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Chapter 184: Finish Them Off in One Swoop

That mouthful of saliva landed on Mu Mian’s face. Just as he reached out to wipe it off, it fell to the ground again.

Mu Mian’s face twitched. He took two deep breaths to suppress the strong urge to beat Song Fei up.

“You sure are arrogant.” Mu Mian gave a fake smile. He took out a few pieces of paper, crushed them into a ball, and shoved them into Song Fei’s mouth roughly. “You only have two days left to live. Let’s see how long you can continue being arrogant for.”

Song Fei’s face was full of disdain. She couldn’t even be bothered to look at him. Her eyes ached whenever she looked at Mu Mian.

Song Fei’s frivolous manner was really asking for a beating in Mu Mian’s eyes. Worried that he would not be able to resist the urge to hit her if he stayed any longer, Mu Mian turned and left.

The room was plunged into complete darkness.

Song Fei quietly gazed into the darkness. She missed that guy who was afraid of the dark. I wonder what he’s doing now…

Walking out of Song Fei’s ward, Mu Mian saw a black figure standing at the end of the corridor. He turned on his toes and walked towards that figure.

“When will it be better to hold the surgery?” Mu Mian stood in a dark corner and spoke to the person in front of him.

“I’ve already started preparing. The plan will be launched the day after tomorrow.”


Mu Mian patted the man’s shoulder and sighed. “Head of Department Zhu, do your best. If you succeed, I will make you the director.”

Zhu Yuanwen nodded slightly and said respectfully, “I will do my best.”


Walking out of the hospital, Mu Mian stood at the main entrance of Newbridge Hospital. He looked up at the pitch-black eighth floor, before quickly boarding the car.

Sitting in the driver’s seat, Mu Mian loosened his tie, feeling very frustrated.

Actually, he was not as calm as he looked. This was murder—murder for his own daughter! A living person!

Unable to calm himself down, Mu Mian hurriedly switched on the light and searched the interior of the car. He finally found a pack of cigarettes. He took one out, lit it up quickly, and took a big drag.

Smoking was a good thing. It could numb one’s conscience.

Under the comforts of the nicotine, Mu Mian gradually regained his composure. He waited for the cigarette to finish, before starting the car and driving away.

Right after he left, a girl wearing a greyish-black hoodie appeared at the spot where he had parked his car. She paused for a moment before striding over to the main entrance of Newbridge Hospital.

Standing at the main door, she lifted her head like how Mu Mian did before and looked upstairs. Staring at that pitch-black floor, Mu Qiu’s gaze wavered slightly.

What is hidden there?

The dark and empty 8th floor was like the stomach of a monster, quietly swallowing up all strangers who stepped into its territory.

Her flat shoes made dull thuds as she stepped on the floor tiles of the corridor. The weak green light of the fire exit shone on Mu Qiu’s face. Her fair face was slightly green, like a demon that had just emerged from hell.

From left to right, Mu Qiu tried to push open each door. After opening seven to eight doors in a row, she finally found the handle to open one.

Mu Qiu grasped the handle and smiled.

I found you!


The door opened.

Inside the house, the person lying on the bed moved her limbs. The fabric of her clothes made a soft rubbing sound on the bed. In the darkness, a pair of ice-cold eyes stared at Mu Qiu with no emotion.

Hearing the noise, Mu Qiu’s lips curled up even more. She turned and faced the direction of the bed.

Using the neon lights from the road outside the building, Mu Qiu saw a person tied to the bed. The light was dim, and the person was thin and indistinguishable from a male or female.

Mu Qiu strode over to the bed and bent over slightly. She stared at the woman’s face for a long while before saying with a smile, “Hello, Song Fei.”

She wasn’t at all surprised, as if she had expected to see Song Fei here.

Song Fei moved but didn’t speak.

“So your mouth is blocked.” Mu Qiu reached out to take the ball of paper from Song Fei’s mouth. As she did so, she complained unhappily about Mu Mian. “Why is Father so rough? It’s so uncomfortable to keep your mouth shut.”

Song Fei regained the right to speak. “You have impressed me.” Her words were more sarcastic than complimentary.

Mu Qiu frowned slightly, as if she didn’t understand Mu Qiu’s words.

“I thought you didn’t know.” Song Fei smirked. “So you are the big bad wolf hiding behind the scenes.”

Mu Qiu didn’t agree with Song Fei’s comment. She spoke calmly and corrected Song Fei’s statement. “I didn’t do anything. All of this was planned by my father. Unfortunately, you have the same blood as me and are compatible with my antibodies.”

As she spoke, Mu Qiu’s expression was very innocent, as if she had suffered a great grievance.

“Stop pretending to be innocent in front of me. I feel like puking just looking at you.” Song Fei’s voice was ice-cold, like the snow in the winter and the icy plains in the high mountains. It was also pleasant to hear such vulgarities in her voice.

Song Fei stared at Mu Qiu’s face and thought it was funny. “You are pure and holy, you are even purer than a glutinous rice ball. You are the only innocent person in the world.”

After being scolded, Mu Qiu remained silent. The grievance on her face disappeared and was replaced by a grim expression. “You are both sisters, but your tongue stinks a lot more than Song Ci’s.”

Mu Qiu was speaking the truth and Song Fei didn’t retort. Song Fei was curious about something. “If Mu Mian knows that the precious daughter he is trying so hard to save is a black-hearted venomous snake, I wonder if he will feel comforted or disappointed.”

Mu Qiu said firmly, “He won’t know.” No one would know Mu Qiu’s true colors.

Song Fei snorted again. “Your father wants to kill me and dig out my heart to save you. What do you think of this?”

“What do I think?” Mu Qiu placed her slender fingers on Song Fei’s chest and stroked it gently. She smiled and said, “I don’t know anything. I only know that I was critically ill and in a coma. Coincidentally, someone who was compatible with my antibodies died in an accident.”

“That kind-hearted person gave me her heart. I will continue to live on with a grateful heart and her regrets.”

Hearing that, even Song Fei was stunned by Mu Qiu’s shamelessness. “Digging out a living person’s heart to extend your own life? Mu Qiu, aren’t you afraid of having nightmares?”

Mu Qiu was still smiling but her eyes had turned vicious. “You are wrong. That is a heart donated by a kind-hearted person. Why would I have a nightmare?”

“…” Damn it!

Deep down, she was labeling Mu Qiu as shameless. Song Fei couldn’t help sighing. “A person like you deserves to live. It’s a waste of talent if you died. It’s up to you to protect Earth.”

Faced with Song Fei’s mockery, not only was Mu Qiu not angry, she even smiled and said, “Thank you for thinking so highly of me. Don’t worry, I won’t waste this heart of yours.” They chatted with sincerity and warmth, as if they were good friends talking about the weather today and if it was suitable for fishing.

Staring at Song Fei with a gentle gaze, Mu Qiu actually comforted her. “Don’t worry about Song Ci. I will treat her very well in the future. I will treat her like my biological sister.”

Treat Song Ci well?

Song Fei felt that Mu Qiu’s words were hypocritical and laughable at the thought of Song Ci’s tragic plight in her previous life. “If your heart deteriorates again and you can’t find a suitable heart, will you not let Song Ci off then?”

Hearing Song Fei’s question, Mu Qiu was momentarily stunned and couldn’t quite answer.

“Look, you keep saying that you will treat Song Ci as your biological sister but you will still kill her for your own wretched life.” Song Fei saw through Mu Qiu’s despicable soul. “Mu Qiu, you are really a jerk.”

“What a waste of time!”

Song Fei was slightly impressed by Mu Qiu. This dog looked gentle and obedient, but actually had a black heart.

Mu Qiu suddenly took out a few more pieces of paper, crushed them into a ball, and stuffed them into Song Fei’s mouth. The entire world went silent. Mu Qiu’s panicky heart finally calmed down.

“Have a good rest. I’m leaving.”

After being attacked, Mu Qiu hurriedly left.

Mu Mian returned home and saw that the living room was empty. He went upstairs to the third floor to speak to Mu Qiu.

“Qiu-er, are you asleep?” Mu Mian knocked on the door but there was no reply. He opened the door and realized that Mu Qiu was not at home.

Where did she go?

Mu Mian returned to the master bedroom on the second floor. Seeing that Du Tingting was still playing on her cell phone, he asked her, “Qiu-er isn’t back yet?”

“She said she wanted to drink milk tea and went out to buy it.” Du Tingting switched off her cell phone and curled up in bed. Her neck was completely hidden under the blanket, revealing only her face.

Staring at Mu Mian’s slightly messy tie, Du Tingting couldn’t help asking, “Where did you go? Your tie is all messed up.” Thinking of a certain possibility, Du Tingting’s face darkened slightly. She tried to intimidate Mu Mian. “Hubby, did you go fool around?”

It had been two to three months since she got pregnant and went into confinement, and they had not done anything passionate, so Du Tingting couldn’t help overthinking things. Mu Mian had been very disciplined and doted on her all these years, but men were the most fickle creatures. He could do whatever he wanted with other women.

Mu Mian felt wronged by Du Tingting’s misunderstanding. “No way. I went to Newbridge Hospital to discuss Qiu-er’s heart transplant with Head of Department Zhu.”

“Is that so?” Du Tingting saw that Mu Mian didn’t look like he was lying and felt slightly more at ease. “Let me tell you, if you dare to find another woman outside, I won’t want you anymore.”

Although Du Tingting was gentle and considerate, she was not the kind of weak wife who would allow her husband to fool around outside. Once she discovered that Mu Mian had someone else outside, she would cleanly kick him away.

“Of course it’s true. If you don’t believe me, you can call Head of Department Zhu.” Mu Mian purposely put on a cold face and reprimanded Du Tingting. “Don’t you know whether I love you or not? If that’s the case, don’t say it again.”

Mu Mian was truly devoted to Du Tingting. From the day he met Du Tingting in university, there was no other woman in his eyes.

Du Tingting finally believed Mu Mian’s words. “What did Head of Department Zhu say about the surgery?”

“This matter should be settled. That organ donor’s health is deteriorating. She can only live for the next two days. Our Qiu-er should be undergoing surgery soon.”

“That would be great.”

Du Tingting calmed down and was about to go to bed when her cell phone suddenly rang. “Who called so late at night?”

Puzzled, Du Tingting picked up her cell phone and saw Qiu-er’s name. She muttered. “Is this girl staying out tonight?”

Hearing this, Mu Mian instinctively glanced over at Cheng Yanmo’s house. Seeing that Cheng Yanmo’s house was dark, Mu Mian’s expression was also slightly unreadable.

Are they having a secret rendezvous outside?

Du Tingting answered the call. “Qiu-er, why aren’t you back yet?”


Unexpectedly, an unfamiliar male voice spoke from the other end of the call.

Du Tingting’s expression changed slightly. “Hi, where’s my daughter?”

Du Tingting was worried that Mu Qiu might have encountered some evil person or pervert. After all, Mu Qiu was beautiful and it was night time now. As a mother, she couldn’t help feeling uneasy.

Mu Mian saw that Du Tingting’s expression had changed. He quickly took her cell phone and placed it beside his ear.

Mu Mian heard her say, “Your daughter suddenly fainted from a heart attack at the roadside. We have already performed CPR on her and she is currently unconscious.”

“We’ve already called an ambulance for her and are waiting for it. You must be this lady’s mother. Hurry over!”

Mu Mian was stunned by this news. “Where is the address? We are coming over now!” His heart was in turmoil and his voice was trembling.

The other party said, “Big Tree Street in the East Mountain District, at the bubble tea shop beside Walmart!”

After ending the call, Mu Mian grabbed Du Tingting’s hand and said with a dark expression, “Tingting, it’s like this. Qiu-er suffered a heart attack and was luckily saved by someone. She is currently in a coma.”

Du Tingting covered her mouth and nearly cried. “Why is it acting up again?!”

“Don’t cry first. Put on your jacket. We are going to the East Mountain District hospital now!”

Du Tingting nodded. With Mu Mian’s help, she put on a jacket and ran downstairs with him. They boarded the car and headed straight for the East Mountain District.

On the way, Mu Mian gave Zhu Yuanwen a call to inform him to send a car over to the East Mountain District Hospital to pick Mu Qiu up. Meanwhile, he and Du Tingting headed straight for Newbridge Hospital.

It was already 11pm by the time they arrived at Newbridge Hospital.

Mu Qiu was still undergoing her check-up and the two of them could only wait at the door. At 12.30am, Mu Qiu was sent back to the ward. Zhu Yuanwen came over with a bunch of Mu Qiu’s medical reports.

Zhu Yuanwen had already taken a look at Mu Qiu’s medical report. His face was grave and his brows were tightly furrowed. He felt that things were getting tricky.

“Head of Department Zhu, how is it?” Mu Mian didn’t understand the medical report, but he could tell from Zhu Yuanwen’s expression that things were getting serious.

Zhu Yuanwen put down the medical report, looked at Mu Qiu lying on the bed, and said very softly, “Miss Mu’s heart failure has been speeding up recently. Look at this medical report, her BNP has increased by too much.”

“Miss Mu is just 20 years old. Her BNP index should be less than 450pg / mL. But her BNP is 856pg / mL. Moreover, her lungs are slightly infected and her electrolytes are in disarray. Look at her lower limbs.”

Zhu Yuanwen pressed down on Mu Qiu’s calf, creating a small hole. It took a long while before it disappeared. “It’s starting to swell.”

Du Tingting imitated Zhu Yuanwen’s actions and pressed down on Mu Qiu’s calf. Indeed, a deep hole was formed. “What should we do?” Du Tingting’s voice was filled with fear and her face was pale.

Zhu Yuanwen stared at Mu Mian. “The surgery is imminent and cannot be delayed.”

Du Tingting grabbed Mu Mian’s arm and said tearfully, “Hubby, didn’t you say that the heart of a critically ill patient is suitable for Mu Qiu?”

Mu Mian nodded.

Zhu Yuanwen glanced at Mu Mian but remained silent.

Du Tingting felt as if she had just been reassured. She calmed down slightly.

Turning around, Du Tingting grabbed Zhu Yuanwen’s hand and begged him. “Head of Department Zhu, can we wait another two days?”

Seeing that Mu Mian was nodding, Zhu Yuanwen said, “According to Miss Mu’s rate of deterioration, two to three days should be enough.”

“That’s good!”

Du Tingting looked at her daughter’s pale face. For the first time, she was selfishly hoping that another innocent person would die soon. She also knew that it was not good to have such evil intentions, but as a mother, she couldn’t help but have selfish motives.

That night, no matter how much Mu Mian tried to persuade her, Du Tingting refused to leave the hospital and insisted on staying behind to accompany Mu Qiu. She was afraid that Mu Qiu would not be able to hold on. Every second that she could cherish now counted.

The next morning, Mu Qiu woke up first.

She was momentarily stunned to find herself in the hospital. Pain flashed across her eyes. She remembered the incident last night and thought that she would die on the spot.

She didn’t know if it was because she was hospitalized or because her heart was failing every second, but Mu Qiu felt a tightness in her chest. She stood up and looked out the window at the fallen leaves scattered all over the ground. She couldn’t help thinking: Can I still see the tender green shoots next spring?

“Qiu-er?” Du Tingting also woke up. Seeing Mu Qiu standing by the window in a daze, she got up and walked over.

Du Tingting glanced sideways at Mu Qiu and saw that she had regained some color. She said, “Are you hungry? I’ll go get you some food.”

“Mother, can I hug you?”

Mu Qiu looked very helpless.

Du Tingting’s heart melted. She opened her arms. “Come.”

Mu Qiu threw herself into Du Tingting’s arms and hugged her very tightly. “Last night, I almost thought I would die on the streets. I couldn’t even see my parents one last time. I am very satisfied to see you again, Mother.”


Du Tingting said, “Mmm?”

The fallen leaves of the garden downstairs reflected in Mu Qiu’s eyes. It was bleak and lifeless. “Mother, do you still remember that cherry blossom forest we went to see in Tibet a few years ago?”

“How could I not remember? When you were in high school, your father specially put down his work and brought our family to Tibet to play.”

“I remember that the peach forest was especially beautiful. You and Song Song even took a few photos inside.”

Recalling those happy memories, Du Tingting’s eyes twinkled. That was such a blissful time. Mu Qiu was healthy and Songsong was like a family to them.

How did everything change so quickly?

“I remember that place is very beautiful.” Mu Qiu closed her eyes as tears streamed down her face, dripping onto Du Tingting’s sweater. “Mother, I still want to visit the peach forest next year.”

I don’t want to die!

Du Tingting understood Mu Qiu’s hint. She felt as if someone was grabbing her chest and suffocating her. “Qiu-er…” Du Tingting was on the verge of breaking down. She had had enough of this torture.

Du Tingting couldn’t help but tell Mu Qiu, “Qiu-er, your father said that he has already found a suitable heart for you, but the other party is still ill and has not passed away. You still need to wait a few more days. After that person passes away, we will immediately perform a heart transplant for you.”

Hearing this, Mu Qiu’s dead eyes were ablaze.

Mu Qiu released Du Tingting and grabbed her arm. She asked in disbelief and joy. “Is that true?”

Du Tingting nodded tearfully. “It’s true, Qiu-er. You’re saved! Just wait a few more days. We will definitely save you!”

Mu Qiu was overjoyed. “Great, great!”

The mother-daughter duo hugged each other, crying and laughing at the same time.

Knock knock.

A sudden knock on the door jolted the mother-daughter duo out of their daze.

The two of them separated and turned to look at the door of the ward.

Song Ci stood there holding a breakfast box. She had flat shoes and skinny jeans that accentuated her sexy figure.

It had only been a few days since they last met, and she had lost a lot of weight. Her body was slightly thin under her sweater, and that pretty face with light makeup also lost its dazzling smile.

Song Ci, who had toned down, looked somewhat unfamiliar.

Song Ci walked in and placed the food container on the dresser. She turned and stared at Mu Qiu and Du Tingting. “Mother, Qiu-er, why are you crying again?”

Mu Qiu’s eyes flickered but she didn’t respond.

The joy on Du Tingting’s face had yet to fade when she heard Song Ci’s question. She grabbed Song Ci’s slender, jade-like hand and shared her joy. “Song Song, we finally found a suitable heart for Qiuqiu!”

Song Ci was stunned.

“You… you found it?” Song Ci’s breathing was labored. She was about to faint from anger.

How can that be?

How did Mu Qiu find a suitable heart?

Song Ci felt like she was being played by the heavens.

Why was it that even though those who committed all sorts of heinous crimes had been redeemed, those who were truly good didn’t have a good ending? Thinking of her pitiful elder sister who had died and then looking at Mu Qiu, Song Ci felt extremely resentful.

Du Tingting interpreted Song Ci’s expression as shock and astonishment.

“Are you very surprised? Maybe she’s lucky. A few days ago, someone with a suitable blood type and antibody for Qiu-er had an accident and is still in critical condition. Your father has already convinced the patient and his family to buy his heart.”

“I know it’s not legal to buy hearts, but they come from poor families and are willing to sell their hearts in exchange for money for their children.”

“This is the best of both worlds.”

Mu Mian was the one who told Du Tingting this. Du Tingting was just narrating the entire story to Song Ci.

Song Ci forced a smile. “Is that so?” She turned to look at Mu Qiu, grabbed her hands, and congratulated her against her conscience. “Congratulations, Qiu-er. You’ve finally found a suitable heart.”

Mu Qiu shook Song Ci’s hand with a faint smile. “Elder Sister, will you be by my side during my surgery?” Mu Qiu stuck out her tongue uneasily like a mischievous fairy. “I will feel more at ease with you by my side.”

Song Ci nodded absent-mindedly.

Leaving the hospital, Song Ci was feeling very depressed. She went straight to Su Beibei’s cafe. “Ah Kun, where’s your manager?”

Ah Kun knew Song Ci and knew that she was a friend of the manager. “The boss is upstairs.”

Nodding, Song Ci hurried upstairs. She pushed open the glass door to the study room, walked up to Su Beibei’s desk, and hit the desk hard with both hands.

Su Beibei was shocked. She looked up and stared at Song Ci’s enraged face. She raised her brows in surprise. “What’s the matter? Who angered Beauty Song?”

Su Beibei had no inspiration. She had only written about 500 words after two hours on her computer and was not satisfied with the content. Seeing that Song Ci had come, Su Beibei shut down her computer.

Song Ci sat on the sofa with her legs crossed and her arms crossed in front of her chest. Her angry face was somewhat frightening. She was truly enraged but didn’t know where to start.

Su Beibei went downstairs to get her a cup of coffee. “Mocha, try it.”

The mocha’s surface was covered in black and white flowers. Song Ci stared at those exquisite flowers and finally spoke. “There is no such thing as fairness in this world.”

Su Beibei said, “You’re here to teach me philosophy?”

Song Ci stirred the flower with a spoon. “Mu Mian has already found a suitable heart for Mu Qiu.”

Upon hearing this, Su Beibei’s smile faded. “Indeed, there is no such thing as fairness.” Her parents had died because of Mu Mian, and retribution had finally come to Mu Mian’s child. She thought that it was finally his turn to suffer the consequences of his own actions, but instead he found a suitable heart for Mu Qiu.

It is indeed unfair.

“You still haven’t found it?” Song Ci had come today mainly to ask about Su Beibei’s progress. Song Ci couldn’t wait. She couldn’t wait to send that old fogey Mu Mian to prison!

He destroyed the old and destroyed the young.

“Not yet. Let me show you something.” Su Beibei got up, walked to the bookshelf, and retrieved a Sherlock Holmes collection.

She sat opposite Song Ci with her book.

“What’s the matter? You want to tell me a story?” Song Ci stared at the book in her hand and wanted to get up and leave.

“What’s the hurry?” Su Beibei opened the book. Only then did Song Ci realize that it was empty. It was actually a fake collection box. Su Beibei took out the contents and said, “I’m afraid of being discovered. That’s the only way.”

“As expected of someone who writes mystery novels.” This brain was indeed incomparable to a beautiful girl like her.

Su Beibei threw a bunch of photos of small sizes in front of Song Ci. Song Ci picked them up and saw that the main characters were all Mu Mian.

The photo recorded all of Mu Mian’s movements over the past two months.

Su Beibei told Song Ci, “I paid a private detective to monitor Mu Mian 24 / 7. In the past two months, I’ve checked all the places that Mu Mian has been to, but there were no problems.”

Thinking that Song Ci had lived with Mu Mian for a few years, perhaps Song Ci understood the deeper meaning behind Mu Mian’s actions. Su Beibei wanted her to look at the photos and analyze them.

After spending some time looking through all the photos, Song Ci put on an uninterested expression. “All normal. Nothing suspicious at all.”

Unwilling to give up, Song Ci flipped through the photos again. She suddenly said, “Mu Mian went to visit his father alone this year?”

Su Beibei nodded. “Mmm, his wife was pregnant then and didn’t accompany him. I found out that Mu Mian and his father weren’t on good terms. How much do you know about their relationship?”

Song Ci shook her head. “Not just bad…” Mu Qiu’s grandfather was most likely murdered by Mu Mian.

n her previous life, Su Beibei had used the evidence to report Mu Mian. There were some suspicious points about his father’s death. But due to the lack of evidence, she had not been able to charge Mu Mian with the crime of murdering his father.

Of course, Song Ci couldn’t just tell Su Beibei about this. It would make her suspicious.

Song Ci briefly explained the relationship between Mu Mian and his father. “Mu Mian’s father has violent tendencies. He was suppressed in the company and will vent his anger on his wife the moment he gets home.”

“Mu Mian has been living in the shadow of his father’s violence since a young age. As a result, he detests his father very much and is most afraid of becoming someone like his father. As a result, after we got married, Mu Mian took very good care of my mother and seldom became angry in front of her.”

Su Beibei pouted. “The more you’re afraid of something, the more you care.”

“Yes. Mu Mian wanted to get rid of his father’s influence, so after his death, he rarely went to pay respects.” Song Ci continued, “I’ve been living in the Mu Family for 7-8 years, and Mu Mian doesn’t go to pay respects to his father every year. He will only go if Du Tingting insists.”

Song Ci took out a few photos of Mu Mian going to the hall and placed them in front of herself. She stared at those photos for a while and felt that something was off.

Su Beibei said, “Since he hates his father so much, why did he bring his father’s ashes back to Wangdong after his father died?” He should have just let it go.

Song Ci was stunned.

She had never considered this question.

Su Beibei continued her analysis. “Firstly, Mu Mian doesn’t respect his own father, so there’s no need for him to bring his ashes back to Wangdong City to pay his respects. Secondly, if he really wanted to bring them back, he should have brought his biological mother’s ashes.”

Why did Mu Mian leave his beloved mother alone in his hometown but leave his detested father’s ashes in his own city?

Song Ci couldn’t think of a reason. “Beibei, you’ve written so many detective novels. You’re definitely smarter than me. You’ll definitely be able to find the answer to this.”

Su Beibei sneered. She shot Song Ci a disdainful look at her good figure under her sweater and said, “Big boobs but no brains.”

Song Ci was not angry at all. Instead, she sipped her coffee leisurely. “Mmm, your chest is small and your IQ is high. It’s already decided by your intelligence, so I’ll leave this brain-consuming task to you.” Song Ci was right to admit that people with big breasts were brainless.

Su Beibei chased her away angrily. “Go go go go!”

Su Beibei chased Song Ci away angrily.

Han Zhan didn’t go out today and just worked at the company. Song Ci planned to have lunch with him at noon. Ever since Song Fei passed away, Song Ci couldn’t focus on anything. Liang Bo had written a new song, but Song Ci had never had the energy to compose for him.

Knowing that Song Ci was very busy recently, Liang Bo didn’t rush her.

Last time at the wedding, Liang Bo saw Han Zhan’s godmothers at the wedding venue. Smart as he was, he thought of something. It was very possible that Mr. Han was the real boss of Zeus Airlines and Yu Hua, and his partner, Song Ci, was the lady boss!

The lady boss was not in the mood for work. As an employee, Liang Bo didn’t dare to rush her. He couldn’t and wouldn’t bear to.

Song Ci called Liang Bo and told him that she wasn’t suitable for work recently and asked him to hire another expert to compose a piece.

Liang Bo smiled. “No hurry, I’ll wait for you.”

Song Ci was both heartened and depressed. “I’m sorry, I’ve been in a bad mood recently and am not in the best condition.”

Knowing that Song Ci had just lost her elder sister, Liang Bo didn’t blame her at all. “You need to pull yourself together. You need to move forward.”

Song Ci saw Han Zhan standing at the entrance of the company. “Mmm, let’s stop talking first. I have something on.”

“Alright, bye.”

fter alighting from the car, Song Ci walked up to Han Zhan, grabbed his arm, and looked up at him. “Brother Han, why did you come down?”

Han Zhan said, “I have to work overtime tonight and will probably end very late. I won’t be going home tonight. I’ll go out for lunch with you.”

“Not going home?” Song Ci knew that Han Zhan was busy but didn’t know that he was so busy. “Do you want me to accompany you at the office?”

“Don’t. Go home and get some rest. I won’t be able to take care of you when I am busy. You will also be bored alone.”

“Alright then.”

n the afternoon, the two of them had a Thai meal outside. After lunch, Han Zhan got Ah Song to send Song Ci home. After sending Song Ci off, Han Zhan didn’t go home but went to the basement.

tanding beside his Volvo car was a short, middle-aged man in a leather jacket. His skin was rather dark, but his black eyes were very bright and gave off a very dangerous vibe.

Seeing that Han Zhan had come over, Long Yu hurriedly put out the cigarette, took out a piece of chewing gum, and popped it into his mouth to freshen up. “Mr. Han.”

Long Yu opened the car door for Han Zhan and closed it after he got in.

He sat in the driver’s seat and said to Han Zhan, “Everything is ready.”

“Mmm, let’s go.”

Zhu Yuanwen sat in his own office, silently observing Mu Mian.

Mu Mian pushed an envelope in front of Zhu Yuanwen. “Head of Department Zhu, this is a bank card with 30 million yuan inside.”

Zhu Yuanwen stared at the envelope, his eyes glued to it. Mu Mian was very satisfied with Zhu Yuanwen’s reaction. He wasn’t afraid of people who were greedy, but he was afraid of people that weren’t greedy.

“Head of Department Zhu, I’ll have to trouble you with the rest of the matters!”

Zhu Yuanwen took the card and stuffed it into his wallet. He smiled and said to Mu Mian, “Director Mu, don’t worry. I will definitely do what you asked me to do after I receive the money.”

“That’s good.”

Zhu Yuanwen looked at the time and said, “It’s 8pm now. The surgery is about to start.” Zhu Yuanwen got up and was about to leave when he suddenly invited Mu Mian.” Director Mu, since there’s nothing else, why don’t you come with me?”

After a slight hesitation, Mu Mian stood up. “Alright.” Only by watching with his own eyes could he ensure that nothing went wrong during the surgery.

Late at night, on the 12th floor of Newbridge Hospital, a private surgery room was brightly lit.

There were five people standing in the operating theater. They were the members of Zhu Yuanwen’s trusted surgical team. From left to right, they were his first and second assistants, the anesthesiologist, and a nurse who worked odd jobs.

With the help of a nurse, Zhu Yuanwen put on a surgical gown, gloves, and a surgical cap. Mu Mian followed Zhu Yuanwen into the operating theater.

On the operating table, Song Fei had been changed into a new surgical gown and covered in a surgical gown. She had been injected with anesthetic and lost consciousness. She laid unmoving on the bed, like a fish waiting to be slaughtered.

The vehicle beside the operating table was filled with all sorts of surgical instruments, including scalpels, rib shears, proliferators, and clamps…

Under the light, the equipment glowed silver.

The butcher in white coat approached the operating table, but Song Fei was completely oblivious.

Zhu Yuanwen was the chief surgeon. With his status, he rarely did surgeries. Most of the time, he just needed to stand aside and preside over the progress of the surgery as well as to liven up the atmosphere.

Instead, his first assistant was the busiest.

The first assistant took the initiative to stand beside him. He heard Zhu Yuanwen say, “Get ready to remove the superior and inferior vena cava, the pulmonary artery and the aorta from the sternum.”

The assistant was also an attending doctor. He received the scalpel from the scrub nurse.

Cardiovascular surgery was very complicated. Even if it was just a simple cut of the sternum, there were still many steps. The surgeon would first cut open the skin, then cut open the subcutaneous tissue, and then cut the gap between the sternum and the sternum in a blunt manner. After that, the surgeon would have to perform an up-and-down surgery before finally cutting the sternum open with an electric knife.

Nothing could go wrong during this process.

This was the first time this doctor had done such an immoral thing. His hands shook as he held the knife, but an outstanding surgeon could not shake his hands. After calming down, the assistant nodded at Zhu Yuanwen.

Zhu Yuanwen said, “Let’s begin.”

The first assistant aimed the knife at a spot 3cm above Song Fei’s sternum. With just a little strength, the knife sliced open a small wound on her delicate skin.

He was about to cut Song Fei’s skin when he suddenly heard Zhu Yuanwen say, “Director Mu, are we really going to do this?”

Everyone lifted their heads and looked at Mu Mian. Even the first assistant stopped what he was doing and looked at Mu Mian silently.

Mu Mian’s temples throbbed a few times under the watchful eyes of so many people, but he quickly forced himself to calm down. Nodding vigorously, he instructed in a low voice. “Continue.”

Zhu Yuanwen suddenly became very talkative. He said, “Director Mu, you should consider this carefully. She is alive. If you cut her open and take out her heart, she will die!”

Mu Mian frowned and shot Zhu Yuanwen an unhappy look. “Stop blabbering. Just do what you need to do after collecting money!”

hu Yuanwen sighed and said to his first assistant, “Let’s continue.”

The assistant nodded and had no choice but to continue cutting the skin.

At this moment, in a hotel opposite Newbridge Hospital, Han Zhan heard a conversation through his earpiece. He suddenly raised his head and looked at Long Yu.

Sensing Han Zhan’s gaze, Long Yu looked up and asked, “Mr. Han, do you still want to wait?”

Han Zhan knocked his fingers on his thigh. “We can close the net now.”

Hearing this, Long Yu immediately took out his cell phone and dialed a number. “Captain Lin, the culprit is in Operating Theater 3 on the 12th floor. It’s true. If you don’t go now, someone will die.”

Captain Lin had received a call about 10 minutes ago. The person who called said that he had discovered a problem at Newbridge Hospital and suspected that someone had committed murder illegally! It was better to believe it than not for fear of the innocent being murdered.

When Captain Lin received the call, he happened to be at the staircase landing between the 11th and 10th floors. Hearing Long Yu’s words, he hesitated for a moment before leading his subordinates to rush into the corridor and directly kicked open the door to Operating Theater 3!

With a loud thud, the door was pushed open from the outside!

Mu Mian froze on the spot. He turned in shock and confusion to see a group of police officers in uniform.

“Nobody move! Police!”

Upon hearing this, the first assistant’s hands trembled and his legs went limp. He fell to the ground.

Before Mu Mian could react, he was handcuffed. The cold, bone-chilling handcuffs pulled Mu Mian back to reality. He stared at the silver handcuffs as his mind raced. He quickly understood the problem.

There’s a traitor!

Mu Mian turned to observe everyone’s reaction.

Everyone looked like mice seeing a cat when they saw the police. They all looked very scared. The two young nurses started crying. They apologized as they cried. “This wasn’t our idea. Director Mu forced us!”

The first assistant sat down on the floor, holding a knife stained with blood. He muttered incoherently. “It’s over, it’s over…”

he second assistant’s face was also pale. He sat by the corner of the operating table, not saying a word, his face deathly pale. The anesthetist, who was sitting at the side and playing with his cell phone in the most relaxed manner originally, actually threw his cell phone aside and crawled under the operating table. He hugged his head and kept apologizing while shouting, “I was wrong!”

Only the leading doctor in the entire surgery, Zhu Yuanwen, reacted the most calmly.

He was still standing beside the operating table, like a person watching a play as he quietly watched this comical scene. Realizing that Mu Mian was looking over, Zhu Yuanwen looked up and met his eyes.

The moment he met Zhu Yuanwen’s cold, steady eyes, Mu Mian understood everything. His expression darkened as a vicious glint flashed across his eyes. “It’s you!” Mu Mian gritted his teeth, wishing he could tear Zhu Yuanwen apart.

Zhu Yuanwen smiled bitterly. “It’s me.”

“F*ck your mother!” Mu Mian struggled with all his might, wanting to rush over and beat up Zhu Yuanwen.

Seeing that Mu Mian was resisting, Captain Lin smashed the baton into his abdomen. “Behave! Do you still want to resist?!” Captain Lin grabbed Mu Mian and roared. “Behave yourselves! Take all of them away!”

With that, he personally dragged Mu Mian out who was behaving like a rabid dog.

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