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Chapter 171: Mistook Fish Eye as Pearl

Rubbing her dry lips, Han Zhan instructed her. “Go home and drink more water and have a good sleep. I still have to go to the office and will come back earlier tonight to accompany you.”

Song Ci nodded obediently and watched as Han Zhan boarded his Volvo and left. Only then did Ah Song send her home.

After they left, Housekeeper Liang walked up to Shen Yubei, bent over, and said, “The Song girl left. Han Zhan personally came to fetch her.”

Shen Yubei had been secretly observing Song Ci’s life and knew that the man she married was called Han Zhan. Han Zhan’s face flashed across Shen Yubei’s mind and he felt that it was somewhat familiar.

He suddenly said, “Give me my phone.”

Butler Liang found Shen Yubei’s cell phone and handed it to him. Shen Yubei found the singer’s number in the contact list and called her.

Di Rongrong answered the call and said, “Why did Mr. Shen bear to contact me today?” Shen Yubei was a person who didn’t like to make calls.

“Madam Di.” Shen Yubei asked straightforwardly, “You have a godson called Han Zhan, right?”

The other party was silent for a moment before asking, “Why are you asking this?”

“Seems like it’s true.” Three years ago, at Di Rongrong’s concert, Shen Yubei had been invited to perform and had met Han Zhan once. As a result, when Butler Liang mentioned Han Zhan just now, Shen Yubei felt that he was somewhat familiar.

Shen Yubei said, “My only disciple is getting married and the groom is called Han Zhan. I remember that this is the name of your godson, so I’m asking about him.”

Hearing this, Di Rongrong asked, “Is Song Ci your disciple?”

Shen Yubei replied, “Mmm, she has been my disciple for 18 years… my only disciple.” Song Ci had already become Shen Yubei’s disciple when she was 4 years old, and Shen Yubei treated her as his daughter.

“Oh, so my god daughter-in-law is a talented girl!” After knowing about Song Ci and Shen Yubei’s relationship, Di Rongrong liked Song Ci even more.

Isn’t Shen Yubei’s disciple a genius?

Naturally, Shen Yubei could hear the joy and satisfaction in Di Rongrong’s voice. He felt very proud and couldn’t resist boasting. “My disciple is a musical genius. She is beautiful and sensible. Your godson is lucky to have married her.”

Di Rongrong didn’t like hearing this. In her eyes, her godson Han Zhan was not bad at all. It was a cause for celebration to be able to marry the person you loved. But if one said that Han Zhan was lucky to be able to marry Song Ci, Di Rongrong would not be happy.

Song Ci was very outstanding, but so is my godson.

Not to be outdone, Di Rongrong decided to fight for Han Zhan. She said, “My godson was once an elite soldier!” Her tone was full of pride.

Shen Yubei said, “You also said that it was in the past…”

Di Rongrong was like a dolphin whose belly had been punctured. She was very angry. But she quickly regained her senses and said, “My godson is 1.89 meters tall and very handsome. He is also very talented.”

Shen Yubei added gently, “A pity that he is handicapped.”

Di Rongrong was even angrier now! Her face darkened as she scolded him. “The one with the last name Shen, you can’t bear a grudge just because I rejected your confession back then and chose Huo Jing-an.”

“That year, it was my fault for being blind and treating fish eyes like pearls. I’m hanging up!” As if he was sick of talking to her, Shen Yubei hung up.

Di Rongrong stomped her feet in anger. “This Shen Yubei is so petty!” She took the wedding invitation from the table and knocked on it. “I will seduce you to death by dressing up beautifully that day!”

Placing the invitation card on the table, Di Rongrong had an arrogant look on her face as she came up with an idea.

That afternoon, the bridal shop sent someone to deliver the bridesmaid’s gown to Mu Qiu’s house. Mu Qiu was on her afternoon nap when they arrived and Du Tingting had helped her sign the receipt.

After Mu Qiu woke up, Du Tingting brought the clothes into Mu Qiu’s room and said, “Your elder sister got someone to bring the bridesmaid dress over. Try it on.”

Mu Qiu said listlessly, “I tried it before. It fits.”

“I want to see it.”

Mu Qiu had no choice but to take off her pyjamas and put on her bridesmaid dress.

It was an ice-blue strapless shoulder-length gown. In order to facilitate movement, the gown reached just below her calves. Song Ci also sent over a pair of pure white high heels with a ring of pure white pearls around her ankles. This pair of shoes was a branded pair that was priced at over 7,000 yuan.

Mu Qiu had changed into shoes and a dress. She stood in front of Du Tingting with her long hair draped over her shoulders. She was tall and slender, with a graceful posture. Her palm-sized face was accentuated by her elegant outfit.

Du Tingting stared at Mu Qiu in a daze. She suddenly said, “You will definitely look even more beautiful in a wedding gown.” With that, Du Tingting saw Mu Qiu’s smile fade and realized just how cruel her words were.

Du Tingting bit her lower lip in frustration.

Mu Qiu looked at the mirror. She stared at the slender, elegant lady in the mirror, unable to conceal her loneliness. Mu Qiu suddenly smiled and said to Du Tingting, “Mother, will you accompany me to take my wedding photo?”

Du Tingting was stunned. “Wedding photo?”

“Mmm.” Mu Qiu turned in a circle, as a yearning look appeared on her face. She said, “I want to take a photo of me in a wedding dress. If Mother wants to see it in the future, you can look at it.”

Du Tingting nodded with reddened eyes.

That night, Du Tingting went on WeChat to ask her friends which bridal shop had the best wedding photos. Everyone thought she was looking for a wedding photo studio for her adopted daughter Song Ci and recommended several.

The next morning, Du Tingting chose a few reputable bridal boutiques to visit personally. In the end, she chose a wedding photo studio called One-Life., One Love

Du Tingting explained the reason to the boss, who expressed his willingness to let Mu Qiu cut the queue and take the photo first.

Mu Qiu didn’t have Song Ci’s voluptuous figure. Instead, she chose two princess-style, shoulder-length wedding gowns.

After putting on the wedding gown, Mu Qiu got Du Tingting to help her take two photos. She casually edited the photo and posted it on her social media.

On this day, Song Ci was selecting a rose from the flower market. She had already selected the rose type and contacted the designer of the wedding venue, before boarding the car home.

In the car, she opened her social media page and saw that Mu Qiu had posted a status an hour ago.

Mu Qiu wrote: [I put on a wedding gown for myself. Mu Qiu, you are really beautiful.] Under the caption column were three live wedding photos.

[fuzzy]Mu Qiu’s long hair was done up in a bun and draped lazily over her shoulders. She was wearing a lacy headdress and a shoulder-length wedding gown. Behind her was a long wooden fence covered in Chinese roses.

Standing amongst the flowers, Mu Qiu was even more beautiful than them.

Song Ci liked it and left a comment.

At the same time, in the general manager’s office at the headquarters of Chuan Dong Group, Cheng Yanmo paused all his work. He stood by the window and looked down at the girl in the white mesh dress on his cell phone with dark eyes.

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