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Chapter 150: A Man’s Mouth is a Lying Ghost

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After taking an afternoon nap, Han Aoyu brought Song Ci to the safe. Han Aoyu gave her a precious painting of Qi Baishi’s real melon with a bunch of grapes on it. Song Ci felt slightly dizzy when she received this extravagant gift.

Although the jewelry left behind by Han Zhan’s grandmother and mother were not collectible treasures, they were still very valuable antiques. Amongst them, his grandmother’s platinum and emerald ring was the work of an international jewelry master.

“This brooch is Zhanzhan’s mother’s favorite accessory. She wore it when she graduated from university.” Han Aoyu stroked that gorgeous fish-shaped brooch gently. Thinking of his daughter’s graduation day, he felt terrible.

“Zhanzhan’s mother is unfortunate and died early. If she were still alive, she would definitely be very satisfied with you. Lass Song, do keep all these things. Our family doesn’t have any other female descendants. You’re the only one. Wear it if you want to. Otherwise, keep it.”

Han Aoyu placed them in a jewelry box and handed it to Song Ci.

Song Ci hugged them but didn’t feel the joy of receiving gifts. Instead, she felt the pain. She stared at Old Master Han Aoyu’s slightly stooped back and hesitated before asking carefully, “Grandpa, how did Mother die?”

After asking this, Song Ci saw that Old Master was stunned.

Song Ci immediately regretted asking.

Han Aoyu didn’t turn back. He stared at Han Mulan’s graduation certificate on the shelf, and said in a low voice, “I think it’s better for Zhanzhan to tell you personally when the time is ripe, regarding Mulan.”

He turned back and smiled kindly at Song Ci. “She is Zhanzhan’s mother after all. If he is willing to tell you, he will. If he is not willing to tell you, I will not tell you too.” Although Han Aoyu was at an old fashioned age, he was a role model worthy of thousands of parents learning to respect their children.

Song Ci hurriedly nodded. “Grandpa is right, I understand.”

Song Ci carried the present back to the bedroom, but Han Zhan was still not in the room. After putting everything away, Song Ci heard Han Zhan’s shout from downstairs. She walked up to the French window, looked down, and saw that Han Zhan had taken off his jacket and was sparring with Lin Chong’an and Fang Shen in the school grounds.

Song Ci stared at Han Zhan’s vicious fighting moves. It was not hard to imagine how dashing he looked in the military. How many secrets is Brother Han hiding?

Thinking of how Han Zhan said there was a chestnut tree on the hill behind, Song Ci wanted to pick chestnuts. She took off her skirt, changed into a pair of long pants, and went downstairs. Song Ci wanted to find a basket but didn’t know where to find it.

She found Zhong Buhui and asked him, “Uncle Zhong, do you have a basket at home? I want to go to the back of the mountain to pick chestnuts.”


Zhong Buhui brought her to the storeroom and found a bamboo basket for her. Song Ci took the basket and sized it up carefully. She felt that the basket looked very unique and asked him, “Uncle Zhong, where did you buy this basket? I want to buy two and send them back to Wangdong City. In future, we will save on bags when buying groceries. It is environmentally friendly and we can save money too.”

Zhong Buhui did not reveal to her. “Guess.”

Song Ci couldn’t help pondering. Could this basket have been made up by Grandpa? “Is this Grandpa’s work?”

Zhong Buhui shook his head and revealed the truth. “No, Zhanzhan made it.”


Song Ci was shocked. Brother Han actually knows how to weave baskets? 

I think weaving was written under Han Zhan’s likes column.

“That’s nothing. Zhanzhan is very good at weaving.” Zhong Buhui opened a wooden cupboard which was filled with all sorts of decorative items. Zhong Buhui introduced them to her, “This big rooster, this rabbit, and this goose are all Zhanzhan’s creations.”

Song Ci carried the bamboo rabbit lovingly. “Can you give this to me?”

“Just take it.”

Song Ci brought the rabbit upstairs, before carrying the basket and accompanying Zhong Buhui to the back of the mountain to pick some chestnuts. Zhong Buhui used a bamboo stick to hit a few chestnuts, and the ripe chestnuts fell off.

Song Ci was wearing sports shoes. She used the sole of her shoes to soften the spikes on the chestnuts. Then, she used the screwdriver to pry open the chestnuts and took out the fruit inside. As it was her first time working, Song Ci was rather clumsy and stabbed her hand several times.

After a while, Han Zhan also arrived.

He had just fought with Fang Shen and the rest, and was covered in a layer of sweat. Heonly wore a short-sleeved sweatshirt without a jacket. The moment he arrived, Song Ci threw the screwdriver to Han Zhan. “Brother Han, you peel the shell.”

Han Zhan received the screwdriver and lowered his head to remove the chestnut’s shell. As he worked, he said, “Grandpa heard that you came to pick chestnuts and he has already started to kill the chickens.” Before Song Ci could reply, Han Zhan added, “Grandpa said that you are too skinny and need to nourish yourself more.”

Song Ci’s expression was slightly complicated. “Yesterday night, we just had duck hotpot and tonight we are having chestnuts stewed with chicken. It’s too nourishing these days.” Song Ci put down the basket in her hand and pinched her slender waist and legs. She felt that after staying in the countryside for a few days, she would gain several catties of meat.

“I am going to gain weight. Does Brother Han mind?”

Han Zhan shook his head first. “I don’t mind. It’s quite nice to have lots of meat. It’s very comfortable to hug.” Han Zhan looked up at Song Ci and saw that she was worried. He said, “Why is your idol burden so heavy? Whether you’re a little fat or skinny, you look very good.”

Song Ci immediately took out her cell phone and found a full-body photo of herself. She had photoshopped herself to look like a 150-odd pound fatty with double chin and thick legs. She handed the photo to Han Zhan and asked, “Do I look good?”

Han Zhan stared at the photo for a long while before saying, “You look better now.”

“Ha!” Song Ci sneered. “A man’s mouth is a lying ghost!”

The man started lying again. “But even if you gain weight, I will still like you.”

Song Ci was feeling rather happy inside, but she put on a doubtful expression. “The fats that you men like are the breasts, but not the waist. I know your gender very well.”

As a man, Han Zhan was guilty.

At night, his grandfather really made chestnut chicken. Song Ci ate the meat and mixed it with soup. She was really feeling a little full. She pulled Han Zhan around the school grounds a few times and did some warm-up exercises. Then, she took the basketball and went to the court with Han Zhan to play basketball.

To Han Zhan’s surprise, Song Ci’s basketball skills were not bad. Her skills in dribbling the ball made his eyes light up. She knew how to dribble the ball behind her, dribble the ball between her legs, and cross-step.

“Brother Han, let me perform a three-step basketball shot for you.” After Song Ci said that, she controlled the basketball to run a few steps under the basketball board, jumped, and used one hand to shoot the basketball into the basket. Han Zhan, who originally thought that Song Ci was bragging, was somewhat shocked.

“Not bad.” Han Zhan praised sincerely.

Han Zhan took off his jacket and said to Song Ci, “Come, let’s have a match!”

Song Ci was ambitious and had a vicious look in her eyes. She steered the ball towards the basketball hoop. Han Zhan blocked her path and even wanted to reach out to snatch her ball. Song Ci protected her ball well and tried to break through.

But Han Zhan was like a small hill blocking her way.

Song Ci couldn’t find an opportunity and was slightly annoyed by Han Zhan. She suddenly grabbed the collar of Han Zhan’s sweatshirt, pulled his head down, and kissed him fiercely.


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