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Chapter 172: Does Pepper Spray Feel Good?

After Mu Qiu finished taking her final set of sunset wedding photos, it was finally time to end work. She carried her wedding gown and returned to the bridal shop with the staff. She was prepared to go back to change her clothes and go for dinner, before returning home to take a bath.

Taking wedding photos was really tiring. Her face was stiff from smiling.

Arriving at the bridal shop, Mu Qiu alighted from the car with the help of the staff. She held the hem of her gown with both hands and took two steps towards the main entrance of the shop. She suddenly stopped in her tracks when she saw someone from the corner of her eye.

Standing at the same spot, Mu Qiu slowly turned and met Cheng Yanmo’s eyes.

For some reason, Mu Qiu felt flustered.

Cheng Yanmo just looked at her from afar without any intention of approaching.

“What’s the matter?” The lady at the bridal shop asked Mu Qiu.

Mu Qiu shook her head. “Nothing, I just met a friend.” She bowed slightly to greet Cheng Yanmo before entering the bridal shop.

Taking off her clothes and changing back into her own clothes, Mu Qiu used the makeup remover she had brought along to remove all her heavy makeup. She sprayed some moisturizing spray on her face, before carrying her bag and planning to leave.

Mu Qiu’s car was parked in the carpark of a nearby shopping mall. She walked into the mall in her flats and took the lift down to the basement carpark. Walking out of the lift, Mu Qiu felt like she was being watched.

She instinctively reached into her bag.

Just as she were about to reach the car, someone suddenly leaned close to her and grabbed her left arm. Mu Qiu hurriedly took out a bottle of pepper spray from her bag and sprayed it on the person behind her.



The pepper spray landed on Cheng Yanmo’s glasses and nose bridge.

Cheng Yanmo was silent.

Mu Qiu was speechless.

“Cough cough!”

“Cough cough!”

Cheng Yanmo started holding his throat and coughing.

Mu Qiu was stunned. She hurriedly put down the pepper spray and stammered. “M-master Cheng? Why is it you?”

Cheng Yanmo had his hand on the car door. He took off his glasses, opened his eyes, and stared at Mu Qiu in a daze. He wanted to say something but started coughing violently again.

His face was very uncomfortable. It was hot and painful. Cheng Yanmo found it difficult to even breathe. He coughed for a while before saying weakly, “Mu Qiu, you…” He looked like he didn’t know what to say and just kept silent in the end.

“Take me to the hospital!”

Mu Qiu hurriedly drove Cheng Yanmo to the nearest hospital. The doctor treated him and he felt slightly better.

He was slightly allergic and his face was slightly red. It was very itchy and he wanted to scratch it. Mu Qiu hurriedly pulled his arm and warned him. “You can’t scratch it after applying medicine. It will get even redder if you scratch it.”

Cheng Yanmo had no choice but to give up.

Mu Qiu glanced at Cheng Yanmo carefully, feeling very guilty. She asked him, “Are you going to work tomorrow?”

Cheng Yanmo glanced at Mu Qiu with a cold smile. “Thanks to you, I am resting tomorrow.” Taking off his glasses, Mu Qiu realized that Cheng Yanmo’s eyes were very cold when he looked at someone.

She suspected that Cheng Yanmo wasn’t wearing glasses because of his short-sightedness. Instead, he was pretending to be more approachable.

Leaving the hospital, they returned to the car. Cheng Yanmo looked at his own face in the mirror and saw that it was red. He closed his eyes and leaned against the car.

Mu Qiu asked him, “Why are you looking for me, Master Cheng?”

Cheng Yanmo remained silent.

Mu Qiu was not used to being alone with Cheng Yanmo. She was very nervous. Every time she faced Cheng Yanmo, she couldn’t remain calm. After all, he was the man she liked and also her first man.

“I saw your wedding photo.” Cheng Yanmo opened his eyes and turned to stare at Mu Qiu with an unreadable expression.

Mu Qiu’s heartbeat quickened.

She pretended to be calm and asked Cheng Yanmo, “Oh, what do you think? Do I look good?”

Cheng Yanmo replied, “Yes.”

Cheng Yanmo had long heard that the Mu Family had two outstanding daughters. Their adopted daughter, Song Ci, was a regal flower. Their youngest daughter, Mu Qiu, was lively, mischievous, and very likable.

All the men in Wangdong City wanted to marry Song Ci. All the mothers-in-law in Wangdong City wanted their sons to marry Mu Qiu when she grew up.

Cheng Yanmo had a taste of Song Ci, the top socialite. He admitted that Song Ci was indeed very attractive and could be considered the top debutante, but he preferred girls like Mu Qiu. She looked obedient and pure, and it was easy to get along with her.

Mu Qiu asked again, “Why are you looking for me?”

Cheng Yanmo heaved a long sigh.

He said, “I saw those photos and suddenly wanted to see you.”

“Master Cheng, don’t come looking for me in the future.” Mu Qiu didn’t hide it from Cheng Yanmo and revealed her thoughts. “I really like you, Master Cheng. I am about to lose control of my own heart.”

“The more you treat me well, the more indignant I am and the more afraid I am of death. Every time I see you, the reluctance in my heart deepens, Master Cheng. This is too cruel for a dying person.”

Cheng Yanmo didn’t feel any joy or joy when he suddenly heard Mu Qiu’s confession. He just felt sad.

“Mu Qiu…”

Cheng Yanmo felt helpless.

He was rich, powerful, good-looking, but he couldn’t sentence someone to death or bring someone to life. This feeling of wanting to keep the other party but having to watch her die was too unbearable.

“Master Cheng, I’ll take it that you also have feelings for me.” Mu Qiu smiled brightly at Cheng Yanmo. “I’m very honored to be able to obtain your love. But I can’t continue to be entangled with you. It’s too cruel for you and me.”

Mu Qiu alighted from the car and hailed a cab.

After a long while, Cheng Yanmo called someone. “What happened the last time I asked you to help me?”

“Master Cheng, if you lose your heart, you will lose your life. Unless you are at your wits’ end, no one will be willing to make such a deal. There are very few people with RH-negative blood and even fewer people willing to donate their hearts. I am afraid I cannot help you with this.”

He had already guessed that this would be the outcome, but Cheng Yanmo still felt indignant after hearing it. But what could he do? He couldn’t take the initiative to kill someone!

“Alright, I got it.”

Cheng Yanmo closed his eyes and replayed Mu Qiu’s stubborn smile in his mind. He suddenly regretted alighting from the car to meet Mu Qiu that night.

Mu Qiu went home crying.

Arriving at home, she locked herself in her room and cried her heart out. After that, Mu Qiu laid down and fell asleep.

The next morning, Mu Qiu opened her eyes and took out her cell phone. She opened her browser and saw several news articles.

There was an international news report stating that there had been another riot in Song Fei’s country and many people had died. Those photos had been censored, but it was still a ghastly sight.

After reading the news, Mu Qiu remained silent for a long time.

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