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Chapter 139: What a Smart Child

Although deep down he despised Yan Jiang’s cowardly actions, Han Zhan still turned on the lights. He turned over and fell asleep very quickly.

Han Zhan was once in the military and could sleep in any harsh environment, but Yan Jiang was different. Apart from Song Fei, Yan Jiang had never slept with anyone else.

Yan Jiang felt very uneasy to suddenly be in the same room as an unfamiliar man. He kept playing with his cell phone until his eyes hurt, and his cell phone hit his face several times. He finally couldn’t take it anymore and fell asleep.

In the other room, Song Fei was whispering to Song Ci.

Song Ci said to Song Fei, “Song Fei, Ah Jiang…” Realizing that she had addressed Yan Jiang wrongly again, Song Ci hurriedly corrected herself.” Brother Jiang is the guy who wrote you a love letter on your birthday. Did you know that? ”

Song Fei replied, “Mmm.”

Song Ci asked her again, “I forgot to ask you. How did you feel when you received a love letter from a guy for the first time?”

Song Fei couldn’t be bothered to argue with Song Ci. She said in disdain, “Sleep.” Song Fei turned off the lights.


Song Ci turned on the lights again. She turned over and laid on her side, staring at Song Fei, who was pretending to be asleep with her eyes closed. She said with a knowing look, “You are shy.” So Song Fei will also be shy.

Song Fei remained silent, as if she had really fallen asleep.

Song Ci reached out and tapped the tip of Song Fei’s nose.

Song Fei opened her eyes slightly and stared at Song Ci coldly. Song Ci retracted her hands and placed them under her head. She said, “I was really shocked when I knew Brother Jiang liked you. Who would have thought that such a timid person would actually like you?”

Song Fei didn’t like hearing that. “What’s wrong with me?” Am I a female boar or a demon with a green face and sharp fangs?

Song Ci recalled all the major things that Song Fei had done. “When you found out that the pervert in your class called you a monster behind your back, did you lock him up in the men’s room and let him spend the entire night with a black-eyebrowed viper.”

“Also, when the hoodlum outside the school rode a motorbike to tail you, did you use a gun to pierce through his wheels and cause him to get into an accident?”

“Oh! Also, there’s a gossipy woman downstairs who scolded our mother. Did you send a screenshot of her committing adultery to the entire neighborhood…”

Song Fei: “Shut up!”

Song Ci chuckled. “Father and Mother were worried that no one would dare to woo you when you grew up. Who knew Brother Jiang would be so brave?”

Song Fei said, “Do you want me to tell Han Zhan that you secretly took a photo of a senior in high school when you were 13 years old and even made him a chocolate knitted scarf?”

“… You’re ruthless.”

The world suddenly fell silent.

It had been too many years since they last spoke. No matter how frail Song Fei was, she couldn’t bear to sleep.

Song Ci was the same.

Under the blanket, the sisters suddenly held each other’s hands tightly.

“Song Ci, I am sorry to have troubled you all these years,” Song Fei suddenly said.

Tears welled up in Song Ci’s eyes and her nose became sour. “I should be the one apologizing, Song Fei. I’m not as smart as you, nor as brave as you. You were the one who should have hidden in the toilet all those years ago.”

“I was blind to recognize a rascal as my father. In the previous lifetime, your heart was dug out by Mu Mian and I still foolishly listened to him and respected him as someone close to me. Song Fei, I am useless. I didn’t protect you well.”

Song Fei also felt terrible.

There was one thing Song Fei didn’t tell anyone. Actually, she also had memories of her previous life. In her previous life, when Mu Mian dug out her heart, she was actually conscious but she couldn’t wake up.

As she was in a vegetative state, Mu Mian didn’t administer any anesthesia when he took her heart. As a result, Song Fei could feel the pain of having her heart taken away by a knife, but she couldn’t even cry out.

She couldn’t tell Song Ci about this, as saying it would only deepen the pain in her heart.

“Song Ci, after all this nonsense is over, let’s go pay our respects to our parents.”


The next day, Song Ci personally went to the intermediary to sell the house that was compensated by the government during the demolition period. The location of that house was good and it was near the subway station. A very famous foreign private elite school had been built nearby and many people visited the house within a day.

On the third day, a wealthy family took a fancy to the house. The other party lowered the price again and again and finally negotiated and settled it at 8.3 million yuan. The other party was very straightforward, as they signed the contract within a day and paid Song Ci.

All these years, Mu Mian had spent a total of 16 million yuan on behalf of Song Ci and her sister. Song Ci had used up her remaining savings, as well as the money from the demolition fees, the housing sales, and the headcount fees from the demolition. As a result, she only had 15 million yuan on hand.

There were still hundreds of thousands to go.

After thinking for a moment, Song Ci still borrowed money from Han Zhan.

After Han Zhan got off work, he heard Song Ci mention that she wanted to borrow money. He was slightly happy but also slightly helpless. “Borrow money? We are husband and wife, must you calculate the money so clearly with me? If you want it, I will give it to you.”

Song Ci said, “You can do whatever you want with other things, but not this. This is between us sisters and Mu Mian. Take this money as a loan from me. I will return it to you when Liang Bo earns some money.”

Han Zhan had no choice but to agree. “Alright, but other than this, you can’t be too calculative with me.” Han Zhan stroked Song Ci’s hair and said earnestly, “Baby Ci, I like it when you get entangled with me.”

“Okay.” Song Ci rubbed her stomach and asked Han Zhan, “Can I have durian?”

Han Zhan agreed without hesitation. “Okay.”

Song Ci was puzzled. “I thought you don’t like that smell.”

Han Zhan said mysteriously, “I was already prepared.” Han Zhan walked to the kitchen, took out a gas mask from the cupboard, and put it on, covering his handsome face completely.

Song Ci was in awe. She couldn’t resist taking a photo of Han Zhan and posting it on Weibo to mock her Brother Han.

Han Aoyu was a fashionable old man. He was very good at Weibo, WeChat and QQ. Ever since he found out that Song Ci was a major influencer on Weibo, he immediately followed her and even had her follow him back.

Han Aoyu’s Weibo name was—Grandpa Farmer.

After Han Aoyu saw Song Ci’s update on Weibo, he couldn’t help but shed bitter tears for his own grandson. He left a comment in Song Ci’s comments: [What a quick-witted child.]

Zhong Buhui entered the house with a basket. He saw Han Aoyu shaking his head and sighing at a cell phone. He asked Han Aoyu, “Old Master, what are you looking at?”

Han Aoyu put down his phone and said with a sigh, “Zhanzhan is so smart. How did he think of using a gas mask to block the stink of durians?” Han Aoyu patted his own head and was very upset. “Why didn’t I think of that back then?”

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