the magnolia tree. It was filled with hundreds of flowers and was indeed beautiful.

“It’s a pity she can’t see.” Han Zhan raised his hand and plucked a magnolia. He placed it under his nose and sniffed. “She said that she likes magnolias, so I planted magnolias all over the yard.”

“I’ve been alone in this courtyard for six years, but I’ll never be able to see its owner again.” Han Zhan crushed the magnolia with two fingers on his left hand, causing white liquid to flow out.

Cheng Yanmo’s brows twitched as he stared at the concoction. He heard Han Zhan say, “CEO Cheng, go back and greet your wife on my behalf. Ask her if Song Ci’s heart is still well?”

Cheng Yanmo was shocked.

He never expected that the decline of the Cheng Family and Chuan Dong Group was because of a woman! A divorced woman!

After Cheng Yanmo arrived home, he questioned Mu Qiu about Han Zhan’s words. Helpless, Mu Qiu finally admitted her crime to him.

Only then did Cheng Yanmo realize that top socialite Song Ci’s death was not an accident. It was Mu Mian and his daughter conspiring to murder her and take her heart to continue Mu Qiu’s life!

Cheng Yanmo gazed at his wife, who was as beautiful and elegant as a teenage girl. He felt like he had been deceived. How could his wife, whom he loved so deeply, be such a heartless, murderous woman who would kill her own sister just to live?

Due to this incident, the relationship between the two of them broke down. Although they didn’t get a divorce, they were no longer husband and wife.

In the second year, when Mu Qiu was crossing the road, she suddenly fainted from a cerebral hemorrhage and was crushed to death by a car that couldn’t control its speed. Meanwhile, Cheng Yanmo was forced into a corner by the bank and his creditors. In the end, he perished.

The future he saw was absurd and terrifying.

Cheng Yanmo fell into a dream-like trance. At this moment, a child walked past Cheng Yanmo. He had accidentally crushed the balloon in his hand and it exploded.

Cheng Yanmo seemed to have heard a gunshot and felt the pain of being shot in the throat and neck. He snapped out of his trance and saw that Han Zhan had just walked away.

The 32-year-old Han Zhan and the 47-year-old Han Zhan’s shadows overlapped. Cheng Yanmo snapped out of his trance and broke out in a cold sweat.

Seeing that the child had scared Cheng Yanmo, the child’s father quickly apologized. “I’m sorry, this child is naughty. You must have been scared Sir.”

Cheng Yanmo gazed at the broken balloon in front of the child. He had a nagging feeling that something had ruptured and exploded along with those balloons, never to recover.

“I’m fine.” Shaking his head, Cheng Yanmo took the lift down from the technology building and left the hospital.

He was a materialist and didn’t believe in ghosts, gods, or Buddhas. He also didn’t believe in previous and current lives, but the scenes in his dreams were too vivid and real. Even now, thinking about it, he still felt chills down his spine.

Cheng Yanmo had no choice but to believe that this was a warning from the heavens. It was a warning to him not to provoke Song Ci and Han Zhan, to not get entangled with Mu Qiu, and to avoid the same mistake as in the dream world.

The Cheng Family and Chuan Dong Group must not be destroyed in my hands!

I can’t be that sinner!

Knock knock.

Song Ci knocked on the door and waited patiently outside the ward.

The person who opened the door was Du Tingting. She opened the door and saw Song Ci standing outside. Her face lit up in embarrassment.

“Song Song…” Du Tingting called out to Song Ci shyly. After that, Du Tingting lowered her head. After what happened last night, Du Tingting no longer had the face to face Song Ci.

Song Ci noticed Du Tingting’s guilt and uneasiness. She was slightly moved. “Mother, you look very pale. Did you not rest yesterday night?”

“Of course not.”

The two of them didn’t mention Mu Mian at all. It was as if this would deny Mu Mian’s attempt to harm Song Fei.

Song Ci glanced behind Du Tingting and saw that Mu Qiu was still lying in bed unmoving. She asked, “I heard that Mu Qiu suffered a heart attack yesterday night. Is she still unconscious?”

Noticing that Song Ci was addressing Mu Qiu by name and not affectionately addressing her as Qiu-er, Du Tingting immediately understood Song Ci’s stance.

Shaking her head, Du Tingting told her, “Her heart has deteriorated very quickly. She started coughing and there was blood in her phlegm…”

Du Tingting didn’t continue.

Song Ci also understood Du Tingting’s meaning.

Since Mu Qiu was still unconscious, there was no need for her to go in. “Mother, you must take good care of yourself. I’ll get going first.” She still had to go downstairs to visit Song Fei.

Du Tingting suddenly grabbed Song Fei’s wrist.

Song Ci turned and looked at Du Tingting silently.

Du Tingting looked at Song Ci with tears in her eyes. Her lips moved as if she had a lot to say. Song Ci could read the meaning in Du Tingting’s eyes but pretended not to understand.

Song Ci said, “I’m leaving.” She reached out to remove Du Tingting’s hands.

But Du Tingting held onto her tightly.

Before Song Ci could shake her hands off, Du Tingting suddenly knelt down in front of her. Her hair was in disarray and she didn’t look elegant at all.

“Song Song…” Du Tingting lowered her head as tears streamed down her face.

Song Ci stared at her expressionlessly, without saying a word.

Du Tingting hugged Song Ci’s hand and wailed. “Song Song, Qiu-er is dying soon. Song Song, take pity on me. Don’t let them take Mu Mian away, alright?”

Placing her right hand on Du Tingting’s hands, Song Ci pried her fingers away one by one.

Retracting her hand, she looked at Du Tingting coldly. Song Ci asked, “You advised me to leave Mu Mian for you, but who advised Mu Mian to leave Song Fei for me?”

As the wife of the victim, how could Du Tingting have the face to beg me, the victim’s sister’s forgiveness? If I can even forgive murder, what is the point of the law?

“Mother, one person pays his debts. I won’t pin Mu Mian’s crime on you, but don’t force me either.” Song Ci’s heart was as cold as iron. She said, “I won’t let Mu Mian off. Song Fei is my bottom line.”

Du Tingting knew that Song Ci would never forgive Mu Mian.

Thinking of how close Song Ci and Mu Qiu were, she didn’t give up and played the emotional card. “Song Song, your father was blinded by greed and did such a foolish thing! But he had no choice. He did it for Mu Qiu. You and Mu Qiu are sisters. Can you really not let your father off? If Qiu-er sees her father in jail, she might die in a moment of panic!”

Du Tingting was not a ruthless person. She could be said to be a kind-hearted and weak woman, but this weak woman had put the familial relation knife to Song Ci’s neck, forcing her to be magnanimous.

Song Ci’s heart turned cold. “A biological daughter is indeed valuable. Someone else’s daughter is cheap.” She bent down and looked at Du Tingting straight in the eye.

Looking at Du Tingting’s tear-streaked face, Song Ci asked her, “Mother, from the start to the end, did you really not know of Mu Mian’s actions?”

Du Tingting was speechless.

“Two months ago, at the cafe when Mu Qiu was hospitalized for the first time, you asked me about Song Fei’s whereabouts. At that time, you sensed Mu Mian’s ill intentions towards Song Fei, right?”

“Mother, you are still on Mu Mian’s side. You are actually helping him by hiding his despicable actions!”

Du Tingting was pinned to the ground the moment she heard the words “hiding his despicable actions”. She couldn’t move at all. Du Tingting’s face was drained of all color as her lashes quivered wildly.

She couldn’t help thinking that if she had told Song Ci about this after discovering that Mu Mian had ill intentions towards Song Fei, the Song sisters might have kept a watch on Mu Mian and things wouldn’t have happened like yesterday night.

Du Tingting felt very guilty, realizing that her unknowing indulgence towards Mu Mian had indirectly caused this situation today.

At this moment, Han Zhan walked over. Seeing Du Tingting kneeling and Song Ci squatting, he roughly understood what had happened. “Get up.” He grabbed Song Ci’s arm and helped her up.

Song Ci stood obediently beside Han Zhan.

Han Zhan looked down at Du Tingting from above. Although he knew that this woman was not bad, her protectiveness towards Mu Mian still displeased Han Zhan.

“Mrs. Mu.” Han Zhan and Du Tingting didn’t have any feelings for each other. Unlike Song Ci, he didn’t have to think twice before speaking. He told Du Tingting, “Instead of asking Song Ci to forgive Mu Mian here, why don’t you ask your husband what other crimes he has committed?”

Glancing at Mu Qiu, who was sleeping soundly on the bed in the ward, Han Zhan said, “Why don’t you wipe your eyes brighter so that you can see what kind of person your own daughter is?”

“Excuse me.” With that, Han Zhan pulled Song Ci away.

Du Tingting felt even more uneasy after hearing Han Zhan’s words. Her brows kept twitching. Could it be that Mu Mian had committed some other atrocities?

No way!

Hubby isn’t such a vicious person.

He had no choice but to target Song Fei this time because of Mu Qiu’s condition! Moreover, I know my daughter very well.

Han Zhan must be scaring me!

Du Tingting could only comfort herself like this.

Han Zhan pulled Song Ci along for a while. Only when Du Tingting was out of sight did he release Song Ci’s wrist. “Were you soft-hearted again just now? You couldn’t bear it anymore?” Han Zhan expected better from her and wanted to shake Song Ci’s head to empty it.

Song Ci said, “I don’t pity her, nor could I not bear to. I just feel that she is quite pitiful. After sleeping with her husband for more than 20 years, she actually doesn’t know his true colors. Her daughter whom she brought up personally is also an ingrate.”

“I just feel that it’s quite pathetic for a woman to live like this.”

Han Zhan knew that Song Ci’s heart had softened.

“Are you still going to visit Song Fei?”

“I am going.”

Song Ci and Han Zhan arrived at Song Fei’s ward.

The hospital beds were very tight. Be it the VIP wards or the normal wards, there were no extra beds. Moreover, there were even people queuing up to be admitted.

Song Fei was still in the ward from last night. She had already woken up and changed into light blue pyjamas. Yan Jiang sat quietly on the stool beside Song Fei’s bed, staring at her without blinking.

That serious expression was like an evil dragon staring at a gold jewel, afraid of it being stolen.

From the time Song Fei woke up, Yan Jiang had been staring at her. Regardless of how strong Song Fei’s mental fortitude was, she still felt goosebumps all over. “Can you not look at me like that?” There was a tinge of helplessness in Song Fei’s cold voice.

Yan Jiang didn’t seem to hear her words and remained still.

Song Fei suddenly asked him, “Have you not slept or eaten these few days?” In less than 10 days, Yan Jiang had lost weight and his eyes were bloodshot.

Song Fei’s heart ached slightly.

She reached out hesitantly and touched Yan Jiang’s cheek. It was not even fat and felt uncomfortable. “Too skinny!”

Song Fei was about to retract her hand when Yan Jiang suddenly grabbed her elbow, pulled her up from the bed, and pulled her into his arms.

Song Fei was caught off guard and fell into his arms.

She lifted her head and scolded him angrily. “What are you doing?! I am feeling dizzy…” Song Fei was still feeling dizzy and nauseous after being given a full-body anesthesia. Now that Yan Jiang had tugged at her, her stomach felt very uncomfortable.

The rest of her words disappeared from Yan Jiang’s thin, red eyes.

“It’s hot.” Yan Jiang said in confusion.

Song Fei understood what Yan Jiang meant and stopped struggling.

Yan Jiang lifted his right hand and ran his fingertips carefully along Song Fei’s brows and nose. Every inch of skin that his fingers touched was scorching hot.

It is warm and alive.

“Ah Fei.” Yan Jiang lowered his head and rested his forehead against Song Fei’s. He spoke softly as if he was in a dream. “Ah Fei, be good. Don’t push me away in my dream.”

Song Fei was stunned.

A rare hint of astonishment flashed across her ice-cold eyes.


Yan Jiang actually thought he was dreaming!

Song Fei realized that Yan Jiang was behaving strangely. She felt guilty and angry at the same time. Is this guy so vulnerable without me?

But she couldn’t bear to push Yan Jiang away.

Song Ci and Han Zhan entered the ward and saw a man and a woman hugging by the window. Song Ci paused and hesitated, before turning around to hold Han Zhan’s hand.

Han Zhan understood what she meant.

The two of them quietly left the ward. Standing in the corridor, Song Ci said, “Brother Han, prepare the money. I think in just a year or so, my elder sister will get married.”

Han Zhan smiled and stroked her hair. “How much are you going to give?”

Song Ci said, “You guys are on good terms. It’s up to you.”

Han Zhan sharply detected the jealousy in Song Ci’s words. He frowned and explained seriously, “I don’t have a good relationship with Song Fei. I’m good to you and that’s why I’m good to her. I love you, so I love your family too.”

He liked Song Ci, but he did not like every pretty girl that looked like her.

Song Ci snorted and mocked Han Zhan. “If you two are not on good terms, will you conspire together? Will you deceive me and Ah Jiang?”

Hearing this, a crack appeared on Han Zhan’s handsome face. He felt very guilty but still maintained his posture and asked Song Ci, pretending to be puzzled, “What are you talking about? I don’t understand.”

“You don’t understand?” Song Ci pointed at Song Fei’s ward and questioned Han Zhan. “You dare to say that you weren’t involved in Song Fei’s kidnapping?”

Han Zhan was about to explain when Song Ci added. “I won’t say anything about others, but I still know how smart and scheming my elder sister is. She’s so smart and cautious—how could she have been so easily captured by Mu Mian? She must have purposely fallen into the trap and plotted to have Mu Mian jump into your trap to seek revenge on him.”

Han Zhan shuddered.

He had belittled Song Ci. This girl is no fool. She knew everything clearly.

Song Ci continued. “Mu Mian and Du Tingting lost a child and Mu Qiu became their sole hope. Mu Qiu doesn’t have much time left and under such circumstances, Mu Mian is naturally willing to do whatever it takes to save his daughter’s life.”

At this point, Song Fei and I will be in grave danger. But recently, I haven’t had many bodyguards by my side. This means that you know very well that I won’t be in danger. If I’m not in danger, Song Fei will be in danger in a chaotic situation.”

“Song Fei is in Africa. People frequently die there. Even if Song Fei were to die in Africa, there will be no reason to doubt it. Mu Mian just needs to spend some money to create the illusion that Song Fei is dead and then think of a way to secretly send Song Fei back to China. In this way, he can take Song Fei’s heart and save Mu Qiu!”

Song Ci sneered as she looked at Han Zhan mockingly. “Brother Han, you are so smart. You definitely can think of something that I can think of. You clearly know that Song Fei has already become Mu Mian’s eyesore. How can you let Song Fei go to Golden Sands alone?”

Although Song Ci’s analysis was logical, she actually wasn’t sure if it was true.

She was just guessing.

]But as she went deeper into her conjecture, she felt that her analysis was right. In the process, she also noticed some things that she had overlooked.

Song Ci told Han Zhan again, “Yesterday afternoon, when I arrived at Zeus Building, I think I saw Long Yu. Long Yu went back to Wangdong City, right?”

]Long Yu’s return couldn’t be hidden from Song Ci, so Han Zhan acknowledged.

Song Ci’s expression turned even colder. “Long Yu’s hometown is in the north, right? It’s autumn now and the sun isn’t as hot as in summer. If Long Yu went back to his hometown before returning to Wangdong City, why is he so tanned that he looks like an African…?”

Song Ci narrowed her lovely eyes and tried to intimidate Han Zhan. “Han Zhan, did you send Long Yu to Golden Sands?”

The way Han Zhan looked at Song Ci finally changed.

It was the first time he realized that Song Ci was also a smart girl.

“Can’t you just obediently be my silly little Baby Ci?” Han Zhan patted Song Ci’s head, slightly troubled. “Why are you so smart?” She could have depended on her looks for a living, but she chose to rely on her intelligence.

He admitted it!

Han Zhan and Song Fei had collaborated to plot this revenge. They had deceived Song Ci by keeping it a secret. Song Ci felt very wronged to be deceived by the two most important people beside her.

Song Ci was filled with anger. She smacked Han Zhan’s hand away mercilessly. “Don’t touch me!” Song Ci turned and walked downstairs. Her back view was hurried, like a cat that had its tail stepped on.

Han Zhan was slightly terrified.

Song Ci was really angry this time—the kind that was hard to please.

Song Ci returned to the ward without a word. She packed her things and was about to be discharged.

She had originally pretended to be ill to gain the sympathy of the crowd so that they could fan the flames on the Internet and create hype for Song Fei’s incident. Now that Song Ci had achieved her goal, there was no need for her to stay in the hospital anymore.

She tidied up her toiletries and went to the nurse’s desk to settle the discharge procedures. Han Zhan stood there and saw her carrying a bag of toiletries over. He volunteered. “Let me carry it.”

Song Ci treated him like air.

Han Zhan looked embarrassed when he did not get a response.

Song Ci quickly completed the discharge procedure. Han Zhan followed closely behind her, afraid that she would disappear the moment he closed his eyes.

When Song Ci reached out to call for a cab, Han Zhan finally couldn’t stand it anymore. He rushed up, carried Song Ci in his arms, and walked towards his own car.

Song Ci struggled in his arms. “Put me down!”

]Han Zhan said, “Stop fooling around. If you want, do it in the car.”

Han Zhan locked Song Ci into the car.

The two of them sat in the backseat, each occupying a seat with a small baby’s distance between them. Song Ci’s eyes were red with grievance as she stubbornly looked out the window without turning back.

Han Zhan had no choice. After thinking for a moment, he said, “Why don’t we go to the fruit shop to buy a durian and I go home to kneel on it?” This was the cruelest punishment that Han Zhan could think of.

Song Ci almost smiled through her tears.

She controlled her smile and turned to look at Han Zhan expressionlessly.

Han Zhan knew that he was at fault for this. He lowered his stance and took the initiative to apologize sincerely. “I’m sorry, Baby Ci. I did collaborate with Song Fei to deceive everyone. I know I was wrong, but if you give me another chance to choose, I will still do it.”

Song Ci’s heart had softened at first, but she was enraged by his words. “You still think you didn’t do anything wrong! How dare you act so self-righteously!”

“Song Fei is more intelligent and resourceful than you. Actually, this was her idea.” Han Zhan said calmly, “You can’t compare to her for coming up with such a vicious plan. Only someone as vicious as Song Fei can complete such a risky revenge. Song Ci, compared to Song Fei, you are too kind and weak.”

Han Zhan’s accurate analysis left Song Ci speechless.

Although she knew that Han Zhan was speaking the truth, she was still angry. “This incident is full of danger. Aren’t you afraid that something will really happen to my sister?”

“No, everything is under our control. The person who transported Song Fei back to Wangdong City from Golden Sands was none other than Long Yu and the rest.”

Song Ci was stunned.

She muttered, “That’s why Mu Mian was the one who was tricked. He was doomed from the start.” Song Fei was indeed a ruthless person to have thought of such a plan.

“Yes.” Han Zhan told Song Ci, “When I heard Song Fei say this bold plan, I knew Mu Mian was done for.”

Anyone would lose to a maniac like Song Fei who dared to kill herself.

Although this plan was very meticulous and successful, Song Ci still felt a lingering fear. “Anyway, I won’t forgive you easily.”

Han Zhan couldn’t help feeling worried. “Then what can I do to make you forgive me?”

It was also impossible for Song Ci to really fight it out with Han Zhan over this matter. Husband and wife fought at the head of the bed and reconciled at the end of it. Song Ci thought for a moment before fiercely telling Han Zhan, “One durian won’t do, at least two.”

Han Zhan was speechless.

Han Zhan still had work to do. After returning home, he stayed in the meeting room, turned on the television, and held a meeting with Li Li and the rest of the senior management.

This was not the first time Han Zhan had a video conference with them, so everyone was familiar with his meeting room.

Li Li stared at Han Zhan and suddenly said, “Mr. Han, you changed chairs?” The Han Zhan in the video conference today seemed to be taller than usual.

Han Zhan glanced at Li Li coldly. “Mmm.”

No one knew that the composed CEO Han was actually kneeling on a chair with a black keyboard placed between his knees.

Song Ci couldn’t bear for Han Zhan to kneel on durians, but a keyboard was okay.

Bei Zhan smiled. “Your chair is too high. We still have to look up at you.”

Han Zhan said, “You guys have to get used to admiring me.” After all, he was going to be the richest man in the future.

Everyone was speechless.

Han Zhan was having a meeting upstairs and Song Ci was sitting on the sofa talking on the phone.

Su Beibei’s voice drifted over to Song Ci. “After thinking about it, I still feel that the relationship between Mu Mian and his father, Mu Congjun, is very interesting.”

There was no one downstairs. It was very quiet. Su Beibei’s voice was amplified and echoed throughout the entire living room.

Song Ci heard Su Bei honking and frowned. “What are you doing?”

“Outside.” Song Ci thought Su Beibei was just wandering around outside, but she heard her say, “On the way to the Grand Resting Hall.”

“Why are you going to the hall?” Song Ci sat up straight.

Su Beibei said, “I want to go and see Mu Congjun again. I keep feeling like I’m missing something.” Her sixth sense told her that Mu Congjun was the key point.

Song Ci looked at the time and said, “I’ll go with you.”

Su Beibei looked at the navigation system and told Song Ci, “I am near your house. I will come and fetch you.”


Song Ci went upstairs and knocked on Han Zhan’s door.

Hearing the sound of the knocks, Han Zhan said to Li Li and the rest, “One moment.” Han Zhan turned off the video first, before removing his legs from the keyboard.

After kneeling for more than 20 minutes, his knees felt rather uncomfortable. Han Zhan rubbed his knees through the material of his suit pants, before getting up to open the door.

Seeing that Song Ci was wearing a jacket and carrying a bag, obviously going out, Han Zhan asked her, “Where are you going?”

“Beibei is near our house and asked me down to play.” Song Ci hugged Han Zhan’s cheek and gave him a kiss. She then waved. “I am going out to have fun. Brother Han doesn’t need to wait for me for lunch.”

Song Ci swayed her hips and left.

Han Zhan instantly felt lonely.

Since Song Ci was not at home, Han Zhan kept his laptop and went to work.

Su Beibei’s car was parked outside the district. It was a flashy Porsche sports car that was very easy to recognize. Song Ci sat in the passenger seat and sighed. “This car of yours isn’t cheap, right? You guys earn quite a bit writing novels.”

Su Beibei replied, “Not bad.”

Song Ci was slightly impressed by Su Beibei. She said, “I am not so smart. In the past, my essays were always off topic. I especially admire those who can write stories.”

Su Beibei looked at Song Ci’s flawless skin and said, “I envy those who are born beautiful.”

“You look good too.”

Su Beibei pointed at her own eyes. “I made these double eyelids.”

“It’s quite natural.” Song Ci leaned close to look at Su Bei’s eyelids. “I knew something was off. Your childhood photos were obviously monocular. I thought they grew out later. This hospital you found is not bad. It’s done very well. Li Li definitely won’t be able to tell.”

Su Beibei said, “I did double eyelids because I think double eyelids are more suitable for me. Becoming beautiful is to please myself, not men.”

Song Ci applauded for her. “Well said sister!”

The two of them chatted as they headed towards the Grand Resting Hall.

Arriving at the entrance of the hall, Song Ci and Su Beibei fell silent. They sat in the car and weren’t in a hurry to alight. Song Ci stared at the door. “What if the items aren’t here?”

Su Beibei said, “Then we’ll keep looking.”

The two of them alighted, fooled the guards at the door, and entered the hall. This hall was more luxurious than the one Song Ci had chosen for Song Fei. Song Ci thought she had entered a huge hotel.

Su Beibei had been here once. She brought Song Ci over to Mu Congjun’s cupboard.

Su Beibei nodded at the cupboard door. “This is it.”

Only then did Song Ci see only an urn and a small bottle of Erguotou inside. Everything looked the same as the last time Su Beibei came.

Song Ci took out the Erguotou bottle and fiddled with it. She sneered. “Mu Mian is making sure that his father can’t die in peace.”

Isn’t it ironic that a drunkard who had passed away unexpectedly due to drinking would be worshipped by his son year after year with alcohol?

Su Beibei took Song Ci’s hand. The odd feeling in her heart grew stronger.

“Take out the urn,” Su Beibei said.

Hearing this, Song Ci was slightly shocked. “Are you sure?” Did this count as raiding someone’s ancestral grave?

“Scared?” Su Beibei smiled in disdain. “Coward, what a waste of such big breasts.”

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