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Chapter 135: Song Ci, Come Over to Sister

Song Ci’s heart finally calmed down when she saw the photos of Song Fei entering and exiting Yan Jiang’s house. Song Ci was indeed angry at Song Fei for keeping the fact that she had already regained consciousness from her. But the fact that Song Fei had already regained consciousness was exciting.

Han Zhan snatched Song Ci’s cell phone and placed it in his pocket. “Stop playing with your cell phone. We’re almost at the top of the hill and will soon see the Heavenly Lake.”

Song Ci was so emotional that she felt like crying when her many years of anticipation finally came true. Thinking of how her elder sister could have survived in her previous life, but was murdered by that wretched Mu Mian, Song Ci’s heart broke. In this life, Song Fei survived. Song Ci wanted to thank God and Han Zhan.

Song Ci suddenly hugged Han Zhan and ignored the gazes of the others. She buried her face in Han Zhan’s neck and said to him in a choked voice, “You are my lucky star, Brother Han!”

Han Zhan knew why Song Ci was thanking him. He stroked Song Ci’s short hair gently and said, “Have fun today. Go back and have a good chat with Song Fei.”


“Let’s reach the top first. Since we’re here, we should at least take a look at the Heavenly Lake.”


Standing at the peak of the mountain with Han Zhan and the rest, Song Ci gazed at the spectacular lake. She was actually slightly scared and her legs were trembling slightly. She secretly pinched the sleeve of Han Zhan’s jacket and he looked over in confusion. “What’s the matter with you?”

Song Ci was especially terrified. As she looked at the landscape in front of her, said softly,” I feel scared. I don’t know when I started to become especially afraid of the deep sea. The Heavenly Lake looks very beautiful, but it makes me feel terrified and my scalp turns numb.”

Not noticing Han Zhan’s worried expression, Song Ci rubbed the goosebumps on her arms and said, “I don’t dare to imagine how hopeless it would be if someone fell into this lake…”

As she spoke, Han Zhan suddenly hugged Song Ci.

Seeing Han Zhan and Song Ci hugging, Song Shiqing and the other two very considerately walked further away so as not to disturb the two of them.

Han Zhan asked Song Ci, “Were you afraid of the sea in the past?”

Song Ci shook her head. “I used to board a yacht at sea, so I’m not afraid of it.” She had even dived into the water before.

Han Zhan noticed that Song Ci’s body was very tense. He patted her arm comfortingly and asked her, “When did you start to be afraid of such things?”

After thinking carefully, Song Ci said, “In my previous life, when I was about to die, the car that carried me rolled onto the cliff of the Great Dragon River. The cliff was a slope and I was flung out by the car and smashed into a hard rock. My bones were all broken. I was in so much pain that I wanted to call for help but I couldn’t. It was raining that night and the river was surging. One of my legs was in the water and the water kept washing over it. It was a terrible feeling.”

“From then on, I got goosebumps whenever I see photos of the deep pond and the deep sea.” Closing her eyes, Song Ci grabbed Han Zhan’s wrist tightly and sighed. “I am too useless…”

Han Zhan rubbed his chin on Song Ci’s head and hugged her even tighter. “Nonsense, you’re great. It’s already very amazing that you still have the courage to stand in front of Mu Mian.”

Due to Song Ci’s phobia of the deep sea, Han Zhan and Song Ci went down the mountain early. That night, they boarded a private plane back to Wangdong City. By the time they arrived at Wangjiang Mountain Airport, it was already dark.

Song Ci and Han Zhan walked out side by side from the passage. Once she looked up, she saw Song Fei.

Song Fei was standing by a pillar outside the airport’s main hall. She was wearing a black sports bra with a halter top. Her jade-like fair waist was exposed and she was wearing a loose black hoodie that covered her short hair.

Song Fei’s long legs were hidden under her army green work pants. She leaned lazily against the pillar, looking slightly listless and arrogant.

Song Ci suddenly stopped in her tracks when she saw Song Fei.

She was stunned and didn’t dare to take another step forward.

Song Ci couldn’t even bear to blink as she stared at that dispirited, arrogant, and unapproachable woman. She stared fixedly at Song Fei, afraid that she would disappear like a wisp of smoke in the blink of an eye.

As if feeling something, Song Fei looked up.

Song Fei’s pupils quivered slightly when she saw Han Zhan and Song Ci. Song Fei instinctively straightened her body, lifted her hand to remove her hat, and looked at Song Ci with an uneasy expression.

With her hat off, that gorgeous face hidden under her short hair was revealed. She had the same eyebrows and eyes as Song Ci, but with an air of arrogance and coldness.

Song Ci stood there stubbornly and silently. She didn’t speak or move forward, but her eyes were filled with tears.

After several seconds of silence, Song Fei suddenly lifted her slender right arm. With her right palm facing up, she waved at Song Ci with her fingers curled up. Her cold voice sounded from between her slightly red lips. “Song Ci, come over to your elder sister.”

Hearing Song Fei’s words, Song Ci was like an arrow that missed its target. She ran away from Han Zhan and sprinted towards Song Fei. Song Ci fell onto Song Fei. Song Fei couldn’t bear the impact of this quick little cannonball and her back hit the cylinder pillar.

Song Fei grunted softly.

Song Ci was too agitated and didn’t notice her elder sister’s painful grunt. She hugged Song Fei’s neck tightly and bit her shoulder without saying a word.

Song Fei sighed but didn’t push Song Ci away.

Song Ci’s bite on Song Fei’s shoulder was very forceful at first, making Song Fei feel as if her flesh and blood were about to be torn off. But very quickly, the force gradually weakened and some warm tears landed on Song Fei’s shoulder.

Realizing that it was Song Ci crying, the cold arrogance on Song Fei’s face gradually faded.

The coldness in her eyes melted and was replaced by a look of pity. “Little fool, why are you crying?” Song Fei wanted to stroke Song Ci’s head but realized that she was taller than her.

Song Fei truly felt the passing of these eight years. The little imp who was slightly shorter than her in the past was now taller than her.

Song Fei was very unhappy.

“Elder sister…” Song Ci hit Song Fei’s fragile back and choked out her words.” I thought you really didn’t want me anymore…” Song Ci’s broken voice made Song Fei pity her even more.

“Don’t cry.” Song Fei’s comforting words were dry.

Song Ci rubbed her head against Song Fei’s neck, wiping her tears and snot all over her body.

Song Fei felt slightly disgusted but didn’t push Song Ci away. Song Fei heard Song Ci’s sobs. “Song Fei, Father and Mother have both left. Their bodies were collected together with the other victims. I only managed to obtain two urns of ashes. I buried them on the hill behind the Cai Family Village. The two of them were buried together.”

Song Ci told Song Fei about her parents’ funeral in a casual manner, but didn’t tell her how devastated she was when she personally buried her parents.

Song Fei felt like a fishbone was stuck in her throat. She hugged her only sister as her eyes reddened. “Well done, Song Ci. Father and Mother will be very happy to be buried together after death.”

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