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Chapter 160: Zhan, His Name

Hearing this, Song Ci felt amused and pained at the same time. “Then I’ll give you some later to try.”


Han Zhan wasn’t interested in wine, but he also opened a bottle of red wine. He liked seeing Song Ci taste wine elegantly. That bottle was not finished in the end and was brought back to the hotel by Song Ci.

After returning to the hotel to change into formal wear, the two of them set off for the Golden Hall to watch the performance.

There was a world-renowned pianist performing tonight. Han Zhan bought tickets in advance. He held Song Ci’s hand, walked into the main hall, found their seats, and sat down.

There were no empty seats and the atmosphere was very good.

After sitting down, Song Ci tidied up her skirt that was scattered around her legs. She looked up at the first row, tilted her head, and whispered in Han Zhan’s ear, “When I came here the last time, I was sitting in the first row. At that time, my teacher was standing on stage.”

That was 10 years ago. Song Ci still remembered it vividly. She said, “That day, my teacher was the most outstanding man in the entire audience. Everyone was impressed by his performance. My teacher is the most wonderful musician I have ever seen.”

Song Ci looked slightly despondent at the mention of Shen Yubei. She missed her teacher but was too ashamed to meet him.

Han Zhan tucked a stray strand of Song Ci’s hair behind her ear. Before the performance started, he couldn’t help kissing the side of Song Ci’s face. The tip of Song Ci’s nose was against his. He said, “The next time I come back, I will sit in the first row and look up at you on stage in the stars.”

Song Ci’s lashes quivered.

She couldn’t help licking her lips as her heart thumped wildly. “You really think that day will come?”

“Of course.” Han Zhan’s determined expression made Song Ci feel a surge of strength.

She clutched her purse tightly and looked down. No one knew what she was thinking.

The performance started and everyone quietened down to enjoy the music. After the performance ended, the audience left one by one. Song Ci stood up and heard Han Zhan say, “I am going to the washroom, wait for me.”

“… Okay.”

Song Ci waited for a while. When all the audience had left, she still didn’t see Han Zhan.

Standing alone in a foreign concert hall, Song Ci looked very small and lonely.

Why isn’t Han Zhan here yet?

Song Ci felt slightly uneasy.

She found her cell phone and was about to call Han Zhan when all the lights on stage suddenly lit up.

A man’s voice echoed throughout the entire golden hall from the microphone.

“Next, let’s welcome the young violinist Song Ci to perform for us!”

It was Han Zhan’s voice.

Hearing this voice, Song Ci turned around in shock and saw Han Zhan walking out from the backstage.

Han Zhan held a violin in his left hand and a bow in his right. He walked up to Song Ci and stuffed the violin solemnly into her hands. “I secretly brought your violin over from China without your permission.”

This wasn’t the violin that Yan Jiang had given Song Ci previously. Instead, it was the violin that Han Zhan had carved with the word “Baby Ci”. Song Ci felt that this scene was slightly absurd, but her heart was filled with waves of gratitude.

She tugged at her hair helplessly and said with a red face, “Brother Han, don’t fool around. Not just anyone can be on this stage. I…”

A finger suddenly went up to Song Ci’s lips, silencing her incessant chatter.

Song Ci pursed her lips and looked up at Han Zhan. He said, “So what? No matter what, I will always be your loyal listener.”

Song Ci chuckled.

Han Zhan urged her. “Go up. I spent money to buy you a chance to perform on stage. You can’t waste it.” It was expensive.

Song Ci didn’t argue further. She carried the violin and walked up to the stage.

There was only Han Zhan in the huge audience, but Song Ci felt like the entire world was listening to her. She closed her eyes slightly, lifted her bow, and started playing a violin tune that Han Zhan had never heard before.

The sound of the violin echoed throughout the entire Golden Hall. Hearing the wailing sound of the violin, the staff behind the scenes in the Golden Hall stopped what they were doing and walked up to the stage in unison.

They were either leaning against their seats or standing with their arms crossed, quietly listening to Song Ci’s performance.

Having worked at Golden Hall for so many years, even an illiterate person would have developed a good taste for music. They had never heard the piece Song Ci played, but they were all stunned.

Music had a soul.

They could hear a soul wailing in Song Ci’s sorrowful tune. A bearded man suddenly rubbed his eyes. He had been moved by Song Ci’s music.

Song Ci had her eyes closed the entire time and didn’t know the reactions of the audience.

Her pretty face was originally filled with sorrow and silence. But in the next second, her gorgeous red lips suddenly curved into a brilliant smile. The sound of her violin also started to become like a refreshing spring breeze.

It was as if a ray of light had burrowed into the darkness, and hope blossomed in her despondent soul.

The sound of the violin became more and more diligent and lively. At one point, Song Ci suddenly opened her beautiful eyes. She hugged her violin and started to spin, her curly hair swaying seductively in the air.

She was completely immersed in her own performance and had entered a mysterious independent world.

Han Zhan stared at Song Ci, who was glowing all over. He suddenly understood the essence of the phrase “God grants rice”.

My Baby Ci is someone who was given food by God.

After finishing the last note, Song Ci’s swaying body remained still. She closed her eyes again and slowly calmed her racing heart. Only when her agitated heart finally calmed down did Song Ci put down her bow and open her eyes.

Song Ci was slightly shocked to see more than 20 unfamiliar foreigners suddenly appearing behind Han Zhan.

She blushed and felt somewhat helpless.

“Girl, you are such a genius!” Someone whistled at her and gave her a thumbs-up.

The crowd erupted in applause. Song Ci was momentarily stunned before she broke into a pure smile. She bowed and thanked him in German.

Someone asked her, “Is this your own creation? What is it called?”

Song Ci didn’t understand German and looked to Han Zhan for help. Han Zhan translated that person’s question into Chinese and told Song Ci, “He asked you if this is your own creation. What is the name of the work?”

Song Ci replied in Chinese, “I improvised this work just now. I named it… Zhan.”

Han Zhan was stunned.

Someone nudged Han Zhan. “Sir, what did she say just now?” Unable to understand Mandarin, they had no choice but to get Han Zhan to translate.

Han Zhan snapped out of his trance and couldn’t help but smile. He answered, “This was made on the spot by my wife. She said that the work is called Zhan.” He said ‘Zhan’ in Chinese.

The other party’s eyes turned extremely puzzled. “Jian?” The man tried to say the name of the song but the word “Zhan” was changed to “Jian.”

Han Zhan shook his head slightly, pointed at himself, and explained, “Zhan, my name.”

“Cool!” Everyone finally understood.

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