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Chapter 133: It’s Brotherly Love

Song Fei’s eyes darted around as she racked her brains for that distant and blurred memory. After a moment, she said, “Was it that love letter that was as formal as an essay and used many ridiculous similes?”

Yan Jiang shot her a resentful look and softly asked, “Is it very ridiculous?”

Song Fei’s expression was indecipherable. She started reciting. “Ah! Song Fei, you are like a lofty flower that can only be seen from afar but not touched! Ah, Song Fei, you are like the stars in the sky, lighting up the darkness in me! Ah! Song Fei…”

Song Fei vividly portrayed the scene in that love letter. Yan Jiang also felt very ashamed as he listened to her. His face was so red that it looked like blood would drip from it.

He had just turned 18 when he wrote that love letter. As a science student, he was not good at writing essays. He had spent two days thinking before writing that love letter. He thought it was very moving, but Song Fei said it was ridiculous!

Yan Jiang’s heart shattered.

“So you like me.” Song Fei came to this conclusion.

Yan Jiang nodded. “Yes, I like you.”

Song Fei gave him a teasing look. She suddenly leaned toward Yan Jiang, her nose almost touching his. Yan Jiang didn’t dare to move. He saw Song Fei’s long lashes quiver and his heart trembled.

Song Fei looked at Yan Jiang with a mischievous smile and asked, “I was only 14 years old then and still underage. Yan Jiang, are you a pervert?”

Yan Jiang felt even more uneasy now that he was being accused of being a pervert. Song Fei suddenly leaned back and said, “Alright, I know you like me. That’s all. I’m going to bed now.”

Yan Jiang was very indignant, after he waited so long for this sentence.. “What about you? How do you feel about me?” Yan Jiang stubbornly waited for an answer.

He heard Song Fei say, “It’s brotherly love.”

Yan Jiang was thunderstruck!

He had never expected her to treat him like a brother, when all he wanted was to be with her. He felt very despondent and defeated, as his heart ached terribly but he didn’t know who to tell.

Even if Song Fei only treated him as a brother, Yan Jiang still wanted to be together with her. He was like a rascal, sitting by the bed and refusing to leave. Song Fei didn’t chase him away either. She just closed her eyes and looked like she was about to fall asleep.

“Does Song Song know you are awake?” Since there was no room for romance between the two of them, they could only talk about Song Ci.

Song Fei replied lazily, “Not yet.”

“I’ll tell her now.”

Song Fei added. “No hurry. I will tell her when she comes back.”

Puzzled, Yan Jiang asked Song Fei, “Why don’t you tell her now? You have no idea how much she wanted you to wake up. Song Song will definitely be very happy if she knows you’re awake.”

Song Fei said, “I want to give her a surprise. A surprise, do you understand?”

Only then did Yan Jiang shut up.

He found a blanket and laid it on the wooden floor beside the window. The weather was slightly chilly and there was no need to turn on the air conditioning at night, but he still had to cover himself with a thin blanket. Yan Jiang turned off the lights in the room and laid down without a word. He finally relaxed when Song Fei had not chased him away.

Yan Jiang stared at the ceiling with his eyes wide open. He had never felt so relaxed before.

Song Fei woke up.

My Song Fei has woken up.

How wonderful.

Suddenly, Song Fei’s voice was heard. “Are you still afraid of the dark?”

Yan Jiang was stunned.

Song Fei suddenly turned on one of the wall lights. “If you’re afraid of the dark, just turn on the light. No one will laugh at you.” Song Fei turned over and laid sideways. She faced Yan Jiang’s room and closed her eyes.

With the dim light of the wall lamp, Yan Jiang could see Song Fei’s face. Her palm-sized cheeks were no longer unruly after she closed her eyes. Instead, she looked petite and adorable.

Yan Jiang felt assured as he looked at Song Fei.

He couldn’t help but think of him when he was young and his grandmother had just passed away. Every evening when the sun set, he would feel anxious and flustered. To Yan Jiang, the dark night was like a monster with countless claws and teeth. As long as he closed his eyes, those monsters would trap him.

His room was only a wall away from Song Fei’s. At that time, the soundproofing system in the old district wasn’t good. Knowing that he was afraid of the dark night, Song Fei would always make some noise next door. During the long night, sounds from Song Fei’s room would always give Yan Jiang courage.

Just brothers?

Yan Jiang didn’t believe it. There was no such considerate brother. If there was, they would be gay.

The trending topics related to Yan Jiang and Song Fei were quickly suppressed. By the time Song Ci woke up, the trending topics was already gone. As a result, Song Ci also missed the first opportunity to know that Song Fei was awake.

Han Zhan stayed in Shenyang for three days. On the fourth day, he woke Song Ci up early in the morning. “Get up. I don’t have work today, so I’ll bring you out to play.”

Song Ci hurriedly sat up, took off her pyjamas, and changed into the clothes Han Zhan tossed to her. She noticed that Han Zhan had stuffed a thin sweater into his backpack. Song Ci felt strange and asked Han Zhan, “Where are we going?”

“Changbai Mountain.”

“Oh, a trip!” Song Ci hurriedly put on her clothes, grabbed her bag, and went on a trip with Han Zhan.

Han Zhan was already well-prepared and had already applied for flight approval. They boarded a private jet and arrived at the Changbai Mountain Airport. Thereafter, they booked a car and headed to Songjiang River Town. Apart from Song Ci and Han Zhan, there were also Song Shiqing, Xiong Jian, and one of Bei Zhan’s capable subordinates on this trip. There were a total of five people.

It was no longer suitable for hiking that day. They stayed at a local hot spring resort hotel. After dinner, Han Zhan and Song Ci took a walk for a while, before going to the outdoor swimming pool to swim.

Song Ci touched the water. It was slightly cold and the temperature at the foot of the mountain was only 6-7 degrees at night in late September. She said, “It’s quite cold. Are you sure you want to swim?” Staring at Han Zhan’s strong and healthy body, Song Ci wanted to urge him not to torture himself like this. An old man like him couldn’t withstand such torture.

Han Zhan was rather full tonight and was afraid of gaining weight, so he had to swim a few laps before he could feel at ease.

Taking Song Ci’s hesitant expression as concern, Han Zhan told her, “I will also swim in cold water during winter. My grandfather will swim three times a week, no matter rain or shine.”

Song Ci’s admiration for his grandfather deepened. “Grandpa is an awesome person.” She took her hand out of the water and stood by the shore to adjust her shawl. “You swim. I’ll go to the hot springs.”

Hearing this, Han Zhan was slightly moved. He really wanted to go to the hot springs with Song Ci, but…

No one could stop him from exercising and maintaining his figure, not even Song Ci! “Can you wait for me for half an hour? After I finish swimming, I will accompany you to the hot springs.”

Since Han Zhan was already using a negotiating tone, how could Song Ci not listen?

Song Ci agreed.

As a result, Han Zhan was swimming in the pool while Song Ci was reading a book recommended by Han Zhan—The Ordinary World. Coincidentally, this hotel had this book. After Han Zhan finished swimming, the two of them went to the hot springs together.

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