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Chapter 122: Aren’t You Jealous?
The barbeque restaurant at the entrance of the high school was still open. The boss hadn’t changed and the meat still tasted familiar. High school was already a distant memory to the reborn Song Ci, so she actually couldn’t remember the last time she came to this restaurant.

Distant memories to Song Ci were just things that happened two years ago to Mu Qiu. Mu Qiu talked non-stop about her high school days to Song Ci. Those funny stories that Mu Qiu thought were hilarious to her were unfamiliar to Song Ci.

Song Ci picked up a piece of meat for Mu Qiu, put it in the sauce, dabbed at it, and sent it to Mu Qiu’s bowl. “My memory is not very good, so I can’t remember many things.”

Mu Qiu was a person who didn’t gain weight easily. She picked up the piece of meat and threw it into her mouth. Seeing that Song Ci had been eating vegetables and seldom ate meat, Mu Qiu shook her head and teased Song Ci. “You’re already married, yet you still care so much about your figure?”

Song Ci said, “I need to pay more attention to my figure after marriage. After all, Brother Han hugs and touches me every day.”

Mu Qiu was speechless.

She swallowed the meat and complained to Song Ci in a small voice. “Big sister, you are corrupted after getting married.”

“No, I just awakened my power of a corrupted queen.” The moment Song Ci met Han Zhan, she wanted to tease him and see him flustered. Over time, she became a female hooligan.

Mu Qiu didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. But thinking of something else, she couldn’t bring herself to smile. “Big sister, Mother is pregnant.” Mu Qiu wasn’t sure if Song Ci knew about this.

Song Ci put down her chopsticks, fixed her eyes on Mu Qiu, and said, “I already knew. At the hospital, she suddenly felt nauseous and hid in the toilet. I guessed she was pregnant.”

“I knew it! I also guessed it that day.” Mu Qiu supported her head with one hand and smiled in relief. She said, “It’s quite good to be pregnant now. At least they will have a child by their side after I leave.”

Song Ci looked at her with deep meaning and suddenly asked, “Are you being sincere?”

Mu Qiu was stunned. “Elder sister, why do you ask that?”

Song Ci pointed out sharply. “Don’t you hate them? Haven’t you ever thought of them giving up on you just because they have a new baby?” Song Ci didn’t believe that Mu Qiu was so magnanimous and considerate.

Mu Qiu was slightly flustered. Her hands were trembling as she held the cup. “Elder sister, is this how you see me?”

Mu Qiu’s lips quivered a few times. Her tone was slightly indignant as she said, “That is my younger brother and sister, my blood-related family. When I knew of his existence, I felt slightly uncomfortable, but I looked forward to his safe arrival in this world. I hope that after my death, his arrival will bring my parents out of their grief.”

“Just like how after you came to my house, you were beautiful and sensible. I was envious and jealous of you, but I still treated you as a family member and defended you. I also love the baby in my mother’s tummy.” Mu Qiu gripped the glass tightly and said sternly, “Everything I said came from the bottom of my heart!”

Song Ci patted the back of Mu Qiu’s hand and said with a smile, “Are you angry? Don’t be like this, I am just worried that you will be unhappy. After all, your health…” Song Ci stopped talking and took a sip of water.” Qiu-er, have some barbeque. ”

But Mu Qiu was not in the mood to eat meat. All the flavors were gone. Song Ci picked up a piece of lettuce, wrapped it around the pork belly, rolled it up, and handed it to Mu Qiu. Mu Qiu accepted it and ate it like wax.

The meal ended on a sour note and the sisters returned home.

On the way home, Song Ci closed her eyes and leaned against the car seat. She recalled all the things that she didn’t take to heart in her previous life.

In her previous life, the baby in Du Tingting’s tummy had not been saved, as Mu Qiu had coincidentally undergone surgery when Du Tingting was in the early stages of her pregnancy. Du Tingting had been so busy taking care of Mu Qiu that she didn’t realize she was pregnant. With the sudden stop in her menstrual cycle, Du Tingting thought that it was because she was so worried about her daughter’s health that she went into menopause early. It was only when she miscarriaged that Du Tingting realized she was pregnant.

Due to her own carelessness, Du Tingting was still upset and blamed herself for not taking good care of the baby. In her previous life, that child was long gone. In this life, would he be able to arrive in this world safely?

After talking to Mu Qiu yesterday, Du Tingting finally let it go. She also realized that it was impossible to save Mu Qiu with her own heart.

Du Tingting finally decided to have this child.

It was early autumn and the temperature difference was huge between night and day. It was so hot in the afternoon that she felt like taking a cold shower, but autumn winds blew strongly in the evening.

Du Tingting put on a shawl and went downstairs. She went for a walk in the courtyard alone.

After returning home, Mu Mian saw Du Tingting feeding the koi fish at the pond. His gloomy expression suddenly brightened. “Tingting.” Mu Mian walked over to Du Tingting. As he got closer, he saw that Du Tingting’s face was slightly rosy and finally felt relieved.

Du Tingting stopped and looked up at Mu Mian.

Without waiting for Mu Mian to speak, she spoke first. “You don’t need to worry about me. I understand now. Using my life to exchange for Mu Qiu’s is cruel to you. If I really do that, I’m afraid you won’t know how to face Mu Qiu in the future.”

Mu Mian was shocked by Du Tingting’s words but didn’t retort to her.

Actually, Du Tingting was right. Mu Mian would never allow that to happen. The thought that the heart beating inside Mu Qiu was the heart of his wife whom he had loved for so many years made it very difficult for Mu Mian to love Mu Qiu as much as before.

As time passed, the father-daughter duo’s relationship would develop into a rift.

Du Tingting stuffed the fish food into Mu Mian’s hands. She leaned against the railing. “Mu Qiu is my child. I understand her character very well. She is so kind-hearted, she will never accept my heart. I will bear this child and I’ll also cherish the last few moments we have left together with Mu Qiu.”

“Hubby, don’t worry about me anymore.”

Hearing Du Tingting’s words, Mu Mian finally felt relieved. “It’s good that you can accept it.” With that, the relationship between the husband and wife turned for the better. The gloomy atmosphere of the Mu Family was finally lifted.

The two of them stood by the pond to finish feeding the fish before returning to the house.

Mu Qiu returned home after having some barbequed meat. She didn’t see Du Tingting downstairs and thought she was still angry. She asked Auntie Zhang, “Auntie Zhang, didn’t my mother come down today?”

But Auntie Zhang smiled. “Madam went downstairs today and she thought it through. She decided to have the baby.”

Hearing that, Mu Qiu was finally reassured. “That’s good.” Turning around, she headed upstairs. In a corner that Auntie Zhang couldn’t see, the smile on Mu Qiu’s face gradually faded. Song Ci’s question at the dining table suddenly rang beside Mu Qiu’s ear.

[Don’t you hate them? Haven’t you ever thought of them giving up on you just because they have a new baby?]

Mu Qiu’s face suddenly lost all color.

Do I not hate them?

Mu Qiu gritted her teeth. She couldn’t believe that she would hate her parents and be jealous of that unborn child…

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