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Chapter 162: I Am About to Die

Cheng Yanmo drove Mu Qiu to the riverside square on the banks of the Yulong River. The two of them chose a wooden chair and sat down.

Sitting there, they could see the Crouching Dragon Building. Mu Qiu stared at that domineering dragon head and asked Cheng Yanmo softly, “Master Cheng, what do you want to talk to me about?”

Cheng Yanmo chuckled. “You called me Master Cheng?”

Mu Qiu instinctively explained. “Everyone calls you that.”

Cheng Yanmo’s eyes dimmed slightly. He said, “But that night, you called me Brother Mo.” Thinking of that crying and happy ‘Brother Mo’, Cheng Yanmo’s chest warmed slightly.

Mu Qiu blushed.

She shot Cheng Yanmo a reproachful look, turned to look at her surroundings, and noticed that no one else heard Cheng Yanmo’s words. Only then did Mu Qiu relax. “Master Cheng, you said before that you’re not the kind of person who will be responsible for a woman after sleeping. In that case, let’s not talk about the details of that night anymore.”

Mu Qiu was truly heartless.

Mu Qiu was the most sensible girl Cheng Yanmo had ever met.

“It was a pleasant night.” Cheng Yanmo didn’t intend to change the subject.

Mu Qiu felt slightly helpless. She didn’t know whether it was a happy occasion or not, but it was deeply etched in her memory. “If you keep talking about this, I will think that you are still missing me, Master Cheng.” Mu Qiu used her most innocent expression to say the most seductive words.

Cheng Yanmo watched as her expression darkened.

He didn’t want to admit that he had been thinking of Mu Qiu all this time. She was clearly not the hottest girl in the room, and her skills… could be said to be lacklustre. But that innocent and natural reaction was what Cheng Yanmo loved.

Cheng Yanmo took out his cell phone and looked at it for a while, before turning it off again.

A gentle breeze blew past. Mu Qiu’s hair swayed gently and a faint layer of sadness covered her face. This made Mu Qiu look even more fragile and beautiful. Cheng Yanmo’s throat tightened. He reached out and hooked a strand of Mu Qiu’s black hair in the wind.

Mu Qiu stared at his actions, her brows slightly furrowed.

“Mu Qiu.” Cheng Yanmo invited her. “I am resting tomorrow. Do you want to come to my house tonight?”

Mu Qiu was stunned.

Coming back to her senses, she asked Cheng Yanmo, “Are you addicted to me, Master Cheng?”

Cheng Yanmo replied, “I’m not addicted, but I do miss you.”

Mu Qiu suddenly took off Cheng Yanmo’s glasses. She leaned close to him and gazed into his pitch-black eyes. “Master Cheng, you’ve made things very difficult for me…” She was already prepared to never pester Cheng Yanmo again before her death, but he came to provoke her instead.

Cheng Yanmo took back his glasses and put them on, before asking her, “What’s your answer?”

Her heart wavered for him and she couldn’t say no. Mu Qiu nodded and agreed. “Alright, let’s go to your house.”

After a night of passion, Cheng Yanmo realized that not only was he not satisfied, he wanted more. The next morning, Mu Qiu woke up, saw Cheng Yanmo neatly dressed in the armchair, and greeted him.

“Morning.” Cheng Yanmo nodded at her, his eyes still fixed on Mu Qiu.

Mu Qiu could sense it. She pulled down her shirt and sat on the bed. She turned to ask Cheng Yanmo, “Master Cheng, do you have something to say to me?”

Cheng Yanmo stood up slowly and walked over to the side of the bed. He exuded an air of nobility and arrogance. Mu Qiu was about to put on her slippers when the man suddenly said, “Let’s date and see how it goes.”

Mu Qiu widened her eyes.

She looked up in shock and met Cheng Yanmo’s gaze. He looked at her with a complex expression and said, “Mu Qiu, you’re an adult and I’m single. Let’s date.”

This was a development that Mu Qiu never expected.

“Didn’t you say that you’re not the kind of person who will take responsibility after a good night’s sleep?” Mu Qiu didn’t understand. “Why… do you want to try it with me?”

Cheng Yanmo said frankly, “It’s rare for me to be infatuated with someone of the opposite sex. I want to get to know you better.”

To Cheng Yanmo’s surprise, Mu Qiu didn’t react joyfully or happily.

Cheng Yanmo frowned. Could I have guessed wrongly? Mu Qiu didn’t like me at all? That shouldn’t be the case. Every now and then, this little girl would look at me with infatuation and love in her eyes.

Mu Qiu clutched tightly at the fabric of her blouse. She bit her lips, her expression sorrowful.

“Master Cheng, you might not know, but I…”


Cheng Yanmo was slightly annoyed by Mu Qiu’s hesitation. “You’re not willing?”

“Not really.” Mu Qiu got up and walked over to Cheng Yanmo’s side. Standing beside him, Mu Qiu finally told him. “I have a heart disease. Two months ago, my condition suddenly acted up. I have RH-negative blood. It’s very difficult to find a suitable heart for a rare blood type with a rare blood type. I waited for more than two months but…”

A hint of shock flashed across Cheng Yanmo’s eyes.

“So you—”

“I am going to die soon.” Mu Qiu looked up with an extremely cold smile on her pale face. “Brother Mo, I don’t have much time left. Perhaps you will hear about the Mu family’s daughter dying from a heart attack tomorrow. Perhaps the next time we meet will be my funeral…”

Mu Qiu’s fingers were almost tearing her blouse.

She lowered her head to conceal her fragility so that Cheng Yanmo wouldn’t see.

Cheng Yanmo remained silent. He was somewhat stunned by this news.

Cheng Yanmo was a very busy man. He naturally didn’t know about the heart attack of the Mu Family’s youngest daughter. As a result, after knowing Mu Qiu for so long, Cheng Yanmo actually didn’t know that she had a heart attack and was even sentenced to death by the doctor.

“I’ll go change first.” Mu Qiu went to the dryer to get her own clothes. After changing, she returned to the room. She saw Cheng Yanmo returning to the window, quietly staring out, looking deeply shocked.

Mu Qiu couldn’t bear it and comforted Cheng Yanmo instead. “After spending more than two months, I’ve already accepted the fact that I’m a patient. Brother Mo, you don’t have to be sad for me. This is my destiny.”

“I’m leaving. See you next time.” Mu Qiu picked up her bag, glanced at Cheng Yanmo reluctantly, and then left.

Cheng Yanmo suddenly turned around and called out to Mu Qiu. “I will help you search for your heart. Wait for my news.”

Mu Qiu turned and gave him a grateful smile. “Thank you.” But Mu Qiu no longer held any hope.

Mu Mian had already contacted someone from the underground market, but there was still no good news. This meant that it wasn’t easy to find the heart source of RH-negative blood. If Mu Mian couldn’t find it, so could Cheng Yanmo.

]Walking out of Cheng Yanmo’s house, Mu Qiu’s smile suddenly disappeared.

Leaning against the wall in front of Cheng’s family residence, she slowly slid to the ground, hugged her head, and started crying.

Date and see…

Mu Qiu’s heart broke. How can I have the time to date Cheng Yanmo and see how it goes?

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