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Chapter 173: The Richest Woman in Asia is Here

They had already been in Golden Sands for half a month.

Yan Jiang realized that the situation here was not as serious as he had imagined. There were indeed riots, but not everywhere.

After familiarizing himself with the environment here, Yan Jiang found a job as a forensic doctor. Yan Jiang studied forensics at Wangdong University and was a graduate student at Wangdong University. He had just graduated last year.

In university, Yan Jiang was the proud student of his mentor. He had also followed his mentor to understand many murder cases. Those who were truly capable would be able to find jobs anywhere.

Forensics was not an easy profession. There were many accidental deaths here. It was Yan Jiang’s honor to be assigned a corpse on his first day of work. He was in charge of dissection and analysis.

That day, Yan Jiang had washed his hands several times before returning home. He had quickly changed into a fresh set of clothes, before finally daring to appear before Song Fei.

At that time, Song Fei was on the phone and didn’t notice Yan Jiang approaching her. Yan Jiang heard her say, “Master Cheng? Cheng Yanmo? He’s also asking about the heart? Ha… just say no. You can’t help him with this.”

After Song Fei hung up, Yan Jiang asked, “Song Fei, what did you do behind my back?”

Song Fei’s body tensed for a moment before she relaxed. She turned around and glanced at Yan Jiang. She sniffed the air and suddenly said, “You smell like a corpse.”

Yan Jiang was slightly upset. He said, “I’ve showered and changed my clothes. I dissected a corpse that looked like a giant today. That stench…” Shaking his head, Yan Jiang asked Song Ci,” You can still smell it? ”

Song Fei nodded. “It’s not strong, but I can smell it.” Hearing Yan Jiang mention giant, Song Fei asked, “Is it that girl’s body found in the ditch opposite? I heard she is only 9 years old.”

“Mmm, you heard about it too?” The little girl was only nine years old and was homeless. Many people guessed that she had accidentally fallen into a small river and drowned. She was just a homeless child with no parents or power. After her body was sent to the police station, no one was willing to take charge of this case at all.

Yan Jiang was a newbie, so the little girl case was now in his hands.

Song Fei asked Yan Jiang, “Was it suicide?”

Song Fei frowned. “She’s only 9 years old.”

Yan Jiang remained silent. After a while, Yan Jiang suddenly said, “Song Fei, if our child is a girl, we must make her learn kung fu.”

Song Fei glanced at him. “Our child? Who wants to have a child with you?”

Yan Jiang walked over and wanted to hug her. He reached out his hand but retracted it hesitantly. Song Fei noticed his action and pursed her lips.

“I will definitely succeed in wooing you and have children with you.”

Song Fei remained silent.

Yan Jiang asked her, “Who were you talking to on the phone just now?”

Song Fei said, “A friend.”

“Song Fei, are you planning something behind my back?” Yan Jiang felt that Song Fei was doing something dangerous behind his back and suspected that it had something to do with Mu Qiu.

Song Fei was not the kind of person who would swallow her pride after being bullied. She was the classic example of someone who would steal someone else’s property and push the blame to someone else. After knowing what Mu Qiu and her father had done to her and her sister, Song Fei would never allow that father-daughter duo to continue to be at large.

Song Fei glanced at him. “No, don’t worry.”

“Song Fei, no matter what you do, I won’t stop you. I only have one request.” Yan Jiang grabbed Song Fei’s hand and squeezed it. “I want you to be safe and sound.”

Song Fei was not used to such ambiguous situations. She drew back her hand and said, “Sleep early. You still have work tomorrow.”

“What about you?”

“I am going to the research institute and won’t be coming back tonight.” Life here was dull and boring. Song Fei spent most of her time at the research institute.

Yan Jiang suddenly broke into a smile. He approached Song Fei and lowered his head so that his nose was almost touching her forehead. Yan Jiang said, “Since you haven’t finished your work, why are you at home now?” It would take about five to six minutes to drive from home to the research institute. “Are you back to get your stuff… or are you here to see me?”

Song Fei shot Yan Jiang a cold look that sent chills down his spine. But Yan Jiang had a backbone and didn’t back down. He said boldly, “You don’t dare to answer me?”

Song Fei pushed Yan Jiang’s head aside, picked up her bag, and walked towards the door.

As she lowered her head to change shoes, she said without raising her head, “I didn’t take anything and I just came back to visit you.” With that, she grabbed the door handle and was about to open the door.

Yan Jiang suddenly shouted, “Song Fei!”

Song Fei paused and waited for him to speak without turning back.

Yan Jiang said, “You are so considerate toward your brothers.”

Song Fei opened the door and slammed it shut.

Yan Jiang shook his head and chuckled.

It was finally October 25th.

On this day, the richest woman in Asia, Mo Yao, boarded a private plane with her lover Li Yao. She appeared at Wangjiang Mountain Airport in a high-profile manner and stayed in the presidential suite of the Jetta International Hotel.

On the same day, the national treasure singer, Di Rongrong, also finished her work overseas and hurried back to Wangdong City. At the same time, an old man carrying a leather bag boarded a high-speed train to Wangdong City with three middle-aged men.

On this day, Wangdong City’s social media account was flooded with short videos of the richest woman in Asia, Mo Yao. In the short videos, Mo Yao was sitting in a Maybach, wearing a bright red suit, and bending over to get out of the car.

She had one hand in her pocket and took off her sunglasses with the other. She looked up and smiled at the camera. Her smile was so domineering and regal that the netizens all knelt down to greet her.

No one knew why a big boss like Mo Yao had suddenly come to Wangdong City. Some guessed that she was going to do something big in Wangdong City, some guessed that she was here to meet friends, and some felt that she was just here for a holiday.

“Here for a wedding?”

Cheng Yanmo was shocked to receive this news. He asked his special assistant, “Whose wedding is Moyao attending?” He had never heard of anyone getting married in Wangdong City’s upper-class society.

The Special Assistant shook his head. “We haven’t found out anything yet. I just heard that she is here to attend a mysterious wedding.”

Cheng Yanmo didn’t know that there was someone in Wangdong City who maintained a close relationship with Mo Yao. “Who is going to hold a wedding in Wangdong City recently?”

]The executive assistant thought for a moment and said, “I don’t think there is… that’s not right either. The Mu Family adopted daughter Song Ci’s wedding will be held tomorrow.”

Song Ci?

Song Ci and Han Zhan’s wedding was set for tomorrow. Both parties only invited their most important friends and family. Although Cheng Yanmo knew them but didn’t receive an invitation, he also knew that Song Ci and Han Zhan were getting married on October 26th.

Everyone already knows Song Ci’s background. But that groom…

Han Zhan’s face flashed across Cheng Yanmo’s mind.

Han Zhan…

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