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Chapter 137: What Kind of Man If You just Say and Do Nothing?

It was true that Song Ci had ulterior motives for getting close to Han Zhan, but it was enough that Han Zhan knew this in his heart. There was no need to publicize it to a third party. In front of anyone, he had to give his Mrs. Han 100% respect.

Han Zhan’s brilliant words struck Song Ci’s heart.

Song Ci’s face was red. She was in such a good mood that she felt like she was going to soar to the heavens!

During the period when Song Fei was in a coma, she had already heard Song Ci tell her the real reason behind her marriage with Han Zhan. Under the premise that she knew the truth behind their marriage, she could still hear Han Zhan speaking up for Song Ci. Song Fei’s attitude towards Han Zhan improved slightly, and the coldness in her eyes dimmed slightly.

A man who would give face to his wife should have a good character.

Song Fei glanced at the lovestruck Song Ci and said in an odd tone, “From the looks, talent, character, and soul…” Hearing her elder sister’s teasing, Song Ci felt slightly embarrassed.

Song Ci was about to say something humble when Song Fei suddenly sneered. She said mockingly, “She has those things?”

Song Ci’s smile froze. She gritted her teeth and threatened Song Fei. “Song Fei, do you want to fight again?”

Song Fei said, “You can’t win me.”

“That was in the past, but not now!” Song Fei looked frail and weak, but one look at Song Ci and one could tell she was someone who could carry 50 catties of rice on her shoulders.

If they really fought, the Song Fei now would never be able to win against Song Ci.

Seeing that the sisters were about to start fighting, Han Zhan pulled Song Ci, whose eyes were ablaze, in time and reminded her in a low voice, “Sister Fei just woke up and is weak. Baby Ci, don’t be angry.”

Song Ci’s anger immediately subsided. She looked at Song Fei as if she was a newborn kitten, afraid of hurting her at all.

Song Fei felt Song Ci’s gaze was strangely mushy. She scolded. “Coward!” She turned and left after scolding her.

Song Ci felt slightly aggrieved. She complained to Han Zhan. “She still dares to not admit that she had received a benefit from me!”

Han Zhan thought it was funny but didn’t dare to laugh out loud for fear of hurting Song Ci’s heart.

Yan Jiang had been working out in the gym the entire time. Hearing the sisters bickering, he finally walked out of the gym. “Song Fei, you are back.” After greeting Song Fei, Yan Jiang nodded at Han Zhan. “Welcome, Mr. Han.”

In the end, Yan Jiang’s gaze landed on Song Ci. Not only did he ignore Song Ci’s grievances, he even said, “Song Song, don’t bully your elder sister. She has just regained consciousness and is weak. You must dote on her.”

Before Song Ci could retort, Song Fei spoke up first. “I am weak and in pain?” Her tone was rather threatening.

Yan Jiang risked his life to explain. “You just woke up and haven’t recovered fully. I am just worried that you will suffer if you fight with Song Ci. If you really want to fight, why don’t you wait until you recover before fighting?”

“Hmph.” Song Fei couldn’t be bothered with them and went to sit down on the sofa first.

After Song Fei left, Song Ci walked up to Yan Jiang and mocked him in a low voice. “Look at that disgusting face of yours. Didn’t you say we will be good friends forever?”

Yan Jiang said, “In front of love, friendship is nothing.” Just like how cuteness was nothing in front of sex—it was the same principle.

Song Ci suffered a double blow from her elder sister and her good friend. She could only turn back and burrow into Brother Han’s arms, feeling fortunate that Brother Han still loved her. Brother Han pulled her out of his arms, patted her head, and said mercilessly, “Alright, stop fooling around. I know your mentality isn’t that weak.”

Song Ci looked at Han Zhan bitterly and couldn’t help complaining. “You don’t love me anymore too…” The dramatic Song Ci pretended to wipe her non-existent tears, turned around, and ran over to Song Fei.

Just now, they looked like they were going to fight, but in the next second, they were stuck together. This was probably because they were biological sisters.

Yan Jiang was in front of the cupboard unwrapping a cup of coffee beans, when Han Zhan walked over. Yan Jiang saw him approaching from the corner of his eye but didn’t look up. He just lowered his head and said, “Song Song said that Mr. Han is well-nourished and doesn’t like to drink coffee and tea. I only have black tea here. Do you mind it?”

Yan Jiang took out a fresh can of black tea from the cupboard and waved it at Han Zhan. “This is specially prepared for you. It is finally put to good use today.”

“That’s very thoughtful of you. Black tea is not bad either.” Han Zhan helped Yan Jiang open the seal outside the red tea can. He looked down and asked, “Mr. Yan, do you have an extra guest room at home?” Song Ci and Song Fei had not gathered together for many years. There must be many things that they wanted to say tonight, so she would most likely stay over at Yan Jiang’s house.

Before they got married, Han Zhan didn’t think there was a problem with living in a big house alone. But now that they were married, Han Zhan felt lonely at the thought of staying alone at home.

Since Song Ci was staying over tonight, Han Zhan naturally had to stay over too.

Yan Jiang understood what Han Zhan meant. He turned to look at the sisters chatting in the living room and smiled. “Actually, they have a pretty good relationship.”

“I know.”

It was one thing to beat someone up and another to scold them, but their relationship was very strong.

“There’s a guest room upstairs. Song Song will occasionally come over to stay the night. Mr. Han, you can stay here tonight. I’ll go make the bedsheets.”

“Sorry for the trouble.”

Yan Jiang put down the coffee beans and walked out of the kitchen with Han Zhan. He said to Song Ci, “Song Song, the newly bought coffee beans are here. If you want to drink coffee, brew it yourself. Oh yes, there’s passionfruit in the fridge. Make it yourself if you want to drink it. Help me entertain Mr. Han. I will go upstairs to lay out the bedsheets.”

After Yan Jiang went upstairs, Song Ci poked Song Fei’s slender waist and asked, “Shall I go get some water then?” This was Song Fei’s man’s house. As a guest, how could Song Ci skip Song Fei, the future mistress, to receive a guest?

Song Fei nodded and said to Song Ci, “Give me a glass of water.”


Song Ci went to the kitchen to boil water. Han Zhan sat down on the sofa. As his legs were too long and the coffee table was in the way, he could only cross his long legs.

Song Fei had taken off her shoes and was sitting cross-legged on the sofa with a pillow in her arms. She leaned against the sofa and gazed lazily into the kitchen.

Looking at Song Ci’s busy figure, Song Fei thought of her deceased mother and felt somewhat despondent. Eight years had passed and the little fool had really grown up. She had long legs, a slender waist, and a big chest. She looked more and more like their mother.

Suddenly, Song Fei heard Han Zhan say in a low voice, “Sister Fei, Song Ci is no longer a child. It’s necessary to give her some respect and affirmation.”

Song Fei glanced sideways at Han Zhan and gave an ambiguous smile. “You do feel sorry for her.” Han Zhan’s protective stance toward Song Ci actually made Song Fei feel better. “If you really feel sorry for her, why don’t you go and boil some water for her? What kind of man are you if you just say without doing anything?”

Han Zhan became obedient due to Song Fei’s words.

After Song Ci boiled water, she poured a cup for Song Fei and brewed black tea for Han Zhan. Han Zhan came over just as she brewed the tea.

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