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Chapter 144: Taking Song Ci to Work

One was a playboy and the other was a young and beautiful lady. Song Ci knew very well what Cheng Ziang was trying to do by getting close to Han Wangwang.

Song Ci felt uneasy at the thought of Cheng Ziang’s true character. She valued this very much and was worried that Han Wangwang would be deceived by Cheng Ziang. She hurriedly opened Han Wangwang’s WeChat and asked: [You know Cheng Ziang?]

Han Wangwang was probably busy and didn’t reply to her.

At this moment, Han Zhan returned, reeking of alcohol. When Song Ci was talking to him, she smelled alcohol and asked him, “You drank?”

Han Zhan said, “I’ve rinsed my mouth, but you can still smell it?”

“My nose is very sensitive.” Saying that, Song Ci pretended to look at Han Zhan warningly and said to him, “If you have someone else’s perfume on you, I can smell it too.”

Han Zhan tapped her forehead. “Stop joking around.”

Seeing the ball of yarn on the sofa, Han Zhan asked Song Ci, “You bought this?” He stared at Song Ci’s jade-like fair fingers, unable to conceal the astonishment in his eyes. “You even know how to knit?”

Song Ci lifted her chin, unable to conceal the pride on her face. She said proudly, “I know how to knit both scarves and sweaters.”

Han Zhan stared at the ball of yarn for a while before suddenly saying, “It’s getting cold, it’s time to wear a sweater.”

Song Ci said, “Yup, so I intend to knit a sweater for Grandpa.”

Han Zhan was strangely silent. “For Grandpa?”

“Mmm, my elder sister said that it would be better if we gave some handicrafts instead of those expensive gifts. Grandpa will be even happier when the present is sincere.” Song Ci asked Han Zhan, “What color does Grandpa like?”

]Han Zhan had mixed feelings but still answered honestly, “Grayish blue.”

“Alright, I will knit a grayish blue sweater then.” Song Ci wasn’t sure if her idea of knitting a sweater for his grandfather was reliable. She asked Han Zhan somewhat nervously, “Brother Han, do you think Grandpa will like this gift?”

Han Zhan felt sour inside. “Of course he likes it.” Who wouldn’t like a sweater personally knitted by Song Ci?

“That’s good.”

Han Zhan felt terrible and needed to go upstairs to calm down. He took off his jacket and was about to go upstairs, when Song Ci suddenly called him. “Brother Han, let me ask you something.”

Han Zhan had already reached the third level of the staircase. Hearing this, he stopped, turned around, and looked down at Song Ci in the living room. “What’s the matter?”

Song Ci told him, “Wang Wang is taking part in the national DJ competition.”

“Yes, I even voted for her. What’s the problem?” Thinking that Song Ci was concerned about Han Wangwang and worried that she would meet a pervert when she was a DJ, Han Zhan told her, “Wangwang has practiced taekwondo before, so ordinary people can’t bully her. Don’t worry.”

Song Ci shook her head gently. “I’m not talking about this.” She walked up to Han Zhan, looked up, and said, “I saw an old friend in Wangwang’s WeChat friend circle.”

Han Zhan asked, “Who?”

Song Ci said, “Cheng Ziang.”

Han Zhan’s expression changed slightly. “Cheng Ziang?” A hint of disgust and violence flashed across his eyes, but he quickly suppressed it. “I will investigate this matter thoroughly.”

Song Ci was relieved to see that Han Zhan took this matter to heart. “Mmm, I just feel that this Cheng Ziang is unreliable and I’m worried that he has ulterior motives for getting close to Wangwang, so I wanted to tell you about it.”

“You did the right thing.” Rubbing Song Ci’s hair, Han Zhan said, “I’ll go take a shower first. I still have some work to do and won’t come down after bathing. I’ll head straight to the study.”

Song Ci said, “I will accompany you then.”

After taking a shower, Han Zhan worked in the study in his pyjamas. Song Ci was curled up in the armchair in the study, concentrating on knitting. Every now and then, Han Zhan would look up and see Song Ci struggling with the ball of yarn. His eyes would subconsciously turn gentle.

He couldn’t help but imagine that after a few decades, the two of them would be old. He would be wearing reading glasses to read books and Song Ci would be wearing reading glasses to knit. Things would be peaceful and they would grow old together.

The two of them were busy with their own tasks. At 9.40pm, Han Zhan turned off his laptop and said to Song Ci, “It’s almost 10pm. Time to sleep.”

Song Ci said, “Wait a minute, I will finish these parts first.”

Han Zhan snatched the needle and thread from her hand, pulled Song Ci back to the master bedroom, and pinned her under the blankets. “Sleep. It’s not good to sleep late.”

Hearing this, Song Ci couldn’t hold back her sarcasm. “It’s only during my menstrual visit that you can sleep on time. How many days have you been sleeping on time usually?” They had agreed to sleep on time at 10pm before their wedding, but over the past month, many nights had gone awry.

Han Zhan suddenly turned deaf and mute. He didn’t utter a single word even after hearing her complaints.

Song Ci played with Han Zhan’s hair for a while and was about to fall asleep. Just before she fell asleep, she seemed to hear Han Zhan mutter by her ear. “It’s getting cold and I haven’t bought a sweater this year…”

Song Ci thought to herself: Buy it then. Do you still lack money to buy a sweater?

The next morning, Han Zhan pulled Song Ci out of bed and the two of them started their morning exercises in the gym.

fter the training ended, Han Zhan took a shower and changed clothes while instructing Song Ci. “Next Tuesday is my grandmother’s death anniversary. This year, you will accompany me back to my hometown and we will proceed on Monday. We will stay at my hometown for a few days and then go for a honeymoon trip to Austria.”

“I will be rather busy with work these few days, so I’ll be back slightly later tonight. You must eat on time yourself.”

earing Han Zhan muttering non-stop, Song Ci casually complained. “Since you’re so worried, why don’t you just bring me to the company and work with you?”

Han Zhan thought about it seriously and felt that Song Ci’s suggestion was very sensible and considerate. Han Zhan hurriedly opened the wardrobe, took out a long-sleeved dress, and threw it to Song Ci. “Change your clothes and come to work with me!”

Song Ci hugged her clothes and asked hesitantly, “… Are you for real?”


Song Ci complained to Han Zhan. “Brother Han, you’ve changed. In the past, you looked down on employees who flirted during work hours the most.”

Han Zhan replied calmly, “I am not an employee. I am the boss. The boss can date during office hours.”

“You are the boss. You have your reasons.”

Thus, this morning, Han Zhan carried a briefcase while Song Ci carried a tote bag containing knitting needles. Together with Han Zhan, they entered Zeus Airlines’ headquarters.

[fuzzy]Li Li arrived slightly later. He didn’t find it strange at all when he heard from the secretarial office that Han Zhan had brought his wife to work today. Instead, he felt like this day had finally arrived.

This morning, Li Li was going to personally receive an important overseas partner. Before they set off, Li Li specially came to Han Zhan’s office to see what the two of them were up to.

Li Li knocked on the door and kindly raised his voice to say to the people inside, “I’ m coming in!” After waiting for a few seconds, he felt that the adulterous couple inside should have already put on their clothes. Only then did Li Li open the door and enter.

To his disappointment, Han Zhan and Song Ci weren’t doing anything embarrassing.

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