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Chapter 142: Teacher, I’m Back


Mu Mian replied, “Mmm?” His anger had yet to subside and there was a tinge of anger in his voice.

Du Tingting suddenly said, “Song Fei is awake.”

Mu Mian was puzzled when he heard this. He said, “I know she is awake.” Song Fei had already come to visit us. How can I not know that she’s awake?

Du Tingting gripped the corner of the study table tightly and said in a trembling voice, “If you had really given Song Fei’s heart to Qiu-er then, you would be committing murder, hubby!”

Mu Mian was stunned.

Feeling slightly guilty, he stammered. “At that time, Song Fei was in a coma for eight years. Even the doctor said that the chances of her waking up were close to zero. How could I have known that she would really wake up?”

“Don’t you feel guilty seeing that child Song Fei today?” Du Tingting’s forehead was covered in a thin layer of sweat. She said, “I don’t even dare to look that child in the eye. The moment I look at her, I think of all the sins you nearly committed…”

Inside the room, the husband and wife were arguing in low voices. Outside the room, Mu Qiu overheard her parents’ conversation. She looked bewildered and shocked. My father had nearly killed Song Fei to save me!

In that case, Song Fei and her sister’s hearts are truly compatible with mine?

“Tingting, give me some peace and quiet for a while, alright?” Mu Mian didn’t wish to continue discussing this matter with Du Tingting. His head hurt. Du Tingting’s gaze softened when she saw Mu Mian massaging his temples again.

She instructed Mu Mian gently. “Have a good rest then. I am going to take a nap.”

Du Tingting opened the door to the study and was about to return to her room, when she saw a skirt flash past the corner of the staircase.

Du Tingting asked, “Qiu-er?”

Mu Qiu stepped back and stood on the platform. She looked down at Du Tingting. “Mother, what’s the matter?”

Seeing that Mu Qiu’s expression was normal, Du Tingting guessed that she must not have heard her conversation with her husband. Only then did Du Tingting relax. “Don’t play with your cell phone in the afternoon. Get some rest.”

“Alright, I’ll return to my room then.”

Outside the room, the mother-daughter duo had returned to their respective rooms. Inside the study, Mu Mian felt very troubled. He rubbed his aching head, opened his laptop, logged onto a website, and checked the meeting center.

1: [Hi, there are very few RH-negative hearts. We have yet to find a suitable heart for you. Please wait a little longer.]

Mu Mian’s head hurt even more at this reply.

Is it really that rare?

Mu Mian held onto a glimmer of hope as he replied: [I am rich. I can add more money, but my daughter doesn’t have much time left. I really cannot continue wasting time. Can you think of a way?]

The other party continued to type.

After a few minutes, the message was sent.

1: [I can’t kill for you.]

1: [Let’s wait a little longer. We will try our best to find it.]

Mu Mian seemed to see hope.

After Song Ci and her sister left the Mu Family, they walked to the main entrance of the Amethyst Gated Community and waited for Long Yu. Song Ci felt rather sleepy and hugged a pillow to sleep when she boarded the car.

Song Fei supported Song Ci’s shoulder and pressed Song Ci’s head against her own thigh. “It will be easier to sleep this way.”

Song Ci rubbed her head against Song Fei’s thigh and fell asleep. Song Fei also felt sleepy. She looked up and closed her eyes for her afternoon nap. Just when she was about to fall asleep, the pocket of her pants that was close to her thigh started vibrating.

Song Fei took out her cell phone and received a message.

1: [S, I have replied according to your instructions.]

Song Fei’s fingers twitched as she replied: [You must kill off all of Mu Mian’s hopes.]

1: [Got it.]

Long Yu sent Song Fei to Yan Jiang’s house first, before sending Song Ci back. Song Fei alighted and entered the house. After confirming that Yan Jiang was not at home, she went to Yan Jiang’s study and turned on his laptop.

]Song Fei logged into her own WeChat account and entered a number that she memorized into the ‘add friends’ column. Through that number, Song Fei really managed to find Fu Hanshen’s WeChat.

Fu Hanshen’s WeChat name was very simple: “F”. Song Fei clicked on the friend request, wrote one word, and sent it over.

Fu Hanshen returned home that night, turned on his laptop, logged into WeChat habitually to check his messages, and saw a new friend request. He didn’t think much of it, and just opened it to see the details.

The person who added him was a stranger. His WeChat name was S. There was only one word on his friend request details:


Fu Hanshen was slightly stunned and his heartbeat quickened.


Although he had lectured classes in school before, those students all addressed him respectfully as Professor Fu. His students were all over the world, but there was only one person who was qualified to call him teacher.

Song Fei, who was his only beloved disciple.

But that child had fallen into a coma eight years ago.

Is it her?

Fu Hanshen hesitated for a moment before clicking on ‘accept’.

Yan Jiang was rather busy at work and would only be home very late these few days. When it was time for dinner, he ordered a meal for Song Fei at Meituan Food Delivery. Song Fei ate the lean meat porridge that Yan Jiang had ordered for her and drank a bottle of rib soup with kelp, before returning to the study.

Seeing that Fu Hanshen had already accepted her friend request, Song Ci hurriedly sat down.

She sent a message to Fu Hanshen.

Song Fei: [Teacher.]

The other end replied very quickly: [You are?]

Song Fei sent Fu Han a video call request.

Fu Hanshen was still refusing to accept the video call, but Song Fei was in no hurry and allowed the video call to continue ringing. Just when the video was about to automatically end, Fu Hanshen accepted the call within the last few seconds.

A fair and peerlessly beautiful face appeared in Fu Hanshen’s line of sight. Looking at that face, Fu Hanshen knew that this was his beloved disciple, Song Fei. That world-weary, arrogant expression was something that no one else could imitate.

Fu Hanshen couldn’t believe that Song Fei had really awoken. He was slightly agitated and his lips quivered. “Xiao Fei…” Once the words ” Xiao Fei “left his lips, Fu Hanshen was somewhat speechless.

Song Fei looked at Fu Hanshen silently. After a moment, she pursed her lips and said in disdain, “Teacher, you have white hair now.” Eight years ago, Song Fei’s voice was still that of a teenage girl. Hearing Song Fei’s cold, unfamiliar voice, Fu Han’s hand trembled and he suddenly hung up the video call.

He got up and hurried over to the window, stepping over the mess of photocopies on the floor.

Fu Hanshen leaned against the window sill, rested his hand on his forehead, closed his eyes, and composed himself. Fifteen minutes later, Fu Hanshen walked back to the study table, sat down, and took the initiative to send Song Fei a video.

Song Fei had been sitting quietly in front of her computer, waiting for a reply. Once the video call rang, Song Fei accepted the call. Seeing that Fu Han had calmed down, Song Fei gave him a rare smile.

She said, “Teacher, I’m back.”

Frowning at his beloved disciple, Fu Hanzhen said emotionally, “I’ve waited eight years for you to say this.”

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