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Chapter 145: He Just Wants to Woo Me


Song Ci sat elegantly on the sofa, knitting a sweater with two needles in her hands. She looked breathtakingly beautiful. Meanwhile, Han Zhan was sitting upright behind his desk, wearing glasses and was very focused on his work.

Li Li was slightly disappointed.

“What nonsense are you thinking about again?” Han Zhan glanced at Li Li with a faint smile and asked him, “What do you wish to see when you push open the door?”

Li Li sensibly didn’t answer this provocative question. He changed the topic and pointed at the already embryonic sweater on Song Ci’s lap. With an envious expression, he said, “Madam must have knitted this for Mr. Han. Mr. Han is so lucky and Madam is so virtuous.”

Hearing this, Han Zhan suddenly touched his glasses but didn’t say anything.

Li Li realized that something was off. If this was in the past, Han Zhan’s tail would have been wagging vigorously.

Song Ci turned and looked at the slightly jealous Han Zhan. She then looked down at the sweater on her lap and said with a smile, “I am returning to his hometown in Shunchen City next week. This is for Grandpa. I will knit another one for Brother Han in two days.”

Upon hearing this, Han Zhan suddenly looked up at Song Ci and said, “I like navy blue.”

Song Ci said, “I feel that white is nicer and makes Brother Han look easygoing and warm. I like men who look gentle and dependable.”

Han Zhan said, “I also think white suits me.” Han Zhan was like a fence-sitter; he would go wherever Song Ci’s wind blew.

Li Li regretted coming in to ask for trouble. “Please continue. My life is tough. I have to go out and accompany my business partners.” Li Li hurriedly turned and left.

After Li Li left, Song Ci turned back to look at Han Zhan. She saw that Han Zhan was drinking his nourishing tea and pitied Li Li’s hard life in her heart. “Brother Han is not kind. Manager Li is working so hard for the company, yet you are so carefree.”

Han Zhan put down the thermos cup and said expressionlessly, “It’s everyone’s responsibility to care for the handicapped.”

Song Ci was so angry that she laughed.

In the afternoon, Song Ci and Han Zhan went to the seventh floor for lunch. After returning to the office, Song Ci went into Han Zhan’s room to take a nap. Han Zhan didn’t sleep, as he sat in the office to handle some work.

The line suddenly rang. Han Zhan picked up the phone and heard the young man at the front desk say in his clear voice, “Mr. Han, a lady with the last name Han is looking for you.”

Han Zhan hid the contract with the proposal and replied, “Let her in.”

Shortly after, the door to the office was pulled open and Han Wangwang walked in wearing flat white shoes. She still had her hair in a ponytail and was wearing a dirty pink hat with a dirty pink hip-hop jacket.

Han Wangwang was carrying a black leather shoulder bag and sat on the sofa that Song Ci had previously sat on. Once she sat down, she said “Little Uncle, the young man at the front desk of your company is very handsome. He looks quite like my boyfriend, Wang Junkai. He’s very handsome. Pass me his WeChat number.”

Han Zhan rejected her mercilessly. “There’s no such thing as selling yourself for honor in my employee contract.”

Han Wangwang stuck out her tongue. “I will go get it myself later.” Han Wangwang was slightly disappointed that she didn’t manage to get his WeChat number. She leaned back on the sofa, her entire body laid out lazily like a salted fish with no ambition.

Han Zhan suddenly knocked on the keyboard. Hearing the sound, Han Wangwang opened his eyes and looked at Han Zhan listlessly. She asked weakly, “Little Uncle, why did you call me over?”

Han Zhan’s grayish blue eyes shot Han Wangwang an unhappy look. He said unhappily, “Lower your voice when you speak.”

Han Wangwang was dazed. She looked around the office and didn’t see a third person. She felt it was strange. “There’s no one else around. Why are you afraid of being overheard?” Han Wangwang’s eyes instinctively drifted below Han Zhan’s desk.

“Little Uncle, is there someone hiding under your table…” Han Wangwang saw all sorts of nonsense, and many dirty thoughts flashed across her mind.

Han Zhan sneered and mocked her. “Your aunt’s newly bought detergent is very good at removing dirt. When you are free, come visit our house. I will get your aunt to help you wash your brains.”

Han Wangwang opened her mouth and muttered unhappily, “Little Aunt should be the first to be cleaned…”

Han Zhan raised his brows. He actually couldn’t retort.

My Baby Ci’s brains are indeed rather dirty.

Coughing uncomfortably, Han Zhan tilted his head and looked at the tightly shut door of the lounge. He then told Han Wangwang, “Your little aunt is taking an afternoon nap inside.”

Han Wangwang was suddenly enlightened. She hurriedly nodded and said in a small voice, “Yes.” She threw down her bag, got up, walked up to Han Zhan’s desk, squatted down beside it, tilted her head, and looked at Han Zhan working.

Her little uncle was so handsome when he was silent. The moment he spoke, his malicious face made one want to hit him.

After admiring his handsome face for a while, Han Wangwang asked him again, “Little Uncle, what’s the matter?”

Han Zhan turned the computer around and aimed the screen at Han Wangwang. “You know this person, right?”

Han Wangwang glanced at the computer screen and saw a handsome but ruthless man. She nodded expressionlessly. “I know him. His surname is Cheng. He has been bothering me recently.”

Han Wangwang didn’t know why her uncle was asking about Cheng Ziang. She asked Han Zhan, puzzled, “What’s wrong with this person? Is there a problem?”

Han Zhan said, “His name is Cheng Ziang, the Second Young Master of Chuan Dong Group.”

Han Wangwang nodded again. “I know.”

“Is he wooing you?” Han Zhan asked again.

Han Wangwang pouted. She knew her place. “He just wants to woo me.”

Han Zhan was very pleased to see that she knew just how attractive she was. “It seems you’re not too stupid to know that he just wants to woo you.”

Upon hearing this, Han Wangwang rolled his eyes at him.

“Don’t glare at me. You have no manners.” Han Zhan stretched out his left hand and placed his palm on Han Wangwang’s forehead, turning her face to the other side.

Staring at Han Wangwang’s profile, Han Zhan dropped the bait. “Do me a favor. After this is over, I will persuade your father to let you study at the Southern Medical University.”

Han Wangwang slapped Han Zhan’s hand away, looked up, stared at Han Zhan with shining eyes, and exclaimed in surprise, “Reall?!”

“Lower your voice.” Han Zhan disliked how loud Han Wangwang was.

The world was big, but a wife’s sleep was the greatest.

Han Wangwang hurriedly shut her mouth and made a zipping motion.

Han Wangwang was very intelligent and talented in mathematics. Her father hoped that she could become a mathematician and a scientist in the future, but Han Wangwang’s ambition was not this and she wanted to become a military doctor.

Han Wangwang reached out and carefully tugged at Han Zhan’s clothes in an ingratiating manner. “Little Uncle, tell me, what do you want me to do? As long as it’s not murder or arson, I dare to do it!”

Like a loving elder, Han Zhan patted Han Wangwang’s shoulder gently and said in a low voice, “It’s like this—between me and this man called Cheng Ziang, there’s some enmity that needs to be settled. Wangwang, what about you do as I say…”

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