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Chapter 182: Song Fei is Dead

Song Fei was curled up on the sofa as if she had no bones. She was playing Miracle Nuan Nuan. After putting on her costume, Song Fei clicked “submit” and even used a critical immunity skill during the PK.

In the end…

She failed!

Song Fei’s lips twitched as she stared at the word failure. “Trash game!” It’s time-consuming and wasted money!

The doorknob of the main door suddenly turned. Song Fei heard a slight sound and hurriedly kept her cell phone. She looked up and saw Yan Jiang pushing the door open and walking in.

Yan Jiang was carrying a bag. His clothes were wrinkled and he looked very fatigued.

Yan Jiang had been very busy recently. He didn’t expect the case he was in charge of to cause such a stir. He had worked overtime for two consecutive days and finally had half a day off today. He came back from work at noon.

Walking into the house, Yan Jiang instinctively touched his own hair when he saw Song Fei in the living room. It had been a few days since he washed his hair and his short hair was sticking up in a greasy bun. This ruined his handsome image in Song Fei’s heart.

“You’re back?” Yan Jiang grinned at Song Fei. Without the support of the stars, the once number one handsome man in the entertainment circles looked silly and innocent.

Song Fei pinched her nose in disgust at the stench of sweat on Yan Jiang’s body. “You stink.”

“I will go take a shower now.” Yan Jiang hurried into the toilet and took a quick shower. He even scrubbed his hair twice.

He came out of the toilet wearing a t-shirt and shorts. When he saw Song Fei leaning against the wall, he instantly stopped moving.

Song Fei snorted and tossed the pants on the bed to Yan Jiang.

Yan Jiang quickly put on his pants and was embarrassed. He coughed and pretended to be calm as he walked up to Song Fei and stood beside her.

“What are you playing?” Glancing at Song Fei’s cell phone and seeing that she was playing Miracle Nuan Nuan, Yan Jiang felt somewhat helpless. “You’re still playing this? You’ve already charged 20,000 yuan, but I don’t see any results.”

Song Fei was very unhappy with this game and couldn’t help complaining. “There’s something wrong with this game designer’s brain. He doesn’t know how to appreciate aesthetics!” Every set of mine is obviously very nice, but I kept failing. It’s unfair!

“Let me help you.” Yan Jiang took Song Fei’s cell phone, looked at the PK theme, casually clicked on a few sets of equipment for Nuan Nuan, and submitted them.

Very soon, the PK ended with Yan Jiang’s complete victory.

“Look, it’s perfect.” Yan Jiang returned the phone to Song Fei.

Song Fei looked down at the perfect score on the screen, her eyes turning cold. “My aesthetic standards has no problem.” She would never admit that she didn’t understand aesthetics.

Yan Jiang replied, “No, there’s something wrong with your taste.”

“I dare you to say that again.” Song Fei raised her brows and stared at Yan Jiang threateningly.

Yan Jiang spoke as if he was facing death with equanimity. “If you really have no problem with your aesthetic standards, you would have agreed to be my girlfriend long ago. You don’t even fancy such a good-looking person like me and even said that your aesthetic standards are good…”

Faced with the increasingly thick-skinned Yan Jiang, Song Fei chose to ignore him.

She logged out of Miracle Nuan. After much hesitation, she still deleted this rubbish game.

Song Fei felt refreshed after deleting the game.

Yan Jiang heaved a sigh of relief when he saw that Song Fei had finally deleted the money-sucking game. A person like Song Fei was not suited to play Miracle Nuan. She was suitable for Death Space instead.

Bloody and violent—this suited Song Fei’s character perfectly.

Without a game to play, Song Fei put on her hat and was about to go out, when Yan Jiang hurriedly asked her, “Are you going out? Where are you going?”

“Just wandering around.”

“I will accompany you.” After reaching this city, no one recognized Yan Jiang. He completely lost his image as an idol and couldn’t even be bothered to put on his hat. Just like that, he followed Song Fei out of the house.

The people here were all very tanned. The slender and fair-skinned Song Fei was very eye-catching among the crowd. Yan Jiang stared at the men around them, and saw that they were all secretly sizing up Song Fei. He felt very displeased.

He hurried forward and grabbed Song Fei’s hand. “Can you hold your brother’s hand?”

Song Fei shot him a look. She didn’t agree but didn’t remove her hand either.

Having gotten used to Wangdong City’s extravagant lifestyle, the Golden Sands life was very dull for Yan Jiang. He couldn’t even find an entertainment project that interested him outside. Yan Jiang had wanted to take Song Fei on a boat tour, but someone had died in that river some time ago and he didn’t want to take her there.

“Where are we going?” Yan Jiang asked for Song Fei’s opinion.

It was indeed pointless to go around aimlessly. After thinking for a moment, Song Fei said, “Let’s go to the zoo. Only the zoo here is interesting.” The animals in this zoo were all wildlife from the African savanna. Song Fei had never seen any local wildlife in her life.

“Let’s ride a bike there.”

Yan Jiang found a bicycle and drove Song Fei to the Zoo.

Yan Jiang was sweating profusely by the time they arrived at the entrance of the zoo. He unbuttoned his collar to reveal his sexy collarbone.

Song Fei suddenly leaned over and tidied his collar. She even lectured him. “A beautiful boy should pay more attention to his image and protect himself well. You won’t be classy wearing like this.”

Yan Jiang suspected that Song Fei was afraid of others coveting his beauty. He was overjoyed and purposely provoked her. “Many people have seen my body.”

Song Fei frowned but remained silent.

She turned and walked towards the entrance of the zoo alone, looking slightly annoyed. Yan Jiang chased after her and leaned against Song Fei’s ear. “But you are the only one who can touch it.”

Song Fei snorted, but the coldness in her eyes dimmed considerably.

The two of them entered the zoo and Song Fei went straight to the African Elephant Park. She stood outside the park and stared at those huge African elephants for a while, before taking out her cell phone to take a few photos.

“Ah Jiang, stand there.” Song Fei signaled for Yan Jiang to stand by the railing and take a photo with the elephant.

Yan Jiang obediently walked over to take the photo. Just as Song Fei was about to press the button to take the photo, this man, who had appeared in VOGUE Magazine several times and was known as the Prince Charming in photos, raised his hand in a V sign and grinned like a little fool.

After taking the photo, Song Fei looked down at it for a while before sending it to the private cloud photo album.

Yan Jiang suddenly waved at her. “You come too. Let’s take a photo together.”

Song Fei hesitated for a moment before walking over. She was half a head shorter than Yan Jiang and he had to bend over to match her height. Song Fei held her cell phone and counted down. “Three, two, one!”

She had just finished counting when a kiss landed on her cheek. Song Fei’s hand trembled as she pressed the button to take a photo.

She slowly lifted her head and looked at Yan Jiang with those eyes that could freeze someone. “Do you want to die?” Song Fei’s tone was so cold that icicles could freeze.

Yan Jiang said, “I like you. I couldn’t resist the urge to kiss you just now. If I’m guilty for being unable to control myself, you can beat me to death.” Yan Jiang put on a deadpan expression.

Song Fei didn’t say anything. She just patted Yan Jiang’s neck and left.

Yan Jiang was in disbelief. Is she going to let me off just like that?

Song Fei indeed dotes on me!

Yan Jiang hurriedly chased after Song Fei. When he caught up to her, Yan Jiang saw that she was applying lipstick. He stared at her pink lips, his heart racing.

At this moment, Yan Jiang suddenly felt an itchy sensation all over his body. He scratched himself once, and couldn’t resist scratching himself again. “Song Fei, don’t you feel itchy?”

Yan Jiang stared at Song Fei’s fair skin. He scratched his neck and collarbone. “My neck is so itchy. Are there fleas here?”

Song Fei smiled and ignored Yan Jiang. She continued looking at her giraffe.

Yan Jiang was scratching himself so hard that his skin was about to break. He inadvertently saw Song Fei’s smiling expression and realized something. He felt very ill.

“Song Fei, did you get something on your fingers when you touched my neck just now?” Recently, Song Fei had been very lenient with Yan Jiang. Yan Jiang had almost forgotten just how vicious Song Fei was.

She was a demoness who had dared to shoot her admirer from a young age!

Song Fei smiled mockingly and said leisurely, “You are the first guinea pig to be tested on a newly developed toy. I call it cute and itchy.”

Cute my foot!

Yan Jiang scratched his neck and collarbone vigorously. “Song Fei, give me the antidote. My neck feels terrible.”

Song Fei shook her head. “I don’t have it.”

Yan Jiang asked, “Really?”

Song Fei nodded solemnly. “I just developed a poison and have no time to develop an antidote.”

Yan Jiang whispered coquettishly. “Song Fei, you are so vicious. Do you have to take revenge on me just like that after I secretly kissed you? You! I! I…”

“How are you?” Song Fei looked at Yan Jiang calmly. She didn’t believe that he would dare to hit her.

Yan Jiang was a coward and didn’t have the guts to lay a hand on her.

Yan Jiang suddenly took a step forward, bent down, cupped Song Fei’s cheek, and kissed her while she wasn’t looking. Yan Jiang only let go of Song Fei when that patch of skin at his collarbone started to itch uncontrollably again.

As he tickled her, he provoked Song Fei. “Nothing much, I just want to kiss!” This little coward had long turned into a big bad wolf. Not only was he not afraid of her, he even wanted to devour her at all times.

Song Fei was in a rare daze and didn’t move at all.

Yan Jiang felt much better now that he had won this round. He touched his own lips. The feeling of kissing Song Fei just now was wonderful, soft, and addictive.

Yan Jiang wanted to kiss her again.

But when he met Song Fei’s chilly gaze, Yan Jiang didn’t dare to offend her again. Song Fei had been caught off-guard when he kissed her just now. Now that she was alerted, Yan Jiang couldn’t have his way anymore.

It was as if looking at Yan Jiang one more time would dirty her eyes, Song Fei turned and left in quick footsteps.

Yan Jiang chased after her in big strides. He walked alongside her and stubbornly said, “I admit that it was my fault for kissing you without your permission. I am willing to be beaten and scolded, but I will do it again.”

Song Fei snorted. “You’ve grown capable.”

Yan Jiang said, “You said before that boys should be braver. Crying and whining is annoying. I have become braver now. You can’t despise me.”


Song Fei quickened her steps.

Yan Jiang followed her for a few steps and suddenly stopped when he realized something. He looked down at his neck and collarbone. “Why isn’t it itchy anymore?”

Yan Jiang’s heartbeat quickened at the thought of something.

Song Fei heard footsteps behind her but didn’t slow down. Suddenly, someone grabbed her arm. Song Fei had no choice but to stop. She looked up and met Yan Jiang’s smiling eyes.

Although this person had turned black, he was still handsome and good-looking. Indeed, good-looking people didn’t care about their skin color.

“I know where the antidote is.” Yan Jiang’s eyes were sparkling as he spoke excitedly.

Song Fei said, “There’s really no antidote.”

Yan Jiang suddenly leaned forward and kissed Song Fei again. This time, he kissed her very gently and carefully.

After letting go of Song Fei, Yan Jiang leaned his forehead against hers and said in a hoarse voice, “You applied the antidote on your lips, right?” What she applied previously was not lipstick, but the antidote for the itching powder.

Within two seconds, Song Fei’s face was completely red.

Song Fei was still struggling. “I really don’t have it. That itching powder can only last for a few minutes. There’s no antidote.” She would never admit to having an antidote.

an Jiang already knew that Song Fei didn’t mean what she said. He didn’t believe her explanation at all.

Looking at Song Fei’s flushed cheeks, Yan Jiang’s heart felt like it was soaked in honey. “Song Fei, you are too adorable.” Song Fei was very vicious and also very adorable.

Song Fei’s gaze turned cold. “Shut up!”

Because of that kiss, Yan Jiang was in a state of excitement the entire afternoon.

Returning home that night, seeing that Fu Hanshen and the rest were still not back, Yan Jiang called Song Fei into his room and told her mysteriously, “I have something good here.”

Yan Jiang took out a packet of hotpot soup base from under his bed. He said mischievously, “I only brought a few bags and left them for you. I couldn’t bear to take them out until they were gone today.”

Song Fei stared at the hotpot soup packet in his hands. The ice in her eyes gradually melted, blooming like a blossoming peach tree.

There were no ingredients at home except for some meat. Song Fei missed hotpot from her country. She said, “I really want to eat fishballs and spinach.”

“I will go and buy it for you tomorrow.” He just didn’t know if there were any spinach or fishballs available.

The next morning, the two of them went out together. Yan Jiang sent Song Fei to the hospital and watched her enter, before returning to the station to work.

In the afternoon, Yan Jiang compiled the analysis data into a report, before pushing a dissected body into the freezer and going for lunch.

At this moment, the cell phone in his pocket started vibrating non-stop.

Yan Jiang took off his gloves and washed his hands, before taking out his cell phone. He felt uneasy when he saw that it was Song Fei’s teacher, Fu Hanshen.

Teacher Fu seldom contacted me. What happened?

Yan Jiang picked up the call. He had just placed the phone to his ear when he heard Fu Hanshen say in a very grave voice, “Yan Jiang, Song Fei is in trouble.”

Yan Jiang’s pupils quivered slightly.

“What happened?” His voice sounded very calm. If one listened closely, one could hear a slight quiver in his voice.

“Yesterday, a batch of infected people were discovered in the Rimedes District. Their reactions were slightly different from the other patients, so I sent Song Fei over there to collect their blood for research. Unexpectedly, there was an explosion there, and several buildings were destroyed. The clinic that Song Fei went to was already in ruins…”

Yan Jiang couldn’t hear anything else Fu Hanshen said.

His head was buzzing.

There was only one thought in his mind —

How can Song Fei die!

How dare she die?

How can she die?

“Hey, Yan Jiang, are you still listening?” Fu Hanshen’s voice sounded choked.

Yan Jiang suddenly chuckled. “Hehe, Teacher Fu, I am here.”

That laughter sent chills down Fu Hanshen’s spine. “Yan Jiang…” How could he smile?

Yan Jiang said, “Teacher Fu, don’t joke around. I will go buy some fishballs and spinach later. Song Fei promised to have hotpot with me tonight. If you are free tonight, come back secretly. Don’t let the other colleagues know.”

Golden Sands near the equator was hot all year round. But when Fu Hanshen heard Yan Jiang’s words, he felt as if he had fallen into an icehouse. His entire body was ice-cold.

Oh no, Yan Jiang has gone mad!

“Yan Jiang.” Fu Hanshen tried his best to remain calm. “Wait at the police station. I will drive over to pick you up. We will go and take a look at the scene of the explosion.”

Yan Jiang directly hung up.

Fu Hanshen arrived at the entrance of the police station very quickly. Dressed in a white suit, Yan Jiang stood at the entrance of the police station. He was tall and slender, like an ice sculpture. He was the most beautiful sight in Golden Sands.

Fu Hanshen sat in the car and sized up Yan Jiang.

Yan Jiang was speaking to a colleague. As he spoke, there was a faint smile on his face, which was both demonic and mischievous. Staring at Yan Jiang’s smiling face, Fu Han’s heart clenched tightly.

Fu Hanshen honked.

Yan Jiang turned and saw Fu Hanshen. His eyes froze slightly. “Teacher Fu.” He greeted him with a smile and got into the car.

Holding back his heartache, Fu Hanshen reminded him in a low voice. “Buckle up your seatbelt. We’re going to the Rimedia District.”

Yan Jiang obediently fastened his seatbelt.

Along the way, Yan Jiang was very quiet and even played with his cell phone. Fu Hanshen’s fingers gripped the steering wheel tightly. There were several times when he wanted to stop the car and shake Yan Jiang awake by his shoulders.

Those who pretended to be asleep were the most pathetic.

Finally, they arrived at the Rimedia District. Even from afar, Fu Hanshen could see the dirty, bloodied citizens crying on the streets.

In the distance, the building that had been destroyed by the bomb was in ruins.

Fu Hanshen didn’t have the courage to go any deeper.

He stopped the car and lifted a trembling hand to cover his face. He choked out, “It’s right in front.”

Staring at the rubble in front of him, Yan Jiang’s calm expression gradually turned grave. His chest rose and fell violently as his breathing quickened.

“She will be fine.” Yan Jiang comforted himself. “That year, when the entire Bijiang City collapsed, I dug her out. She will not die this time!”

Yan Jiang unbuckled his seatbelt and alighted.

Everyone else was escaping from the scene, but he was alone, moving against the current.

The rubble in front of him was still covered in dust. Yan Jiang coughed the moment he got close to the rubble. His eyes were red and painful from coughing, but he still straightened his back and went deep into the rubble.

Amidst the debris, broken limbs were strewn everywhere. He also saw some body parts. Someone who was still alive grabbed Yan Jiang’s calf and said in the local language, “Save me!”

Yan Jiang bent down and gently removed his hand. “I can’t save you.”

He stood up and walked forward. The floor was filled with patients struggling in pain. He looked straight ahead and walked towards the clinic.

The clinic had already been reduced to rubble. The bodies lying on the ground were indistinguishable. Yan Jiang rummaged through the rubble and shouted, “Song Fei!”

“Ah Fei!”

“Where are you?”

No one answered him.

Yan Jiang’s legs started to tremble. He stumbled as he searched the bodies. This one isn’t her, neither is this…

Suddenly, his gaze froze.

]He saw a thin body. She was alone under the rubble, her small black backpack right beside her.

]Yan Jiang recognized that outfit. Song Fei was wearing this t-shirt when they left the house this morning.

Song Fei was dead with an incomplete corpse.

Yan Jiang’s world collapsed instantly. He screamed in pain. “Song Fei!”

Fu Hanshen ran over through the dust. Hearing this gut-wrenching cry of pain, he was stunned and his scalp went numb. Fu Hanshen just stood there, staring in shock at the scene before him.

His heart was breaking.

In China.

International Headlines: [An explosion took place in the capital of Country J. Massive casualties and many dead. Our country’s research expert on virus research, Ms. Song Fei, unfortunately perished…]

This piece of news was just one of many. It originally didn’t cause much of a stir, but a hidden hand controlled the public opinion and traffic, quietly pushing this topic to the front page of Sina Weibo.

On this day, the elegant lady of the Zheng Family, Zheng Suyue, invited Song Ci to her birthday party. This lady called Zheng Suyue was the lady who met Song Ci and Han Zhan at Old Madam Cheng’s birthday party.

Zheng Suyue was a good friend of Song Ci’s. Zheng Suyue was also invited to Song Ci’s wedding, and she had given her an expensive wedding gift.

Having received Zheng Suyue’s birthday invitation, Song Ci naturally had to go.

A few days ago, at Song Ci and Han Zhan’s wedding, only their closest family and friends were invited. At the banquet, Zheng Suyue and the rest saw Mo Yao, Shen Yubei, Di Rongrong, and the diplomat Jin Luolan all sitting at the groom’s family seats. They knew that Han Zhan was not as ordinary as he looked.

What a joke. Can an ordinary person be family with Asia’s richest woman, an international singer, and a well-known female diplomat?

Obviously, Han Zhan is the mysterious big boss who concealed his identity!

All of them were smart people and knew what to say and what not to say. As a result, several days had already passed since the wedding, but there was still no news about what happened at the wedding site.

Apart from her closest friends, no one knew that Song Ci’s Brother Han was a big boss!

Ever since they got married, Song Ci rarely appeared in public. More than a month had passed since she attended Old Madam Cheng’s birthday party.

Those who weren’t in the know would think that Song Ci had married an ordinary man and led a simple life. They thought that she must have lost all her glory.

Everyone was curious as to how the top socialite was living now.

As soon as Song Ci appeared, she was noticed. “Song Ci is here.” A soft voice attracted the attention of many as they turned to look at the main entrance.

Song Ci walked leisurely into the Zheng Family’s living room. She was wearing a pink strapless fishtail gown with her long hair in a bun, exposing her forehead and her peerlessly beautiful face.

Song Ci was only wearing a pair of diamond earrings. Her slender, elegant neck was clean, her prominent collarbone sexy, and her slender waist alluring.

She was dazzling, peerlessly gorgeous, and overshadowed all the beauties present.

Upon seeing this, a beautiful woman pouted and muttered sourly, “Why is she still so beautiful? Didn’t they say that a married woman would be reduced to an ugly duckling by the trifles of daily necessities?” Why did this rule not work on Song Ci?

After the lady finished muttering, she heard Song Ci’s voice. “Wen Shu, what bad things are you saying about me?”

Wen Shu was stunned. She looked up in shock and saw Song Ci standing close to her, her beautiful eyes glowing. She blushed in embarrassment.

Song Ci suddenly leaned close to Wen Shu and whispered into his ear. “You are wrong. Marriage will never make you ugly. Love ïs nourishing will make you even more beautiful and charming.”

Song Ci emphasized the word “nourishing”.

Thinking of the interesting things that happened between adults, Wen Shu’s face turned even redder. “You… why are you still so indecent?”

Song Ci spread out her hands and made a very helpless expression. “I have no choice. In this day and age, serious women aren’t wanted.”


Song Ci knew that Wen Shu didn’t have any bad intentions and didn’t tease her anymore. She turned and went to look for Zheng Suyue.

She chose a pair of jade earrings for Zheng Suyue as her birthday present.

Due to the influence of her family, Zheng Suyue didn’t like gold and diamonds. She loved jade and gems. Upon receiving Song Ci’s gift, Zheng Suyue was very happy. She immediately took off her ruby earrings and put Song Ci’s ones on.

“Song Song, did you see today’s Weibo post?”

“Nope, I’ve been busy the entire time.” Liang Bo had attended a popular singing contest and invited Song Ci to perform for him at the performance hall today.

Song Ci had gone. Not wanting to expose herself, she had even put on a mask.

It was already afternoon by the time they finished recording the show. After having a meal with Liang Bo, she went home to put on makeup and change into a new gown. Even now, she had yet to browse Weibo.

Hearing Zheng Suyue’s question, Song Ci opened her bag to find her phone and asked, “What happened on Weibo again?”

Zheng Suyue looked at her actions and wanted to say something, but didn’t dare to.

Song Ci frowned at her expression. “Why? Is this related to me?”

But Zheng Suyue said, “Did your elder sister Song Fei go to Africa to research the virus?”

Song Ci never expected Zheng Suyue to mention Song Fei.

Anxious, she hurriedly said, “That’s right. She went with Yan Jiang. What happened?”

Zheng Suyue’s expression also turned grave. She couldn’t bear to tell Song Ci the truth and gently reminded her. “Song Song, you should look at your own Weibo.”

Song Ci’s eyelids twitched.

She opened her Weibo account and saw that there was a trending topic # Country J’s Capital Explosion #. Behind this topic was the word “Fire”.

She forced herself to calm down and clicked on the hottest topic.

International headline: [An explosion took place in the capital of Country J, Li Meide. Massive casualties. Our country’s virus research specialist, Ms. Song Fei, unfortunately perished…]

Song Ci’s heart tightened when she saw the words “Virus Specialist Ms. Song”. “How could…” Song Ci couldn’t even hold her phone steady.

Zheng Suyue quickly held her waist and whispered into her ear. “Song Song, there is a detailed update on this Ms. Song in the comments section. Take a look and see if she is your sister. Don’t get it wrong.”

Song Ci nodded frantically before opening the comments section.

In the comments section, the comment with the most likes was:

[According to sources, the deceased specialist with the surname Song is called Song Fei. She is the only disciple of our country’s top expert in virology, Mr. Fu Hanshen. She is 22 years old.

At the age of 6, Song Fei, who was only 10 years old, was tested to have an IQ of 182. She had a unique eidetic memory.

Moreover, she also had astonishing talent in the field of chemistry and viruses. When she was 10 years old, Song Fei was personally invited to join the Mensa Club by the chairman of the highly-intelligent club…”

Under this comment, countless netizens knelt down and called her big boss.

Song Ci stared at that long list of information and her mind went blank.

How can this be?

Song Ci suddenly said, “I’ll get going first, Suyue. Let’s meet again another day.”

“… Okay.”

Song Ci staggered out of the Zheng Family’s living room. She lost all her poise and composure, attracting the stares of many. After she left the house, she got into her own car.

When the driver, Ah Song, saw that she had come out so quickly and her face was still pale, he thought that Song Ci had been bullied at the Zheng Family and asked fiercely, “Madam, did someone bully you?”

“No.” Song Ci called as she instructed Ah Song. “Send me to Zeus!”


Song Ci’s hands were trembling as she made the call. Her fingers wavered on Song Fei’s name for a long while, before she closed her eyes and pressed down hard.

She couldn’t get through the phone and was repeatedly reminded that the other party was not available. Song Ci’s heart sank as her hands grew colder and colder, and cold sweat broke out on her back.

She called Yan Jiang again, but his cell phone was switched off.

Left with no choice, Song Ci called Fu Hanshen.

The first time, Fu Hanshen didn’t pick up. The second time, Fu Han finally answered the call. “Song Ci.” Fu Hanshen’s tone was sorrowful and heavy, making Song Ci’s heart race.

“Teacher Fu, where is my elder sister? Why can’t I get through to her?” Song Ci asked in a roundabout manner but didn’t dare to ask him: Was the person who died my elder sister?

Fu Hanshen rubbed his moist eyes and seemed to sob before saying, “I’m sorry Song Ci, I’m useless. I lost your elder sister and I can’t bring her home anymore!” With that, Fu Hanshen started crying bitterly on the other end of the phone.

Song Ci listened in shock, her heart numb with pain.

Half a second later, the cell phone fell from Song Ci’s hand to the bottom of the car. She bit the back of her hand and cried silently.

Seeing Song Ci’s tears, Ah Song was at a loss. Ah Song had a dumb mouth and didn’t know how to comfort Song Ci. He stepped on the accelerator and sped up towards Zeus.

The car stopped in front of Zeus Building. Song Ci alighted from the car with reddened eyes. She looked up and saw a tall figure standing in front of Zeus Building.

Song Ci sprinted over and threw herself into Han Zhan’s arms.

“Han Zhan!” Song Ci cried as she slipped out of his arms. “My elder sister is dead. She’s dead!”

]Han Zhan held her arm and finally lost his calm voice. “Baby Ci, get up.”

“Song Fei is dead!”

“Song Fei doesn’t want me anymore!”

“She’s dead—”

Song Ci cried so bitterly that she nearly fainted in Han Zhan’s arms.

Han Zhan pulled her into his arms. “Song Ci, calm down. You can’t collapse!”

Song Ci was crying so hard that she couldn’t hear Han Zhan at all. In the end, she still fainted in his arms and lost consciousness.

Han Zhan carried Song Ci back to the office and placed her on the small bed.

Li Li heard from the secretary that Mrs. Han had fainted and was carried back to the office by Mr. Han. Worried about Song Ci’s health, Li Li hurried over to Han Zhan’s office to greet her.

Li Li looked at Song Ci lying unconscious on the bed with tears streaming down her face. He frowned. “What happened to your wife?”

Han Zhan stood by the window with his hands on his hips. “Song Fei is dead.”

Li Li paled. “How…”

“It’s true. She died in an explosion.”

Hearing this, Li Li was stunned.

Looking at Song Ci’s tear-streaked face, Li Li couldn’t help feeling worried. “What should Madam do? She waited so long for her elder sister to wake up. It has only been a few months since the reunion and Song Fei is already dead…”

This is bringing her to heaven and then kicking her back to hell!

It’s too cruel!

Han Zhan sat on the sofa in frustration and remained silent.

Li Li was very worried about Song Ci, and advised Han Zhan not to come to work tomorrow. “You should spend more time with your wife. Don’t let her be alone. I’m afraid she might take things too hard.”

“Of course.” Han Zhan couldn’t just leave all his work behind. He said to Li Li, “KT Consortium’s Long Zhize will arrive at Wangdong tomorrow afternoon and will be visiting the Zeus spaceship research and development center. Li Li, you go receive him on my behalf.”


Song Ci had been in a daze for several days after Song Fei’s death.

On this day, dark clouds covered the blue sky. The dark sky looked like it was going to fall at any moment, suffocating everyone.

Song Ci sat by the French window and scrolled through her conversation with Song Fei. Although she didn’t cry again, she looked very frail.

Han Zhan draped a windbreaker over her and turned off her phone screen.

Song Ci didn’t move. She was like a wooden statue.

“Baby Ci.” Han Zhan held her cold fingers and told her, “Today is the day of the return of the overseas citizens of J Nation…” Han Zhan saw Song Ci’s eyes roll a few times and said,” It’s also the day of Song Fei’s return. We have to fetch her. ”

Song Ci nodded gently.


Today, a group of reporters had arrived at the airport and their cameras were all focused on the exit.

Ten minutes later, the citizens of Country J were about to emerge. It was said that the ashes of the virus specialist, Ms. Song Fei, would also arrive today. The reporters all wanted to capture this heart-wrenching scene.

Song Ci stood with all the family members, quietly gazing at the exit. Some of the reporters recognized Song Ci and felt that it was strange.

Footsteps and voices suddenly sounded from the other side of the corridor. Everyone looked up and saw a group of people emerging. There were men and women, young and old.

Returning to the country and stepping on Chinese soil, these Chinese citizens who had just experienced a life-and-death situation finally smiled in relief.

After smiling, they felt like crying.

What is a country?

Their country was the father of 1.4 billion Chinese citizens. When one was faced with a storm outside, he would be your safe haven. With the country by one’s side, one would never drift around without anyone to depend on.

The family members found their families and ran up to hug them. Some were crying, some were cheering. The reporters were busy snapping photos. The happy scene was heartwarming.

But soon, another group of people appeared and disrupted the peace. They were a group of doctors. The oldest among them was in his fifties or sixties, while the youngest was in his thirties.

The man in the lead was the most outstanding virus specialist in China, Fu Hanshen.

Fu Hanshen was holding a small black box.

The reporters hurried forward to interview Fu Hanshen. He told them a few things and said, “Let’s end the interview today. We are very tired and want to go back and rest.”

“Mr. Fu, you guys have worked hard. After you return to the country, have a good rest.” The reporters were all very sensible and hurriedly retreated in unison.

Holding Song Fei’s ashes in his hands, Fu Hanshen scanned the family area and finally fixed his eyes on the back of the crowd.

There was a woman in a black coat weeping silently.

On the day her parents were buried, Song Ci also dressed in black and buried them all by herself. From that day onwards, black became Song Ci’s most hated color.

Song Ci walked out from the back of the crowd and stood in front of Fu Hanshen. She stared at his haggard face and said, “Teacher Fu, sorry to trouble you.”

She placed her hands on Song Fei’s ashes and touched that cold container. Song Ci was heartbroken at the thought that the proud Song Fei had become ashes in this container.

“Elder Sister, Teacher Fu brought you back to the country. Now, I will bring you home.”

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