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Chapter 161: They Followed Each Other

Walking out of the Golden Hall, Song Ci’s face was flushed red and she looked even more alluring.

She carried the violin, held Han Zhan’s arm, and walked side by side with him on the streets of Vienna. Han Zhan carried Song Ci’s bag and said somewhat regretfully, “I forgot to prepare flowers for you. I send flowers to celebrate your first successful performance.”

“I don’t need any flowers. I am already very happy tonight.” Song Ci released Han Zhan, grabbed the shoulder strap of the violin case with one hand, and twirled it in front of Han Zhan. “Brother Han, I am so happy! I have not been so happy in a long time.”

Song Ci would remember this honeymoon for the rest of her life.

She stopped and panted slightly as she said to Han Zhan, “Brother Han, if life in the future dulls the passion and romance between us, if we become short-tempered during our long vacation at home, remember to tell me what happened tonight from time to time. After I hear it, I will definitely hug your head and kiss your forehead to regain the feeling of being in love.”

Han Zhan remembered her words.

Returning to the hotel, Song Ci was so excited that she couldn’t fall asleep. Han Zhan was asleep and she was still playing with her cell phone.

Tonight’s incident reminded Song Ci of her teacher, Shen Yubei. She wondered if her teacher still remembered this disciple of hers.

Like a guilty thief, Song Ci secretly searched for Shen Yubei’s Weibo account in the middle of the night. She didn’t find a Weibo name called Shen Yubei but saw many fans who named themselves after him.

Song Ci scrolled for a while and saw a Weibo user with over 60,000 fans called “Shen Yaoyao”. Her intuition told her that this person was most likely Shen Yubei.

Song Ci entered the other party’s Weibo page and saw that he only had five posts. The first post was a piano video posted three years ago. In the video, only a slender, beautiful man’s hands appeared.

The second video was released two years ago. This time, it showed a piano room with floor-to-ceiling windows, elegant gauze curtains, and a spacious room. Song Ci was familiar with everything in this video.

Upon seeing this piano room, Song Ci was convinced of the other party’s identity.

It really is Teacher!

Song Ci was all too familiar with her teacher’s piano room. She still remembered how her teacher looked like when he stood by the French window of the piano room and played his violin.

The last two Weibo posts were Shen Yubei’s New Year’s blessings. The last post was posted in August this year: [Those who survive a disaster will be blessed.]

Song Ci’s intuition told her that this Weibo message was referring to her. Her car accident had made the headlines in Wangdong City in August. Could Teacher have found out about the accident and specially made this post about me?

Song Ci hesitated for a long while before finally clicking on it. After clicking on it, Song Ci thought she would see the words “already noticed”, but the words “followed each other” were displayed.

Song Ci was stunned.

When did Teacher start following me?

Song Ci opened Shen Yubei’s profile and saw that he was following over 30 people, and Song Ci was at the bottom, which was also Shen Yubei’s first target…

This discovery moved Song Ci. Song Ci thought that Shen Yubei was disappointed in her and didn’t want to acknowledge her as his student. As a result, Song Ci didn’t dare to meet Shen Yubei all these years.

Shen Yubei was from Wangdong City. Sometimes, when she knew that Shen Yubei was going somewhere, Song Ci would instinctively avoid him. She had hidden away to be a snail, but Shen Yubei had been following her!

Song Ci’s eyes welled up and she cried on the spot. Afraid of waking Han Zhan up, Song Ci could only turn over and bury her face in the pillow. Having been in the special forces for so many years, Han Zhan had developed the habit of always being vigilant when sleeping. Song Ci’s sobs were very soft, but Han Zhan still heard her.

Han Zhan opened his eyes and realized that Song Ci was secretly crying. He hurriedly turned on the light. “Baby Ci, why are you crying?” Han Zhan hugged Song Ci’s shoulder and released her face from the pillow.

Han Zhan was shocked to see Song Ci’s tear-streaked face. “Did you have a nightmare?”

Song Ci hugged Han Zhan’s neck tightly and cried as she told him, “Brother Han, Teacher has been following my Weibo account for a long time. Say, when I go back this time, how about I apologize to him and invite him to our wedding?”

So that was the reason.

Han Zhan heaved a sigh of relief. He also felt that Song Ci should settle the matter between her and Shen Yubei. “Alright, if you don’t dare to go alone, I will accompany you.”

Song Ci replied, “Mmm.”

Song Ci and Han Zhan didn’t stay in Vienna for long. The next day, they went to Gmunden City. It was a beautiful place with mountains and lakes. It was close to the Alps and was a good place for vacation.

Lakeside Avenue was Song Ci’s favorite place. She went there every day and saw all sorts of interesting sights.

Many things happened in China during Song Ci’s honeymoon.

Firstly, Liang Bo debuted with Zhu Wen’s help. The new song, “Intoxication,” was launched on various major music sites three days ago. With Zhu Wen’s marketing strategy, “Intoxication” achieved pretty good results on its first day and took first place on the popularity rankings on the second day.

Liang Bo’s debut was considered a success.

At the same time, Mu Qiu, who thought she would never have anything to do with Cheng Yanmo again, bumped into him at a Japanese restaurant.

At that time, Mu Qiu was entertaining her dormitory mates.Her life was coming to an end and she wanted to bid them farewell seriously before dying. At the dinner, her roommates were all smiling beautifully and Mu Qiu hid the pain in her heart very well.

After the meal, her friends had to rush back to school before the dormitory was locked. They hailed a cab and left. Mu Qiu settled the bill and sat alone in her seat, staring at the remains of her meal in a daze.

This parting will be an eternal farewell…

In another private room, Cheng Yanmo’s assistant helped Cheng Yanmo send off the business partner. Cheng Yanmo sat alone in the room and poured himself another glass of rice wine. Just as he was about to drink it, he looked up and saw Mu Qiu passing by from the corridor outside.

Looking at Mu Qiu’s downcast face, Cheng Yanmo frowned slightly.

That sorrowful expression was not suitable for Mu Qiu’s clean and pure face. Cheng Yanmo put down his glass, took his things, got up, and walked out.

“Mu Qiu.”

Mu Qiu halted.

She turned around in surprise and saw that it was really Cheng Yanmo calling her. Mu Qiu’s eyes lit up. “Master Cheng.”

Cheng Yanmo strode up to her. He stared at Mu Qiu seriously for a moment before suddenly asking, “Care to chat?”

“Ah…” Mu Qiu didn’t know what to say to Cheng Yanmo. Did he want to talk about how he felt that night? In the end, Mu Qiu still followed Cheng Yanmo out of the Japanese restaurant.

Not seeing Mu Qiu’s car at the door, Cheng Yanmo lowered his head and said, “Take my car.”

“Alright, sorry to trouble you.”

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