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Chapter 159: Song Ci, who will Seek Revenge for the Smallest Grievances

After entering the toilet, Song Ci sat on the toilet lid. She took her own cell phone, quickly typed a message, and sent it to her social media. Putting down her cell phone, Song Ci stared at herself in the mirror, opened her small makeup case, and took out a lace queen eye mask.

Song Ci was preparing in the bathroom. Han Zhan stood at the door and asked Song Ci, “Baby Ci, is Photoshop or Meitu Xiuxiu better?”

Song Ci said, “A newbie will use Meitu Xiuxiu.”

Han Zhan nodded and deleted Photoshop. He promised again. “I will photoshop and make you even more beautiful in future.”

Han Zhan was curious as he didn’t hear any movements inside. “Baby Ci, what are you doing?”

Song Ci put down her eyeliner and pursed her red lips before saying, “A surprise.”

“I look forward to it.”

Han Zhan turned and walked towards the sofa. He had just sat down when he heard the sound of the toilet door turning. Han Zhan looked up and saw Song Ci standing at the door.

She was wearing a pure black silk pyjamas with straps. Her lovely long curly hair was draped over her back and a lacy queen’s eye mask was tied around her face. She had drawn her eyeliner and under that sexy, mysterious eye mask, her eyes were long, slender, and full of charm.

Han Zhan held his breath and forgot what he wanted to say.

Song Ci walked up to Han Zhan with bare feet. Only two extremely thin straps hung on her porcelain-white shoulders, as if they would snap at the slightest touch. Han Zhan reached out and hooked one of the straps, before asking her, “When did you buy the pajamas? You look very good in them.”

“I bought it at the mall on the day of the launch.” Song Ci kissed Han Zhan’s glabella and left a lipstick mark on it.

“Brother Han.” Song Ci bent down and hooked Han Zhan’s chin with her slender index finger. Lowering her eyes to look at Han Zhan’s vibrating Adam’s apple, Song Ci lifted her red lips and smiled rather domineeringly. “We can’t waste time on the first night of our honeymoon, Brother Han…”

Han Zhan gave her a meaningful look and pulled her into his arms…

It was deep into the night.

Han Zhan was wearing a pair of long pants and stood on the balcony with a cup of warm tea in his hand. In the room, Song Ci had already fallen asleep. After being exhausted, she was sleeping in a very obedient position, her long hair scattered all over Han Zhan’s pillow.

Han Zhan leaned against the railing and gazed at Song Ci sleeping soundly on the bed. He suddenly thought of a phrase.

Insatiable appetite.


Han Zhan received a message from his grandfather.

Calculating the time, it was already early in the morning in China. He wondered why his grandfather was looking for him so early in the morning. Han Zhan unlocked his cell phone, opened his chat with his grandfather, and opened the unread voice message.

Han Zhan heard his grandfather say: [Haha, kid, why were you so fat in the past? Just now when I saw that photo of you on Lass Song’s social media page, even I despised you!]

Han Zhan: [Mmm? What post?] He replied to his grandfather with a voice message.

Grandpa: [Didn’t you see?]

Han Zhan exited of the chat and found Song Ci, who was pinned to the top. After entering her social media page, he realized that Song Ci had updated a few hours ago.

Song Ci: [Guess who this cute and honest little fatty is? Image.jpg.] Song Ci’s attachment was a fat photo of Han Zhan when he was 12 years old. Song Ci had taken this photo on her cell phone a few days ago at Han Zhan’s hometown.

When Han Zhan saw that photo, he broke down slightly.

Song Ci had so many friends on WeChat that Han Zhan wasn’t sure how many people had seen her photo. Song Ci had posted it at 3am in the middle of the night. Calculating the time, she must have posted it while hiding in the toilet.

Han Zhan could only pray that not many people saw the photo.

He put down his glass and cell phone, returned to his room, found Song Ci’s cell phone, and unlocked it with his fingerprint.

Song Ci was sleeping like a pig and had no idea about this. Song Ci’s friends didn’t sleep at all in the middle of the night and were all active on various social media platforms. When Han Zhan opened Song Ci’s WeChat account, he saw that the bottom row of the Discovery column displayed the number “65.”

Han Zhan clicked on the status page and saw rows of likes and comments under Song Ci’s status.

Friend A: [Who is this? He is so fat and cute.]

Friend B: [Look at the color of these eyes…]

Friend C: [Could it be…]

Friend D: [Your husband?]

Han Wangwang: [Hahaha, Little Aunt, you must really love Little Uncle! Only true love can be so unscrupulous.]

Han Zhan finally saw how vicious Song Ci’s revenge was.

A vengeful little rascal!

He put down his cell phone and laid down on the other side of the bed. He pinched Song Ci’s nose in retaliation. She instinctively slapped his hand away. “Stop it…” She turned over and continued sleeping.

Han Zhan couldn’t help sighing. “Baby Ci can’t you be kinder to me?”

Early in the morning, Song Ci sat at the coffee table on the balcony, basking in the morning sun as she ate her breakfast and observed the various pedestrians downstairs. The weather was cooler here and she was wearing a long V-neck silk dress with a windbreaker to ward off the cold.

Han Zhan pulled open the curtains and walked out bare-chested. He saw the low-cut dress under her windbreaker, frowned, and asked her, “Must you wear this to spite me?” She had forgotten the family rules.

Song Ci took a sip of milk and licked the milk bubbles on her lips. “How many days have you slept at 10pm sharp? You can choose not to follow the rules, so can I.”

Han Zhan had already broken his own rules, and it was indeed unreasonable to expect Song Ci to follow them. However, Han Zhan felt slightly jealous to have his lover go out wearing such sexy clothes.

“Can’t you just button up your windbreaker?” This was Han Zhan’s final offer.

Song Ci put down the food in her hand, stood up, walked up to Han Zhan, opened her arms, and said, “Brother Han, help me.” Although she said this, her expression was as arrogant as a queen’s.

Han Zhan bent down and buttoned up all the buttons of her windbreaker without any complaints. “We will go to the Meiquan Palace in the morning, the Princess Ceci museum in the afternoon, and the Golden Hall at night. Put everything you need into your bag. I will help you carry it.”


Only after Song Ci went to pack up did Han Zhan sit down to eat. After breakfast, Han Zhan made a call and within a short while, the hotel sent him a car. The driver accompanied him all day and had a good service attitude, waiting for his instructions at all times.

They went to Meiquan Palace first. There were many people at the scenic area. Song Ci took a few photos of Han Zhan before putting her camera away. The two of them walked around Meiquan Palace before going to the next location. They shopped until evening before going for dinner.

A funny thing happened during the meal. Han Zhan ordered expensive dishes for Song Ci, while he ordered large quantities of food for himself.

Song Ci smiled at him. “The food you ordered isn’t very tasty. Just give me some.”

Han Zhan said, “I will need to eat three servings of yours to be full.” This restaurant was very expensive. Han Zhan didn’t feel the pinch when spending money on Song Ci, but he couldn’t bear to spend on himself.

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