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Chapter 141: I’m Here to Bring Song Ci Home

Mu Qiu was stunned. A helpless expression appeared on her face as she obediently corrected herself. “Song Fei.”

Song Ci saw Mu Qiu’s aggrieved look from the corner of her eye and felt a rush of joy.


Du Tingting could tell that Song Fei disliked Mu Qiu. Although she didn’t know why Song Fei disliked her own daughter so much, as an elder, she didn’t feel it was appropriate for her to ask about matters between juniors.

Moreover, Song Fei was not Song Ci. She was still estranged from the Mu Family.

Since Mu Qiu had already brought up that matter, Du Tingting didn’t avoid it anymore. She asked Song Fei, “Song Fei, can you tell Aunty why you left the convalescent hospital?”

Hearing Du Tingting’s question, Song Fei explained. “Actually, when I just woke up, my mind was in a mess and I couldn’t differentiate reality from illusion. I didn’t even know when I left the convalescent hospital. Only when I recovered fully did I know that my parents are no longer around. In this world, I only have Song Ci as my family.”

]”I see. In that case, how did you survive this period? Where did you live?” Du Tingting asked again.

Song Fei said, “I’m not sure either. I just wandered around in a daze.”

Du Tingting’s heart ached slightly for Song Fei. She grabbed her hand and looked at her lovingly. “Song Ci calls me mother. If you don’t mind, you can call me mother too. I will be your family in the future.”

Song Fei knew that Du Tingting had never participated in those schemes, but she was not Song Ci. She had never been raised by the Mu Family, so she definitely couldn’t call Du Tingting mother.

Song Fei pulled her hand back from Du Tingting’s grip. “My memory is still stuck at the time of the Bijiang City earthquake. To me, my parents have just passed away a few days ago…”

“I am sorry, I am unable to address anyone other than my mother as mother. Madam Du, please forgive me.”

Being rejected by Song Fei, Du Tingting didn’t feel embarrassed at all. Instead, her heart ached even more for Song Fei*. How terrible must Song Fei feel to be forced to accept the news of her parents’ deaths?*

“Call me Auntie Du then.”


Auntie Zhang walked over, leaned over to Mu Mian and said, “Sir, the food is ready.”

Mu Mian stood up and said to Song Fei and Song Ci, “Let’s eat first. We can chat after that.”


The meal was rather lively. Auntie Zhang was very meticulous and made light dishes that were suitable for Song Fei. After the meal, Song Fei and Song Ci arranged to meet Mu Mian in the study to discuss something.

Mu Qiu, Du Tingting and her daughter sat on the sofa downstairs. Mu Qiu turned to ask Du Tingting, “Mother, don’t you think Song Fei is especially… scary?” Mu Qiu had never seen such a cold glint in anyone’s eyes.

Recalling Song Fei’s expression, Du Tingting said, “You’re exaggerating things. At most, she doesn’t like to speak and is a little quiet.”

Mu Qiu frowned but didn’t say anything.

I just feel that there’s something strange about Song Fei.

In the study.

Mu Mian stared at the cheque on the table, his lips curling into a mocking smile. He looked up at Song Ci, as if his heart had been chilled, his expression very malicious. “Just because I objected to your marriage with that Han Zhan guy and cut off all ties with you, you really want to cut off all ties with my Mu Family?”

Song Ci shook her head slightly and said respectfully, “Father, this has nothing to do with my marriage.”

Mu Mian knocked on the cheque. “What does this mean?”

“It’s like this.” Song Fei, who was sitting on the sofa, spoke slowly. “I was born two minutes before Song Ci, so I am her elder sister. An elder sister is like a mother and father. In the past, I was in a coma and Song Ci was homeless. Mr. Mu has taken good care of her. I am very grateful.”

“But now that I am awake, Song Ci is no longer a homeless orphan.” Song Fei sat up straight and looked straight into Mu Mian’s eyes. “Wherever I am, it will be Song Ci’s home.”

Glancing at Song Ci, who was standing stiffly at the study table, Song Fei’s heart ached as she thought of the hard times Song Ci had been through. She glanced at the cheque on the table and said to Mu Mian in a low voice, “Mr. Mu, I am here to fetch Song Ci home.”

Song Ci couldn’t resist turning to look at Song Fei.

She sat there lazily like a small hill, making Song Ci feel at ease.

Mu Mian pursed his lips as he gazed wordlessly at Song Fei, who was sitting on the sofa with a slender figure. Song Fei looked frail and fragile, but she exuded the aura of a majestic mountain.

Mu Mian suddenly laughed in satisfaction, which attracted the attention of the Song sisters.

Mu Mian pointed at Song Fei. “Song Fei, if you were a man, you would definitely be the envy of the entire Wangdong City.”

Between Song Ci and Song Fei, if Mu Mian had to choose a child to adopt, he would be more willing to adopt Song Fei. Unlike Song Ci, who was beautiful but not smart, Song Fei was obviously someone with a unique personality. Such a person was unruly and difficult to control, but once controlled, she was a sharp weapon!

What a pity.

Faced with Mu Mian’s praise, Song Fei didn’t think much of it. She spoke in her most casual and arrogant tone. “I am a woman and I will still impress them.”

Mu Mian was slightly taken aback by her words. His smile widened.

“How charismatic!”

The sisters didn’t stay long at the Mu Family residence before bidding Mu Mian farewell.

After they left, Du Tingting hurried upstairs to the study to look for Mu Mian. She saw that Mu Mian’s expression was slightly dark and couldn’t help feeling uneasy. “What did you talk about?”

Mu Mian took out a piece of paper from the drawer and threw it on the table. Du Tingting picked it up and saw that it was a cheque with a value of 16 million yuan. She was slightly shocked. “What does this mean?”

Mu Mian put on an enigmatic expression. He stared at the cheque and said mockingly, “All these years, Song Ci has been taking note of every single penny we spent on the Song sisters.”

When Song Ci first came to the Mu Family, she used the Mu Family’s money for her school fees and living expenses. After that, she started earning her own money and almost never asked Mu Mian for money again.

“What kind of mentality do you think Song Ci had back then when she recorded her debts? 16.4 million yuan…” Mu Mian stared at that number and sneered.” You really can’t get used to such ingrates. ”

Du Tingting’s heart also ached slightly at those words. She doted on Song Ci like she was her biological daughter, but Song Ci never treated them as real family from the start to the end. If not for the fact that she was already prepared to leave, she wouldn’t have recorded the bill.

“So Song Song has completely cut off all ties with us?” Du Tingting looked slightly sad.

Mu Mian remained silent.

Du Tingting felt despondent but also felt relieved.

This is good too.

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