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Chapter 130: Call Her Sister Fei

Song Ci stopped staring at the movie. She poked Han Zhan’s arm and asked him, “Did they send you a woman?” Song Ci grew up in the Mu Family and knew all sorts of dirty business dealings.

Although she knew that this was normal, Song Ci still felt rather conflicted. She didn’t mind Han Zhan’s past, but she couldn’t accept Han Zhan fooling around after marriage.

Han Zhan looked at Song Ci rather sternly. Seeing his serious expression, Song Ci also calmed down. Han Zhan held Song Ci’s hand and said, “You are my wife. I will never do anything to let my wife down.”

“They did send a woman but I didn’t touch her. I didn’t even look at her.” What Han Zhan said was the truth. He also knew that it was hard for Song Ci to believe him without any evidence, but he had no choice and could only explain plainly.

Song Ci gave him a meaningful look but didn’t pursue the matter.

She looked like she didn’t care about this matter, but Han Zhan wasn’t sure. He couldn’t tell if Song Ci was really calm now or she was just pretending to be magnanimous. Han Zhan suddenly said, “Why don’t I always have a listening device on me when I go out in the future? You can listen to me anytime and I definitely won’t take it off.”

For someone of Han Zhan’s status to say such words meant that he really valued Song Ci.

A smile finally spread across Song Ci’s face. She suddenly said, “I am not interested in eavesdropping on your business secrets. If you really want to reassure me, why don’t I go to Taobao and customize a chastity lock for you?”

Han Zhan’s expression finally changed. “So ruthless?”

]Song Ci just smiled but didn’t make things difficult for him. She continued watching the movie and Han Zhan asked her again, “What did you eat tonight?”

Song Ci said, “Fruit salad.”

Han Zhan leaned over and sniffed at the side of Song Ci’s mouth. He said, “You ate cherry tomatoes?” Han Zhan was very sensitive to scent and could even tell if Song Ci had already brushed her teeth.

Song Ci nodded.

Han Zhan added, “I want to eat it too.”

Song Ci said, “Then I’ll get the front desk to send some over.” Saying that, she pretended to reach for the landline phone by the bed. Han Zhan suddenly grabbed her arm and pressed her onto the pillow. He looked down at her and said, “There’s a ready-made one here. Why trouble the front desk?”

Song Ci said, “Hmm?” Before she could understand Han Zhan’s meaning, her lips were kissed by him. The old hooligan savored the taste of the cherry tomatoes before letting go of Song Ci.

He gazed at the blushing Song Ci and praised her sincerely. “It tastes pretty good.”

Song Ci wrapped her arms around his neck and breathed seductively onto his face. “There’s something even better. Do you want to try it?”

Han Zhan’s thumb gently rubbed Song Ci’s eyelids. He seemed to especially love her eyes and kept looking for an opportunity to touch them. “Is this an invitation?” Han Zhan’s voice was hoarse and his gaze towards her was getting increasingly intense. He couldn’t hide his desire.

Song Ci pointed at the complete set of tools by the bed. “The hotel is so considerate. We can’t waste them, right?”

“Madam is right.”

After a passionate conclusion, Song Ci was reduced to a broken porcelain doll.

She laid her head on Han Zhan’s stomach and curled up her soft body slightly. Song Ci played with Han Zhan’s right hand and carefully sized up the scars on his broken fingers. Having gotten used to seeing them, Song Ci didn’t feel that those fingers were ugly anymore.

Han Zhan also thought it through and didn’t hide that hand anymore, allowing Song Ci to play with it as she wished. Song Ci gradually got sleepy and directly leaned on Han Zhan to sleep. Han Zhan adjusted her position and was also preparing to sleep.

Like Song Ci, Han Zhan habitually turned his cell phone to silent mode before sleeping. He was about to unlock his cell phone when he saw an unread message.

Who is it?

Han Zhan opened his WeChat and realized that he suddenly had a friend called S.

Who is this?

Did my old friend change his WeChat name?

S: [Is Song Ci by your side?]

A glint flashed across Han Zhan’s eyes.

He asked: [You are?]

The reply was concise but shocking: [Song Fei.]

Han Zhan was stunned.

Song Fei? She’s awake!

Song Fei sent another message: [Avoid that little fool, I have something to tell you.]

Han Zhan suppressed the tumultuous waves in his heart. He turned back to look at Song Ci, who was snoring softly. Holding his cell phone, he quietly got out of bed and walked out of the master bedroom. Passing through the tearoom outside the master bedroom, he arrived at the office on the other end. Han Zhan shut the door properly before sitting down on the chair.

He stared at his cell phone in a daze for a moment, before sending a message to Song Fei.

[How can you prove that you are Song Fei?]

Song Fei pursued speed and efficiency. She couldn’t even be bothered to explain and just made a call.

Han Zhan was flustered to suddenly have to meet his wife’s family. After stabilizing himself, Han Zhan finally accepted the video call. Once Song Fei’s face appeared on screen, Han Zhan knew that this person was her.

The two sisters looked very much like each other, except that their temperaments were very different. They had the same facial features, but Song Ci’s eyes were filled with stars, making her look both charming and alluring. Meanwhile, Song Fei’s eyes were like a world of ice and snow, making one shiver at the sight of her.

Without waiting for Han Zhan to speak, Song Fei said, “Just call me elder sister like that little fool.” Feeling that calling her elder sister was too friendly, Song Fei added, “Call me Sister Fei.” Sister Fei was really not polite.

The 32 year old Han Zhan stared at the 22 year old Song Fei and found it difficult to speak. But since Song Fei had spoken, Han Zhan didn’t dare to disobey. He called out awkwardly, “Sister Fei.”

Song Fei nodded coldly. “Mmm.” She stared at Han Zhan for a long while before suddenly commenting. “Although you are slightly older, you look steady and reliable. You are also considered talented and compatible with that little fool.”

Barely acceptable…

Han Zhan didn’t dare to retort and just listened obediently.

Song Fei had finally woken up after sleeping for so many years. If Song Ci knew of this, she would definitely be overjoyed. Song Fei was Song Ci’s only family. He couldn’t afford to offend Song Fei, as it would definitely not end well for him.

Seeing that Han Zhan did not say much, Song Fei gave him the label of being a man of few words and was even more satisfied with him.

Han Zhan finally found an opportunity to ask Song Fei, “When did you wake up? Does Song Ci know about this?”

Song Fei shook her head. “I just woke up yesterday morning and haven’t told her yet.” Song Fei suddenly fell silent. After a moment, she said, “I have a plan that I need your help with, so it’s temporarily not convenient for me to tell Song Ci that I’ve woken up. I will tell her when she returns to Wangdong.”

Nodding, Han Zhan asked her again, “What do you need my help for?”

Song Fei took a deep look at Han Zhan. That look was soul-piercing. Han Zhan sat still, his expression as calm as water, which was very reassuring.

Song Fei finally looked away and started narrating her plan.

The young and beautiful girl used her coldest and most composed voice to narrate a meticulous and cruel plan for revenge. Han Zhan listened silently. As Song Fei narrated, goosebumps rose on Han Zhan’s back.

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