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Chapter 136: Start from Looks, Loyal to Souls

Song Fei didn’t dare to imagine how strong Song Ci must have been in order to deal with all these, after losing her parents and her only elder sister being in a coma.

The little girl who had been pampered all her life had already grown up in a place where Song Fei couldn’t see.

But such a transformation was too cruel.

Song Ci couldn’t bear to let go of Song Fei. She cried as she said, “Song Fei, if you don’t want me anymore, I will really be an orphan. Song Fei, don’t ever leave me again. Never again!”

Song Fei finally placed her hand on the back of Song Ci’s head and hugged her tightly. Song Fei said with determination, “Okay.”

The heart-wrenching scene of their reunion was broken by a male voice. “Sister Fei, Baby Ci, let’s get into the car first.” Han Zhan had already walked up to the sisters.

Song Fei glanced at Han Zhan.

The first time Song Fei saw her brother-in-law, she looked at him inquisitively. Han Zhan had seen all sorts of storms. No matter how arrogant and cold Song Fei was, Han Zhan was not afraid.

Nodding calmly at Song Fei, Han Zhan said, “We’ve already attracted the attention of others. Let’s talk at home.”

Song Fei glanced around and saw that all the passengers were looking at them strangely. She released Song Ci. “Let’s go back and talk.” With that, Song Fei turned and walked towards the car. Her movements were quick and smooth, without the slightest hesitation.

Song Ci hurried after her like a little puppy.

Han Zhan raised his brows at this scene. Is my wife being too obedient to her elder sister?

It looks like I have to treat Song Fei better in the future.

On the way home, Han Zhan sat in the passenger’s seat beside the driver, while Song Ci and Song Fei sat in the backseat. This was the first time Han Zhan shared a car with Song Ci, but they sat separately in two rows. Observing Song Ci in the backseat from the front was rather unique.

Inside the car, Song Ci’s lips were like a tap that had been turned on, chattering non-stop. Song Fei spent most of the time listening and would only say something occasionally.

Han Zhan sent Li Li a message to inform him that he wouldn’t be going to the office today. Putting away his cell phone, Han Zhan looked up and saw Song Fei sizing him up in the rearview mirror. Han Zhan didn’t turn back but nodded at the rearview mirror.

Song Fei narrowed her eyes upon seeing that.

At the side, Song Ci was talking about the demolition of the old house in the city area. “The area where we stayed has been demolished and a commercial square has been built. The compensation for the demolition of the house is more than 6 million yuan, as well as 500,000 yuan for every person. We were also compensated a house. I have saved all this money.”

Song Ci had never touched that money.

Song Fei acknowledged. Recalling Song Ci’s grumbling when she was unconscious, Song Fei suddenly said, “Sell the house for cash and return the compensation to Mu Mian.”

Song Ci was stunned. “Big sister, you already know?”

Song Fei nodded. “I know everything that has happened to you all these years.” Turning to look at Song Ci, Song Fei said, “I agree with your way of doing things. The Mu Family has contributed a lot to us all these years. We must repay what we owe.” After repaying their kindness, it was time to settle the scores.

Song Ci nodded. “Then the money is enough. I will make an appointment with the bank tomorrow.”


Song Ci was about to say something when Song Fei suddenly said, “I am a little tired. Send me back to Little Coward… Yan Jiang’s place.”

Little coward?

Song Ci was slightly hesitant. She asked Song Fei, “Are you planning to stay with Ah Jiang?”

Song Fei suddenly frowned and corrected Song Ci. “He is older than you. How can you call him Ah Jiang? Call him Brother Jiang.”

Song Ci seemed to have heard a joke. She rolled her eyes and rebuked Song Fei. “Forget it. You already called him a little coward. Why should I call him Brother Jiang? We are the same age.”

Song Fei sneered. “He is the man I will protect for my entire life. How dare you call him Ah Jiang?”

“How outrageous…” Song Ci suddenly realized something and her eyes widened. She asked Song Fei in a stunned tone,” What do you mean you want to protect him forever? ”

Song Fei remained silent.

Song Ci thought of something and was utterly shocked. “Song Fei, you accepted him?”

Song Fei said, “Noisy.”

Song Ci shut her mouth, her expression blank.

Han Zhan turned and glanced at the Song sisters. He took in his wife’s adorable expression and Sister Fei’s arrogant disdain. He pitied Yan Jiang slightly. Girls were more adorable and interesting like Baby Ci, and ordinary people couldn’t appreciate someone like Song Fei.

Yan Jiang was no ordinary person.

The driver dropped Han Zhan and the rest off at Yan Jiang’s villa. At Han Zhan’s behest, he left the car alone.

Standing by the roadside, Song Fei looked up and saw that the villa was brightly lit. The owner was obviously at home and not sleeping. Is he waiting for me?

Song Fei’s eyes flickered. Is he so sure that I would return?

After pondering for a moment, Song Fei led Song Ci and her husband into Yan Jiang’s house.

After entering the house, Song Fei took off her black and white shoes and put on the bunny slippers that Yan Jiang had prepared for her. As Song Ci frequently came to Yan Jiang’s house to play, Yan Jiang had already prepared a pair of slippers for her.

After Song Ci changed into her own shoes, she found slippers for Han Zhan in the shoe rack. Yan Jiang’s feet were 44-yard, and the biggest slippers were also 44-yard. Song Ci found a brand new pair of black slippers and handed them to Han Zhan. “Ah Jiang’s feet are only 44-yard. You have to suffer a little, Brother Han.”

As soon as Song Ci said this, Song Fei, who was standing in front, suddenly turned and shot Song Ci a warning look. Song Ci caught Song Fei’s gaze and blinked. She immediately changed her words. “Brother Jiang’s feet are small. Brother Han, you need to compromise.”

Only then did Song Fei look away.

Han Zhan patted Song Ci’s head sympathetically. He stuffed his big feet into the new slippers, exposing his heels completely.

Song Ci stared at his heels and felt slightly embarrassed. Han Zhan smiled lovingly at her and comforted her instead. “It’s okay, it’s not cold anyway.”

“Mmm.” Song Ci couldn’t resist reaching out to hook Han Zhan’s finger. Han Zhan hooked her little finger back and the two of them started flirting at the door.

Song Fei turned and saw the couple’s small action. She narrowed her long, narrow eyes. She leaned against the wall and asked Han Zhan, “How did the two of you get together?”

Song Ci and Han Zhan exchanged glances. Song Ci was about to tell Song Fei the truth when Han Zhan tugged at her hand, hinting at her not to speak.

Han Zhan looked at Song Fei and answered, “Song Ci is a pilot and my company is hiring pilots. She happened to be there for an interview. The first time I met her, I was mesmerized by her humorous side.”

“After that, we got to know each other a lot at work and gradually developed a good impression of each other.” Han Zhan thought for a moment and concluded with one sentence. “My feelings for Song Ci started from her looks, I was impressed by her talent, pleased by her character, and I’m loyal to her soul.”

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