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Chapter 131: Yan Jiang: There’s a Strawberry Thief in My House

Han Zhan strongly realized that this young lady called Song Fei in front of him was indeed a ruthless person. She was far superior to that little girl Song Ci.

Song Ci was right. Her elder sister, Song Fei, was very smart. Not only was she smart, she was also very good at reading people’s hearts and strategizing. Han Zhan secretly felt fortunate that his Baby Ci was a little fool and didn’t have such a sharp mind. Otherwise, life would definitely be very different.

For a moment, Han Zhan even felt some pity for Yan Jiang. If he fell in love with such a beautiful snake, Yan Jiang might not have a good life in the future.

Song Fei had just finished talking about her plan, when she heard the sound of Yan Jiang’s car driving downstairs. Song Fei said to Han Zhan, “I’ll hang up first. I’ll contact you again.” Song Fei logged out of WeChat, wiped off her log-in from the computer, and returned to her room.

After spending more than a week filming the MV scenes, Yan Jiang finally felt relaxed. He entered the house and turned on all the lights on the first floor. Yan Jiang entered the kitchen and took a bottle of beer from the fridge. He wanted to drink some alcohol to relax.

Gripping the beer, Yan Jiang walked into the living room. He felt like something was missing. He returned to the kitchen and opened the bottom drawer of the refrigerator to prepare a fruit salad.

Life required a ritual like salad with beer.

He remembered that Ah Lun’s assistant had sent strawberries over yesterday. Yan Jiang wanted to make a strawberry salad. Although he was over 1.8 meters tall, he loved strawberries deeply.

Yan Jiang opened the drawer and reached for the strawberries. He was stunned when he reached inside.

“Where are the strawberries?”

There were only a few lemons, oranges, and a box of cherry tomatoes in the drawer, but his milk strawberries had disappeared!

Yan Jiang was stunned.

Returning to his senses, Yan Jiang hurriedly called his assistant. “Ah Lun, did you come over to my house yesterday morning and bought me a box of strawberries?”

Ah Lun looked dumbstruck but still answered honestly, “Yes, you said you wanted to eat milk strawberries. When I went to fetch you, I specially brought you the biggest box of milk strawberries.”

Not knowing what was happening at Yan Jiang’s side, Ah Lun asked worriedly, “Brother Jiang, what happened?”

Yan Jiang’s expression was very ugly. He said grimly, “There might be thieves in my house!” Robbers who stole strawberries!

Thinking that a person was still hiding in his room, Yan Jiang hurried upstairs. His heart was racing and he was sweating profusely.

Pushing open the door to the master bedroom, Yan Jiang felt like he had just survived a disaster, when he saw that Song Fei was still lying on the bed perfectly fine.Walking over to the bed, he knelt down and held Song Fei’s warm hand. Yan Jiang sighed with a lingering fear. “Thank goodness you weren’t stolen, wifey!”

Hearing this, Song Fei really wanted to knock Yan Jiang’s head open and see how he grew up. There was a person lying in the bedroom at home. Shouldn’t he have thought of the reason why he had lost something?

Song Fei remained silent and played the role of a vegetable seriously.

Yan Jiang chatted with Song Fei for a while, talking about all the trivial matters at work today. Song Fei felt drowsy listening to him and eventually fell asleep.

After talking about his work experience today, Yan Jiang kissed Song Fei’s finger before getting up to go to the study. As there was someone hiding at home, Yan Jiang was afraid that something would happen to Song Fei, so he installed surveillance cameras at home.

Arriving at the study, Yan Jiang was about to turn on the surveillance screen when his cell phone suddenly rang. It was his manager, Brother Lan.

Yan Jiang leaned against the table and answered the call. “Brother Lan, what’s the matter?”

Brother Lan asked, “Are you in a relationship?”

Yan Jiang was puzzled. “What scandal did I get into with Du Xueyan again?” Yan Jiang couldn’t think of any other possibility and thought that he and Du Xueyan had been involved in another scandal. “Let me tell you that I am in a purely collaborative relationship with Du Xueyan. There is no ambiguity at all.”

But Brother Lan said, “It has nothing to do with Du Xueyan.”

Yan Jiang was slightly taken aback. “Oh, what happened then?” There were many gossips when one was popular. Yan Jiang was always involved in them and was always plagued by scandals.

“A reporter went to your doorstep today and took some photos…” It was a long story. Lan Ling reminded Yan Jiang.” Go and take a look yourself. Give me a call after you see it and explain everything to me. “Brother Lan hung up.

Facing the phone that had been hung up, Yan Jiang muttered. “Ridiculous. What kind of shady things can my house capture…” With that, he opened Weibo. Once he entered the trending page, he saw the word ‘Explosion’ at the top.

Yan Jiang was cohabiting with a mysterious woman!

Yan Jiang’s expression darkened slightly. He opened that trending topic. The first article he saw was the most widely discussed news article by netizens. There were photos, videos, and even detailed comments by reporters.

Yan Jiang’s heart stopped beating when he saw the woman in the photo wearing a black and white blouse and a hat.

Yan Jiang suddenly locked the screen of his cell phone. He took a deep breath and glanced at the door of the study. He could hear his own thunderous heartbeat. His blood was racing from excitement.

Yan Jiang looked down, unlocked his cell phone, opened the photo, and zoomed in.

It was a woman wearing his shirt and entering his house. She was slender, had short hair that reached her ears, and wore a baseball cap. Her fair face was not fully captured on camera, but Yan Jiang could recognize her from just one side.

How could he not know the person who had been by his side all day and night?

Yan Jiang opened the video again. He stared at his cell phone screen as the woman who had stolen his clothes and carried his backpack strutted out of his house.

She walked rather slowly, like a toddler who had just learned how to walk. She took each step carefully and even took several steps before resting her eyes on the wall.

Under the revelations, the netizens were abuzz —

First post: Wearing Brother Jiang’s clothes and pants, carrying Brother Jiang’s bag, and wearing Brother Jiang’s hat. If she isn’t Brother Jiang’s girlfriend, I will eat sh*t on a live-stream.

Second post: Making a mountain out of a molehill. This is Brother Jiang’s good friend, Ms. Song. As everyone knows, the two of them are very close.

Third post: To be honest, this woman does resemble Song X. But here comes the question: Is it normal for a married woman to wear the pants of a friend of the opposite sex and walk out of her friend’s house so early in the morning?

Fourth comment: I pity Ms. Song’s husband.

Fifth comment: Are they really just friends?

Sixth comment: But Song Ci is in Shenyang today. If you don’t believe me, you can look at her profile page. She even posted a video of her in the tub.

Unknowingly, Yan Jiang’s eyes had turned red. He gripped the cell phone so tightly that his knuckles turned white.

It isn’t Song Ci at all. It is Song Fei!

Yan Jiang had no idea how he got back to the master bedroom. He stood by the bed and gazed down at the motionless Song Fei, as if she was still in a comatose state.

He clenched his fists before loosening them again repeatedly.

Yan Jiang finally spoke after a while.

“You woke up, right?” Yan Jiang’s voice was hoarse and one could clearly hear that he had cried.

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