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Chapter 140: Mu Qiu: Sister Fei

Han Aoyu’s wife also loved durians. In the past, when durians were cheap in the summer, Old Madam Han always stocked up some at home. When Han Aoyu smelled it, he couldn’t even eat his food.

Zhong Buhui didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “Of course.” He looked at the old Han Aoyu and thought to himself, Old Master must be missing Madam a lot. Otherwise, he wouldn’t stare at the durians in the fruit section in a daze, every time he went to the supermarket.

“Speaking of which, Duanfang’s death anniversary is coming soon. Call Zhanzhan and ask if he will be coming back to visit his grandmother this year.”

Zhong Buhui replied, “When has Zhanzhan not returned?”

Han Aoyu shook his head. “It’s different this year. There are many things to do after getting married.”

“Let me ask him then.”

]Every year during his grandmother’s death anniversary, Han Zhan would make time to return to Shunchen City. Sometimes, he was afraid that he would be busy with his work, so he would mark this on his calendar in advance. This morning, Han Zhan stared at the date mark on his calendar, deep in thought.

In the afternoon, he received a call from Zhong Buhui. Over the phone, Uncle Zhong asked if he would be coming home on his grandmother’s death anniversary. Han Zhan told him, “I’ll go back with Song Ci.”

Zhong Buhui was overjoyed. “Then Old Master will definitely be happy.”

After hanging up, Han Zhan sent Song Ci a message to tell her that he would be returning to Shunchen City in two days to visit his grandmother. When she received the message, Song Ci and Song Fei were on the way to the Mu Family.

After reading the message, Song Ci turned off her cell phone and asked Song Fei, “Song Fei, it’s my first time visiting Grandpa at Han Zhan’s hometown. What should I give them?” She couldn’t possibly go empty-handed.

Song Fei said, “In order to woo your senior in the past, didn’t you learn how to knit a sweater? Coincidentally, it’s getting cold soon, so you should knit a sweater for your grandfather. It’s very kind of you.” At Han Aoyu’s position, he had seen all sorts of valuable things. Instead of giving those rare things, why not give him something sweet and considerate?

Hearing that Song Fei was stirring up old scores again, Song Ci couldn’t help warning her. “You can only tell me these things. When you’re in front of Han Zhan, you’re not allowed to tell him about me wooing my senior in the past. How old were we then?”

Song Ci had been a pretty puppy from a young age. When she was in junior high school, she had fallen in love with the school beau. In order to woo her senior, Song Ci had made chocolates for him and also knitted scarves. This was a treatment that Han Zhan had never enjoyed before. But at that time, liking someone was all new and innocent—far from love.

The first time Song Ci truly fell in love with someone was when she was 14 years old. As a vain puppy, she fell in love with a despondent soldier.

Song Fei closed her eyes lazily and said fiercely, “Don’t provoke me. If you dare to provoke me, I will spill all your dirt to Han Zhan.” This was her biological sister, the kind who would not hesitate to tear her apart.

Song Ci glared at Song Fei. Before she knew it, the car had arrived in front of the Mu Family residence.

“Madam, we have arrived.” Long Yu reminded the two sisters in the backseat.

“Brother Long, go back first and come back in the afternoon to fetch us.” As Song Ci spoke to Long Yu, Song Fei also slowly opened her cold eyes. Her gaze was sharp and cold as she stared at the Mu Family residence and pursed her lips.

“Song Fei, get down.”

The two sisters alighted from the car. Long Yu was slightly worried. If Mr. Han asked about today’s work situation, should I tell him that his wife had once wooed a senior high school senior, made chocolates for him, and knitted scarves for him?

Before coming, Song Ci had already called Du Tingting and expressed her wish to meet Mu Mian personally to thank him for taking care of the two of them all these years.

As a result, Mu Mian specially took leave to wait at home.

Knowing that Song Fei had finally been found and that Song Ci would be bringing Song Fei home as a guest today, Mu Qiu also woke up early this day. She had dressed up and was waiting at home. Hearing the sound of a car, the family of three walked out of the house and saw Auntie Zhang leading the Song sisters in.

Although they were twins, Song Ci and Song Fei were two beauties with completely different styles. Dressed in a British-style grey checkered suit paired with a V-neck knitted short-sleeved shirt, Song Ci looked dashing and cool in it.

Meanwhile, Song Fei was wearing a loose black and white sweater. Her long, straight legs were bound under a pair of black pencil pants. She exuded a ruthless aura that said, I am very cool, don’t be affected by me.’

The sleeping Song Fei looked harmless, but the awakened Song Fei was a leopard. She looked thin and frail, but whenever she moved, she would attack and cause the person to bleed profusely.

Mu Qiu only dared to look at Song Fei from afar, without glancing at her for too long.

“Mother, Father, Qiu-er.” Song Ci pointed at Song Fei beside her and introduced the three of them. “This is Song Fei. I found her.”

Only then did Song Fei take off her sweater and white hat, revealing a head of short hair that reached her ears. She had the exact same face as Song Ci. The difference was that Song Ci’s eyes were as bright as the stars, dazzling and alluring. But Song Fei’s eyes were like snow on a high mountain, making one shiver just by looking at them.

“Hello, I am Song Fei.” Song Fei took a step back and bowed deeply to Mu Mian under everyone’s stunned gazes.

“Song Fei, what are you doing…” Du Tingting was shocked.

Song Fei lowered her head, keeping her upper body above the ground at a perfect angle.

Song Ci thanked Mu Mian sincerely. “Mr. Mu, I know very well what you have done for us all these years. I want to thank you for everything you have done for us. We will definitely repay your kindness!”

Mu Mian looked at the thin but unruly girl and actually forgot to reply. They were clearly words of gratitude, but hearing it made Mu Mian’s heart race.

Du Tingting quickly helped Song Fei up. “Song Fei, don’t give us such a big bow. We can’t afford it.” Thinking of how Mu Mian nearly killed Song Fei previously, Du Tingting felt uneasy and didn’t dare to look Song Fei in the eye.

Mu Mian finally snapped out of his trance. He suppressed the uneasiness in his heart and spoke in an ethereal voice. “Quickly enter the house.”

The two sisters followed Mu Mian and the other two into the Mu Family residence.

Before it was time for dinner, Du Tingting pulled the two sisters to the sofa and sat down. Du Tingting asked Song Fei many questions, but she was smart and considerate enough not to ask why she had left the convalescent hospital without informing them that night.

Instead, it was Mu Qiu who asked, “Sister Fei, you left the convalescent hospital alone after waking up. Where did you go? We were all worried sick.”

Not sure if Mu Qiu’s words displeased Song Fei, but Song Fei’s face darkened as she looked at Mu Qiu expressionlessly. Mu Qiu’s heart shuddered. Unable to resist Song Fei’s stare, she slowly lowered her head.

Seeing that Mu Qiu’s scalp went numb, Song Fei then said coldly, “Miss Mu Qiu, you should just call me Song Fei.” Sister Fei or whatever, it sounded disgusting.

The bastard who stole her heart was not worthy of calling her elder sister.

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