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Chapter 132: What about Sneaking a Kiss on Me?

“You are awake, right?”

The person on the bed still looked like she was in deep sleep and showed no reaction.

Yan Jiang’s throat worked up, as he sniffed hard to stop his tears and mucus. Sitting down on the bed, Yan Jiang gazed at Song Fei’s lovely face. “Song Fei, when you left my house this morning, a reporter took a photo of you.”

After Yan Jiang said this, he saw Song Fei’s lashes quiver. Seeing this, Yan Jiang suddenly became agitated. He grabbed Song Fei’s hand and said hoarsely, “It’s really you. You’re awake, right, Song Fei?”

Song Fei couldn’t pretend anymore. She slowly opened her eyes and saw a handsome face that looked like it was about to cry. Song Fei was in a daze. Eight years had passed and that coward didn’t get much bolder. Instead, he’s even more weepy.

“What are you crying for?” Song Fei scoffed in disdain. “You look so ugly when you cry.”

This was the first time Yan Jiang heard Song Fei’s voice since she was an adult. It was as cold and piercing as snow.

I love it!

Yan Jiang suddenly pulled Song Fei into his arms and pressed her against his chest. He choked and said, “You are really awake. It’s not an illusion. You are really awake!” Only the real Song Fei would have such an arrogant and disdainful expression. She would always look at him with exasperation.

Song Fei felt slightly displeased to suddenly be hugged by an adult man. “Let go of me.” Song Fei was not used to being close to others.

Realizing what he had just done, Yan Jiang felt awkward and guilty. He let go of Song Fei and took a step back. His eyes kept flickering and he didn’t dare to meet Song Fei’s eyes.

Song Fei stared at his handsome face and asked in confusion, “Did you have plastic surgery?”

Yan Jiang hurriedly shook his head, his face flushed red. He quickly explained. “No plastic surgery, but I did my teeth.” In the past, Yan Jiang’s teeth looked a little messy, but after some adjustments, the shape of his mouth changed slightly and he looked more exquisite.

Afraid that Song Fei wouldn’t believe him, Yan Jiang took the initiative to grin, revealing a mouthful of neat, white teeth. “Look, aren’t my teeth a lot tidier now?”

Song Fei waved her hand in disdain. “Stay away from me.” He’s too dumb, I can’t look at him straight in the eye.

Yan Jiang sat quietly by the side, not daring to make a fuss.

Song Fei leaned against the head of the bed and felt uncomfortable. She picked up the pillow and placed it behind her waist. Yan Jiang saw her frown and said considerately, “Is it uncomfortable to lean against the bed? I will get someone to send over a leather bed tomorrow. The kind that you can adjust the back of the bed.”

Song Fei didn’t speak, but just stared at him coldly. Yan Jiang felt very uneasy and didn’t dare to speak anymore. In front of Song Fei, Yan Jiang would forever be that little coward who didn’t even have the courage to fight back when bullied.

Song Fei suddenly smiled and asked in a dangerous tone, “Wifey?”

Yan Jiang was slightly embarrassed. He corrected Song Fei sheepishly. “I am a man. I should be H-hu… ” Yan Jiang didn’t have the guts to say the word ‘hubby’ out loud as he was afraid of getting hammered.

Song Fei was amused by Yan Jiang’s innocent and adorable manner. “Are you dreaming?”

Recalling how Yan Jiang had been hugging her and calling her his wife non-stop these past few days, Song Fei felt rather conflicted. She didn’t expect this little coward to actually like her to the point of being paranoid and sick.

Song Fei questioned Yan Jiang, “Who gave you the courage to call me your wife?”

Yan Jiang’s head exploded! He looked up in shock and stared at Song Fei in disbelief. “You’ve been pretending all along? When did you wake up?”

“Two mornings ago.” Song Fei thought of something and glanced at Yan Jiang’s well-dressed figure. She praised him. “You have a good figure, but it’s not a good habit to not wear clothes.”

Not wear clothes?

After thinking about it, Yan Jiang finally understood. He had indeed come out naked after taking a shower last night.

“You peeked at me!” But that was last night… Yan Jiang thought of something and looked at Song Fei with hurt eyes. “You woke up yesterday? Why didn’t you tell me you woke up? Is it fun to play with me like this?”

Song Fei sneered. “What about you sneaking a kiss on me?”

Yan Jiang covered his mouth.

Song Fei said, “I wonder if you did anything disrespectful to me when I was unconscious. I couldn’t tell that not only are you a coward, you’re also a pervert.”

Song Fei’s disdainful and displeased gaze agitated Yan Jiang. He lowered his head deeply, and a few strands of hair on his blue fur quivered. He looked rather adorable. Song Fei stared at those strands of hair and suppressed her urge to pinch them.

However, Yan Jiang heaved a sigh of relief when Song Fei exposed his past despicable actions. He suddenly looked up and boldly stared straight at Song Fei. His eyes were as dark as ever.

Song Fei was slightly surprised when she met Yan Jiang’s eyes.

Yan Jiang suddenly grabbed her hand.

Song Fei looked at Yan Jiang in silence. She didn’t say a word but didn’t remove her hand either.

Yan Jiang’s handsome face was slightly red, but he looked very serious. He looked slightly reserved and uneasy. This kind of Yan Jiang exuded an addictive charm that made one want to treat him better.

Song Fei actually felt slightly uneasy. She wanted to draw her hand away, but Yan Jiang sensed her intentions and tightened his grip.

Song Fei stopped moving.

Gazing into Song Fei’s icy eyes, Yan Jiang said sincerely, “It has been eight years since we last met. Song Fei, I am Yan Jiang.”

Song Fei pouted. “I can recognize you because you didn’t undergo plastic surgery.”

Yan Jiang’s bellyful of heartfelt words nearly bailed on him. He calmed down and composed himself before saying to Song Fei, “There’s something I haven’t told you.”

Song Fei said, “Tell me then.”

Yan Jiang said, “Don’t rush me.”

Song Fei replied, “Ok.”

Yan Jiang was speechless.

He suddenly didn’t know where to start.

The ambiguous atmosphere that he had tried so hard to create was completely destroyed by Song Fei. Yan Jiang gave up on being romantic and said straightforwardly, “Eight years ago, on your 14th birthday, I was the one who sneaked a love letter into your bag.”

Song Fei thought for a moment before remembering something. She said mildly, “There were too many love letters. Which one is yours?”

Yan Jiang was stunned.

He gritted his teeth and asked expressionlessly, “Too many love letters?”

Song Fei nodded and put on the confident manner of an elder sister who had no shortage of admirers. “Mmm, you also know that I am smart, pretty and have many fans. Isn’t it very normal for me to have many love letters?”

Yan Jiang didn’t believe her. He said, “Song Ci said that you’ve only received a love letter on that birthday.”

Song Fei couldn’t quite control her expression. She sneered. “What does that little fool know?”

Yan Jiang was starting to get suspicious. He said unhappily, “The very long two-page love letter, without a signature is mine.”

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