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Chapter 158: Han Zhan: My Wife is the Most Beautiful

Arriving at the airport, Yan Jiang greeted Fu Hanshen’s team. Noticing that there was a man he knew in the same team, a suspicion flashed across his mind. “Mr. Long, why are you also here?” The Mr. Long that Yan Jiang spoke of was none other than Long Yu.

There were three men and a woman behind Long Yu. They were all in their thirties or forties and looked very ordinary. Long Yu smiled at Yan Jiang and explained. “Madam is worried about Miss Song Fei and sent us along to protect her team.”

Yan Jiang gave Long Yu a meaningful look.

Although Long Yu was Song Ci’s bodyguard, he only obeyed Han Zhan. Only Han Zhan could mobilize them. Long Yu obviously didn’t tell the truth just now. Knowing that Congo was in a mess did Han Zhan worry about Song Fei’s safety, so he specifically sent Long Yu and the rest to Congo?

Yan Jiang felt that there was something slightly off about this incident.

At the same time, on the flight from Shunchen City to Haicheng, Han Zhan suddenly said to Song Ci, “Brother Long has some matters to attend to at home. When we get back from our honeymoon, I will send you a new driver.”

“What happened to his family?”

“His grandfather is dying, so he needs to spend the elderly’s last moments with him.” Han Zhan silently apologized to Long Yu’s grandfather who had passed away two years ago.

“Then he should go back and accompany his grandfather. I am fine. As long as it’s someone you arrange by my side, I will be assured.” Han Zhan would never send a weak driver to protect her.

“That’s good.” It would take about two hours from Shunchen to Hai Cheng. Song Ci said, “Brother Han, you do your own thing. I want to watch a movie.” She found a Polish movie called 365dni and started watching it.

Han Zhan retrieved a book from his luggage and placed it on the table. Song Ci glanced at the book cover and saw three words written with a brush:

Virtue Scripture.

Song Ci’s expression changed slightly. She looked at Han Zhan’s book and then looked at her own passionate movie. She suddenly felt that even Brother Han’s soul had become sacred and interesting.

Noticing Song Ci’s gaze, Han Zhan smiled and asked her, “What are you thinking about now?”

Song Ci asked, “Have you been studying philosophy recently?”

Han Zhan nodded. “Mmm.”

“Why are you studying this?”

Han Zhan said, “Acting cool.”

Song Ci was stunned. She cupped her fists and praised Han Zhan. “Mr. Han is such a wonderful person.”

“Watch your movie.” Han Zhan opened the book to the bookmark page, looked down, and concentrated on reading.

Only then did Song Ci put on her earphones and started the movie.

Unknowingly, an hour had already passed. Han Zhan had been reading with his head lowered and his neck felt rather tired. He reached out to pinch the back of his neck, looked up, and shook his head.

When he shook his head and saw the screen in front of Song Ci, his expression instantly changed to one of shock.

Song Ci was actually watching one of the 18 forbidden erotic films on the plane!

Seeing Han Zhan staring at the movie in front of her with a strange expression, Song Ci took off her earphones and asked considerately, “Brother Han, do you want to watch it? I’ll give you my earphones?”

Han Zhan shook his head with a complicated expression. “No, I don’t want to watch it.” It was not suitable to watch this on the plane.

At this moment, a stewardess walked over with a tray. Han Zhan hurriedly covered the screen with a blanket, afraid of being discovered by the stewardess. After the stewardess left, Song Ci took off the towel and teased him. “Are you so innocent, Brother Han?”

Han Zhan’s expression was serious. “It’s not good to watch such a big-scale movie in public.”

“If I block it, others won’t be able to see.” Song Ci took up Han Zhan’s book and blocked her screen.

Han Zhan hurriedly snatched his book away and said, “Don’t ruin my Virtue Scripture.” He even blew on the cover.

Song Ci was amused by him and had no choice but to turn off the movie. After turning off the movie, Song Ci recalled the movie she had just watched. After a while, she came to a conclusion. “That man’s figure is not as good as Brother Han’s.”

Han Zhan smiled. “Thank you for your affirmation.”

Around 9am, the plane landed in Haicheng. The two of them had lunch at the airport before boarding the flight back to Vienna at 1pm. After the plane took off, Song Ci chatted with Han Zhan for a while before dozing off.

Song Ci had fallen asleep. Her lips were slightly parted, and on closer look, one could see a little bit of drool at the corner of her lips. Han Zhan felt that the way Song Ci looked when she was asleep was kind of cute and adorable. He couldn’t resist taking a photo of her sleeping face with the digital camera.

Thinking of how those big boss friends in the WeChat group would always share their feelings and pictures when taking their wives on a holiday, Han Zhan felt that his wife was the most beautiful sight. After alighting from the plane and reaching the hotel, Han Zhan posted on his social media.

That night, all the big shots and elites who had added Han Zhan’s WeChat friend circle saw that Han Zhan, who seldom updated his circle of friends, had posted:

Han Zhan: My wife is so beautiful.jpg

Song Ci was indeed very beautiful. Even when she was asleep, she was still very pretty. On Han Zhan’s WeChat account, everyone commented that Mrs. Han was as beautiful as a flower and was a fairy herself.

After taking a bath, Song Ci applied a layer of fragrant body lotion on herself. She changed into the sexy pyjamas that she had prepared in advance and walked out of the bathroom. Seeing Han Zhan sitting on the sofa playing with his cell phone, she purposely pulled down the collar of her pyjamas and quietly walked towards him.

Standing behind Han Zhan, Song Ci bent down and wrapped her arms around him. Her hands slipped under that thin shirt.

“Brother Han.”

Biting Han Zhan’s ear, Song Ci pretended to be unhappy. “Just look at me. Why are you staring at your cell phone?”

Han Zhan grabbed Song Ci’s unruly hand and handed the screen to her. Like a child waiting to be praised, he said excitedly, “Baby Ci, I’ve posted you on my social media. My friends are all praising your good looks.”

“Is that so? Let me see!”

Song Ci excitedly took the cell phone and looked down. She saw a photo of herself sleeping with messy hair and drooling mouth. She felt as if she had been struck by lightning. “You posted a photo of me drooling! Why didn’t you photoshop it? Han Zhan, what feud do you have with me!”

Han Zhan was dumbstruck by Song Ci’s scolding.

He looked at the photo on his cell phone and then looked at Song Ci’s true self in front of him. He felt slightly aggrieved. “You’re so beautiful, why are you still photoshopping? Only an indecent person would use photoshop…”

“What do you know? Photoshopping is the most basic form of respect for a girl!” Even if she was already stunning enough, photoshopping had already become a ritual.

Han Zhan remembered this rule to heart and apologized with a good attitude. “I will remember to photoshop in the future.”

There was no need to delete a photo that had already been seen by friends. Song Ci returned the phone to Han Zhan. “I’ll forgive you this time.”

Han Zhan kept his cell phone and grabbed Song Ci’s hand. He ran his fingers along her fingertips, preparing to taste her beauty. At this moment, Song Ci suddenly pushed Han Zhan’s head away. “Later, I’m going to the toilet!”

With that, she went into the toilet.

Han Zhan thought that she was feeling unwell and took up his cell phone to download a photoshop software to study the tutorial.

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