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Chapter 152: Han Zhan is That Person

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Looking at her mother-in-law’s smiling face, Song Ci smiled. “Actually, your mother’s manner is very similar to my mother’s. Some people will believe that they are sisters.”

A question rolled out of Han Zhan’s throat. “Do they look alike?”

“Mmm, you haven’t seen my mother when she was still alive. If you have, you will know how similar they look when they smile.” Song Ci didn’t stare at her mother-in-law’s photo for too long. She continued to flip through the photos, hoping to find the way Han Zhan looked in his military uniform.

Han Zhan stood behind the swing and stared at the blooming rose in front of Song Ci in a daze.

Song Ci’s exclamation drew Han Zhan’s attention back.

“Brother Han, you look so handsome in military uniform!”

Upon hearing this, Han Zhan looked down and saw a photo of him when he was young. It was a photo of Han Zhan and Han Aoyu together. Han Zhan was wearing a military uniform and standing side by side with his grandfather in front of the military gates. They stood tall and straight like two large cypress trees.

Han Zhan had seen and also worn many luxury haute couture outfits before, but what he loved the most in his life was that military uniform.

Han Zhan told Song Ci, “This is a photo I took when Grandpa went to visit me at the army after I finished my recruit training.”

Song Ci touched Han Zhan’s face in the photo and smiled. “You were so young then.”

“Don’t indirectly mock me for being old. Regardless of how old I am, I am more than enough to satisfy you.” Han Zhan lifted his long legs, flipped over the swing, and sat beside Song Ci.

Song Ci pretended not to understand his dirty talk.

She flipped to Han Zhan’s graduation photo from high school.

At this point, Han Zhan’s eyes were still sharp and he didn’t know how to control his gaze. Wearing a black t-shirt and having short hair, his deep features and those gray-blue eyes made him look like a sharp sword.

Han Zhan glanced at the photo and saw a rope around his neck.

Song Ci was about to observe Han Zhan’s youthfulness, when Han Zhan suddenly stretched out his long arm and quickly took the photo album from Song Ci’s hand. He closed the photo album and stood up. “Go have breakfast. We are going up the mountain to pay respects to grandma later.”

Song Ci had yet to finish seeing the album and was feeling slightly disappointed. She wanted to flirt with Brother Han, so that she could finish reading the album, but hearing his words, she immediately gave up. She nodded and said, “Let’s go eat.”

As they walked into the dining room, Song Ci asked Han Zhan, “Tell me if there’s anything I need to pay attention to when paying respects to the deceased.”

Han Zhan told Song Ci what to take note of.

After breakfast, Zhong Buhui accompanied Han Aoyu to prepare the offerings, while Han Zhan went upstairs to change clothes. Meanwhile, Song Ci walked up to the television, opened the television cabinet, and retrieved the photo album that Han Zhan had stuffed in earlier.

She turned back to look upstairs and felt that Han Zhan probably wouldn’t come downstairs for the time being. Only then did she carry the photo album and sit down on the redwood sofa.

Song Ci placed the photo album on her lap and hesitated for a long while before opening it.

There’s definitely something fishy about Brother Han suddenly taking away the photo album. Song Ci guessed that there must be a secret hidden in this photo album that Han Zhan didn’t dare to let her know. Could it be a photo of him and Du Xueyan? 

Thinking of this, Song Ci flipped to the last few pages.

Song Ci flipped to the photo of Han Zhan’s class when he graduated. Han Zhan stood in the last row but she could not find Du Xueyan. It looked like Du Xueyan was in a different class from him.

Song Ci continued browsing.

Behind that class photo was a photo of Han Zhan and his brothers. From the start to the end, there was no sign of Du Xueyan at all. Song Ci couldn’t help wondering if Han Zhan had taken out Du Xueyan’s photo after they broke up because he detested her.

Zhong Buhui walked over with the offerings. Seeing that Song Ci was still flipping through the photo album, he thought to himself: That was close! Luckily, I was meticulous and took out the photo of Zhan Zhan and Du Xueyan in advance.

Actually, after Han Zhan stuffed these photos into the album that year, he didn’t flip through them again. Perhaps he had already forgotten that there were still photos of him and Du Xueyan in the album. Otherwise, the moment he discovered that Song Ci was flipping through the album, he would have forcefully taken it away.

He didn’t look at them, but Zhong Buhui and Old Master Han would flip through them a few times a year, so he naturally remembered them. As Du Xueyan was Han Zhan’s first girlfriend after all, even if Old Master wanted to throw away the photos of Du Xueyan and Han Zhan, he had to respect Han Zhan’s opinion, so he didn’t take it out.

Previously, when he heard Song Ci say that she wanted to look at the photo album, Zhong Buhui was cautious and took out those two photos in advance.

Seeing that Song Ci had reopened the photo album, Zhong Buhui secretly rejoiced at his quick wit.

Song Ci flipped to the back and saw two photos of Han Zhan when he was 8 or 9 years old. At that time, Han Zhan was tall and strong with a round tummy and looked rather simple and honest.

Song Ci hurriedly whipped out her cell phone and took a photo of Han Zhan.

Finally, she flipped to the last page.

In the last photo, Han Zhan, who was about 15 years old, was wearing only a pair of swimming trunks and standing beside a pond deep in the mountains. At this point, Han Zhan had already lost weight and his skeletal frame showed a slender, youthful frame.

After taking a few more glances, Song Ci closed the album. She stood up with the album in her hands and was about to put it back.

After taking two steps, Song Ci’s eyes widened slightly. She stopped in her tracks and eagerly opened the photo album again. Her gaze landed on the last photo.

In the photo, there was a black rope pendant hung around the youth’s neck. On the pendant was a peace charm with high-grade flowers. On both sides of the buckle were several pure gold beads.


This necklace was very familiar to Song Ci. It was lying in her wooden box and she had kept it for many years as a precious treasure!

Song Ci stared fixedly at the necklace with tears shimmering in her beautiful eyes.

At this point, Han Zhan’s footsteps could be heard coming down the stairs.

Song Ci hurriedly stuffed the photo album back into the television cabinet. She stood up and quickly turned back to see Han Zhan walking down from the corner platform on the second floor. Han Zhan was dressed entirely in black—a black suit, a black shirt, black leather gloves, and black leather shoes. This made him look somewhat cold and stern.

Han Zhan saw that there were tears in Song Ci’s eyes and frowned. “Baby Ci, what’s the matter?” Han Zhan hurried over to Song Ci, lifted her face, and scrutinized it.

Song Ci secretly pinched her own thigh. The pain helped her to maintain her composure. She smiled until her eyes were slightly red. She replied in a choked voice, “I’m fine. My toes kicked the TV cabinet just now. They hurt.”

Song Ci was wearing flat shoes with very soft leather. It was very easy to get injured if she accidentally kicked something.

Han Zhan believed her. He looked down at Song Ci’s shoes and saw that the leather was too soft. He said, “Wait!” Han Zhan quickly went upstairs and came down with Song Ci’s sports shoes in no time.

“Wear this. We still need to climb the stone stairs up the mountain later. Don’t kick it again.”


Song Ci bent over to change shoes. Han Zhan turned and walked towards the kitchen. Only then did Song Ci dare to wipe her tears with her sleeves.


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