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Chapter 170: Don’t Be Proud because You’re Doted On

At 1pm, the sun shone brightly on the ground. Song Ci felt dizzy and couldn’t quite hold on. Her body swayed and just when she was about to fall, she suddenly held on.

She straightened her back.

Shen Yubei stood on the top floor and looked down. As he witnessed this scene, he couldn’t help but feel sorry for her. He suddenly turned and walked to the center of the piano room, picked up his violin, and walked out.

Song Ci’s vision started to blur. She felt dizzy and dizzy. Just then, a shadow covered her body and a pair of white leather shoes appeared in her vision.

Song Ci blinked. After confirming that she was not hallucinating, she slowly looked up at Shen Yubei. Opening her dry lips, Song Ci called out hoarsely, “Teacher.”

Sweat dripped from Song Ci’s eyelids. Her fair cheeks were red.

Shen Yubei handed the violin and bow to Song Ci.

Song Ci looked at him in confusion.

hen Yubei said, “Use your violin skills to prove to me whether you are qualified to be my disciple!” Eight years ago, they had truly broken off their relationship as teachers and students. Shen Yubei would never let Song Ci in using underhand methods. He wanted a musical genius, not a pretty, delicate vase.

If Song Ci wanted to be his disciple, she had to show her true capabilities!

Song Ci’s legs were numb and she couldn’t stand up. She knelt down and raised both hands to catch Shen Yubei’s violin. Lowering her head, Song Ci gazed tenderly at it and couldn’t resist stroking it.

“We meet again, Fighting Soul.”

Shen Yubei’s violin was called “Fighting Soul.”

It was the dream of many musicians to own a famous violin that belonged to them. But Shen Yubei was not obsessed with an antique violin. His violin was made by his grandfather in Cremona, Italy.

His grandfather was a violinist and Fighting Soul was Grandpa Shen’s last piece of work. He gave it to Shen Yubei. This violin had accompanied Shen Yubei for 25 years. Fighting Soul was his soul.

The fighting soul completed Shen Yubei, and so did he.

Nowadays, when music enthusiasts talked about the world famous violinist and violin, who wouldn’t mention the name “Fighting Soul”?

Shen Yubei’s greatest taboo was his violin Fighting Soul. In this world, the number of people who had the right to touch Fighting Soul could be counted with one hand.

Song Ci cradled the soul, her lashes fluttering. Song Ci knew this was her last chance. She had to grasp it. “…Okay teacher.”

If I can’t stand up, I’ll kneel down and play it!

Song Ci held the violin with her left hand and the bow with her right. Once she touched the violin, Song Ci would enter a trance-like state. She pulled the strings and the mournful sound of the violin could be heard.

One of them was kneeling while the other was standing, but their souls were communicating.

Shen Yubei felt as if his bones were trembling along with the music, when he heard the sobbing sound of the violin.

This is what I want to hear!

Song Ci was even more talented than Shen Yubei in terms of the violin. With the same violin and the same tune, the feeling produced by Song Ci was totally different from others.

Song Ci’s music always captured all of Shen Yubei’s senses and emotions.

After Song Ci finished her performance, Shen Yubei also opened his eyes. Shen Yubei looked at Song Ci with withered lips. “This is your work? What is its name?”

Song Ci said, “Zhan.”

“Zhan…” Shen Yubei finally revealed his first smile since seeing Song Ci.” Not bad. ”

Song Ci hugged her teacher’s violin and asked him, “Teacher, are you still willing to accept me as your student?” Song Ci’s eyes were filled with expectations and stubbornness.

Shen Yubei’s deep gaze met Song Ci’s stubborn one. For a moment, he didn’t speak. Song Ci was anxious but didn’t dare to make any more noise. After a long while, Shen Yubei spoke to Butler Liang behind her. “Help Song Ci into the house. She hasn’t eaten yet.”

Overjoyed, Song Ci finally couldn’t take it anymore and collapsed to the ground. As she fell, she held Shen Yubei’s Fighting Soul in her arms and didn’t dare to break it.

“Little Song!” Housekeeper Liang was shocked.

Hearing the commotion, Shen Yubei hurriedly turned around, knelt down, and carried Song Ci. Shen Yubei carried Song Ci and sprinted into the house. As he ran, he shouted, “Bring me the heat-dispelling soup!”

He knew that Butler Liang must have prepared some heat-dispelling soup.

Butler Liang rushed into the kitchen and brought over a bowl of hot soup for Song Ci. She laid flat on the sofa, and felt slightly more awake, after drinking the soup.

Having not been to the teacher’s house for eight years, Song Ci discovered that the interior of the teacher’s house had been changed to wood forest style. The wooden sofa and dining table seemed to have returned to the embrace of nature’s mother.

Song Ci drank another bowl of hot soup and came to her senses.

Shen Yubei sat on a recliner for his afternoon nap. Music was playing in the room. Song Ci could tell it was Huo Zun’s “Pink Ink.”

Song Ci listened carefully before standing up. She retrieved the wedding invitation from her bag and walked hesitantly toward Shen Yubei. Shen Yubei heard the commotion and opened his eyes to stare at Song Ci calmly.


Song Ci passed the invitation card that was hidden behind her waist to Shen Yubei. Shen Yubei’s eyes finally changed as she stared at the words “The wedding invitation is for Teacher Shen to accept”.

He took the invitation and suddenly said, “You’re only 22 years old.”

He was implying that she had gotten married too early.

Song Ci glanced at Shen Yubei and said in a small voice, “It’s not early to get married at 20 even if you meet the right person. It’s also a waste to get married at 30 if you meet the wrong person.”

Shen Yubei mulled over her words carefully before saying, “What you said makes sense.” Patting the invitation card, Shen Yubei said in a self-depreciating manner, “I’m your teacher, but you got married even before I did.”

Hearing this, Song Ci was very happy. “Teacher, are you willing to acknowledge me as your student?”

Shen Yubei looked at Song Ci calmly and said, “Song Ci, I will make an exception for you once. I will never make an exception a second time.”

Song Ci hurriedly said, “I will never give up the violin again, Teacher.”

“Heh…” Shen Yubei placed the invitation card on the tree stump coffee table. He waved.” You can go first. I will come to the wedding. “It is the most important day of her life. How can I not attend?

Song Ci turned to get her bag when Shen Yubei suddenly asked, “Have you completely recovered from your habit of not playing the violin?”

Song Ci paused and acknowledged softly.

As soon as Song Ci walked out of the Shen Family, she was hugged by a pair of strong, muscular arms.

Song Ci was shocked that her body was suddenly in the air. She looked up and saw that it was Han Zhan. She relaxed and laid in his arms. “Brother Han, why are you here?”

“Ah Song said you fainted. I was worried and came over to take a look.” Han Zhan was truly worried about Song Ci. He had taken the time out of his busy schedule to visit her.

Song Ci’s heart warmed. She huddled in Han Zhan’s arms and told him, “Brother Han, I’m so happy.”

Han Zhan asked her, “You guys made up?”

“Mmm. Teacher is still soft-hearted toward me.”

Placing Song Ci in the car, Han Zhan said, “There are many people who are soft-hearted toward you, but don’t be arrogant just because you are pampered.”

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