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Chapter 146: The Reason I Hate Long Hair

After hearing Han Zhan’s plan, Han Wangwang looked very serious.

“Little Uncle, you are so inhumane.” Han Wangwang rubbed the goosebumps on her arms and said fearfully, “I didn’t offend you, right?” She was afraid that she would be betrayed by Han Zhan one day, without even knowing the inside story.

Han Zhan snorted and ignored her.

“I will make this deal.” Han Wangwang poked Han Zhan’s arm and reminded him. “But you have to promise that you will definitely do a good job teaching my father.”


Han Wangwang was satisfied.

“I’ll get going then.” Han Wangwang walked to the sofa, picked up her backpack, turned back, and said coquettishly to Han Zhan, “Little Uncle, I’ve been short on cash recently. Can you lend a hand to your poor niece?”

Han Zhan looked at Han Wangwang without any warmth in his eyes and rejected her request cruelly. “Wangwang, your little uncle just got married and needs to support his family. He’s very tight on cash.”

“Stingy!” Han Wangwang stomped her feet, flicked her dirty braid, and hurried off.

Song Ci was awoken by Han Wangwang’s curse of ‘stingy’. She opened the door and walked out with her hair in disarray. “Who came just now?”

Han Zhan stared at her slightly messy hair and thought it was rather cute. “Wangwang Doggy.”

“Your niece?” Song Ci asked him, “You told her about Cheng Ziang?”

“I told her.”

“That’s good.”

Aong Ci went to the washroom to tidy up her appearance, before sitting down on the sofa. She picked up the needle and thread and continued to work hard. She spent five days working overtime and finally finished making the sweater, before they returned to Shunchen City.

After she finished knitting the sweater, Song Ci folded it up, put it in a beautiful gift box, and wrapped it up in her luggage.

Song Ci had to get ready as she was returning to Shunchen tomorrow.

Hearing that Han Zhan said that his grandfather lived in the countryside and this was his first time bringing his wife home, Song Ci thought of how gossipy and lively the women in the village were. She decided to dress up beautifully for Brother Han.

As a result, Song Ci spent the entire day dressing up.

When Han Zhan returned late at night, Song Ci was still awake and playing on her cell phone. Han Zhan saw that she was still awake and asked, “Are you waiting for me?”

Nodding, Song Ci said, “It’s almost 1am. Are you so busy with work?”

Han Zhan said as he took off his clothes, “There are too many things to settle and I have to make the necessary arrangements. Li Li and the rest all worked overtime with me tonight.” He wanted to kiss Song Ci but felt that he had been fatigued the entire day, so he didn’t smell good. He said, “I’ll go take a shower first.”

After taking a quick shower and brushing his teeth, Han Zhan didn’t put on his pyjamas and burrowed into bed. Song Ci glanced at his exposed arm muscles and asked him with a smile, “Are you being a hooligan?”

Han Zhan said, “Don’t you like me being a hooligan?”

Song Ci raised her brows.

Han Zhan suddenly reached out and grabbed Song Ci’s cell phone. Like a caring elder, he said, “Don’t just lie down and play with your cell phone. It’s not good for your eyes. You’re a pilot. You need to protect your eyes.”

Song Ci obediently handed the phone to Han Zhan.

Only then did Han Zhan realize that Song Ci’s hair had grown longer—it was even wavy! “What’s wrong with your hair?” Han Zhan stared at Song Ci’s long hair and touched it curiously. He realized that it was exceptionally smooth and soft—it should be real hair.

Song Ci swept the ends of her hair over Han Zhan’s eyes. “It’s growing.” Song Ci asked Han Zhan, “Does it look good?”

Han Zhan nodded. “Yes, but where did this hair come from…”

“It’s mine.” Song Ci had cut all her hair at the hospital. After that, Song Ci got Li Li to buy a box for her and kept her hair inside it. “The hairdresser said that this can only be maintained for a period of time. I will go and cut it then.”

By that time, her own hair would also have grown longer and would reach her shoulders, even if she cut them.

Han Zhan gazed at her long hair and thought of Song Ci’s lovely long hair when he first met her. He couldn’t help feeling slightly emotional. “Actually, your long hair is quite nice. It’s a pity…” But he didn’t say what was a pity.

Song Ci could understand Han Zhan’s unspoken words. She asked him, “You don’t like long hair because of Du Xueyan?” Song Ci’s heart welled up with jealousy at the mention of Du Xueyan.

Han Zhan said, “Not really. After I broke up with her, my grandfather saw that I didn’t have any new love life and thought that I couldn’t forget Du Xueyan. He was afraid that I would cling onto her forever, so he arranged many blind dates for me. Almost all of them were chosen according to Du Xueyan’s image.”

“I was forced to go on several blind dates and once met such a repulsive lady…”

Curious, Song Ci asked, “What did she do?”

Han Zhan didn’t really want to say it, but couldn’t stand Song Ci’s coquettish manner. In the end, he still said it. “At the matchmaking site, the young man she was providing for ran over in a rage, splashed coffee on my face, and even called me a male vixen…” Han Zhan looked slightly embarrassed.

Song Ci was momentarily stunned before bursting into laughter. “Blind dates are risky. Brother Han, it’s not easy!”

Han Zhan also felt amused as he recalled that incident. “I was quite angry then. After that, my grandfather never arranged a blind date for me again. Meanwhile, I have a fear of those beautiful girls with long hair.”

]Meanwhile, the long-haired, seductive, and gorgeous Song Ci had become the type of woman that Han Zhan feared the most.

After knowing that Han Zhan didn’t hate long hair because of Du Xueyan, Song Ci felt slightly better. “Time to sleep.” She put on her eye mask and was about to fall asleep when she heard Han Zhan ask, “Have you packed your things?”


“Have you brought enough condoms?”

Song Ci opened her eyes. Instead of answering, she asked him with interest, “How much is enough?”

Han Zhan said, “It’s up to you.”

Song Ci turned off the lights. “Let’s sleep!”

Song Ci had a deep sleep and was awakened by Han Zhan in the morning. “It’s time to get up. We need to set off for the airport.”

Mmm…” Song Ci was carried up groggily by Han Zhan and stuffed into the washroom. When the cold towel landed on her face, Song Ci immediately woke up. She quickly washed her face, brushed her teeth, changed clothes, and spent some time putting on makeup.

By the time she was done washing up, Han Zhan had already made breakfast. After breakfast, the two of them each carried a luggage bag and went out. Entering the lift, Song Ci asked Han Zhan, “Didn’t the driver come?”

“We will drive ourselves today and we’ll leave the car at the airport. Long Yu will drive it back later.”

Song Ci rubbed her hands and asked Han Zhan, “Can I drive?”

Han Zhan glanced at her and didn’t agree or reject her. He looked slightly expectant. Song Ci stood on tiptoe and gave him a kiss. Han Zhan couldn’t hold back his pretended cold expression anymore. He raised the keys and said, “I’ll let you drive below 60 km / h.”

“Okay!” Song Ci snatched the keys away.

Arriving at the basement, Song Ci got into the driver’s seat while Han Zhan sat in the passenger’s seat and fastened his seatbelt at the first instance.

Upon seeing this, Song Ci teased him. “Are you afraid?”

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