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Chapter 134: Brother Han is Bad and Scheming

Han Zhan and Song Ci chose an individual hot spring pool. Song Ci wrapped herself in a towel and walked barefoot into the hot spring. The cold wind outside just now made it very comfortable to enter the warm spring. She couldn’t help sighing in enjoyment.

Han Zhan had just finished swimming in the cold water and couldn’t immediately go to the hot spring, so he stood by the side of the spring and looked at Song Ci. Hearing her sigh, Han Zhan’s face was expressionless, but his heart was blooming.

“Don’t seduce me in public.” Brother Han looked at Song Ci accusingly.

Song Ci rolled her eyes and scolded him for having so many problems.

She was completely hidden in the hot spring and the heat surrounded her, only revealing her face and short, wet hair above the water surface. Those lively brown eyes suddenly turned. Song Ci hooked her finger at Han Zhan and said, “Brother Han, guess if I’m wearing any clothes.”

Han Zhan’s heart skipped a beat.

He looked into the water inquisitively, but it was too hot and he couldn’t see clearly. Thinking for a moment, Han Zhan answered with uncertainty, “You’re not wearing?”

“I’m wearing. For those with dirty minds, everything they see is weird. Brother Han is evil and dirty-minded.” Song Ci stood up and her body was wrapped in a white towel.

Han Zhan felt wronged.

He also entered the hot spring and was about to approach Song Ci when she suddenly said, “My period is coming tomorrow.”

Calculating the time, it was about time for Song Ci’s menstruation period. Upon hearing this, Han Zhan’s reaction was mild. “It’s alright, let it come. If your stomach hurts, I’ll make brown sugar water for you.” He still walked over to Song Ci’s side and sat beside her.

Song Ci rubbed her waist. “I can finally be free for a few days.”

Upon hearing this, Han Zhan felt both smug and guilty. He was pleased that he was still ‘vigorous despite being old’, but he felt guilty as he did not know how to control himself. After thinking for a moment, Han Zhan said, “It should get better after some time.” It was their wedding period now and they were in the honeymoon phase. There would be times when they couldn’t control themselves.

Maybe after a while, after the novelty wore off… maybe?

Song Ci only hoped that the day would come earlier. Although it felt good to be intimate with Han Zhan, there had to be a limit.

Han Zhan had something on his mind. He was quieter in the hot spring and rarely spoke. Song Ci swung her legs around in the water. Seeing that Han Zhan remained silent, she hooked her fair feet onto his calves.

“Brother Han, what are you thinking about?”

Brother Han grabbed her leg and said in a low voice, “Don’t be so cruel.” Knowing that her menstruation period was approaching, Han Zhan couldn’t bear to bully her no matter what. At this point, Song Ci was slightly cruel and heartless.

Song Ci knew when to stop. She wanted to draw back her leg, but Han Zhan grabbed her ankle. “Your ankle is quite nice.” He stared at that slender ankle and suddenly said, “It will look very nice on a red chain.”

Song Ci was momentarily stunned before asking with a smile, “Then do you want to put your name on the rope?”

Han Zhan’s eyes lit up. He felt that this was a very good idea.

Seeing that he was interested, Song Ci hurriedly said, “Don’t, I’m not a dog.” Song Ci was Song Ci. She was Han Zhan’s wife but not his accessory.

Although Song Ci was smiling, Han Zhan could see the conflict in her eyes.

Han Zhan smiled gently and said, “It’s my fault for not thinking things through.” He lifted Song Ci’s ankle with his three missing fingers and splashed water down her calf with his right hand. Han Zhan was very happy to see the water droplets rolling on her fair skin.

Just when Song Ci was about to fall asleep, she suddenly heard Han Zhan sigh.

Song Ci opened her beautiful eyes and stared at Han Zhan in confusion.

Han Zhan looked up and met her eyes. He couldn’t help Song Fei hide the truth from her. Between Sister Fei and his wife, Han Zhan felt that he should be more honest with his wife. After thinking it through, Han Zhan told Song Ci, “Baby Ci, there’s something I need to tell you.”

Song Ci could tell that Han Zhan was very serious. She was wide awake and sat up straight. “Say it.”

Han Zhan said, “Song Fei is awake.”

Song Ci’s expression froze and her relaxed posture stiffened.

Han Zhan could understand Song Ci’s reaction now. She probably thought he was fooling her but also hoped that everything was true. Han Zhan’s heart ached slightly for Song Ci. He placed his hand on Song Ci’s shoulder, pinched her stiff muscles, and pulled her soul back.

Song Ci took a shallow breath and looked down at the steaming water. She asked in a low voice, “Are you lying to me?”

Han Zhan shook his head. “It’s true. On the first night I came to Shenyang, your elder sister contacted me.”

Song Ci didn’t speak but her eyes were filled with tears.

Han Zhan observed Song Ci’s reaction as he said, “Song Fei told me that she was actually conscious all these years while she was in a coma. She actually knew what you told her and what Mu Mian did to her. She just couldn’t wake up.”

“Song Fei knew about what Mu Mian and his daughter did to you two. She wanted revenge and came up with a risky plan. She wanted to protect you and didn’t want to implicate you. She didn’t want me to tell you about this, but after thinking about it for a long time, I still feel that you should know. You two are sisters. I think it will be very difficult for you to let Song Fei take the risk alone.”

Song Ci smiled coldly and said rather sadly, “Even you understand but she doesn’t.” Tears streamed down her face as she laughed. “That girl is just so annoying. Arrogant, rude, and nonchalant, thinking that everyone in the world is an idiot but she’s so smart!”

Song Ci wiped her tears and cried. “I will teach her a lesson when we get back!” Song Ci was in no mood to take a bath. She desperately wanted to grow a pair of wings and fly back to Wangdong City.

Han Zhan watched as Song Ci returned to her room. He picked up the cell phone on the tray and apologized to the “Sister Fei” on WeChat.

The next morning, when the sun rose, Han Zhan and the rest had already arrived at the foot of the West Slope Mountain and were preparing to climb up the hill. Song Ci was concerned about Song Fei and didn’t have the mood to admire the scenery along the way. Instead, Han Zhan took a few photos for her.

Han Zhan’s photo-taking skills were barely passable. He didn’t take a photo of Song Ci’s 1.8m long legs, but he didn’t make her look like a 1.3m tall dwarf either. His scenery photo-taking skills were very elegant and classy. Standing in the photo, Song Ci looked like a fairy.

After taking a look at the photo, Song Ci selectively uploaded a few photos onto Weibo. After that, she saw an old fan commenting. The comments looked rather odd.

First post: Look, Girly Ci is playing with her husband at the Changbai Mountains. Some blind people should be more careful and stop trying to ruin Girly Ci’s reputation.

Second post: I am sure that Yan Jiang’s rumored girlfriend is not Song Ci!

Song Ci was confused.

She leaned against the railing and curiously went down to search for Yan Jiang on Weibo. Once the name Yan Jiang was mentioned, there were rows of trending search results. Song Ci clicked on the topic of Yan Jiang’s relationship.

Song Ci stood up straight when she saw that the reporter had secretly taken a photo of Song Fei.

It’s really Song Fei!

Han Zhan didn’t lie to me. Song Fei is really awake!

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