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Chapter 138: Taking Brother-In-Law Down a Notch

Song Ci saw that he looked like he had been rejected by Song Fei and asked Han Zhan, “It’s very boring to be alone with Song Fei, right?”

Han Zhan curved his lips and lied against his will. “Sister Fei is a pretty easygoing person. I just want to be with you.”

“Don’t lie to me. Do you think I don’t know what kind of person she is?”

Han Zhan didn’t continue this topic and asked Song Ci, “Does your stomach hurt?”

Song Ci’s menstrual cycle had come. Her abdomen felt slightly uncomfortable but not painful. She shook her head. “No.”

“That’s good. Let me bring the tea over.” Han Zhan handed Song Fei a cup of tea in the living room with a respectful attitude.

Song Fei had no intention of reaching out for the tea. Her cold eyes stared straight into Han Zhan’s. She suddenly asked, “When Song Ci was 8 years old, she was bullied by a male classmate for the first time. How did I avenge her?”

Han Zhan quietly stared at Song Fei. He knew that Song Fei was trying to intimidate him—this was also within Han Zhan’s expectations. As if his curiosity was piqued by her words, Han Zhan lowered his head and asked, “How did you get back at him for Song Ci?”

Song Fei was expressionless but her words were rather frightening. “I hid a snake in his bag. He was bitten and nearly amputated…”

Under Song Fei’s cold gaze, Han Zhan praised her without a change in expression. “Sister Fei did a great job. Anyone who bullies Song Ci deserves retribution.” Han Zhan felt that this was not enough and added. “It wouldn’t even be an exaggeration to say that they should be struck by lightning.”

Song Fei snorted. “Han Zhan, I don’t care who you are or what position you have. Since you married Song Ci, you must treat her with respect and love forever. If you dare to bully her…” Song Fei accepted the tea but didn’t drink it. Instead, she poured the tea into a potted plant on the table.

She put down her teacup heavily and said, “I won’t splash you with water, I’ll splash acid instead.”

Despite being intimidated by Song Fei’s actions, Han Zhan’s expression didn’t change. He smiled slightly and turned to look at Song Ci behind him. Han Zhan even said with a gratified expression, “Our Song Ci is fortunate to have such a loving elder sister.”

Hearing this, Song Fei couldn’t help but look up to Han Zhan.

He’s pretty capable.

Song Ci, who had been quietly standing behind Han Zhan and listening to their conversation, secretly glanced up at Han Zhan, then looked at Song Fei who was leaning against the sofa like she had no bones. She suddenly turned and ran into the washroom.

Hearing the sound of movement, Han Zhan turned to look. Seeing that the door to the washroom was closed, Han Zhan’s eyes showed some helplessness.

Song Fei pursed her lips and said insincerely, “You’ve grown up!”

Song Ci entered the washroom, turned on the tap, and burst into tears.

This feeling of having a family to back me up is just too good.

Song Ci came out with slightly reddened eyes. But Han Zhan was considerate and didn’t ask her the reason to avoid embarrassing her. He just pushed the cup of passionfruit tea to Song Ci and said, “The tea is getting cold.”

Song Ci lowered her head and took a sip of sweet and sour fruit tea.

At this moment, Yan Jiang came downstairs after laying out the bedsheets. He walked over to Song Fei’s side and sat down. Yan Jiang’s heart ached slightly when he saw the potted plant. It’s my favorite potted plant!

Song Fei noticed his pained expression and looked down on him. “Does your heart ache?”

Yan Jiang asked her, “Did you splash it?”

Song Fei said, “My hand was trembling and I was careless.”

You were shaking in such an accurate manner.

Song Fei was in low spirits and wanted to rest. She stood up slowly and glanced at Song Ci who was drinking fruit tea beside Han Zhan. Without asking anyone’s opinion, she said resolutely, “Song Ci will sleep with me tonight.”

Song Ci didn’t feel that there was anything wrong with Song Fei’s arrangement. She put down her teacup and quickly stood up. “Song Fei, it’s tiring to go upstairs. Let me help you up.” Song Ci supported Song Fei as the two of them slowly made their way upstairs, leaving Yan Jiang and Han Zhan in the living room looking at each other.

Yan Jiang glanced at Han Zhan quietly and said, “I only have one guest room at home…”

One of them was bound to sleep on the floor.

Han Zhan also had a complicated expression. He looked up and scanned the surroundings of Yan Jiang’s house. He couldn’t resist complaining. “Such a spacious house with only two rooms. You’re really extravagant.”

Yan Jiang said, “I never thought that one day in my own home, I would need to fight with an adult male for the guest room.” In other words, Han Zhan was the unexpected guest.

Han Zhan was no pushover either. “You are Zeus Airlines’ spokesperson and I’m the boss of Zeus Airlines…” He was hinting at something.

I am your sugar daddy and the bed belongs to me.

But Yan Jiang was no saint either. He said, “Song Ci will listen to Song Fei, and Song Fei will be mine sooner or later.” I’m a man who can flirt with Song Fei!

Han Zhan admitted defeat!

The two of them refused to sleep on the floor. Yan Jiang and Han Zhan stared at each other. A moment later, Han Zhan relented. He spoke first. “I’m very obedient in bed. I don’t kick people.”

Yan Jiang added. “I don’t snore either.”


The two of them went upstairs. After washing up briefly, Han Zhan and Yan Jiang slept separately on each side of the 1.8-meter bed.

The two long-legged men were sleeping on the same bed and it looked rather cramped. Han Zhan shifted his head on the pillow and didn’t hear any sounds from the master bedroom next door. He felt somewhat helpless. “Your house’s soundproofing system is quite good.” I can’t even eavesdrop.

Yan Jiang wasn’t sleeping either. He was playing with his cell phone. He naturally knew what Han Zhan was referring to. He said, “It has been many years since the two of them chatted. There will definitely be endless things to talk about tonight.”

Han Zhan acknowledged, but he wanted to know what they said and if they were talking about him…

The happiest people on earth were Song Ci and Yan Jiang now that Song Fei was awake. “Song Fei is awake. You have finally gotten what you wanted.”

Yan Jiang gave a bitter laugh. “No…” Thinking of how Song Fei rejected him, Yan Jiang couldn’t even bring himself to smile bitterly.” I confessed to her but she rejected me and said that she treats me like a brother… There’s still a long way to go. I have to slowly woo her. ”

Han Zhan pitied Yan Jiang’s plight. “You still have a long way to go.”

Yan Jiang wanted to cry.

It was 10pm and it was time for Han Zhan to sleep. Han Zhan turned his cell phone to silent mode and said, “I am going to bed.”

Yan Jiang said, “Good night.”

Han Zhan switched off the lights.

The room suddenly turned dark. Yan Jiang’s pupils constricted. He tried to suppress his fear but failed. He called out softly, “Mr. Han.”

Han Zhan didn’t open his eyes and asked, “Hmm?”

Yan Jiang asked, “Can I turn on the lights?”

Han Zhan asked, “It’s not good for the eyes to turn on the light when you sleep.” The big boss of healthcare was very protective of his own health. He definitely couldn’t have such a bad habit of leaving the light on at night.

Yan Jiang was very embarrassed. “I am afraid of the dark.”

Han Zhan was speechless.

Indeed, any pot should be accompanied with its compatible cover. A coward like Yan Jiang had to be dealt with by someone as ruthless as Song Fei.

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