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Chapter 151: Han Zhan: You Bullied Me

Han Zhan was dazed.

Taking advantage of him being in a trance, Song Ci released him and hurried over to his side. She raised her arms and threw the ball into the hoop.

From afar, Han Aoyu roared. “Two points, good shot!”

Holding the basketball, Song Ci turned and raised her brows proudly at Han Zhan.

Han Zhan raised his brows and wanted to say something, but he shut his mouth in the end. Han Aoyu walked over, looked at his grandson in disdain, and lectured him with a straight face. “Useless! Your willpower is so little!”

Han Zhan accepted the scolding honestly and couldn’t retort. Han Aoyu looked at the little fox Song Ci again and commented. “Although you won, it was an unfair victory!”

Song Ci cursed in her heart. “It’s good that I won. Who cares about the process?” But she admitted her mistake honestly. “Grandpa is right.”

“I should sleep now. You guys sleep early too.” After Han Aoyu left, Han Zhan glanced at Song Ci mildly and said, “You’re not nice.”

Song Ci was speechless.

Han Zhan said, “You bullied me.”

Song Ci remained silent.

Han Zhan added, “You seduced me.”

Song Ci’s red lips curled up. “Yes, I seduced you. So what?” She stuffed the basketball into Han Zhan’s arms and asked him, “Are you going to take the bait or ignore me?”

Han Zhan grabbed her waist and pulled Song Ci into his arms. Han Zhan suddenly carried Song Ci up horizontally and brought her upstairs with vigorous and hurried steps. The next morning, Song Ci woke up early in the morning and Han Zhan had already put on a nightdress for her. She lifted the blanket and went to the French window to see Han Zhan. He was wearing an old camouflage suit and was conducting a 400m obstacle course at the school grounds.

This was the first time Song Ci saw Han Zhan in a camouflage uniform. The color of the uniform was slightly pale.

Song Ci tidied herself up and went downstairs. Seeing that his grandfather was weeding in the vegetable garden, she walked over to the side of the garden and asked Han Aoyu, “Grandpa, are there any photos of Brother Han when he was in the military?”

Han Aoyu said, “Yes, I’ll get your Uncle Zhong to get it.” Han Aoyu called Zhong Buhui over and gave a few instructions. Zhong Buhui entered the house and not long after, came out holding a photo album.

“Song Ci, there are photos of Zhanzhan in the military inside here.” He handed the photo album to Song Ci.

Song Ci took the photo album. “Thank you, Uncle Zhong.” She carried the photo album and sat down on a wooden swing by the garden. She opened the photo album on her lap and started to flip through the first photo.

This should be the family photo album of the Han Family. Not only was there a photo of Old Master Han Aoyu when he was younger, there was also a photo of Grandma Han. Song Ci had only seen Grandma Han’s funeral photo before. Song Ci was stunned, when she saw the young grandmother in the photo.

In the photo, his grandmother was in her twenties and wearing a green army uniform hat that was popular in the 1960s. She had shoulder-length hair and wore no makeup. Her eyes and teeth were exceptionally sharp.

In that era, such looks were truly beautiful.

Flipping back, she saw that grandma looked to be in her forties. It was in the late 1980s. Grandma was wearing a pure white collared blouse paired with a bright red line dress. Her hair was done up in a very western style with curly black hair. She had put on lipstick in the shape of a brow, making her look elegant and alluring.

It could be seen that at this point in time, society was gradually becoming more open. Grandma had also become more fashionable and learned how to put on makeup.

Further back was a photo of Han Aoyu when he was middle-aged. Due to the fact that he had joined the military, Han Aoyu had a righteous air about him and a pair of sharp eyes. One look and Song Ci could tell that he wasn’t someone to be trifled with. After seeing his grandmother and grandfather in the photo, Song Ci felt that her grandfather was really lucky to have such a beautiful wife.

After flipping through a few more pages, Song Ci finally saw her mother-in-law, Han Mulan. Han Mulan had been fair and chubby when she was young. Her face was flushed red as she sat on a bamboo chair, smiling so widely that her white teeth were exposed. She was very adorable.

The last few photos were all of Han Mulan’s childhood.

Song Ci flipped the pages again. A beautiful face suddenly entered her line of sight. At first glance, Song Ci thought she saw her own mother. But when she focused and looked again, she realized that this woman didn’t look like her mother at all. It was just that the expression on her face and the charm in her smile were very similar.

This should be how Han Zhan’s mother would look like when she was an adult.

At this moment, Han Zhan walked over. He was sweating profusely and took off his camouflage jacket and vest. Seeing that Han Zhan wasn’t wearing a shirt, Song Ci teased him. “Brother Han is being a hooligan again.”

Han Zhan casually received a clean towel from Uncle Zhong and wiped his sweaty hair and neck. He walked up to Song Ci and looked down to see her sizing up her mother’s photo.

A dark glint flashed across Han Zhan’s eyes. He bent over, snatched the photo album from Song Ci’s hands, and asked her with a smile, “What are you looking at that’s so captivating?”

Song Ci snatched the photo album back and placed it on her lap. “Looking at your mother’s photo.” Song Ci pointed at the photo of her mother-in-law, Han Mulan, when she was younger. She teased Han Zhan. “Brother Han, you don’t look like your mother-in-law at all.”

Han Zhan looked at his mother carefully and nodded. “Mmm, I don’t look like her.” I look like my father.

]Song Ci added, “On closer look, mother-in-law looks somewhat like me.” Song Ci stroked her own cheek in satisfaction, tilted her head, and asked Han Zhan, “Does this count as our mother-in-law and daughter-in-law’s face?”

Han Zhan stared at Song Ci’s face for a while before saying, “Mmm, yes.”

Gazing at Han Mulan’s face, Song Ci suddenly sighed. “It’s a pity that your mother and my mother died too early. If they were still alive, they would have become good sisters.”

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