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Chapter 174: Your Brother Zhanzhan

“Is there anyone with the surname Han in Shunchen City?” Cheng Yanmo had been to Shunchen City several times, but had never heard of anyone with the surname Han.

The special assistant had already investigated Han Zhan. He looked down and said, “I’ve checked on Han Zhan. His family background is rather ordinary. His parents passed away early and he grew up with his grandfather.”

“Grandpa…” Cheng Yanmo asked the executive assistant,” Have you checked on his grandfather? ”

“No. I heard that he was an old farmer who planted crops, so I didn’t check.”

Cheng Yanmo felt that there was something strange going on. A farmer had groomed an unfathomable Han Zhan?

How can that be?

“CEO Cheng, are we going back to the old residence or your residence tonight?” The driver asked Cheng Yanmo.

Thinking that Song Ci was getting married tomorrow and worried that his little brother would cause trouble due to loneliness, Cheng Yanmo suddenly changed his mind. “Let’s go back to the old residence.”

He had to keep an eye on Cheng Ziang in case he caused trouble.

Returning to the old residence, Cheng Yanmo alighted. Just as he was about to enter the house, he noticed that the lights in the villa at the end of the road were turned on. He called out to the butler and asked him, “Has the owner of the villa returned?”

Cheng Yanmo had long heard that the villa was where Old General Han stayed. But Old General Han seldom came back after returning to his hometown in Shunchen.

The butler looked at the lit villa. “Yes, Young Master. I think he came back this afternoon.”

Cheng Yanmo asked the butler, “Where’s Ziang?”

“Second Young Master is at home.”

“Keep an eye on him. He is not allowed to leave the house without my permission tonight and tomorrow.” With that, Cheng Yanmo took the coat from the butler’s hands, put it on himself, and walked towards the villa alone.

The villa had been built quite a few years ago. The red walls were covered in moss and surrounded by green trees. It looked simple and mysterious. As Cheng Yanmo approached the villa, he vaguely saw an old man walking along the corridor on the first level.

Cheng Yanmo purposely made some noise.

The old man was holding a watering can and turned to look at Cheng Yanmo. Upon seeing him, Han Aoyu thought for a moment before saying, “You’re the little grandson of the Cheng Family?”

Seeing that the old man had guessed his identity, Cheng Yanmo hurriedly nodded and greeted him. “Good evening, Old Master, I’m Cheng Yanmo from the Cheng Family. I just got off work and saw that your house was lit up, so I came over to take a look.”

Staring at the old man’s strong and healthy body, Cheng Yanmo said, “Old Master still looks very healthy. I wonder if I will have the fortune to get a drink from the birthday boy on your 100th birthday?”

It was just that Cheng Yanmo didn’t like to speak, but that didn’t mean he didn’t know how to speak. In front of a powerful old man, Cheng Yanmo could also turn a stone into a diamond with his words.

Upon hearing this, Han Aoyu smiled broadly. “The last time I saw you, you were just a little kid who was good at driving toy cars. In the blink of an eye, you’ve already grown up. Even your grandfather can’t compare to your bootlicking skills!”

Cheng Yanmo just smiled.

“Sit, why are you standing there!”

Only then did Cheng Yanmo sit down. Staring at the black pine in front of Old Master, Cheng Yanmo asked, “Old Master, you brought this black pine from your hometown, right?” A potted black pine that Old Master always carried wherever he went must mean a lot to him.

Han Aoyu said, “This was planted before my wife passed away. I usually carry it with me so that I won’t worry about it.”

“Old Master’s genuine heart towards Old Madam is admirable.” If he had heard these words in the past, Cheng Yanmo might have respected the other party, but he wouldn’t have felt anything else. But hearing these words today, Cheng Yanmo felt slightly upset when he thought of how blissful it was to be able to grow old with the person he loved.

How can such a young girl be so unfortunate?

“That’s nothing. You will understand when you get married in the future.” Han Aoyu looked at Cheng Yanmo and thought of his own grandson Han Zhan. He couldn’t help sighing. “I also have a grandson. You might not remember that when you were young, he even used a bicycle to bring you around.”

Han Aoyu pointed at the river at the foot of the mountain. “In the past, that area was a wasteland with lots of fish and prawns. My grandson was very naughty. He placed you by the river and went fishing by himself. In the end, you fell into the ditch and nearly drowned. He saved you but didn’t dare to tell us. Worried that he would be scolded, he even brought you out to the streets to buy a new set of clothes.”

“In the end, you caught a cold after returning home. You caught a fever at night and fell ill. After that, your grandfather didn’t allow you to play with that hooligan grandson of mine anymore. You might not even remember this.”

It was true that Cheng Yanmo didn’t remember this. But when his grandfather was still alive, he told him that there was a mischievous child in that family halfway up the hill. He even said that he wondered what that fatty did when he grew up.

Cheng Yanmo asked Han Aoyu, “Then what is he doing now?”

“Like you, he’s doing business as well.”

Cheng Yanmo wanted to get to know the young master of the Han Family. “Oh? I wonder what his name is. Perhaps I know him too.”

Han Aoyu had just started speaking and said, “Han…” when he recalled his grandson’s low-profile character and stopped himself in time. “Ah! He’s not worth mentioning. Anyway, he’s not as good as you.”

Han Aoyu put down the watering can, looked at the clock, and said, “It’s getting late, I need to rest. I can’t delay tomorrow’s important matters.”

Cheng Yanmo immediately got up and bid Old Master Han farewell. “Good night, Old Master Han. I won’t disturb you anymore. I’ll come visit another day.”

“Alright, I will be staying here for a longer period of time this time. Come visit my house more often when you are free. My cooking tastes pretty good. I will fry some small fish for you!” The farm work at home was already done and they were just waiting for the potatoes to be planted in December. Since there was nothing to do back home, Han Aoyu decided to stay here for a few months.

Cheng Yanmo expressed that he looked forward to it.

After he left, Han Aoyu told Zhong Buhui to close the door and returned to his room to rest.

Arriving home, Cheng Yanmo told the butler about the old master on the mountain. “That old master has a grandson?” Cheng Yanmo asked the butler, “When I was young, I went to the river with his grandson to fish?”

The butler frowned at the mention of this.

He said, “That family’s grandson is very mischievous. When he was young, he always brought you to do dangerous things. He brought you to the river to fish, but you ended up in the river. Not only did he not bring you back, but he was also afraid of being scolded. He even brought you to the streets to buy clothes, thinking that you would not be discovered if you came back wearing dry clothes…”

The butler shook his head and sighed. “He’s too mischievous. I wonder how capable he is now. I don’t think that the grandson of that old man is a pushover either.”

Cheng Yanmo asked him, “I heard from Old Master that his grandson is also in the business world. I might have seen him before. Do you remember his name?”

“His name is Zhanzhan. Everyone calls him Zhanzhan, but I don’t know what his full name is.”

“Zhanzhan?” Cheng Yanmo sounded shocked and doubtful.

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