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Chapter 183: Let Him Enter Vertically and Come Out Horizontally

Hearing Song Ci call her elder sister, the reporters who were still nearby were all shocked. The deceased virus specialist, Song Fei, is actually Song Ci’s elder sister!

They immediately turned around and aimed their cameras at Song Ci and Fu Hanshen. They saw Fu Hanshen lower his head towards Song Ci and sob sorrowfully.

“Oh, Song Ci, I am sorry that I didn’t manage to bring Ah Fei back safely…” His tone was sorrowful and he didn’t even have the face to look up at Song Ci.

Song Ci’s tears landed on the urn and blurred her vision. “I don’t blame you, Teacher Fu. This was Song Fei’s own choice.” Song Fei was such a stubborn person. Who could stop her from doing whatever she wanted?

It was all her destiny.

Rubbing the urn, Song Ci comforted Song Fei like a newborn baby. “Song Fei, don’t be afraid. I will send you to our parents’ side. You won’t be alone…”

Song Fei wouldn’t be alone, I would.

Song Fei finally abandoned me.

From then on, Song Ci is truly an orphan.

Song Ci carried Song Fei’s urn and walked out of the main hall. Han Zhan followed behind her quietly like a guardian angel.

The reporters were slightly hesitant. They wanted to go up and interview Song Ci to understand her relationship with Song Fei, but they were also worried.

Fu Hanshen read their thoughts and couldn’t help feeling disappointed. “Everyone, go back. Don’t disturb the peace of the dead.”

Hearing that, the reporters turned and left.

As she walked out of the airport, raindrops landed on Song Ci’s face. She looked up at the pitter-patter of rain in the sky. Afraid that Song Fei would be cold, she hurriedly took off her windbreaker and wrapped the urn tightly.

Seeing this, Han Zhan hurriedly took off his own clothes and put them on for Song Ci.

Song Ci glanced at Han Zhan and forced a smile. “Brother Han, I am not cold.”

“I’m afraid you’ll be cold.”

Song Ci didn’t say anything else and obediently draped Han Zhan’s jacket over her shoulders, allowing him to hold her shoulders as they walked towards the parking lot.

Walking into the parking lot, Song Ci and Han Zhan both noticed that beside their car stood a despondent, unshaven man.

Only a few days ago at the wedding did Song Ci video-call Yan Jiang. Although Yan Jiang had lost some weight in that video, his slender, exquisite eyes were glowing with vigor.

Unlike now, when everything was dark and lifeless, he was like a soulless corpse.

Yan Jiang was emaciated and looked like a malnourished patient with a dull face. Song Ci had never seen such a dispirited Yan Jiang. She stared at him in a daze, her heart aching like a million knives.

“Ah Jiang…” She didn’t dare to imagine Yan Jiang’s pain. He had lost the person he loved the most!

Having not eaten for a few days, Yan Jiang’s body couldn’t take it anymore. Step by step, he walked towards Song Ci, dragging his heavy body leisurely. He looked like he could collapse at any time, but his empty eyes were fixed on the urn in Song Ci’s arms.

Finally, he arrived before Song Ci safely.

Lowering his head to cover his moist eyes, Yan Jiang spoke in a low, raspy voice. “Song Song, can you give me your elder sister’s ashes?”

He knew that Song Ci was the one most qualified to deal with Song Fei’s funeral, but he still overstepped his boundaries.

“Ah Jiang, Song Fei is already dead. She is dead…” Shocked, Song Ci instinctively hugged the urn tightly, her hoarse voice reminding Yan Jiang that Song Fei had already passed away.

Although she couldn’t bear to, Song Ci still wanted to shatter Yan Jiang’s wishful thinking. “Once one dies, everything will be gone. What’s the point of having this pile of ashes?”

Yan Jiang blinked his moist lashes.

He gave a bitter laugh, a particularly ugly one. “I know she’s dead. I just want her to be by my side. With her by my side, I won’t be afraid of the dark anymore.”

Song Ci was stunned.

“No.” Song Ci still rejected Yan Jiang. “One must look ahead. Ah Jiang, you cannot just stand at your original spot and not come out.”

Taking a step back, Song Ci tightened her grip on the urn. “I won’t give you my elder sister’s urn. I believe she doesn’t want to see you like this either. I will bury my elder sister beside my parents’ tombstones. They will reunite underground.”

Hearing this, Yan Jiang looked like he was going to cry. But in the end, he didn’t do anything but just turned and left in silence. The back view of him walking alone was heart-wrenching.

Rejecting Yan Jiang didn’t make Song Ci feel good either. Han Zhan hugged Song Ci and said, “You did the right thing. He can’t take away Song Fei’s ashes.” One couldn’t imagine what a person would do when he went crazy.

Song Ci acknowledged.

“Yan Jiang is in a daze now. Let’s send him back.”


The two of them followed Yan Jiang all the way and saw him boarding the car of his former assistant, Ah Lun. Song Ci hurriedly opened her WeChat and sent a message to Ah Lun, asking him to stay by Yan Jiang’s side these few days and not leave him.

Ah Lun also knew that there was something amiss with Yan Jiang’s condition. Worried that Yan Jiang might act up, he promised Song Ci that he would never leave Yan Jiang’s side.

Song Ci and Han Zhan watched as Ah Lun sent Yan Jiang home and didn’t come out again before leaving.

Song Ci had wanted to choose a good day to bury Song Fei, but the never superstitious Han Zhan found a respectable old gentleman and chose a suitable day for Song Fei to be buried.

The old gentleman calculated and said that the best time was to wait another 10 days.

Song Ci felt that Song Fei’s life was too tough in this life and hoped that she could live a more relaxed and happy life in the next. As such, she listened to Old Master’s arrangements.

Luckily, Song Fei’s body had already been cremated and there was only ashes left. There was no need to worry about the rotting smell of her bones. Song Ci agreed.

She had placed Song Fei’s ashes in the resting hall and planned to bury her some time later.

Knowing that Song Fei had passed away, Du Tingting wanted to accompany Song Ci. But she had not finished her confinement and couldn’t go out, so she called Song Ci to comfort her.

Song Ci chatted with Du Tingting for a long time and finally felt better.

After hanging up, Du Tingting called Mu Qiu.

Mu Qiu answered the call and greeted her. Du Tingting asked her, “Are you upstairs or at home?”


“Come to my room. I have something for you to do.”


Mu Qiu came down very quickly. She pushed open the door to the master bedroom and saw Du Tingting sitting by the bed, staring at a huge pile of things in a daze. Walking over, Mu Qiu realized that those were baby clothes that had been packed.

Du Tingting and Mu Mian were very happy to have a child at such an old age. They had bought many clothes and toys for the baby. “Help me bring them to the donation box outside the community. Donate everything. It will be a waste to keep them.”

Du Tingting had completely let it go.

She was not fated to have that child. It would be a waste to keep these things and might as well donate them to someone who truly needed them. It could also be considered accumulating good karma for that child.

She wished that he could reincarnate and find a better family and a better mother.

Mu Qiu opened the bag and took a look. She said, “They’re all brand new. I’ll just donate them to a charity organization. I’ m afraid that someone will try to sell them again, if we place them in a donation box.”


There were quite a lot of things. Mu Qiu sent them downstairs in two trips and stuffed them into the boot. She drove out of the house and along the shaded asphalt road. Mu Qiu kept an eye on the pedestrians at the side of the road as she drove.

Suddenly, a tall, straight male figure entered her line of sight.

Brother Mo?

Mu Qiu thought she had seen wrongly. She stopped the car, lowered the window, and stared at that person carefully.

That man was wearing a mochcolored casual suit. He had one hand on his hip as he stood at the entrance of the villa, talking on the phone. Just by looking at his back view, one could tell that he was very handsome.

Mu Qiu alighted and walked toward that person. Standing behind the man, Mu Qiu asked hesitantly, “Brother Mo?”

Cheng Yanmo turned and saw Mu Qiu. He couldn’t help smiling. “Panda pajamas?” He stared at Mu Qiu’s light pink panda pajamas and couldn’t resist reaching out to stroke Mu Qiu’s panda ears on her head.

Mu Qiu blushed slightly.

It really is Cheng Yanmo.

Mu Qiu turned and sized up the luggage on the floor, slightly surprised. “I heard that the Lin family moved out the night before yesterday and sold their house to a mysterious person.” Looking up at Cheng Yanmo’s sharp, handsome face, Mu Qiu couldn’t help laughing. “So Brother Mo is that mysterious person.”

Cheng Yanmo glanced behind him and said, “The house with two Arhat Roses planted at the door—is that your house?”

Mu Qiu looked back and saw the two beautifully-trimmed Luohan Pines. She nodded. “It’s my house. We are so close to each other.”

Cheng Yanmo replied, “Mmm, I want to be closer to you.”

Mu Qiu was stunned.

A hint of loneliness flashed across her face, but was quickly replaced by joy. “I’ll come look for you later. I have something on now.”


Mu Qiu’s car drove past the entrance of Cheng Yanmo’s Family villa. He looked at the back of the car until it disappeared before turning back. He heard the butler say, “Do you know Miss Mu, Young Master?”

“Mmm.” Thinking of Mu Qiu, Cheng Yanmo smiled. “She’s a very cute girl.”

Seeing that the Young Master liked that lady from the Mu Family, the butler was slightly worried. “But I heard that this Miss Mu has heart disease and doesn’t have much time left…”

As he spoke, he observed Cheng Yanmo’s reaction very carefully.

Cheng Yanmo looked displeased. “Let’s not talk about this.” Why did everyone have to remind me that Mu Qiu didn’t have much time left?

Seeing that Cheng Yanmo’s attitude changed so easily, the butler thought of something and mentioned, “Yesterday, I brought someone over to tidy up the house and heard that the Madam of the Mu Family suffered a miscarriage. Since you know this Miss Mu, you should go over and sit around when you’re free.”

“Mrs. Mu suffered a miscarriage? When did this happen?”

“About a week.”

Cheng Yanmo suddenly remembered something. About a week ago, Mu Qiu had said that she wanted to visit him at his company. He waited for a long time but Mu Qiu didn’t appear. He called her and heard that she was at the hospital with her mother and that Mrs. Mu was unwell.

It must have been that day when Mrs. Mu miscarriaged.

“Prepare the gifts. I will visit the Mu Family later.”


Mu Qiu found the delivery company and sent the clothes. When she returned, she saw Cheng Yanmo carrying gifts to her doorstep.

“Brother Mo, are you visiting my house as a guest?” Mu Qiu’s face was slightly red. Is this considered a visit to her parents?

Cheng Yanmo signaled for Mu Qiu to open the door. He said, “I just moved in. It’s a courtesy to visit my neighbors.”

Mu Qiu opened the door and led him in. She smiled at Cheng Yanmo. “There are over 30 families in the Amethyst Gated Community. Have you visited all of them?”

Cheng Yanmo glanced at her meaningfully before saying leisurely, “The other families don’t have beautiful daughters.” He had other motives.

Mu Qiu lowered her head at his teasing.

Du Tingting was drinking fruit juice in the kitchen when she heard someone talking in the courtyard. She drew the curtains and saw Mu Qiu walking backwards with her back facing the house. She was talking to a man. “Qiu-er, who are you talking to?”

A hint of panic flashed across Mu Qiu’s face. She looked very much like a puppy who had been caught red-handed by her parents.

Cheng Yanmo stared at the flustered Mu Qiu and thought to himself that she was indeed a young lady. She’s so adorable when she’s dating secretly.

Mu Qiu pretended to be calm and composed. She turned and looked at Du Tingting. “Mother, this is our new neighbor. He specially came over to visit us.”

Du Tingting was very welcoming and hurriedly got Mu Qiu to bring Cheng Yanmo home. “Quickly invite him in.” She turned and said to Auntie Zhang, “Sister Zhang, bring the tea set to the living room. We have a guest.”

Mu Qiu and Cheng Yanmo entered the Mu Family’s living room. Coincidentally, Du Tingting was walking out of the kitchen.

Du Tingting stopped in her tracks. She looked up and sized up her new neighbor seriously. When she saw Cheng Yanmo’s face clearly, Du Tingting’s eyes widened slightly.

“Are you the eldest son of the Cheng Family? Cheng Yanmo?” Cheng Yanmo was too famous in Wangdong City. Du Tingting and Mu Mian had met Cheng Yanmo at several business banquets.

Although this child was young, he was much more scheming than the average person. Mu Mian had said before that he was no match for this person.

]The lens blocked those fierce eyes and put on a layer of gentle skin for Cheng Yanmo.

He nodded slightly and stared at Mu Qiu’s head with a smile. “I just moved over today and happened to meet Mu Qiu outside. We are good friends and heard that Aunty has just been discharged from the hospital, so I specially came over to visit.”

Cheng Yanmo placed those precious skincare products on the table.

]”It’s good enough that you are here. There’s no need to bring gifts. You are too polite.” Du Tingting quickly made Cheng Yanmo sit down. “Young Master Cheng, have a seat.”

Cheng Yanmo unbuttoned his suit and sat down. Mu Qiu sat on the other side, not daring to look at Cheng Yanmo the entire time.

Du Tingting didn’t doubt the relationship between Cheng Yanmo and Mu Qiu. After all, they were eight to nine years apart in age, and different in experience and status. Subconsciously, Du Tingting felt that they wouldn’t have any other relationship.

Du Tingting personally poured a cup of tea for Cheng Yanmo. “Young Master Cheng, have some tea.”

Cheng Yanmo accepted it with both hands and bowed very low. “Thank you.” His humble and polite manner made Du Tingting feel that he was very well-mannered and knowledgeable.

“Qiu-er, when did you get to know Mr. Cheng? Why haven’t I heard of him?” Du Tingting asked casually.

Du Tingting basically knew all of Mu Qiu’s friends. It was unusual for her to be friends with Cheng Yanmo, who was several years older than her.

Mu Qiu fidgeted uneasily. She felt like Du Tingting had seen through her relationship with Cheng Yanmo. Cheng Yanmo was amused by Mu Qiu’s flustered manner.

“It was during Grandma Cheng’s birthday party the other time. Father brought me to the Cheng Family. I met Mr. Cheng that day.” Mu Qiu’s ears burned as she thought of what happened that night at the hotel.

“Oh I see.”

Under Du Tingting’s urging, Cheng Yanmo had lunch at the Mu Family residence.

During the meal, Cheng Yanmo had a naughty thought. He intentionally held Mu Qiu’s little hand under the table and stroked her slender legs.

Mu Qiu sat like she was sitting on needles, her mind elsewhere as she ate.

Du Tingting saw Mu Qiu frowning and chewing on her chopsticks anxiously, and put down her chopsticks.

“Qiu-er, do you have no appetite?” Worried that Mu Qiu was unwell and had no appetite, Du Tingting said, “Why don’t I get Sister Zhang to make you some dessert?”

Mu Qiu hurriedly shook her head and chewed on the bland rice in her mouth. After finishing the rice, Mu Qiu replied, “I am not feeling unwell. I just feel like there is a red lump on my leg. It is slightly itchy.”

“Is it hives?” Mu Qiu’s skin was delicate and tender. She would easily get hives if there were more catkins in season.

]Mu Qiu acknowledged. “Probably.”

“There’s some ointment in the medical kit. Apply some ointment after dinner. Don’t damage your skin.”


“It’s itchy again.” With that, Mu Qiu looked down, grabbed the culprit’s hand, and bit the back of Cheng Yanmo’s hand.

Cheng Yanmo’s back was stiff from the pain.

He sat up straight and waited for Mu Qiu to let go, before shaking his bitten fist.

After dinner, Cheng Yanmo got up to bid farewell. Du Tingting got Mu Qiu to send him off.

Mu Qiu got up obediently and followed Cheng Yanmo to the main door.

After exiting the courtyard, they arrived at a spot where Du Tingting couldn’t see. Cheng Yanmo raised his left hand and waved it at Mu Qiu’s face. “Were you born in the year of the dog? Why did you bite so hard?”

Mu Qiu stared at the two rows of red bite marks and felt slightly guilty. “I’m sorry. It’s my first time biting someone and I didn’t control my strength well.”

“You still wish for a next time.” Cheng Yanmo stared at Mu Qiu’s pure and lovely face. Thinking of that sharp tooth of hers, he sighed. “How vicious.”

“Vicious…” Mu Qiu chuckled.” Yes, I am indeed vicious. ”

Cheng Yanmo pointed at his own house and continued teasing Mu Qiu. “Your mother asked you to send me home. We are not there yet. Let’s go.”

Mu Qiu had no choice but to accompany Cheng Yanmo on another journey. When they arrived at Cheng Yanmo’s doorstep, Mu Qiu stopped. “You’re here, I’m going back.”

She turned to leave, but Cheng Yanmo grabbed her by the waist and pulled her into his new home.

Closing the door, Cheng Yanmo glanced in the direction of the Mu Family residence. Glancing at the figure of the woman behind the window on the second floor, Cheng Yanmo suddenly pushed Mu Qiu behind the door and kissed her without giving her any time to prepare herself.

Cheng Yanmo’s kiss was ferocious and suggestive.

Mu Qiu was soon panting heavily.

“Come in with me, alright?”

Panting, Mu Qiu nodded.

Cheng Yanmo carried Mu Qiu into the living room, sat down boldly, and placed Mu Qiu on his lap. Cheng Yanmo lifted up a corner of her pajamas. Mu Qiu sensed Cheng Yanmo’s intentions and hurriedly placed her hand on his chest.

The upper half of their bodies were separated by a distance, while the lower half of their bodies were pressed together. “My mother is still waiting for me at home…” What will it be if I send someone back without returning.

“It’s nothing. Just say that you had a cup of coffee at my place.” It would take at least half an hour to brew a cup of coffee and finish it.

Mu Qiu was not very determined and was easily convinced by Cheng Yanmo.

Mu Qiu was afraid of being detected if she went home. She specially took a shower in Cheng Yanmo’s master bedroom, before putting on her panda pajamas to go home.

Du Tingting had yet to take her afternoon nap when she arrived home. She yawned and hugged a pillow as she dozed off.

Du Tingting glanced at her and saw that she was neatly dressed. She looked down and asked, “Why did you take so long?”

Mu Qiu followed Cheng Yanmo’s instructions and lied calmly. “I had a cup of coffee and visited Mr. Cheng’s new house.”

Du Tingting didn’t probe further. She said, “Sister Zhang made you red date papaya soup with milk. Eat it and take an afternoon nap.”


Du Tingting returned to her room after Mu Qiu finished her dessert. She opened the window and looked at the villa ahead. She felt very conflicted as she thought of what she had just seen.

That young master from the Cheng Family had pressed Mu Qiu against the door of the courtyard and kissed her. Their kiss was so passionate—one look and one could tell they were experienced.

They were both adults and Du Tingting didn’t believe that Mu Qiu had gone to Cheng Yanmo’s house for coffee. What was Cheng Yanmo thinking? Didn’t he know that Mu Qiu doesn’t have much time left?

Du Tingting’s heart was heavy and she felt uneasy the entire afternoon.

When Mu Mian came back from work that night, Du Tingting told him about it. “A new neighbor has moved in from the Lin Family next door. It’s Chuan Dong Group’s Young Master Cheng Mo.”

Hearing this, Mu Mian was more surprised than shocked. “Is that so?” It was a good thing to be neighbors with Cheng Yanmo.

“He came to visit our house today and I asked him to stay for lunch.”

Hearing this, Mu Mian’s thoughts started to turn. It looked like Young Master Cheng had a good impression of them. He thought that he could deepen his relationship with Young Master Cheng and maybe even have business dealings with him in the future.

But Du Tingting’s next sentence stunned Mu Mian. “He seems to be Qiu-er’s boyfriend. I saw them kissing in the courtyard of the Lin Family residence.”

“Cheng Yanmo and Qiu-er?” Mu Mian felt that this was a little unreal. “How is that possible? They are several years apart in age and don’t interact much. Moreover, why would someone like Cheng Yanmo like girls like our Mu Qiu?”

It wasn’t that there weren’t any ambiguous partners around Cheng Yanmo. But which one of them isn’t a woman with big boobs, a big bum, good looks, and a good family background?

It wasn’t that Mu Mian felt that his daughter was worse than everyone else. It was just that Mu Qiu and Cheng Yanmo’s ex-boyfriends were completely different.

Regardless of whether it was Cheng Yanmo’s rich family background, his capabilities and business acumen, he was one in a million. Mu Mian should have been happy to see Mu Qiu date a man like Cheng Yanmo.

But Mu Qiu’s days are numbered…

However, thinking of the progress of another matter, a smile finally appeared on Mu Mian’s face. “Cheng Yanmo is a good man. Mu Qiu has good taste and found an outstanding man.”

Du Tingting was taken aback by Mu Mian’s words. “Hubby, don’t you think this is a problem? Qiu-er doesn’t have long to live. What will happen to Young Master Cheng if she dies?”

Du Tingting felt guilty towards Master Cheng.

“They are both adults and are willing parties.” Mu Mian was very open-minded about this matter. Seeing that Du Tingting was depressed and worried, Mu Mian shared a piece of good news with her. “There is new news from the organ library. We seem to have found a suitable heart for Qiu-er.”

Joy crept up Du Tingting’s thin face. She grabbed Mu Mian’s arm tightly and asked in a trembling voice, “Is it true?”

“Mmm, that donor is critically ill, but she’s still alive. We have to wait a little longer.”

“Great, this is great. I hope it is compatible!” Du Tingting didn’t wish for anyone else to die, but she wished for her daughter to live.

Du Tingting’s eyes lit up at the thought that Mu Qiu might survive.

“Don’t tell Qiu-er about this first. We will tell her when the news is confirmed.” Mu Mian warned Du Tingting.

Du Tingting quickly acknowledged.

That morning, Song Ci received a call from Ah Lun. “Song Song, Brother Jiang is not in a good state of mind. Do you want to come over and visit him?”

“What happened to him?”

Ah Lun spoke hesitantly. “Brother Jiang seems to be having some mental issues. He often talks to himself in the air and laughs at the same time. I feel goosebumps just by looking at him.”

The thing that worried her the most still happened.

Song Ci hung up, hurriedly changed clothes, and went to Yan Jiang’s house.

She pressed the doorbell, expecting to see Ah Lun opening the door. Instead, it was Yan Jiang.

Yan Jiang was dressed exquisitely in a white blouse, beige pants, and a short black Chanel top. He was also the most handsome man in the entertainment circles.

Yan Jiang suddenly smiled when he saw Song Ci standing outside the door. He held Song Ci’s hand and rubbed it. “Ah Fei, why aren’t you wearing a jacket? It’s quite cold outside today. Your hands look cold.”

Hearing this, Song Ci felt like she had fallen into an icehouse.

Coincidentally, the winds were strong today and she wasn’t in the mood to dress up. She found a long-sleeved hoodie and put it on before driving over to meet Yan Jiang.

Song Ci and Song Fei looked exactly the same. With a sweater and a ponytail, they looked even more alike.

Yan Jiang pulled Song Ci into the house. Yan Jiang kept talking. “You said you would be back soon. Ah Lun made lunch and the food is getting cold.” He pressed Song Ci down on the dining chair.

Yan Jiang opened the food container and scooped a bowl of cod porridge for Song Ci. “Here, have this.”

After looking at Yan Jiang for a moment, Song Ci picked up her spoon, scooped up a spoonful of cod porridge, and shoved it into her mouth. It tasted very fresh and tender. She took two bites and felt very upset.

At the dining table, Yan Jiang was all smiles as he kept putting food into Song Ci’s bowl. Song Ci ate everything. “I am full.”

Yan Jiang then stopped putting food into her bowl.

Noticing that Yan Jiang didn’t eat anything, Song Ci purposely put on a cold expression and imitated Song Fei’s tone. “You eat.”

Yan Jiang was indeed very obedient. He ate mouthful after mouthful of rice, but didn’t put much other dishes into his mouth.

Song Ci stared at him silently, feeling very upset. After dinner, Yan Jiang dragged Song Ci to the theater and found a French movie called “The Butterfly.”

“You mentioned that you wanted to watch this movie previously. I found it.” This was something Song Fei had mentioned to Yan Jiang at Golden Sands.

Song Ci sat down and watched the movie with Yan Jiang.

The entire movie had beautiful scenery, a warm rhythm, and the interactions between the little girl and her grandfather were lively and interesting. This was supposed to be a movie that would make one happy, but Song Ci kept increasingly silent the more she watched.

Finally, the movie ended.

Yan Jiang was about to switch to a new movie when he heard Song Ci call his name. “Ah Jiang.” Yan Jiang turned and gazed at Song Ci patiently and gently.

Song Ci suddenly reached out her right hand and cupped Yan Jiang’s much thinner face.

Yan Jiang was stunned.

Song Ci lifted her head and leaned her cheek against Yan Jiang’s.

She looked like she was going to kiss him.

Just as Song Ci’s lips were about to touch Yan Jiang’s, he suddenly turned away. “Do you want to watch a maritime pianist in another movie?”

Song Ci sat back down.

She pointed out calmly and mercilessly. “You know I am not her. Ah Jiang, are you still going to deceive yourself?”

Yan Jiang remained motionless.

“If you really treated me like her, you wouldn’t have reacted like this when I kissed you just now. How could you bear to reject Song Fei’s initiative?”

Song Ci couldn’t bear to see Yan Jiang’s tightly pursed lips and downcast eyes. However, she had no choice but to tell him. “Yan Jiang, I am not her. You know that.”

Yan Jiang suddenly covered his face with his hands. His shoulders were shaking slightly and his throat was moving up and down. Hot tears were squeezed between his fingers.

“Song Song…” Yan Jiang broke the silence. His voice was hoarse like a gauze cut by a sharp knife.” She is dead…”

“Ah Fei is dead. Her body is incomplete!” He cried so bitterly that he was momentarily speechless. Song Ci hurriedly got up, walked up to Yan Jiang, hugged his head, and pulled him into her arms.

“There are broken limbs all over the floor. I searched everywhere for her head, but I couldn’t find it. Song Song, I lost your sister…”

Yan Jiang had once heard that if a person didn’t have a complete corpse, they wouldn’t be able to enter hell after death. They would turn into wandering ghosts, wandering around the land of death day and night, searching for their bodies.

Yan Jiang’s heart ached like a million daggers at the thought of his Ah Fei being trapped in a foreign land forever.

Like a little kid, Yan Jiang hugged Song Ci’s waist tightly. His tears and mucus rubbed against Song Ci’s sweater. That was the first time Yan Jiang cried in front of Song Ci. He had lost all face and image.

Song Ci’s eyes were also red. She couldn’t help crying bitterly alongside Yan Jiang.

After some time, Song Ci finally realized that Yan Jiang had stopped talking. She felt very uneasy and thought that he must have fainted. She looked down and realized that he was just sleeping.

She just hugged Yan Jiang, not daring to let go or move.

After a while, Ah Lun entered.

He saw that Yan Jiang had finally fallen asleep and told Song Ci the truth. “Brother Jiang hasn’t slept for the past few days. He doesn’t seem to be tired at all. I am really worried that he will faint and never get up again. Song Song, thank you so much for coming today.”

“You should have called me over earlier.” Song Ci had been living in a daze these few days and didn’t consider the situation at Yan Jiang’s side.

She felt slightly guilty for neglecting Yan Jiang.

In order to take care of Yan Jiang these few days, Ah Lun didn’t have a good rest and he had eye bags. Song Ci told Ah Lun, “Come over and help me, Ah Lun. Let’s send him back to his room to sleep. You should also go and sleep. Don’t tire yourself out.”


Yan Jiang was truly too fatigued. He didn’t wake up no matter how Song Ci and Ah Lun rubbed and pinched him.

After laying Yan Jiang down in the master bedroom, Song Ci turned on the wall lamp in case he was afraid of the dark when he woke up at night. “Ah Lun, quickly go and rest. I will go back now.”

Ah Lun really couldn’t take it anymore. He yawned and returned to his guest bedroom to rest.

Song Ci went downstairs to clean up the bottles and jars in the kitchen. She washed her hands before leaving.

Instead of going home, she went to the Hall of Peace.

Standing in the main hall of the Hall of Peace, Song Ci stared at Song Fei’s ashes. She smiled bitterly and couldn’t help asking, “Song Fei, are you satisfied? Are you satisfied to see Ah Jiang going crazy over you?”

How could Song Fei answer her?

She stroked the cold urn for a long time before leaning against the cupboard and crying. “Song Fei, I miss you so much!”

But I will never see you again. (itallics)

Song Ci walked out of the hall and saw Han Zhan.

“How did you know I was here?” After crying, Song Ci’s voice sounded like a broken gong. It was strangely piercing.

“Ah Song told me.” Han Zhan walked over and covered Song Ci’s eyes. “Go home, you should go back and have a good sleep too.”

Han Zhan carried Song Ci and placed her in the car. Inside the car, Han Zhan was still carrying Song Ci like he was carrying a child.

“Close your eyes and don’t open them.” Han Zhan’s tone was domineering and irrefutable.

Song Ci was also really tired. She closed her eyes and allowed herself to fall asleep in Han Zhan’s arms. The car drove slowly and gently. Song Ci actually really fell asleep.

Han Zhan’s heart ached slightly as he looked at Song Ci’s face that had lost a lot of weight recently. Returning home, he carried Song Ci to the bed and was about to take a shower when his cell phone suddenly vibrated.

A cold glint flashed across Han Zhan’s eyes when he saw the words ‘Newbridge Hospital’s doctor’.

He picked up his cell phone and walked out of the master bedroom to the meeting room.

“Mr. Han.”

Han Zhan didn’t respond.

On the other end, the man spoke carefully. “I’ve already received that sum of money from you. Thank you, Mr. Han. As for the remaining 20 million…”

“After everything is settled, I will transfer that sum of money to your child. With that money, it will be enough for him to finish high school and university. After he graduates, he will also be able to buy a decent house.” If he was good at wealth management, he might even have enough money to get a wife.

With nothing to worry about, the man finally felt at ease. “Thank you, Mr. Han. I will definitely do my best to carry out your instructions.”

Han Zhan interrupted him. “I don’t want you to do your best. I just want you to do it properly.”

“If this fails, Dr. Zhu, you will be jailed and dragged out horizontally.” Han Zhan’s tone was rather casual, but his words sent chills down one’s spine.

Han Zhan steadily nailed an iron nail into the other party’s heart, making him uneasy. “I will definitely do it well!”

Han Zhan hung up the phone and unbuttoned his shirt impatiently. He cursed. “Silly thing. You should be put in jail instead.”

After scolding him, Han Zhan resumed his calm and steady manner.

Newbridge Hospital was a private hospital. It was established 30 years ago. The first director was Du Lengchuan, Du Tingting’s father.

After Du Lengchuan passed away, Newbridge Hospital became Du Tingting’s property. All these years, Du Tingting had led a pampered life and was in no mood to manage her assets.

As a result, although the hospital’s chairman was Du Tingting in name, the person in charge was actually Mu Mian.

Newbridge Hospital Building 2 was the inpatient department. Level 8 was the chairman’s activity level. All medical staff, patients, and family members were not allowed to enter.

Late at night, a lamp on the eighth floor lit up.

Mu Mian walked in from outside. The lights along the corridor cast his shadow on the floor, elongating it into the shape of a demon.

Mu Mian entered the ward and stared at the woman lying limply on the bed after being injected with sleeping pills. The girl was thin and frail, and her originally fair cheeks were deathly pale under the light.

No one expected the cremated Song Fei to be lying on the eighth floor of Newbridge Hospital!

Song Fei’s hands and legs were tied to the four corners of the bed. She had lost all mobility and couldn’t escape even if she had wings!

Song Fei was already awake, but the effects of the medicine had yet to fade. Her voice was soft and she couldn’t even open her eyes. She could only open them slightly.

Mu Mian walked to the side of the bed and looked down at Song Fei. “You are awake.” Mu Mian’s tone was calm, without the slightest hint of uneasiness or panic that a murderer should have.

Song Fei narrowed her eyes at Mu Mian. Her lips moved but she couldn’t speak.

Mu Mian suddenly said, “Actually, you must have regained consciousness that time.” Mu Mian’s words came out of nowhere but Song Fei understood what he said.

Mu Mian said, “At the convalescent hospital, I took your blood and sent it to be tested for compatibility with Mu Qiu’s blood. The next night, you went missing. You sensed danger and escaped when I wasn’t looking.”

Song Fei’s disappearance disrupted all of Mu Mian’s plans, which troubled him for quite a while. “Song Fei, you have really impressed me.”

Song Fei’s lips quivered as if she had something to say.

Thinking that she was weak, Mu Mian bent down considerately and put on a listening expression. “Go ahead, I’m listening.” With that, Mu Mian heard Song Fei say —

“F*ck your mother.”

Then, Song Fei spat on Mu Mian’s face.

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