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Chapter 143: Cheng Ziang Knows Han Wangwang?

Eight years ago, on that night, Fu Hanshen had opened QQ software to exchange his latest research insights with his own student. He had sent the compiled document to Song Fei for her to look through and wanted to listen to her opinion.

Fu Hanshen saw that Song Fei had accepted the document. Thinking that she should have finished reading it, he asked her for her opinion.

The message was like a rock sinking into the ocean and there was no response.

At that time, Fu Hanshen felt that it was strange and thought that Song Fei had fallen asleep from playing too much during the day, so he logged out of QQ and turned off his computer. He had just switched off his computer when he received a call from his good friend. His friend said, “Hanshen, did Song Fei go to Bijiang City with her family?”

Every time he mentioned Song Fei to his good friends, Fu Hanshen would feel very proud. Hearing the anxious tone in his friend’s voice, Fu Hanshen felt it was strange. “She’s in Bijiang City. Why?”

His good friend said, “Hanshen, there was a major earthquake in Bijiang City two minutes ago. The initial estimate is 7.9 magnitude!”

Fu Hanshen stood frozen on the spot, his feet seemingly nailed to the ground.

All these years, Fu Hanshen had been waiting for Song Fei to say: Teacher, I am back.

Today, she finally said it!

Fu Hanshen’s eyes reddened uncontrollably. He sized up his beloved disciple and saw that she was frail and fragile. His heart ached. “You’re so skinny that you look like a ghost. Haven’t you eaten?”

In front of this teacher who doted on her so much, Song Fei finally revealed the fragile side of a little girl. She shook her head with reddened eyes and said coquettishly, “After eight years of nutrient fluids, it would be a wonder if I didn’t lose weight.”

After a pause, Song Fei added, “I want to eat Teacher’s wife’s fried fish.”

Fu Hanshen smiled through his tears. “I’ll bring my wife over to visit you and make you fried fish!”


At the mention of meeting up, Song Fei hurriedly asked shamelessly, “When will Teacher come to Wangdong City for a chat? I want to meet you.”

Fu Hanshen rolled his eyes at the sky and retorted. “I am your teacher, shouldn’t you come and visit me?” He pouted and scolded, “You heartless girl!”

Song Fei pushed the extremes of shamelessness, as she said, “I just woke up not long ago. I am weak and can’t take much torture.”

Fu Hanshen’s heart ached but he felt very angry at the same time. “Wait for two days. I have a project that is ending soon. I will go look for you after it ends.”

“Alright Teacher, I will wait for you.”

After ending the video call, Fu Hanshen walked out of the study and went downstairs to make coffee. As he was very happy, he couldn’t help humming a tune.

“Are you in a good mood?” Fu Hanshen turned and looked at the person who had suddenly appeared behind him. The woman in front of him was wearing a pure white t-shirt and a pale blue denim jacket. Her hair reached her shoulders and her clear eyes were filled with wisdom and courage.

This was Fu Hanshen’s lover, Shen Zhiyi, a war correspondent.

The husband and wife had been married for more than 10 years. Due to their personalities, they were very compatible with each other, so though they often went their separate ways, they were still very loving. “What happened? You even started humming a song.”

Fu Han grabbed Shen Zhiyi’s hand and said, “Take a guess.”

Shen Zhiyi tried to guess the reason for the expression on Fu Hanshen’s face.

Fu Hanshen was usually a stable and reserved person. He seldom revealed his emotions. Seeing that he was glowing with vigor, Shen Zhiyi knew that something major must have happened. Otherwise, Fu Hanshen would not have lost his composure like this.

Thinking for a moment, Shen Zhiyi asked uncertainly, “Has someone finally developed the medicine to cure the Ebola virus?” This was the only thing she could think of. All these years, Fu Hanshen had been researching the virus.

Fu Hanshen felt rather helpless. He said, “If we really managed to develop it, I will definitely be as busy as a spinning top. I won’t have the time to go home.”

“That’s true.” Shen Zhiyi couldn’t think of an answer and decided not to ponder further. “Are you willing to tell me or not?”

Fu Hanshen hugged Shen Zhiyi’s waist and shared his greatest joy with her. “Song Fei is awake.”

Hearing this, Shen Zhiyi was first stunned, then her face lit up with joy. “Really?”

The two of them had been married for 10 years and didn’t have any children, planning to be a dink family. Song Fei was Fu Hanshen’s only student. She was smart and quick-witted. At a young age, she had already displayed astonishing talent in virology and chemistry. Even Shen Zhiyi liked Song Fei a lot.

That year when Song Fei became a vegetable, Shen Zhiyi even cried a few times. In the past eight years, whenever Shen Zhiyi returned for vacation from her war zone, she would always find time to visit Song Fei in Wangdong City.

Shen Zhiyi was pleasantly surprised to suddenly know that Song Fei was awake.

Fu Hanshen nodded vigorously. “She’s really awake. She even called me on WeChat just now. I’ll go to Wangdong City to visit her in a few days.” Fu Hanshen saw that Shen Zhiyi’s eyes were bright and full of vigor, and said, “You’ll come with me.”

Shen Zhiyi nodded in agreement. “Of course. I still have seven days off. I can make it.”


After dropping Song Fei off at Yan Jiang’s place, Song Ci got Long Yu to drive her to a wool shop. She took Song Fei’s advice and decided to knit a sweater for Old Master.

Song Ci went to take a bath before sitting down on the sofa to knit. She had just started, when Han Wangwang suddenly sent her a message.

Song Ci opened her WeChat and saw Han Wangwang saying: [Little Aunt, give me your vote!] Curious, Song Ci opened the voting link sent by Han Wangwang.

Only when she opened the link did she know that Han Wangwang had participated in the nationwide DJ Competition. Due to her good looks and incredible skills, Han Wangwang had even gotten second place.

Han Wangwang told Song Ci: [The person in first place is an internet sensation. He has a huge fan base and I can’t win against him. Little Aunt, you have a lot of fans. Quickly help me canvass for votes. Love you!] In order to express her gratitude, Han Wangwang immediately sent Song Ci 20 200 Yuan red packets.

Song Ci didn’t accept Han Wangwang’s red packet but voted for her. She forwarded it to her Weibo account and asked her fans to vote for Han Wangwang. After that, Song Ci returned to WeChat and entered Han Wangwang’s social media account to see what this little girl had been busy with recently.

A few minutes ago, Han Wangwang had just posted on her social media account. She was sharing the link to her interview at the DJ competition.

Han Zhan was the only mutual friend between Song Ci and Han Wangwang. She saw Han Zhan give Han Wangwang a Like, but to her surprise, there was someone whom Song Ci recognized on Han Wangwang’s Weibo page.

That person’s profile picture was of a man in a white suit. His profile name was Cheng Ziang!

Worried that she might have recognized the wrong person, Song Ci specially opened Cheng Ziang’s profile photo. After seeing that his WeChat name was “Not Returning Without Getting Drunk”, she confirmed that this person was Cheng Ziang.

Song Ci could not help but frown.

How did Cheng Ziang know Han Wangwang? (italics)

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